Cognitive Dissonance and Outright Lies at the Edge of Extinction

In recent weeks and months I have been amazed at the general public and most scientists ability to ignore the blatant evidence that we are in early stage, non-linear runaway warming. From individual activists, to the donation soaked and addicted corporate NGO’s, who are literally dependent on “Business as Usual” to maintain their cash flows, they ignore the elephant in the room, squandering vital time to prepare for the already unfolding collapse.
On an individual basis the decision to deny the severity of the situation is up to each persons conscience and/or courage to accept the predicament we find ourselves in but when it comes to research universities and their tenured scientists, governments and the large NGO’s it’s a ‘Dereliction of Duty’ for them not to be ‘completely frank’. That for me is abject dishonesty, especially toward the youth. I’ve previously singled out Dr Michael E Mann, the corporate media’s ‘Go To Mann’, for this dishonesty.
Below I will lay out just a few examples showing that we are in the runaway phase of this extinction event.
This fire season alone, “Australia’s wildfires have destroyed more than a fifth of the country’s forests, making the blazes “globally unprecedented” following a years-long drought linked to climate change, researchers said Monday.” Bushfires burned a fifth of Australia’s forest: Bushfires burned a fifth of Australia’s forest: study   Remember this is not an El Nino year, the next El Nino, if we have one, will be brutal and will put this event on steroids. The double feedback from these fires is that the forests were formerly carbon sinks so that has been lost and all the carbon that has ben released will accentuate the predicament.

In August last year Professor Guy McPherson and I re-interviewed Dr Andrew Glikson from the Australian National University regarding an article he wrote titled:Beyond Climate Tipping Points: Greenhouse Gas Levels Exceed the Stability Limit of the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets

The pace of global warming has been grossly underestimated. As the world keeps increasing its carbon emissions rising in 2018 to a record 33.1 billion ton COper year, the atmospheric greenhouse gas level has now exceeded 560 ppm (parts per million) CO2equivalent, namely when methane and nitric oxide are included. This level surpasses the stability threshold of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets. The term “climate change“ is thus no longer appropriate, since what is happening in the atmosphere-ocean system, accelerating over the last 70 years or so, is an abrupt calamity on a geological dimension threatening nature and civilization. Ignoring what the science says, the powers-that-be are presiding over the sixth mass extinction of species, including humanity.”
Links to the article and our interview with the exceptionally honest Dr Glikson can be found embedded below; Tipping Points in the Earth Climate System. Dr Andrew Glikson returns to Nature Bats Last

We are on the cusp of witnessing a sea ice free arctic ocean. The consequences of the albedo feedback loop and other side effects of the loss of sea ice like loss of habitat for algae, krill, sea lions, sea birds and polar bears. “Losing the remaining Arctic sea ice and its ability to reflect incoming solar energy back to space would be equivalent to adding one trillion tons of CO2 to the atmosphere, on top of the 2.4 trillion tons emitted since the Industrial Age, according to current and former researchers from Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego.”

“At current rates, this roughly equates to 25 years of global CO2 emissions.For further reference see: ”Cascading Consequences of the Loss of Arctic Sea Ice

My cohost on Nature Bats Last recently commented on this aspect of the unraveling titled: “Edge of Extinction: Scientists don’t know why !!

“To believe that our species can avoid extinction, even as non-human vertebrates and non-human mammals disappear, is classic human hubris wrapped in a warm blanket of myth-based human supremacy. The evidence indicates humans will join the annihilation of “all life on earth,” as reported in the journal literature on 13 November 2018. Even tardigrades, the go-to survivor for those who deny the impacts of abrupt climate change on life, are unlikely to survive, according to a paper in the 9 January 2020 issue of Scientific Reports. If the organisms on which we depend do not survive, if even tardigrades do not survive, then humans will not survive.” Quoted from this article published by Counterpunch titled: Extinction Foretold, Extinction Ignored.

On next weeks episode of Nature Bats Last Professor McPherson and I will be interviewing  George Tsakraklides on his recent article titled “Collapse means Collapse.”the interview can be found at the NBL archive shortly after the live broadcast on The Progressive Radio Network.
‘People believe what they want to believe. It is a striking-yet all too familiar-fact about human beings that our belief-forming processes can be so distorted by fears, desires, and prejudices that an otherwise sensible person may sincerely uphold a false claim about the world despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. When we describe someone as being “in denial,” we mean that he or she is personally threatened by some set of facts and consequently fails to assess the situation properly according to the evidence, instead arguing and interpreting evidence in light of a pre-established conclusion.’
— From the ‘cover notes’ of Adrian Bardon’s book, THE TRUTH ABOUT DENIAL

As I have written before: The New Climate Denial Position is to deny Abrupt Climate Change. 


I'm an anti-imperialist, environmental activist and blue ocean sailor, who is passionate about the earth and all it's inhabitants without favour. Brace for imminent impact as we bare witness to the non-linear unraveling of the biosphere and habitability disappearing for most if not all complex life on the only habitable planet we know of. To quote President Niinistö in North Russia: ‘If We Lose the Arctic, We Lose the World’. Folks we have lost the Arctic.

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25 comments on “Cognitive Dissonance and Outright Lies at the Edge of Extinction
  1. Sheila chambers says:

    The fat lady is singing loudly but who can hear her over all the noise from that CIRCUS?
    “Global warming is a Chinese hoax”, “the economy is BOOMING!” The “green new deal” will save us, all we need to do is for all of us to become VEGAN or FAST, Just keep it in the ground, buy EV’s,buy solar panels, buy wind turbines buy buy buy, I think I have heard all this crap before!
    Gotta keep the stooges BUYING that Chinese crap, kick the homeless down the road, those lazy bums! So what if a ‘bot or Chinese slave has your job, find another invisible job before that illegal immigrant takes it.56

    Just how STUPID are we?
    Most of us actually believe in fairy tales, “sustainable” growth, green new deal, renewables, now the dems call for open borders, just let the worlds pregnant, poor, needy & unskilled flood in & hold their hands out after all, aren’t all ‘mericans as rich as the Cardashians?
    Look at all that “empty” land, as they look out at the great ‘merican DESERT, there is plenty of space for more GROWTH, we could sustain 10 BILLION people or more! Just stack ’em up like cord wood & stuff them all inside Texas!

    Here on the Oregon coast, it’s HOT, DRY & fruit trees are blooming, not good news for farmers but who worries about farmers, we can allways import food, but Australia WAS one of the worlds bread baskets, now they have to IMPORT WHEAT! Will we be the next food exporting country that will have to import food from elsewhere, but WHERE?

    Climate disruption is collapsing crops every where, hungry, thirsty, unemployed, unskilled migrants will be on the move by the tens of thousands to a border near YOU!

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    • Sheila chambers says:

      I added “56” at the end of a sentance, & it finally posted, WTF!
      That’s NUTS!

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    • wqjcv says:

      Human behavior wasn’t stupid in the sense that it served us well in our evolutionary past.
      Not this time.

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      • Sheila chambers says:

        Yes, it serves us well until we got “smart” enough to exploit the energy & resources in COAL, OIL & NATURAL GAS. Then it got all out of whack & totally out of reason.
        Our animal instincts overruled our smarts so we fed our growth with a temporary resource, Now we are so far into overshoot that no matter what we do now, we are still toast!
        Our RULERS prevent us from stopping our growth, the made birth control, sex education & abortions illegal, punish women & their doctors who provide an abortion. push for endless growth that only benifits them, even as climate disruption gets worse, the still force more growth on us.

        There are even some governors that want to turn their state into a “christian” state! What will they do to Jews, Hindus, Moslums, Buddists, Jains, Atheists etc?
        The “final solution”?

        If they believe they can escape in their luxury bunkers, their wrong, they will still fry, just a little later.

        I tried to “like” the other posts but WordPress won’t allow it.

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    • Marie says:

      Thank you Kevin… as usual, you are right on! Thank you for naming it.

      I sometimes feel like I’m Crazy. It is so weird to see business as usual happening all around me when I know things are absolutely coming apart. Nobody’s talking about it and it seems as if nobody cares. This is the biggest news story ever. And it is downplayed and ignored. I’ve had several people tell me they just don’t want to know, Then they go on to discuss their pension and plans for a baby.

      I really don’t want to be right but the signs are everywhere. I fear how people are going to react when things become blatantly obvious.

      Oddly enough I’m experiencing this right now in regards to the coronavirus at my own level one trauma hospital. The administrators seem unwilling to prepare or even talk about it. They put us on activation level one but failed to give us any preparation. My boss was getting irritated with my questions about testing. She seem to know nothing.

      Big big big sigh.

      Thank you again for being a voice of sanity in an insane world.

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  2. Kevin, there was not a SINGLE question about climate collapse at the Democratic debate yesterday. Not ONE FUCKING PEEP out of these useless excuses for a supposedly ‘progressive’ and ‘evolved’ Homo Sapiens, the exceptional species who was clever enough to invent nuclear bombs to use on each other but too goddamned stupid to get rid of them when they figured out just how insanely dangerous they are. And I’m not even going to mention the other corporate party and their batshit crazy, dementia-plagued, dear leader…

    No, I don’t watch tv, only read about what went on. I don’t think I could handle actually listening to these bozos. I’d throw up.Talk about cognitive dissonance!!! The wealthy will destroy the species, crash the current Empire, because that’s what they’ve always done in the past empires.
    Big sigh.

    So this week, again, I’ve been walking around outside in the full sunny afternoons. Today, a short-sleeve t-shirt & very light sweat pants because it is over 50’F/10C+. I could break out the summer shorts but…it’s February, ya know? I refuse to put on warm weather clothes. But the sunshine feels MUCH warmer hitting the skin. I could get sunburned very easily I think. Oh wait, it isn’t February it is LATE APRIL. I did take my ’78 Bahne 27″ Bullet ‘Bob Mohr’ pool rider and skated around town doing errands yesterday. First skateboarding of the year…and it’s February.

    The nearly bare-of-snow mountains all around me look…naked, and there should be 3-4 feet covering the property on this day 27Feb. There is maybe an inch or two of icy crap here and there, and still in the shaded areas under the big trees, but the rest is sticky mud or squishy wet snow that freezes every night. What is missing on the peaks around me…is horrifying. Winter used to be my favorite time of year. There will be a point where the ski & snowboarding industry will die out due to unpredictable weather and lack of snow (or too much rain).

    The local snowboarding hill, admittedly a low-elevation peak, but at 49’N latitude it used to average 305″ a season. They say they are at 100″ of base on top, and they’re lying. Not a chance there is that amount of snowpack on the Peak. The night temperatures are still below freezing is all that is saving them. There is nearly zero snow piled along the road up to the resort.

    There are bugs out flying around, and I stepped over a butterfly sitting on a step of the porch two hours ago. It was alive but seems a bit disoriented. I put it up on the railing after it crawled up on my hand but…it won’t survive the temperature drop after dark I don’t think. One day of life for it…

    People in town continue to walk around actually COMPLEMENTING how nice the weather has been this month. And I make sure to look suitably shocked when I ask them where do they think they live, California? These are the mountains next to freaking Canada, folks, and what do they think is normal for February for the last ten thousand years of human occupancy that we know about? They look…confused and confounded for a moment or two before they come back with ‘But the weather is so nice.’ Their eyes go BLANK, Kevin. It’s really freaking scary.

    I can actually see their brains stuttering, gears clashing behind their eyes, then the cognitive dissonance takes completely over their brain and they come out with that!

    I can’t fucking stand this, Kevin. My tolerance level for stupid is tanking like the climate, and I find myself sticking vicious verbal needles into people with questions like “How long do you think your water is going to keep coming out of the faucet when the aquifer below your feet is NOT refilling with melting snowpack because there ISN’T any fucking snowpack?’ Or what do you think the fire season is going to be like around here this year? Or lost your fire insurance did you, well why do you think that is?

    The reply often is ‘You are so depressing, seal’ or ‘I’ve got kids/grandkids and I can’t think that way for THEIR SAKE.”

    They. Can’t. Think. That. Way. For. Their. Kids. Sake.

    My mouth just hangs open at this point I imagine. Can you think of a better way to describe ‘cognitive dissonance?’

    There is not a goddamned thing I can do about any of this. Just watch it unfold and wait for people to go completely, unhinged, murderously insane, when the term ‘abrupt’ suddenly becomes part of the reality out their front door. How damaged and hungry does one have to be to catch and butcher the neighbors fat little kid who plays video games all day long? Four days without food? Ten days? A month? By then they won’t be able to run down their prey…

    I’m ranting, I know I’m ranting, and I’m going to go smoke a big fat stinky sticky bud. And I rarely do that in the daytime.

    Kevin, if you meet up with some intelligent beings from another solar system that made it through this bottleneck our species finds itself in and became sane, and they offer to take you for a ride, give me a call…


    Cognitive Dissonance OZ style:

    Burning the Future: the Growing Anger of Young Australians

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    • Sheila chambers says:

      Seal, there is NO “other party”, it’s just ONE party with two different names. “Both” parties are run by GREEDY, STUPID, IGNORANT, FUNDAMENTALIST CHRISTIAN MORONS! We have some govenors who want to make their state a CHRISTIAN STATE!!!
      Here we go AGAIN!
      So who will be their PREY this time? Jews, Jains, Mormons, Hindus, Muslums, etc, Atheists are always popular for a “roasting” at the stake.

      It’s been abnormally warm & dry here as well, flowers are blooming, I only saw one very small, skinny moth however, insects here are on the way out. “my” swallows haven’t been able to breed for YEARS, last year they were desperate but no hope for babies, no dam INSECTS.
      Most people believe insects are nasty, dirty, filthy creepy critters, but I LOVE insects & I wish I had more of them, for the swallows, sparrows, doves, woodpeckers, swifts, ducks etc etc.

      Trump believers are the most STUPID, IGNORANT things I have ever seen or heard,
      What will they do when Armadeden comes but Jesus doesn’t ?
      Unless he jacks off! ;^p

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  3. My dearly beloved son has now fallen victim of a climate denier YouTube influencer, creating friction between us. My decision this year to become a vegetarian for the sake of a sustainable future for our planet doesn’t sit well with my son’s meat-eating preferences.

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  4. waterwise1 says:

    Dear Mr. Hester, In my opinion, cognitive dissonance is a mental condition that individuals have minimal control synchronizing behaviors and actions with beliefs, a duality of self that an individual might not possess enough self awareness to recognize the flaws inherent in this mental state. I’m far less generous than I perceive you are. While I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment and confusion at public lack of appropriate reaction, I believe that many people are purposefully ignoring the evidence you cite, and acting clearly in their own self interests, Macchievlian style. Somehow these people have devised an understanding that allows them to continue functioning in the way that they “want”. Its deliberate. They recognize climate disruption is occurring and they are going to try and out run it by using whatever resources they can exploit to accomplish that end. That is why you New Zealanders are experiencing so many transplants with means. Those nice people are trying to construct enclaves to live reasonably comfortably while much of humanity suffers extinction fall out, more than it is currently experiencing. I know some of those people. They have rationales to explain away almost all environmental catastrophies. This allows them to continue watching Netflix, eating Soylent Green like burgers at McDonalds and purchasing larger stretchy clothes from China. Joie d vivre in the U.S.

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  5. Kevin Hester says:

    As we circle the drain politically, economically and environmentally cognitive dissonance is a recurring theme for me.
    Being that I’m from a ‘shithole’ country I struggle to see much difference between the Republicans and the Democrats in the USA. Two cheeks of the same corporate asshole it looks like from my side of the pond.
    I like the expression of Sanders being labeled a ‘Sheepdog’, it resonates.
    I truly believe that many people are suffering from “Stockholm Syndrome”. That seems to be the way it is as our civilisation teeters on the brink of collapse.

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    • Thomas Houghton says:

      You are invited to stay at my place if you are ever in Southern Ontario Canada. I have also invited Guy. It is nice here in Guelph right now.

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  6. Sheila chambers says:

    I’m still amazed that people still believe we have a “democracy” but what “democracy” has an electoral collage that overrides our “votes”?

    I am going to “BOYCOT THE FAKE, RIGGED, FRAUDULANT 2020 “ELECTION”. I’ve been saying that since the rigged 2016 “election”.

    We don’t have a real “vote”, it’s switched, “lost” people are given fake ballots, their disenfranchised, illegally removed from the voting rolls, taken to the wrong voting place, the “voting”machines are owned & controlled by corrupt corporations as are the vote “counting” machines & there is NO PAPER TRAIL. Voters have watches as their “vote” was switched from the candidate they chose to another one they did not want!

    Finally, “elective” surgeries are being done again & I finally had my cataract removed.
    I had been complaining for TWO YEARS about my deteriorating eyesight & in 2018 I was determined that if he gave me another dam worthless office visit in 2019, I would have to find another opthalmologist, I will not accept another useless office visit when what I NEEDED was to have the DAM cataract removed!

    My vision was terrible, everything was foggy,out of focus & blurry! I couldn’t read street signs, road signs, freeway signs, business signs or addresses, I couldn’t read my books without a frensil lens, 3X reading glasses or a magnifying glass & that is NOT acceptable!

    I went home, got on the ‘puter & did some research.

    I finally left him a message with his receptonist, “I don’t need Medicare, I can pay CASH for that procedure, I can pay CASH to have lifeflight take me to where ever they do that procedure, I have MONEY & I don’t need Medicare!”

    I had hardly gotten home & back on the ‘puter when I got a call from his office.
    I was told Dr. X doesn’t do cataract surgery, Doctor “Y” in Crescent city does, would you like to see him?”
    Of course I said yes, because the only other option was to drive 75 miles over one of the top 5 most dangerous highways in the country to get there.
    To drive that road, in winter, with only ONE eye & a cataract in the other would be suicide.
    I can finally SEE again! Colors are vibrant, black & black & white is white, orange letters don’t disappear into a pale tan, page, I can see street names again, my vision is so sharp now, I should not have to have threatened to leave him for another to get this cataract removed.
    It was very interesting to watch the procedure from the inside, I was awake of course, the eye & eyelids were paralized but I wasn’t so I had to lie very still.

    The ONLY place to get food here has a lot of empty shelf space, hording of toilet paper continues, I couldn’t get toilet paper if I needed it, but I am well stocked & use very little TP. HOW can people use so much TOILET PAPER?

    Our governor is reducing the stay at home order but unlike many, I will continue to wear my OLD N-95 mask, latex gloves & use alcohol spray as a sanitizer, we can’t get ANY OF THAT HERE! I can’t even order a new mask online, their out of stock everywhere, probably still in CHINA where most of our stuff is made now.
    My area has really gone downhill in the last few years, we lost banks, food shops, appliance stores, our post office, a jewelry store, electronic store, motels, we don’t have much left to lose now.
    My town just has a pharmacy, a liquor store, some pot shops & a couple of resterants. I now have to drive several miles, through another town to reach the ONLY food shop left.
    With the lockdown, many small busineses are hurting, nail shops, hair shops, tattoo parlors are open now but who needs that? Resterants that have take out are still in business but sit downs are shut.
    I expect some businesses will never reopen. Millions of jobs have been lost, many will stay lost & poverty & homelessness will grow.

    Trump “thinks” the economy is booming, just look at the STOCK MARKET! The RICH are getting disgustingly RICH while millions fall into poverty & homelessness.
    We need a new government, clean out the swamp & get rid of these LYING, GREEDY, CONSERVATIVE, RACIST, MISOGYNIST, WARMONGERING, OLIGARCH MORONS!

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    • Somehow, Sheila, I don’t think the word you are looking for to describe primate behavior should have been “amazed!” I could think of far more interesting words to describe the plethora of random neuron misfiring going on all around us, but unfortunately not a single one would be complimentary. Except for maybe ‘and the species had such potential’… Might be that the anthropologists that discover this planetary system in the future will find all the decaying debris and just shake their heads at another sapient life form that didn’t make it out of the nest…there probably are so many just in this small to medium-sized galaxy of ours…

      Nope, totally controlled system of government by the wealthy. No doubt about it. Voting is only the most visible piece of that control. Oligarchy isn’t some new rock & roll band name, it’s what it has always been about. So tell me, why did women fight so hard to be able to vote? Or was it because they wanted a piece of the pie, too? I’ve noticed that being wealthy and vicious isn’t a gender specific behavior!

      Glad to hear about your surgery, though. At least now you can see the MAGA hats coming and can avoid the contaminated ignorant freedumbers! That friend who was cancelled for her other ‘lens’ replacement just got rescheduled, too. You can SEE again. Isn’t that freaking amazing? 50 years ago you would have been using a white cane the rest of your life. Bodies truly are just ‘vehicles’ like cars that can have parts replaced.

      You can re-use N95 respirators, you just have to let them sit in sunlight for a couple days, better with wind playing across them, too. Have to be careful that they still fit correctly when taking them off and on, though. If your sunglasses or goggles fog they aren’t and you have to reshape the nose-piece until they just get used up and can’t. But this is what the RNs are doing, alternating the ones they have with letting some dry out before sterilizing them as best they can. Of course a lot of them are catch this and dying…but hey, you’re right, there are none anywhere except junk copies with the right printing, and I read yesterday that the US needs 3.5 billion of them by November when the Pandemic’s 2nd Wave is expected to slam into this country (and the world). That is, of course, if this 1st Wave gets a chance to let up. But with all this lunacy of ‘open for business while the infected numbers keep going up I guessing that the 1st Wave will not abate anytime soon. Rather the opposite, just like climate will keep destabilizing even if the ‘news cycle’ has forgotten all about that coming collapse. Damn, sure are a bunch of different ‘collapses’ hanging like axes above us, aren’t there?

      The bottom of the food chain are never going to have access to enough PPE. The wealthy do, and tests, too, for that matter. The extremely wealthy have been leaving the US to their estates in New Zealand and on 400 foot yachts out in the oceans with supply drops being brought to them by helicopter or boat. Or they are seriously ‘self isolating’ in their mansion and penthouses avoiding all the sick ‘little people’ as heiress Leona Helmsley publicly called the rabble years ago when she got busted for tax evasion.

      Sheila, this is the start of the Trump Greater Depression of the 2020s and the Trump Pandemic. You just have to add together the President ‘Hoovervilles’ of the 1930s and the Pres. Woodrow Wilson Pandemic of 1918-20. We get BOTH at once. How…novel is that? And we ain’t seen nothing yet. Unless, of course, the worldwide empire goes the way of all empires quickly instead of drawn-out suffering and madness. What the climate is doing around the planet the last few months…

      Here’s one to send to your dumb-ass Governor. She ain’t too bright but maybe she’ll read it if you send it to her. This Texas legislator and businessman who is so scarily incompetent of critical thinking that he shouldn’t have been allowed to breed. I just had to post the entire thing and I don’t do that very often:

      Death and the Economy: a Dialogue
      Foreign Policy In Focus
      Welcome to Chewing the Fat, our weekly talk show here at WXYZ.

      Today, we have a special treat for you — two guests who will answer the question on everyone’s mind. Should we stay at home in virtual quarantine or should we head out the front door and reopen the economy?

      The coronavirus pandemic is still claiming lives — nearly a thousand a day here in the United States. But other countries, like New Zealand, have effectively eradicated the disease. There is a huge disparity within countries as well, within states, even within cities. And some countries that have loosened their quarantine restrictions, like China and South Korea, have seen fresh outbreaks of the disease.

      Meanwhile, the global economy has taken a major hit. GDP has dropped deeper and faster than at any time since the Great Depression. Unemployment here in the United States stands at 15 percent and rising. People don’t know if they’ll keep their current jobs, get their old jobs back, ever get a job again. The government can print money to keep things going, but individuals can’t do that. A lot of us just don’t know how we’re going to pay the rent or get our next meal.

      Frank Jacobs is a Texas legislator, a businessman, and a vocal advocate of re-opening the economy. Frank, you’ve been talking about the Texas Solution. Tell us about that.

      Frank Jacobs: I own a chain of 15 movie theaters across this great state of Texas. We opened up five of those this last weekend. This is what I told customers. I said: Take your mask off and relax. Breathe in some great buttery popcorn smells, watch a great movie, and just enjoy some time with your family. And that’s what I’ve been saying to people all over the state as part of what I call the Texas Solution. Here in Texas —

      Cassandra Jones: Are you crazy?!

      That’s our other guest, Cassandra Jones, an infectious disease specialist at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta.

      Cassandra: The number of coronavirus cases is rising in your state. And that’s even before your governor declared your reopening. And you’re not testing enough in Texas, not compared to other states and not compared to what you need to be testing in order to safely reopen the economy.

      Frank: Well, let me tell you that in our movie theaters, we are taking every precaution and then some. Everyone will be six feet or more away from each other. We’ll be cleaning every surface. It will be a lot safer than going to the supermarket, where people get much closer to each other. We’ll be giving my employees their jobs back and safely providing some much-needed entertainment. If you don’t want to go see a movie, hey, that’s fine. But we’re providing an option for those of us who do.

      Cassandra: You’re not talking drive-ins. If someone coughs or sneezes in your enclosed movie theater, the air will circulate any potential viruses to everyone else. And you’re not taking into account all the other interactions that take place because you’re opening up your movie theaters. In the parking lot. On the sidewalks. At the gas station where people are filling up their tanks. At the restaurants where they’re eating before or after the show.

      Frank: With all respect, if we don’t start opening up the economy in these small ways, then there won’t be an economy left to reopen. Our approach here in Texas is very careful.

      Cassandra: Your governor acknowledges that reopening the economy is going to cause deaths. And your lieutenant governor said that “there’s more important things than living.” He was talking about basically sacrificing lives — the lives of senior citizens, of people of color, of folks with preexisting health conditions — and for what? For making sure that the stock market goes back up? When it comes to the vulnerable members of our community, your Texas Solution sounds a whole lot like the Final Solution.

      Frank: Now hold on there. No one is talking about sacrificing people. It’s the opposite. We’re talking about saving lives. Making sure that people have enough money to eat, to feed their children.

      Cassandra: But more people are going to die as a result of the relaxation of restrictions. That’s a fact. Suddenly all the people who got bent out of shape about how there were going to be “death panels” because of the Affordable Care Act, now they’ve basically set themselves up as a death panel, deciding on how many people are going to live or die.

      Frank: No one is talking about death panels. This is the right to life. Hey, listen, nearly 40,000 people die every year on America’s highways. It’s the leading cause of death for people under the age of 55. But we don’t ban cars. Instead we improve auto safety. We come up with better and better methods of reducing the risk of going out on the roads. And it works. Back in the 1970s, more than 50,000 people a year were dying in car accidents.

      Cassandra: A car accident is not an infectious disease. Our models show that, even with the necessary interventions, we’ll have well more than 100,000 deaths in this country. If we relax those controls, the difference would be an order of magnitude.

      For our non-scientific listeners, you’re talking about a million, yes? A million deaths.

      Cassandra: That’s correct.

      Frank: Other countries have been opening up around the world. They’ve taken a sensible approach that balances medical prudence and economic risk. Take a look at Europe. We’re 29 million people in Texas. We’re nearly twice the size of the Netherlands. About 40,000 Dutch have been infected, with over 5,000 dead. But here we’ve only had a little more than a thousand deaths and fewer than 40,000 infections. And, look, the Dutch opened up their primary schools and day care centers last month.

      Cassandra: The countries you’re talking about have seen a substantial reduction in the infection rate. Netherlands has cut infections from over 1,000 a day to less than 300 a day. Italy was seeing over 6,000 new infections a day back in March. They’re now under 1,000 a day. The same with Spain, with Germany. These countries have much more robust systems of testing and contact tracing than we have in the United States. We are almost completely in the dark here in this country as to the real spread of this disease. In Europe, they’re operating in a much more information-rich environment.

      Frank: Hats off to those Europeans. But here in America, we can make decisions for ourselves. We don’t need the state telling us what to do. We had a fellow here in Texas at Prestige Ameritech, the last domestic mask producer, who was all ready to restart production of N-95 masks way back in January. He notified the federal government, and they just blew him off. All that bureaucracy and red tape: it’s heartbreaking. Here in Texas, we know not to depend on government. We believe more in individual responsibility.

      Cassandra: Individual responsibility? How about all those students on Spring Break partying and spreading the virus? Or that party last weekend in Ft. Worth where 600 people got together to shoot off fireworks and then started shooting each other? Most Americans are taking their responsibilities very seriously by staying home. But all it takes for an infectious disease to spread is a minority of the irresponsible.

      Frank: But you don’t have a plan, do you? A plan to reopen the economy? If we listened to you, we’d all starve to death at home. Millions of us! That’s the order of magnitude I’m talking about.

      Cassandra: We wait until the infection rate drops substantially. We wait until we have a robust testing and tracing system in place. We wait for more effective treatments, widespread antibody tests, and, ultimately, a vaccine.

      Frank: Wait. Wait. Wait. A lot of us don’t have the luxury of waiting. You have a job, Ms. Jones, that you can no doubt do from home. You are in a comfortable place where you can wait. The rest of us depend on going back to factories, to running restaurants, to building houses.

      Cassandra: I’m not saying that we can’t reopen the economy. I’m saying that we have to do so responsibly.

      Frank: Well, here’s something to chew on. People die because of the economy all the time. They die in workplace accidents. They die commuting to work. They die because of air pollution caused by factories and cars and energy production. Every morning we get out of bed in the morning, we are taking a risk. Living is a risk.

      Cassandra: That may be true. But some folks are at greater risks than others. The counties that are disproportionately African-American account for nearly 60 percent of the coronavirus deaths. In New York City, 70 percent of the essential workers are people of color.

      Frank: Here in Texas, by opening up the state, we’re actually spreading that risk around!

      Cassandra: You’re spreading the risk by spreading the disease.

      Frank: You liberal types are always pointing to Sweden as the model the United States should be emulating. So, what about the Swedish model of tackling this pandemic? The government is full of social democrats and Greens. All lefty types. But there’s no lockdown. You can eat out at a restaurant. The schools remain open. Sure, there are some common-sense restrictions, like no gatherings larger than 50 people and no visits to nursing homes. They’ve had more deaths than neighboring Norway, which went for a complete lockdown. But the Swedes also haven’t ruined their economy.

      Cassandra: But Sweden also has a very robust testing system. And contact tracing. They have a much stronger social safety net than we have here in the United States, with paid sick leave for workers. And people there complied with the voluntary distancing recommendations. What works for Sweden won’t work for Texas. Unless you’re planning to put in place a strong social safety net and rein in some of that good ol’ boy individualism.

      Armed militia members in Texas are demonstrating around the state on behalf of non-essential businesses that want to open up.

      Frank: Well, we’re definitely not sheep down here in Texas. Just because the government says something doesn’t mean it’s right. And I say that as a representative of government. The bottom line is that we can’t know for sure about my plan or anyone else’s plan unless we test them. You’re all for testing, right?

      Cassandra: That’s not what I meant.

      Frank: Every year more than 2,000 infants die in this state. That’s twice as many lives as the coronavirus has claimed. It doesn’t make any of us happy. We’ve reduced those numbers over the last decade, but we can’t get it to zero tomorrow. Everyone says that this virus is going to be with us for a long time. So, we have to figure out a way to live with it as well.

      Cassandra: Or die with it.

      Frank: Well, some people are going to die. But most of the deaths in Texas have been in nursing homes, prisons, and meatpacking plants. The governor is sending surge response teams to those hotspots to contain them. It seems more sensible to me to focus attention on containing the hotspots than trying to keep everyone under house arrest.

      Cassandra: You’re basically saying that old people, prisoners, and low-income workers are expendable. That’s a cruel and disgusting policy. And it’s not even effective. The virus doesn’t stay in hot zones. By opening up the state, you’re providing the virus with millions more hosts to infect. And that will mean a lot more deaths, and not just in institutional settings.

      Frank: Look, the Pilgrims knew that some of them were going to die on the ships coming over here from England. The settlers of the westward expansion knew that some of them were not going to make it to California. And our soldiers knew that some of them were going to die defending democracy overseas. That’s what it means to be American. We take risks. Live free or die, right?

      Cassandra: All of those people volunteered. They knew the risks. And when they took those risks, they weren’t endangering their whole community. Increasing exposure to the coronavirus is a whole different category of risk. My grandmother is not volunteering to fight overseas or drive a covered wagon across the Great Plains. But these new state directives put her at risk.

      Frank: I wouldn’t recommend that your grandmother go out to see a movie any time soon. Or go to a restaurant. At-risk populations probably shouldn’t be taking the risks that you or I can take.

      Cassandra: You still don’t see that these are not individual risks —

      Frank: And you still don’t see the importance of individual choice —

      Well, we’ve run out of time, folks. On this show and maybe in this country as well. We’re facing the greatest threat to America in a generation, in two or three generations, and we can’t figure out how to pull together and get the job done?

      This is not the America I know. But maybe the America I know just doesn’t exist anymore.


      How’s that for clueless, wealthy, and powerful, eh? A perfect anecdotal example of Neoliberal Disaster Capitalism in full flower there, eh Sheila? The mentality of people like this rule this country. It’s why the US is about to lose it completely in the next six weeks. It’s…a bit boggling to correlate all the disparate sources of information and the patterns jump out at you… Oh my.


      Of course we don’t actually get to vote for our interests because…well…that wouldn’t be optimum for the winning side of the Class War. I read that one can’t vote yourself out of tyranny. Not when a wealthy interconnected oligarchy/plutocracy Elite small group hold the power to make all the decisions that affect pretty much everything. And the best part is that the system is working for them!

      Just read or listen to some of Nader’s speaking engagements at colleges and universities. And don’t forget George Carlin’s take on the Constitution’s ‘Bill of Temporary Privileges.’ Both men spoke truth (well, Nader is still doing so).

      Big sigh.


      I wonder how many rolls of toilet paper it takes to make these people feel ‘safe,’ that the empire will continue because they have ‘enough’ piled in the garage to last until…I don’t think any of them think any farther than that actually. So what comes after it’s all gone I wonder? Hmmmm.

      I live where many people carry handguns on their waists. But when I go out (rarely, every 14 days maybe) I’m wearing an N95 and I carry multiple pairs of gloves (fabric and/or leather doesn’t keep virus alive long) and eyewear. I still get sneered at and what I’ve read is that wearing a mask means ‘yer skeerd’ in dumbfuck speak. But somehow wearing a .40 Glock with 15 rounds of jacketed hollow points on your Levis is somehow just ‘protection’ and in no way should it be thought of as the behavior of a pansy. Hmmmm again.


      There are so many small businesses going under right now everywhere, that may open up but there just isn’t going to be the customer base. There really are a lot of people that aren’t going for this stupidity. Not everybody in this country spouts ‘FREEDUMB’ in a red hat. The figures I’ve been seeing are at a minimum of 40% aren’t expected to get much past this month or won’t open at all, and that is considered a somewhat conservative estimate. a majority of the working class work in small business. Oh my fucking hell.

      40 million unemployment claims filed in the last 6 weeks, and that is not including the more than half of the working class jobs that aren’t eligible to file because they are under-the-table, so-called ‘gig’ economy, already unemployed still from the last banker crash in 2007/08 and aren’t even counted. We both live in rural, poverty-stricken areas of the Pacific NW, we know what’s coming. Amazing how many little gardens have been started around here the last couple of months…

      Also how un-amazing that corporations and the wealthy who own them were again ‘bailed out’ to the tune of over a trillion with much more on the way.

      The Fed Hasn’t Spent a Dime Yet for Main Street Versus $735 Billion for Wall Street


      And you’ll be glad you aren’t living in Hurricane Alley this year after you read this. Wanna buy a couple of double lots in Avon Park in the middle of Florida? HA!

      Unfortunately, the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season could be record-breaking
      By Sophie Hirsh


      Let’s see, what else?

      It has rained here 16 days since May 2nd ranging from sprinkles turning off and on all day to major deluge t-storm and overnight pounding cold rains. A couple of the rainy days went for days, and some had hail events, too. Had a couple days of heavy winds without rain. Powerful gusts, too, at 40-50mph! This ridgeline had treetops arcing 40+ degrees. Lost a few tops, lots of debris being blown about, one of the birdhouses out back looks busted up and almost ready to fall off its platform. I think it got hit by a branch.

      And then there have been the days over freaking 80’F that were just miserable. Body just doesn’t like the freaking heat. Couple of freezing and near freezing mornings scattered about, too. All in the last three weeks. Very unpredictable weather from what the web weather says I see it literally change overnight.

      Doesn’t seem to bother the hummingbirds. Sheila, I’ve never seen so many here before. At least 25 Calliope and Rufus. I try to count in groups of five at a time, so yeah there could be more. I’ve got 4 feeders up, three 4-seater and one 3-seat. The migratory small birds really appreciated the suet feeders I put out early as there weren’t enough bugs out yet, but the crowd of difference species that hung around the bare branches of the apple tree aren’t flocking on them now. Normal food supply showed up I’m guessing.

      Flowers haven’t really come out yet except the apple tree already went through its bloom cycle. The Lilac bushes over by the garden north fence just went purple and the middle bush blossomed white. The lilacs didn’t at all last year. Their smell is already intense, tickles the nose.

      Unfortunately the honeysuckle that graced the front porch in front of the kitchen window when I bought this place is completely dead, no sign of life at all. There was only sprigs that leafed last year.

      Some good news. The final PDF from the publisher came a week ago, the last chance to do any changes or corrections to the book, and I sent the reply back last night. I am completely done with the book, it’s all in their hands now. The first black & white copy should come off the press this or next week. Paperwork for the Library of Congress copyright fee to get the ISBN # is something they do, and then a bar code can be put on it. It’s done and will be out in a couple of weeks I think. A freaking Pandemic, an on-going economic crash, and climate collapse. Boy do I have great timing!

      Nothing else. Again, glad you can see again, Sheila!


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  7. Kevin Hester says:

    “Funding dried up after inconvenient truths”.
    One of the reasons why so few scientists are prepared to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is access to research funding. Recent guests on Nature Bats Last including Professors Paul Ehrlich and Dr Andrew Glikson from the ANU are near the end of their careers and have the courage to call it as my co-host Professor Guy McPherson and Sam Carana from the Arctic News Blog do.
    Another reason is no scientists wants to get tarred with the ‘Doomer’ label as we discussed with our most recent guest on the show Professor Corey Bradshaw.
    Scientific reticence has ensured that the dominant culture has been able to kick the can and the biosphere off the cliff.
    “Schellnhuber said in a recent interview that the IPCC report stating we could stay below 1.5°C of warming was “slightly dishonest” because it relies on immense negative emissions (pulling CO2 out of the air) which was not viable at global scale. He said 1.5°C was no longer achievable but it was still possible to stay under 2°C with massive changes to society.”
    Professor Hans Joachim Schellnhuber in this article is playing ‘fast and loose’ with the actual level of warming we have already experienced. If you go back to 1750 as a baseline we are already past 2C.
    At the edge of extinction only a handful of courageous scientists and researchers like me are willing to tell you the truth.
    I’ll be surprised if this set of living arrangements survives 2 more melt seasons in the Arctic, that equates to about 18 months.


    • Hottest April on record. Now the hottest May on record. It rained at least once a day here for three weeks in May. Guess that 7% more water in the atmosphere has to fall somewhere, eh?

      Article links:

      ‘Extinction Is a Political Choice,’ Scientist Says After Study Warns of Threat to Civilization From Humans Destroying Wildlife

      “This new study shows yet again that the very survival of humanity is at stake if we don’t end the heartbreaking wildlife extinction crisis.”

      And I think everybody reading Kevin’s blog should read this one. Just puts the rest of this shit going on into a comprehensible perspective:

      Global Warming is Nuclear War

      It started raining again here in early afternoon. It has been one very wet Spring in the lower Selkirk Range. Prediction is for more into next week but predictions based on previous weather is spotty at best…

      On the VoiceofAction article link you posted, well…guess we’ll see if billionaire Elon Musk can get his rocketship to Mars in time, eh? Didn’t work out real well for Val Kilmer when he tried it. Or maybe not…as the world goes to being too overwhelmed to care… Hell Kevin, even Jane Goodall the Gorilla lady spoke up a warning this week and she’s in her 90s now.

      Big sigh.

      It sure isn’t looking good, is it? And now the US feels like 1968 when I was 13 and caught up in police riots…that lasted right through the late 1970s where I and my beach band performing was right in the middle and I saw it start (who & why) in 1977…and then Reagan and his goons came in bringing corporate wealthy Fascism and neoliberalism into acceptable mainstream because he was such a ‘great’ communicator. Trump is the epitome of Reaganism, the end product of decades of deceit and control. Of course we didn’t have a goddam worldwide Pandemic on our hands along with the cop riot pandemic that was happening then…and an economy that is going south that is likely to make the Great Depression look somewhat tame…while the climate goes completely haywire.

      Big sigh again. After my jaunt to town today, and seeing the incredible idiocy of what people were doing in town (before the rain came in), clumped like primates everywhere, no masks, eating in restaurants etc etc, I’m still staying home, Kevin. SARS II/CoVid 19 is still very much alive and the US is going to go tits up with a skyrocketing death and infection rate in the next couple of weeks. Like every other country that lives off Capitalism and cannot survive a Pandemic. Then Trump can declare a National Emergency, declare Martial Law, and cancel the election in November. The sadistic cops will continue having their fun killing and maiming while declaring ‘I was under orders’ with perfect immunity. What perfect strategy!

      Stupid fucking humans. Can I get off this ride now? I’m getting dizzy trying to see in all directions.

      good luck with that!


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      • Kevin Hester says:

        It’s like being In the front of a locomotive hurtling off the cliff with the driver having his foot to the floor. Baring witness to the ultimate train smash.

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      • Yeah, sucks to be us, eh? But I’ve always wanted to KNOW and I’d rather see the train coming than stand with my back to it not seeing it. I’m funny that way.

        Raining really, really hard and it’s almost 3am. Pounding on the roof in sheets of rain. With my bar musician hours sleep pattern still keep me up late I get to see a side of the world that most don’t see…but the world is so much quieter at this time of night. The illusion of peace.

        I’m still feeling a bit off kilter from being in town today. I caught the depreciating looks from people as I passed by on my skateboard with an N95 mask on. The open walls of the pizza & beer place were rolled up, it’s been open for 5 days now, and I was the seeing man in the land of the blind. I’ve only gone to town every couple of weeks for mail and…it shocked me.

        I had a friend tell me today that she’d rather not die because of being stupid. I agreed with her but somehow we both will probably die because OF stupid. Life is temporary.

        You’ll like my book. Waiting on the copyright paperwork at this point. It has taken more time that originally expected. Ah well.


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  8. […] niezaprzeczalne dowody na to, że jesteśmy świadkami początku wykładniczego ocieplenia Ziemi, przyznaje działacz ekologiczny i antynuklearny Kevin Hester. Od aktywistów po korporacyjne organizacje […]

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  9. Kevin Hester says:

    I love D. A.but his grief is influencing his position. It reflects the cognitive dissonance of extinction.

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  10. Sheila chambers says:

    Finally, a climate crisis that mentioned human overpopulation BUT the “solution” will NOT include wind turbines or solar panels. “Renewables” = OIL & there is no way around that, we cannot “transition” from declining RESOURCES to a RESOURCE DEPENDENT TECHNOLOGY!
    But our RULERS continue to push for even more dam GROWTH & they continue to fight against birth control, sex education, education for women, female equality & abortions.
    I see NO move twards using less FF, less consumption or more efforts to stop population growth. \

    We should be educating people against buying wildlife products like Ivory, rhino horn, animal based “medicine” & most of all, WE MUST STOP GROWING!
    But we won’t will we.
    Already, we are reaching the end of oil, 80% of all oil fields are in decline, all but one of our fracked oil fields, the Permian, is in decline with the Permian soon to follow & fracked oil wells decline very quickly, the lose from 60 to 80% of their production in their first year!

    Here in Trump land, people are still in denial about COVIS-19, people still REFUSE to wear masks, those that do have a mask on, have their NOSE sticking out over it so NONE of the air they breath in or out is filtered, they many as well as leave that mask at home, others wear a useless bandanna or a plastic face sheild.

    For weeks now, no one on the coast could reach the Rogue valley for health care, we have very little health care here.
    A friend of mine had to go to the Rogue valley each month to the VA for health care. Lucky for her, she has left the state & is in a area with much better access to health care. She would have to endure horrible pain if she was still stuck here.

    How did YOU get a N-95 mask Seal? I can’t get one ANYWHERE, all we can get are less effective, soft, KN-95 masks from CHINA! That’s because the only thing the US produces for sale is DEATH & MASS DESTRUCTION, WE MAKE WARS, WE KILL CIVILIANS. we don’t mind “collateral damage” like murdering civilians & have you noticed all the MURDER BY COPS here?
    It’s brutal & disgusting, Trump has turned loose the racist, white supremises, the homophobes, misogynist & brutal, militarized COPS who get away with BEATING UP & KILLING African Americans & are never charged with anything!

    Stay north of your southern border Seal, we have SAVAGES ruling us & our cops are DANGEROUS even if your white!
    I saw one old white guy just talking to some cops, he was brutally shoved back, his head struck the cement & he then laid still with blood pouring out his ears indicating a basel skull fracture that can lead to perminent brain damage or even DEATH!

    Stay away from the US, it’s a dangerous place to be now & Trump is doing every dirty thing he can to stay in power, he wasn’t “elected” in the first place, he was SELECTED by that undemocratic electoral “collage” of corporate oligarchs, the REAL RULERS of this country.

    Stay safe Seal & keep riding your skateboard & wearing your N-95 mask.

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    • Sheila, you keep forgetting that I live 40 air miles SOUTH of the Canadian Border, between it and Spokane Washington! If you are in Trumpland, I’m in Trumpland North! I hear AR-15s and various calibers of handguns firing in one direction or another just about every damned day somewhere within hearing. And no, I’m NOT kidding. Gunfire is a way of life in these mountains and not just hunting season. Bear season (don’t you love that term; a season for killing bears?) is about to start (or has) and not only the AR militia crowd is shooting but the hunters are getting ready, too.

      I’m living in the 3% militia world here, the Proud Boys and their friendly cops that are blatant about their racism and violent tendencies. Surrounded by the worst kind of people imaginable; ignorant to the point of stupidity and armed to the teeth (for civilians at least). A county where the town of Marble in my county of Stevens, State of Washington, was taken over and now is completely controlled by psycho Christian fundamental religious fanatics dedicated to killing, and I quote, “All males over the age of 15 that will not join them and bow before their god.” And this little missive is from a ‘manifesto’ put out by an elected Spokane Valley State Rep who is connected to Marble from documents that were released… You can’t drive into town looking ‘different’ without being set upon by a ‘welcoming committee’ of friendly faces asking why did you stop there. Armed friendly Christians! Ain’t no joke, that. Like the militia that was putting up roadblocks in Oregon to check for ‘anti-fascists’ starting the fires (there weren’t any), and aiming their assault rifles at people in cars they deemed ‘suspicious.’ And the cops LET them do it instead of arresting the fucks for it. Madness.

      And I’m telling friends I have up in Canada what you told me. Stay the hell out of the US, it is a failing state and falling into a banana republic run by the wealthy who have no problem siccing their mad dogs on those that won’t do what they say. The USA version of Fascism is most definitely wrapped in a flag and carrying a bible…and weapons. Just as was predicted a long time ago.

      And the Canadians don’t want anybody from down here driving over their border, either! It has been closed for months now due to the SARS II Covid-19 infected US population and the crazies that won’t pay any attention to the science continuing to insist it is all a hoax. but then Canada has its own brand of neoliberal rightwing politicians running around trying to control everything. Seems like a lot of countries are going that way as I can’t hardly count all the countries of the world that are being run by neoliberal right-winger dictators, Oligarchs, Totalitarians, military coups, there are just too many. It seems that the Empire Virus inherent in our species is running absolutely rampant across the planet…again. A reoccurring theme that rears its ugly head over and over and over in different forms throughout our short 9,000 years of written history…

      Here, like down there in your coastal area of southern Oregon, the same ignorant and violent mindset is readily apparent when it comes to paying any attention to SARS II CoV-19. An extreme lack of mask wearing though it has gotten a bit better, that same nose-not-covered thing going on, an absolute disdain for those that are wearing masks (social snubbing, dirty looks, bad mouthing), people in stores without them because store owners are afraid to say anything due to the implied violence that is barely under the surface. This county hasn’t been hit hard with deaths, not yet, but with only 40,000 or so in the entire county it wouldn’t take much to decimate these rural mountains.

      And then there are the stores that fully support the meme that it’s all bullshit, there is no pandemic killing one person per minute in this country. I walked into the post office yesterday to get mail from my po box, and the ’boutique’ that sells nothing but cutesy fake antique-looking China imports of cheap crap had it’s door wide open and visible inside were two mid-30s/early 40s women without masks browsing the store shelves blissfully unaware of what they were risking as was the store owner who is one of those disdainful right wingers that refuses to acknowledge the risks or follows the health regulations in order to sell her cheap crap (the cardboard recycle bin in the alley is next to the 2nd hand’s parking lot that I fix furniture in, and I see the shipping labels on her boxes-all from China, a very high markup!

      Seven months of people dying and getting sick and recovering with horrible side effects, from blood clotting strokes and heart attacks to serious permanent organ damage and now there is brain damage starting to show up just like the ‘Encephalitis Lethargy’ that showed up after the 1918 Pandemic in millions of people. And…they still don’t get it because they don’t WANT to, even though it is a state regulation to wear masks inside ANY store. People sitting at sidewalk tables packed close together and I shake my head, then I looked inside through the big front windows and…it’s the same inside! People walk in with masks on then take them off to eat in a closed room where everybody is breathing the same exhaled air? I’m aghast at the inability to think I see around here.

      Then this article came out which is enough to make anybody cringe:

      The 6-foot rule is ‘outdated’: Researchers devise chart to gauge COVID risk


      Scientists now believe that droplets and aerosols containing SARS-CoV-2 pathogens can be expelled at least 8 meters (26 feet) by coughing, sneezing, shouting and singing. Because of this, British researchers say the 6-foot rule of physical distancing is outdated and oversimplified. They have proposed a new model for assessing the risk of infection under a wide range of conditions.
      more at link

      Sheila, I haven’t eaten in a restaurant since February. And won’t anytime in the near future it looks like. And even though the CDC is under the control of the insane neoliberals, this managed to get out without Trump’s censors stopping it:

      If you caught COVID-19, you likely ate at a restaurant, CDC report finds

      And I have also avoided driving down to Spokane for the last 7 months until the 21st of August when I had to pick up the first two boxes of my published book. Then had to go get another two boxes on 11September because most of them sold (which was a good thing!).

      And yesterday I had to go again, straight down to load out a storage unit auction won by my friend who runs the 2nd hand. Both of us masked up of course but she can’t lift much..

      I went to WinCo Foods and Costco on the way home from the first book pick-up for a few staples, and bought four bags/220 pounds of dog food so I don’t have to go again until next year. I’m expecting the 2nd Wave of this Pandemic to roll over this country in the next couple of months from what I’m reading, and the prognosis looks extremely poor that there will be any positive change in this country and especially if Trump steals the election…which is looking more and more likely.

      Since this old husky girl dog is like me, doesn’t really eat much, we should be okay for months without having to go down again. Unless I sell all the copies of my book, then I might have to make another trip.

      Costco requires masks as does WinCo, and they stop people at the door, but then I saw people walking around in both stores with them dangling off their ears and pulled down off their noses once they got inside, and NONE of the employees are saying a fucking thing to the Covidiots. I ran a fiberglass shop back in the 70s/80s, talk about having to wear a mask! It was a way of life so I have NO problem protecting myself from a deadly disease by wearing one. I don’t like it, either, and there are times when I have to step away from what I’m doing and pull it down to breathe deeply when working on something outside due to just not getting enough O2 through it, but I’m not going to bitch that I’m being denied my free-dumb!

      The stupid is so strong around here that I just stay home on the property for the most part. There is something broken in the brains of these neoliberal rwnj types and I sure can’t fix it for them by myself. I don’t think there is a cure for stupid…except by catching this damned disease and dying of it! It’s going to get so much worse when the snow starts falling and people are stuck inside in huddled masses. There are already signs of stir crazy and cabin fever showing up in populations all over the world, massive depression along with the massive unemployment and crashing economies, irrational behavior and short tempers and physical violence… I prefer to stay home with my gate closed. But it’s everywhere, not just out here in the rural under-educated zones that you and I live in. A restaurant manager in Pacific Beach in San Diego, part of the beach areas I grew up on, got punched in the face and broke his nose because he asked a customer to put on a mask recently. That security guard in the upper Midwest that got shot dead for doing the same thing at a grocery store…but he was a black guy so I guess the PB manager got off easy because he could be dead, too? Probably wasn’t black I imagine…

      As for N95 masks, I’ve always had a box or two of them on the tool room shelf for fire season, when the smoke gets so bad that the only way to breathe and not choke is with one on. That big Canadian burn a few years ago that drowned this area in layers of filled valleys full of particulate matter and eye-watering smoke, the local Carpenter Road fire that got within just a couple miles of me a couple years before that… and always fires every summer that burn west of me in the dry flatlands of mid-Washington State called ‘The Scablands’ that back the smoke up on these mountains. Or the Spokane Rez to my southwest for that matter, about 12 miles s/sw that seems to get set on fire a lot, too, for some reason.

      I’ve got most of a box of the N95 dust mask style left, and two of the N95 respirator version with the exhale valve that are unused. The two respirators I’ve been using that I keep in the vehicle for when I leave the property are at the end of their life as is the dust mask one that I keep inside the house to wear if/when people show up and I go outside to talk with them. But since I’m not around people much these masks last a lot longer than normal as I don’t wear them around the property at all. Excepting of course during the massive smoke cloud from your Oregon wildfires that blasted us from the 10th to the 20th. The AQI was nearly 200 that week, and I had to keep the two big floor fan/swamp coolers running to keep the house air cleaned out enough to be able to breathe without wearing one inside. Wet filters sure do work well for taking particulate matter out of the air.

      I have a couple of those KN95s, too, that you mentioned, and of course running a sew shop I can always make fairly effective cloth masks if needed by cutting up a bunch of brand new in package HEPA filters I snagged that were being thrown out at the 2nd hand. Filters for air purifier machines nobody has, so I saved ’em for just that purpose as I can insert a shaped piece in between the cloth layers that should work. Sew a little pocket to hold it in place to replace it now and then. Finding real N95s are nearly impossible at this point like you said, so we make do with whatever we can if necessary. Huge numbers of fake ones are showing up, too, and most of the real ones are going to medical staff and the POLITICIANS of course!

      And the neoliberal Fascist Republicans are about to steal another election, Sheila, just like they did in 2000 with the rightwing Supreme Court breaking both the US and Florida Constitutions to put those bastards in power. They didn’t have to in 2008 because neoliberal right wing Democrat Obama was a perfect foil to use for shutting people up AND pissing off the racist white trash in this country. The screams of anguish after 8 years of President Dick Cheney and his sockpuppet Wbush rampaging around the world and fucking the US up even more weren’t allowed because it would have been ‘racist’ to call out Obama for his deceitful smooth lies about what he was doing.

      Oh my hell, the tangled webs the wealthy weave, eh? The Oligarchs chose Obama well and their corporations funded his campaign just like they did Cheney & Wbush. Or if we’re lucky we get the corporate-owned neoliberal Senator from Mastercard & Drug Warrior Biden and HIS little group of wealthy neoliberal pricks including another non-US sorta black person who has no US slaves in her history…just like Obama. Funny that the only black president and possibly the only black vice president have zero slaves in the ancestry don’t you think? Also funny is that they are getting endorsements from Wbush republicans…very funny, yes?

      Here’s another link to read:

      Monstrous Nothing

      Warning: the following article makes no recommendations as to what we can do about climate change/global warming. The author believes that most of the things we can do are already known, and that the problem is that we are not doing them – or not doing them as if we genuinely believed in their necessity. The problem is that the future for our planet predicted by the scientists is so far from our experience that it is almost impossible to think about, let alone believe. Perhaps the exercise of carrying this trend to its logical, “if-left-to-itself” conclusion will help us to understand what we are doing now. Think of it as a kind of quiet scream: “This isn’t a dream! This is really happening.”

      I guess this is enough of an answer for your post, Sheila! I think I need to go out and shut the door of my shop before it gets too cold. The cannabis garden is inside and out during the day, but I can’t let the freezing temps expected to chill the shop down too much. About two weeks before harvest, and they are incredibly stinky at this point. You’d love it!

      Do something fun, girl, every damn day because there will be a point I’m afraid there won’t be any fun left to find…and yes I’m rolling on my skate whenever I get the chance. Who WAS that old guy zipping by on the 70s pool rider with the white ponytail flapping behind him??? HA!


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  11. Sheila chambers says:

    I just LOVE your posts Seal! I can see the smoke pouring out of your ears as you type!
    It’s a wonder your pony tail isn’t black from the heat!

    I too am pissed off royally at this UNELECTED government, the constitution written by white, land owning, slave owning RICH males, kept them in power while us “pee-ons” get the shaft in the ass!
    They don’t even use LUBE, just shove it in & we are expected to smile & ask for more!

    Did you hear that Trump has COVIS-19? I hope he DIES FROM IT along with his corrupt, greedy staff especially McConnel! What a piece of shit he is!

    I couldn’t care less about those useless, pointless “debates” between two, lying warmongering oligarchs who will continue doing all the wrong things speeding up our inevitable collapse.

    I have now left Twitter, they kept blocking the whole page all the while proclaiming “your in control! select what ADS you “WANT” to see.” This went on for months!
    I would be lying if I said I “wanted” to see certain ads, why couldn’t they just leave me alone & show what ever ads they want cuz I don’t actually “want” to see any of them! I also don’t like being FORCED to say I do “want” to see certain ads, so I left them a final message, “this is how I exercise control, goodby Twitter!” & then I closed my account!

    I like you am sick & tired of being stuck at home, can’t go anywhere without running into those IGNORANT, STUPID, MASKLESS, TRUMP SUPPORTERS!
    For weeks, we had smoke, one day we had those bloody orange skies, YIKES!
    Several small towns, Phoenix & Talent were burned to the ground, thousands of “mobile” homes were totally destroyed leaving thousands homeless.

    Heading for a town near you are thousands of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS are heading our way from Guatemala to take OUR JOBS, OUR HOUSING & put their children IN OUR OVERCROWDED SCHOOLS or perhaps they will swell the #s of the HOMELESS, WE MUST KEEP THEM OUT! If Biden is selected, expect

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Sheila chambers says:

    DAM WORDPRESS, I WAS NOT FINISHED! Hitting “cap lock” is not “POST”!
    If Biden is selected, expect even MORE IMMIGRATION, our corporate rulers want more poor needy workers to keep down the wages of legal low income workers.

    As our climate continues to deteriorate, we will have more crop failures, perhaps you noticed the huge floods China has that destroyed many of their crops & almost caused the collapse of three gorges dam that would have wiped out many towns & cites. Again there were fires in the tundra melting the “perma” frost releasing more METHANE & our fracked wells are gushing methane, we are indeed, doomed!

    More crop failures means more desperate people migrating into richer countries who are already closing their borders to migrants, as their numbers swell those borders will become death traps for migrants, they will be shot if they try to force their way in & those crossing the Med will be given two choices, either turn around or we will sink you & you will NOT be rescued. There is no way the target countries can take in millions of migrants, they soon won’t be able to even feed those already there.

    We now have 7.8 BILLION PEOPLE on a planet that without OIL, can only support 500 MILLION to 1 BILLION, poorly fed people, max.

    My “special” crop is in & I’m working on the second season by cutting clones.
    A pink, sweet smelling rose was left behind in the mobile home park a friend lived in, I cut a stalk from it to clone.
    It got roasted by the heat wave we had & I didn’t expect it to live. All it had left was some green at the bottom of the black stem.
    It’s now showing its new leaves!

    After threatening to leave my ophthalmologist, he finally gave me a refferal to a cataract surgon in Crescent city, I was prepared to drive to Grants Pass over one of the top 5 most dangerous highways in the country, H199 through the Smith river canyon with but ONE EYE & a cataract in the other to reach another opthalmologist cataract surgon! I was determined to NOT go through 2020 with that dam CATARACT! I felt too uncomfortable driving with such poor vision!
    I was really looking forwards to seeing again & visiting our beautiful parks & beaches, but then came along COVIS-19 & all that changed.
    Now we cower in fear behind our doors wondering if we too will get COVIS despite all our efforts to avoid it.
    Let the Trump, evangelical MORONS get it not me or thee!
    Stay safe Seal & sneak north over the border, leave this mess behind!

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  13. I had a book order from Bonner’s Ferry Idaho last week (how she heard about it?), and when I emailed about what color she wanted for the Tuck neck gaitor she also ordered the reply was a perfect cognitive dissonance story! No, I’m not kidding. Read on:

    She is ten days into a bout with SARS II CoV-19 after nursing her husband through the disease for a month. A month flat on his back! He is an anti-science Trump voter, called it all ‘a hoax, a damned libbrll plot,’ the usual spew one hears from Trump or off the Fox channel propaganda, and of course he refused to wear a mask much less physical distance from groups etc etc. Bonner’s Ferry by the way is in the N/E corner of the Idaho Panhandle, a place not highly regarded for having critical thinking skills.

    He brought the disease home from Montana after Labor Day. No, I don’t know where he got it but I’m sure it wasn’t contact traced to the spreader…at least she didn’t mention anything about that.

    When she made the order he hadn’t had a fever in 9 days, about the same time she went down with it but so far she hasn’t gotten as sick as he did. He hit the floor very quickly, extremely sick within days, and she had to nurse him. I don’t know if he went to a hospital but probably not. That kind of mindset would want to ‘tough it out like Clint Eastwood.’ He lost over thirty pounds and is weak as a newborn kitten. I got the impression he’s not much help at this point, and she’s now sick!

    He had a fever for how long?? Holy shit, that probably killed some brain cells. What’s left after neoliberalism chewed its way through the thinking processing areas anyway…

    And you can be sure he’s gonna vote for Trump the Immune who feels better than he has in 20 years at 74 years old, obese, with high blood pressure and obviously high cholesterol, whose exercise is tweeting-serious thumb work for such a perfectly healthy specimen of American manhood. Oh, can’t forget being driven around in a golf cart between visits to McDonalds.

    So there really is a devil and it loves Trump because he publicly said he’s now immune. But it supports the followers by NOT granting those poor saps immunity. But then all of the gods have always been fickle that way. Definitely cognitive dissonance!

    Sheila: It’s okay to be honest and say I’m just a freaking noisy old surfer dude. I can take it! Hell, I was always called by the little stepkids their Noisy Stepdad so I got used to it. And I got the rolled eyeball looks when they turned into teens. As adults I had my stepson tell me one time that he learned more from listening to me than he ever learned in high school…

    As for sneaking over the Canadian Border, they DON’T WANT US THERE. The border is closed to US citizens! Can you blame ’em?

    But yes I, too, avoided most of the expected insanity of the ridiculous debate but even without TV it’s hard to not get some of it because of all the article reading I do. And I heard a couple DemocracyNow shows on the community radio station out of Spokane (KYRS) that replayed bits and pieces. Very anti-Trump radio… But the debate, and I use that word in the broadest of terms, About what I expected, unhinged figureheads of the neoliberal Aristocracy spouting bullshit soundbites and platitudes. Biden can’t hide his extreme neoliberal political record that fits right alongside the last four years of Trump’s, or Obama’s eight, or Cheney/little wanker Wbush eight, or Bill Clinton’s eight… It’s literally the same shit different decade that goes on and on with slight adjustments now and then to keep the workers in line. “Full of sound and fury signifying nothing.” Excepting the further gathering the strings of power into the hands of an extremely limited group of sociopaths & psychopaths… Ain’t american exceptionalism fun?

    So now it’s two weeks since you posted this and reading the news just keeps getting more chilling by the day. I’m trying not to be overwhelmed with it all but there is so much awful going on. But I have outside chores to get done before the snow starts here like cutting more winter firewood into rounds, and I certainly need to start trimming my harvested medical cannabis garden. I cut the last late-growth girl down last night and hung her from the ceiling in my shop after the mandatory 24 hour blackout to stop photosynthesis. The other ten are ready to cut spears and start the work of trimming waterleaf and then nipping the buds off. Sore fingers and sticky nippers that I have to put in the freezer to be able to use the next day (after scraping the residue off of course!) but holy smokes I accidentally knocked a fat bud off one of the hanging God Bud plants that stuck to my ponytail before hitting the floor, and I picked it up and smoked it yesterday. I wasn’t ready for the extreme potency and got hardly anything done the rest of the evening. Other than making dinner and reading a book! Pretty dang potent canna-girlie there! God Bud cannabis is far more potent than the invented god kind!

    Sheila, my crop this year is two Blue Bird hybrids, two Permafrost hybrids, four Northern Thunder, two God Bud, and one very late Mantanushka Thunderfuck-Alaskan Purple hybrid. All are sativa crosses, and only the Mantanushka was grown from seed as I picked up clones from a local grower last Spring. Turned out well and done just as the season closes me down with cold. It’s been freezing at night lately, hard frosts. The rubble from the harvest turns into Green Goo CBD topical paste…

    GOOD NEWS! My rebuilt website is about to go live! The paypal link finally connected on Friday afternoon and I had a test order come in this morning from the webmaster to make sure it’s working. I’ve got book orders on hold because the old site’s shopping cart couldn’t handle the new phone apps and just kept glitching badly. It’s been a mess for three weeks though I have had a couple orders get through, but I’m NOT an IT guy and really don’t have any idea why it was doing that. I’m just glad they fixed it even though they had to rebuild the entire site. Ouch. That’s gonna cost but they gave me a deal after they couldn’t get the checkout to connect to the update they did on the old site. Pretty much three weeks of it mostly not working right.

    And Kevin, on the new book category page there should be links to four published short stories from three different magazines that should be there for people buying the book. Since nobody will see them until they go to that page (excepting the Lunch Counter Trilogy which is on the home page), it’s kind of a bonus to folks who are buying my book.

    Weather Report:

    Cold and overcast with wind moving the conifers, and snow due possibly tomorrow night sometime and again on Thursday but with the deranged Jet Stream looping like it is who the hell knows! The weather predictions have gotten far less reliable the last few year, ya notice? Had a cold rain both Friday and Saturday nights and the first dusting on the snowboarding hill but just barely on the very top of the Peak last week.

    A couple of reads:

    How Donald Trump Is Remaking the Federal Courts in His Own Image

    The president’s judicial nominees have been notably white, male, and conservative.

    As White House Embraces Dangerous ‘Herd Immunity’ Strategy, Covid-19 Deaths Predicted to Spike 80% in US by February
    “This is the time when we could be entering one of the worst periods of our epidemic and one of our worst periods in modern American public health. I’m very worried for the nation.”

    Does It Really Matter Who Wins the Election?

    Imperial Irony: New York Times Announces Halt to ‘At War’ Section Even as Endless US War Continues

    “The forever war outlasting the NYT section on the forever war is a very forever war thing to happen.”


    If the People Were to Settle Their Own Quarrels

    “It is wrong to consider that courts are established for the benefit of the people. Those who want to perpetuate their power do so through the courts. If people were to settle their own quarrels, a third party would not be able to exercise any authority over them. Truly, men were less unmanly when they settled their disputes either by fighting or by asking their relatives to decide for them. They became more unmanly and cowardly when they resorted to the courts of law. It was certainly a sign of savagery when they settled their disputes by fighting. Is it any less so, if I ask a third party to decide between you and me? Surely, the decision of a third party is not always right. The parties alone know who is right. We, in our simplicity and ignorance, imagine that a stranger, by taking our money, gives us justice.” (Mohandas K. Gandhi, Hind Swaraj)

    And remember that other quote from Gandhi when asked about civilization in the US. He said it would be nice to see such a thing happen!

    Nothing else for the moment I guess. Time for a cup of hot tea!


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