Kevin Hester is currently living on Rakino Island, a small island in the Hauraki Gulf near Auckland New Zealand, monitoring the unravelling of the biosphere and the re-emergence of fascism in what is quickly becoming the perfect storm. The Island has no grid tied electricity or reticulated water. I catch my own water from the roof and generate my electricity from the ample solar radiation on the island.

My latest scuba dive ( 17.03/2016) on what was once a productive Scallop bed on the shores of nearby Titrtiri Matangi Island revealed a complete dead zone.

Since arriving back in NZ from extensive Pacific wide sailing trips, Hester has concentrated on raising awareness of the imminent collapse of the biosphere from the perfect storm of runaway abrupt climate change and indifferent human hubris.

After being involved in the early days of the NZ anti-nuclear movement, I was gutted by the triple melt down and through of the coriums at Fukushima Daiichi on March 11 2011, I note that Greenpeace NZ did nothing to cover the worst industrial disaster in history, confirming my suspicion that this organisation avoids the very biggest issues facing us .

I worked on a supposed development project rehabilitating the port in Beira Mozambique in 1991, that story appears in another post on the blog where I suffered a broken neck in a work accident and my mobility and life were saved by a doctor trained by the Cuban Revolution.

I lived briefly, an Irish summer, in Republican West Belfast in the late 1980’s where I witnessed the imperialist war in the occupied 6 counties of Ireland and was branded “ An associate of known terrorists” by the occupying British army. I am proud of my revolutionary comrades in the occupied 6 counties and reiterate that Ireland divided shall never know peace.

I spent the early 1980’s working in the NZ anti-apartheid movement, Anti-Nuclear and watched and mourned the 10 brave men who died on hunger strike in the Maze prison in Belfast.


I went on to name a road in NZ after Patsy O’Hara, one of the INLA hunger strikers.

We are now facing near term human extinction as a result of abrupt climate change, in honour of the Cuban Revolution I finish with “ La Luta Continua.

My Story

I was born in Tamaki Makaurau, Auckland, Aotearoa, New Zealand in 1960 to Irish immigrant parents one of eight children. I spent my first 10 years as a city dweller before moving into the rural community of Matamata where I proceeded to grow up on farms with horses, guns, motorbikes and driving small and large farming equipment, imprisoning and murdering animals almost daily and polluting our rivers and subsequently coastlines and oceans with industrial agricultural chemicals.

I was asked to leave school when I was 16 due to a lack of interest in the schooling system, hence becoming disruptive.

Started out in the full time job market in 1976 after being an entrepaneur as an advertising junior which lasted one year until a drunken chief financial officer failed to land a sweeping right cross on me and succumbed to a short left jab toppling him backwards over his lovely leather office chair.

Started a 4 yr electrical training program as an electrician where I obtained my “ Practicing Licence, E13787” after 4 yrs.

I immediately left the government job when I qualified and began backpacking in South East Asia for a year as a 20 yr old.

Started a business  importing handcrafts retailing them at Cook St Market and wholesaling them nation-wide. This started to fund 12 yrs of backpacking and casual working world-wide.

After watching my mother and father have a lifetime involvement in trade unionism, social causes and political activism, it was a shoe in that I would become an  activist where I ‘cut my teeth’ in the two successful campaigns in NZ against Apartheid where our organisation HART, Halt All Racial Tours received a letter from Nelson Mandela’s prison cell on Robbin Island saying “You have shone a ray of sunshine into a very dark cell”.

This was followed by further involvement in the Anti-Nuclear movement which went on to have NZ declared a Nuclear Free Zone.  I was an active member of the Irish Republican Diaspora campaigning under the umbrella of the “ H Block Committee” named after the republican wing of Long Kesh prison where the Republican prisoners were incarcerated.

I travelled in Central America in 1985 enroute to Nicaragua to support the Sandinistas where I experienced my first and only bloody coup in Guatemala. I was refused entry into El Salvador and hence Nicaragua because the border guards didn’t like the “ Cut of my Jib”.

In 1987 I obtained my High Voltage certification from the London Electricity Board. Worked in Austria in the summit house in Lermoos where I fell in love with a wonderful German woman who I was together with for the subsequent 18 years.

1989 we went to Mozambique to work on a E.E.C. development project rehabilitating the port in Beira, so that the “ Front Line States” could export their produce without dependence on the disruptive, racist apartheid state. It was here that I broke the C3 in my neck and was medevac’d back to New Zealand to go on and make a full recovery.

In 2000 I began my career as a delivery skipper with a transit of Gibraltar to Greece, which in turn  lead on to my completing 16 ocean passages, half as skipper, half as crew. In 2001 I was involved in a shark attack incident, when my NZ Coastguard training as a marine medic saved a shark attack victims arm and life.

Around 2012 via Robin Westenra’s Seemorerocks blog, three major persons came into my life:  Michael C Ruppert, Carolyn Baker and Professor Guy McPherson.  The information I learned from these three people and their ‘circle’ changed my life forever, on the basis that you can’t unlearn something and that runaway, abrupt climate change will lead to the end of most if not all complex life on this planet.

I never questioned Mike Ruppert’s position
on peak oil and US fascism but I spent the
next year or so trying to see where Professor 
Guy McPherson was wrong
 in his analysis of
Near term Human Extinction; to date everything 
I have learned has indicated that he is correct,
I will continue to question everything.

In 2014 I was host for Professor Guy McPherson’s NZ speaking tour and will do so again in November 2016.

I firmly believe that we as a species are doomed
to near term human extinction  due to the crack
like addiction we have to carbon and my intention
is to spend what time I have left warning whoever
I can especially young people of what is bearing
down on us like a runaway freight train.

Thx heaps David Korn for all you are doing for our community and me in particular.

Love Kevo.

14 comments on “About
  1. pierre bradley says:

    Just finished rereading the travels and travails of Bowman and the Minerva reef incident after finding it at the bottom of one of my boxes of papers.

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  2. Richard Hamilton says:

    you are way wrong on Fukushima. There is a million times as much naturally occurring uranium in the Pacific Ocean as there was in those four reactors, so much, in fact, that some people are trying to think of ways to extract it from the very large quantities of seawater that would have to be pumped and filtered to recover it – the reactors are insignificant in comparison. Radiation from Fukushima has killed no-one. The tsunami killed around 20,000 people. Try to get some perspective (and learn something about radioactivity – it is not nearly as dangerous as you fear – some people within a half mile and almost under the Hiroshima bomb survived and lived to a normal age, in spite of receiving enormous doses of radiation and extremely severe burns). Chernobyl was a much more significant event. Global warming IS a much more significant event.


  3. Jan Primous says:

    I live in Red Beach Auckland and wonder where I can meet others who know and accept Guy McPhersons work.
    Feeling a bit lonely and isolated.

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  4. Erin Barr says:

    I am so happy I discovered Guy McPherson it was on a breakfast show on TV
    Sadly not soon enough but he changed my thinking my attitude I saw the light

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  5. Bob Pashos says:

    Hi kevin, after some of our friendly exchanges on facebook, and reading your blog posts from time to time, I thought I would dig a little deeper to find out a little more about this Kevin Hester person … Enjoyed reading your story … Glad you recovered fully from your neck breaking incident ! Thanks for all your work to share the truth about abrupt Climate Change !

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  6. 76Mollie says:

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  7. William (Roy Whiteway) Smallwood (0)01-709-834-9700 says:

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    To make gasoline from 8 limestone molecules, just …
    1) Chemically react 8 limestone, 8(CaCO3), with 8 Hydro-Chloric acid, 8(H2Cl) making 8(C)arbon and 3×8 is 24 (O)xygen!
    2) Electrolyse those 8 Methane into 4 Ethane!
    3) Electrolyse those 4 Ethane into 2 Butane!
    4) Electrolyse those 2 Butane into 1 Octane!
    5) Condence that Octane gas into Octane gasoline!
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    Financing this experiament is estimated to cost $5,000-$20,000!


  8. William Roy Whiteway Smallwood says:

    Dear Mark Browne, Keith White, Randy Edmunds and Graham Letto…
    to produce petroleum from Methane gas…
    1) I want to experimentally patent how to electrolyse 8 Methane gas molecules into 4 Ethane gas molecules!
    2) Then I want to experimentally patent how to electrolyse those 4 Ethane gas molecules into 2 Butane gas molecules!
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    4) Then I want to condense that 1 Octane gas molecule into 1 Octane gasoline (Jet Fuel) molecule!
    5) Then I want to experimentally patent how to convert 8 limestone molecules 8(CaCO3) into 8 Methane gas molecules + 24 Oxygen atoms!
    Have your secretary contact my people at 834-9700 or write or visit me at 91 Cherry lane, A1W-3B5, Conception Bay South, Newfoundland Labrador, Canada!


  9. Robert says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I live in Nelson NZ and have been reading your blog and admiring your work for about 2 yrs now and I just wanted to get your opinion, being a fellow kiwi, around the recent IPCC report making it’s way around mainstream media, in NZ.
    I would have thought that here was an opportunity to really tell the average citizen what will be required by each of them to at least try and wean ourselves off this pathway to our own demise, but instead we hear from the government that we as a country are almost doing everything we should be.
    I had hoped for more, more analysis, more discussion maybe even a mass awakening as to our predicament, now I feel that an opportunity had been lost and the future is looking mighty dreary.
    Do you see any hope for us, if we all reduced all consumption by 80plus percent tomorrow, would that not go a long way towards cushioning the worst of the impacts.?


  10. Robert Mathieson says:

    Thank You for all that you Do, Do.

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  11. colettebytes says:

    Hi Kevin,
    You know me as Jilly Bean on FB. I consider FB a necessary evil (I don’t really like it) to learn stuff that may not appear in mainstream media.
    My real name is ‘Colette’ and yes, that name comes from Irish roots.

    I don’t agree with your politics (I consider myself apolitical and do not like our approach to governing ourselves through violence, coersion, persuasion or any other sort of ‘ism. There are no good sides in conflict, there are only winners and losers. We are all the same and I will not join any coercive group to prove my point because each group is’ elitist’ in its own way and has no problem with killing others in a different group.

    I do agree with your concern for the planet. For me, it is deep hurt that we are killing every lifeforms (sometimes willingly). I am now Vegan because I want to live my truth as much as I can (but I fall far short of the task in many ways).

    While I have differences to you (I am not an activist), I do find your insights interesting, and your collaborations with Guy McPherson informative. I have followed you here too as I am more able to read than live stream stuff (which takes too much of my limited data most of the time).

    Thanks for your contributions.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kevin Hester says:

      Colette you sound like an anarchist like me. We can agree to disagree on issues but an aspect of anarchy I embrace is having ‘rules’ but no rulers. I admire your input to the dichotomy. All the best weathering the “Perfect Storm’.

      Liked by 1 person

      • colettebytes says:

        Ah, but an Anarchist has a political stance… I probably most identify with the term, but I really, really hate politics (and religions that take political stances). I think I am a fence sitter. I survey it all and reject most of what I see. I am probably overly opinionated, but not so much that I refuse to learn new evidence presented in a rounded fashion. I am Empathetic so I can feel on all sides of an issue and wish so much to fix them. I find it difficult to hate anybody. My husband and I disagree on just about everything, yet we have had 16 years together. I am too loyal and so is he (it is a failing and a strength at the same time). If we can live together, then the whole world can.

        I like your information Kevin and learn a lot. I judge no one on their politics, but do take note of their actions and why they do what they do? I love that you live off grid and try to create a protected sanctuary for sea life. I have the greatest respect for people who love other life forms on this planet. Hats off to you!

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Kevin Hester

Kevin Hester is currently living on Rakino Island, a small island in the Hauraki Gulf near Auckland, New Zealand, monitoring the unravelling of the biosphere and volunteering at the Rakino Island Nursery is currently developing a proposal to create a marine reserve near by. The Island has no grid tied electricity or reticulated water.  I catch my own water from the roof and generate my electricity from the ample solar radiation on the island.

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