Total Lack Of Urgency in Dealing with Climate Emergency

‘Our climate change emergency is gaining momentum at a non linear, exponential pace, with the massive bleaching event unfolding on the Great Barrier Reef and the extraordinary fires burning in Alberta which have precipitated the evacuation of 80,000 + people from Fort McMurray, two of the latest ” Canary’s in the coal mine”.

There are no shortage of indicators that we have entered the dangerous phase of the great unraveling of our biosphere, when we are at approximately 1.5 degrees c above baseline tracking to and beyond the IPCC worst case scenario of 6C which incidentally will be unsurvivable for most if not all complex life on this planet. So much for 2C being the safe limit.

In the link below, renowned climate scientist Michael E Mann, the co author of the Hockey Stick Theory discusses the fires and the bleaching event on the GBR in incredibly measure tones,which I have personally dived extensively over an 800 mile sail after crossing  the Coral sea and sailing down the reef from north of Cairns to Brisbane. I detect no hint of an emergency

It takes about 15 years for a reef to recover from a bleaching event but it also requires the symptoms to abate first. The primary  drivers of this latest and third bleaching event in the last 100 yrs, all of which have happened in the last 8 yrs is carbonate saturation and warming waters.

Much of the blame has been attributed to the recent record El Nino which has undoubtedly been a factor but the overall causation is a combination of circumstances that are not going away and are in fact increasing.

I don’t casually criticise a scientist of Michael Mann’s calibre but as a yacht skipper I always default to the precautionary principle which is to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

The tone of the delivery of this information in no way conveys a planetary emergency which we are patently witnessing unraveling before our very eyes.
Climate scientists tend to be specialists in their field which can involve a narrow depth of experience which leaves them unable to extrapolate the overall consequences of simple ( sic) ice melt and sea level rise.

Conservation biologist Professor Guy McPherson, who will be coming back to NZ again in November to discuss our predicament, who has been studying climate change for over three decades believes that the combination of rising temperatures driven by our crack like addiction to carbon is driving us to extinction alongside the other 150 to 200 species that are going extinct very day on our beleaguered planet.

Here is a recent podcast with Guy McPherson speaking about species extinction from the 21:40 minute mark here, ‘Rising Up With Sonali – May 4, 2016

Professor McPherson and myself believe we are in runaway abrupt climate change leading to near term human extinction in the not to distant future.  Mike Mann doesn’t seem particularly worried.
As I wrote here on the Collapse Of The Oceanic Reef Systems, you can decide for yourselves whose right and prepare accordingly.

As Thom Hartman says:  ‘Dr. Michael Mann, Earth System Science Center-Penn State University/Dire Predictions: Understanding Climate Change (2nd edition) joins Thom. The oceans are literally starving now. Plus the Fires in Canada – Is this a preview of what the future will look like if we don’t do something right now to stop climate change?‘  Further shared here, with video:  ‘Dr. Michael Mann on Dying Oceans & Intense Fires‘.

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Many further thanks also to David Korn for his strategic vision and steady, ongoing technical support of both starting and helping me maintain my new website here.


I'm an anti-imperialist, environmental activist and blue ocean sailor, who is passionate about the earth and all it's inhabitants without favour. Brace for imminent impact as we bare witness to the non-linear unraveling of the biosphere and habitability disappearing for most if not all complex life on the only habitable planet we know of. To quote President Niinistö in North Russia: ‘If We Lose the Arctic, We Lose the World’. Folks we have lost the Arctic.

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9 comments on “Total Lack Of Urgency in Dealing with Climate Emergency
  1. Kevin Hester says:

    Comments from Malcolm Light on Facebook;
    Malcolm Light Most natural processes on the Earth are run by convection including plate tectonics that moves the continental and oceanic plates across the surface of the planet. Mother Earth has been able to hold its atmospheric temperature within certain limits and maintain an ocean for more than 3 billion years because each time there was a build up of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which produced a global fever, Mother Earth eliminated the living creatures with a massive Arctic methane firestorm that fried them alive. This giant Arctic methane firestorm is a natural antibiotic the Earth uses to rid itself of those creatures that have overproduced carbon dioxide and caused a global fever. Essentially mankind has again caused a massive build up of fossil fuel carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and Mother Earth has already started to respond with the predicted massive Arctic methane blow out (since 2010) which will lead to an Earth engulfing firestorm in 5 to 8 years. The giant fires in the Fort Mac Murray region are a result of atmospheric methane induced heating of the Arctic and 93.5% global warming of the oceans that has generated a massive El Nino event this year. Hot winds moving away from these high pressure areas have generated high temperatures and massive fires in Alberta which is a giant fever spot on Earth where mankind has produced the maximum amount of dirty fossil fuel extraction and pollution in Canada. Mother Earth will continue to respond more vigorously with her Arctic methane antibiotic to eliminate the humans from her system as we represent nothing more to her than a larger version of an influenza virus which has seriously retarded her oceanic and atmospheric temperature range functioning systems. If we do not immediately stop fossil fuel extraction worldwide and control the Arctic methane emission sites we will all be stardust before a decade is past..
    Malcolm Light I am writing to you about the new mean atmospheric methane content for 2014. Unfortunately it is dramatically higher than in 2013 and indicates that the rate of methane expulsion from the subsea Arctic methane hydrates has increased from 2.5 to 5 times. This has greatly speeded up the rate of global warming and we can expect planetary wide global extinction to occur between 8 and 16 years in the future (2023 – 2031). The poster (see below) summarises all the available information. The problem is the “All of the Above Energy Policy” put in place by President Obama and the United States administration is now producing giant pollution clouds that move north – east into the Atlantic, heating up the Gulf Stream, which had already increased its flow rate by three times since the 1940’s. This hot Gulf Stream makes its way to the Arctic where it is destabilizing the subsea methane hydrates at exponentially increasing rates. Five Nations (United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, United States, Australia and Canada) hold the position of the most extreme carbon footprints per person on Earth, but the US also has a giant carbon dioxide emission rate making them the greatest waster of fossil fuels on Earth and the greatest threat to humanity’s future existence. I would be grateful if you would pass this information on to all scientists and administration officials dealing with climate prediction and to the government. The imminent and precipitous nature of this global warming catastrophe requires instant reaction at all levels of society or we will all be dead.

    Please look at these internet pages.

    Updated version of the poster is at .

    Also added at…/warning-planetary…

    A new version of the poster has been added at the post at:…/warning-planetary…

    Enlarged image is at:

    Also posted at facebook at:

    Arctic methane destruction systems :

    Seismic activity triggering subsea methane emissions (see poster at end):

    Yours sincerely,

    Malcolm. P.R. Light (Dr)


  2. PANinA says:

    I’m confused about who said what to whom above, but I’ve extracted three quotes which I see as nothing more nor less than instances of bargaining – more ultimatums, more generating of heat by jumping up and down, more quest for consensus that is not to be had. When will you come to acceptance that we are members of a failed species? I will respond to each quote separately.

    “The imminent and precipitous nature of this global warming catastrophe requires instant reaction at all levels of society or we will all be dead.”
    We will all be dead even with instant reaction at all levels of society, even if all levels of society didn’t have their own ideas about what that reaction should look like.

    “If we do not immediately stop fossil fuel extraction worldwide and control the Arctic methane emission sites we will all be stardust before a decade is past.”
    And if we do stop fossil fuel extraction and plug up the methane leaks, we will still be stardust, if not before a decade is past, then a little while after that. Why prolong the agony?

    “Is this a preview of what the future will look like if we don’t do something right now to stop climate change?”
    No, it’s a preview of what the future will look like no matter what we do! Doing “something” is what got us into this mess to begin with.

    I have come to the following painful conclusion: Just as death is necessary to life, so is extinction necessary to evolution. It is not for me to know whether my line is a dead-end branch or a part of the enduring legacy of life.

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    • PANinA says:

      Yet there’s freedom in the pain – a sense of honorable discharge in knowing that I have done/am doing my part. I have my regrets, but they’re all based on 20/20 hindsight.

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  3. Kevin Hester says:

    “Professor urges scientists to speak up about climate change.”


  4. Kevin Hester says:

    One thing that pisses me off with these scientist is that they they know that the situation is dire enough for them to want to ‘Bug out’ but they don’t say so directly.
    They are putting themselves above the greater good


  5. Kevin Hester says:

    The latest expose on Michael Mann from Tim Bob


  6. Kevin Hester says:

    “I would place a price on carbon,” Michael E. Mann, a Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science at Penn State, told Salon by email. “Whether this takes the form of a carbon tax (a revenue-neutral carbon tax? fee and dividend? cap-and-trade?), I leave that to the policymakers to determine as long as they accept, as the premise for policy, what the science has to say about the reality and threat of climate change. The price on carbon needs to be set such that it leads to a reduction in carbon emissions of several percent a year for the next few decades. If we do that, we can avoid a catastrophic 2C (~3.5 F) warming of the planet.”

    “He also rejected the idea promoted by many on the left that a lasting solution to global warming is impossible under a free-market capitalist economic system.”
    The liar Michael E Mann continues to bullshit that 2C is possible, is pro capitalism and I notice he has gone to the trouble of blocking me from commenting on his page or me tagging his name in comments.
    How cool, Mann is pissed off with me enough to limit my ability to comment. Censorship much?


  7. Keith Antonysen says:

    Kevin, I understand your concern. I believe we are on the brink of extreme climate change. What happens though is when an absolute prediction is made eg no sea ice in Arctic in 2013. It didn’t happen, it provides an avenue for deniers to scorn predictions made. Making predictions about lack of sea ice for 2018 or 2019 is in same area which can provide flack. I believe suggesting all sea ice will be lost in 10+- years is a better way to frame it. As matters stand, it is very unlikely that September 2018 will create a record passing 2012. Once sea ice is lost in the Arctic the climate will change very quickly I believe.

    Lately, Michael Mann has stated we are in a crisis situation on the way to catastrophe. Though I would suggest that Californians already would believe they are facing catastrophe (drought, wildfires, coastal erosion).

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