No Weapons Expo, No Warships NZ 2016

NZ Prime Minister John Key is inviting US warships back to NZ, the thin end of the wedge before we have US military bases in our country.
Not on my watch.
Video of my presentation embedded below.
No arms expo, no warships

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Climate Change Beyond the Climate Tipping Point

It is imperative that people understand the exponential nature of where our climate catastrophe is and how it will quickly unravel.

We were lied to about the ‘safety’ of a 2C temperature increase, when in fact 2C was always going to trigger a multitude of “Tipping points” that would ensure the unraveling of the bio-sphere that all of the complex life on this planet depends.

It is important to remember that  there is a 10 to 30 year lag between the emission of carbon and when we can see the consequences manifest.
Sixty-three percent of all human-generated carbon emissions have been produced in the last 25 years.

Myself and Professor Guy McPherson will be touring NZ in November 2016 giving the people of New Zealand mine and Professor McPherson’s perspective on what we are calling ” The Great Unraveling”.
Facebook Event here;

Brilliant video on Tipping points from Joe Tyndall below;

Climate Change: Beyond the Tipping Point – Joe Tyndall




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Our Un-Sustainable Ecological Footprint.

Quote from my ‘ehoa’  Ted Howard “Climate controlled cities” is an oxymoron. The industrial town/city is the problem form from the start, and there is virtually nothing sustainable about them.A collapsed/emptied town/city = climate controlled.Because of this, under current social conditions no politician could hope to get elected at local or central government standing on the truth of this, telling the truth of The Great Unraveling coming at us from all directions.”

“The dominant culture is insane and un-reachable, as are most of it’s inhabitants.” Derrick Jensen

The false promise of renewable energy was covered before on this blog Sustainability
Excellent pod-cast below about the un-sustainability of industrial civilisation and our imminent ecological train smash from Radio Ecoshock, show HERE



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My 25/07/2016 interview on Safe and Sound.

Safe and Sound Radio Show and Podcast

In this issue of Safe and Sound, Lynley Tulloch and Paul Judge interview long time social and environmental activist Kevin Hester. Over a period of just a few years sailing in the Pacific Kevin noticed fewer and fewer flying fish breaking the ocean surface – just one example of the loss of biodiversity that is happening as a result of climate change. Paul, Lynley and Kevin also discuss social justice, environmental protection, the TPPA and the upcoming speaking tour of NZ by expert on climate science, Prof. Guy McPherson. Listen to the interview here:…

Info about Prof McPherson’s tour here:

Thx very much Paul, I really enjoyed having this opportunity to talk about past campaigns and Professor Guy McPherson’s upcoming November tour ( Facebook event embedded in the link with the Paul Henry interview posted in it).
In this interview I mentioned Cory Morningstar’s wonderful website Wrong Kind of Green which you can also follow on Facebook.
We gave the TPPA , John Key and cowboy capitalism the serve that they both deserve. Finishing up with Bob Marley, beat that!…/the-pain-you-feel-is…/

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Isostatic rebound and our rocky future

“One example of where relatively small changes to geological stress can have a big impact on volcanic activity is the Pavlov volcano in Alaska. As McGuire describes, this volcano only erupts during Autumn and Winter. At that time storms ride up into a nearby ocean zone, pushing an average 10cm or 15cm rise in sea level. The added weight of the water is enough to torque the crust and push magma out. Now imagine the kind of extra volcanic activity that could result from 1, 6, or 250 feet of global sea level rise under the raging rate of human-caused warming and you begin to understand the concern.”We have let the Genie out of the bottle, It will never be the same again. 6C will melt most if not the entire ice caps. imagine how much ‘Torgue’ that will put on the plates?
Another great link from Robertscribbler

“Between about 20,000 and 5,000 years ago, our planet underwent an astonishing climatic transformation. Over the course of this period, it flipped from the frigid wasteland of deepest and darkest ice age to the – broadly speaking – balmy, temperate world upon which our civilisation has developed and thrived. During this extraordinarily dynamic episode, as the immense ice sheets melted and colossal volumes of water were decanted back into the oceans, the pressures acting on the solid Earth also underwent massive change. In response, the crust bounced and bent, rocking our planet with a resurgence in volcanic activity, a proliferation of seismic shocks and burgeoning giant landslides.
Climate Change will shake the Earth

“The disappearing ice, sea-level rise and floods already forecast for the 21st century are inevitable as the earth warms and weather patterns change – and they will shift the weight on the planet. Professor McGuire calls this process “waking the giant” – Something that can be done with just a few gigatonnes of water in the right – or wrong – place.The untold – and terrifying – story behind the earthquake that devastated Nepal last Saturday morning begins with something that sounds quite benign. It’s the ebb and flow of rainwater in the great river deltas of India and Bangladesh, and the pressure that puts on the grinding plates that make up the surface of the planet.Recently discovered, that causal factor is seen by a growing body of scientists as further proof that climate change can affect the underlying structure of the Earth.”

Our planet is always on the move, but sometimes it is more restless than usual. As the last ice age came to an end, around 10,000 years ago, there was a surge in volcanic activity as ice caps melted, decreasing pressure on the Earth’s crust.

Since then our planet has reached a steady state, with around 50 volcanoes erupting each year and around 150 earthquakes greater than magnitude six. But geo-hazards expert Bill McGuire is concerned that human-induced climate change may bring a resurgence in activity in the coming centuries. “In areas of major ice loss, such as Alaska, Iceland, the Andes and Himalayas we may see a rise in earthquakes, volcanism and landslides” says McGuire, who describes this scenario in Waking the Giant. “It only takes the pressure of a handshake to trigger a quake or volcanic blast in a primed system.”
Releasing the pressure on a restless earth


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Dropping Anchor in an Exponential World

I was interviewed in March by Nick Burk from Relief Analysis

“Kevin Hester’s unique journey has led him to the conclusion that we are perilously close to the extinction of all complex life on the planet. It is a passage that has encompassed a career of heartfelt activism in his native New Zealand that began by instilling a value system to never be prejudiced to his fellow human beings.”

“As a teenager, Mr. Hester was active in New Zealand’s anti-apartheid movement. During these formative years, the organization he worked for, H.A.R.T. (Halt All Racial Tours), received a letter from Nelson Mandela on Robbin Island, saying that his work had “shined a light into a very dark cell.” Mr. Hester has a broad and rich career in advocating for social and environmental justice that even included blockading a  vessel during the height of New Zealand’s anti-nuclear movement.”

Balance of the Relief Analysis post and interview here

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I’ve been caught plucking rubbish from the sea.

Paul Judge caught me plucking rubbish from the sea.

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Kevin Hester
Kevin Hester is currently living on Rakino Island, a small island in the Hauraki Gulf near Auckland New Zealand, monitoring the unravelling of the biosphere and planning Professor Guy McPherson’s November 2016 NZ and Australian speaking tour which is a follow up to the 2014 speaking tour. The Island has no grid tied electricity or reticulated water. I catch my own water from the roof and generate my electricity from the ample solar radiation on the island.
My Submission to the Ministry of the Environment
Kevin Hester, Dropping Anchor in an Exponential World
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