Human Extinction By 2030 ? -The Crisis of Civilization!

Climate scientists have been warning us of the tipping point issue and that we can’t see them coming but we do see them in the rear view mirror.
Remembering that there is a 10 to 20 year lag in the cause and effect between when we emit carbon and when we see the effects.

This blogger believes we have crossed sufficient tipping points for us to now be in Runaway Global Warming.

The Collapse of Industrial civilisation is imminent:  “China manufactured more cement from 2010-13 than the US had produced over the entire 20th century. It could not last and so it is proving.”  All this is allowed by the owners and controllers of capital without any consideration being given to the collapse of our biosphere, which is progressing contemporaneously.
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Excellent Guardian article here: The World Economic Order is Collapsing and This Time There Seems No Way Out.


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Below is a wonderful Crowd Funded documentary by ‘bestselling author, investigative journalist and international security scholar‘ Nafeez Ahmed.  ‘He is executive director of the Institute for Policy Research & Development, and author of A User’s Guide to the Crisis of Civilization among other books.’

It seems incredible to think that the human movie could be coming to an abrupt halt, but if you were able to ask the 150 to 200 species that go extinct every day,  I’m sure that they would say it was rather sudden!
Being that oil it is now under $40, some people might question Nafeez’s comments about the price of oil to skyrocket.

I believe the reason for that, is that the Empire is artificially forcing the price of oil down as part of it’s undeclared war on Russia, Venezuela, Iran and the Brics Block.

Published on Jan 19, 2016 // “The Crisis of Civilization was uploaded to highlight the overwhelming about of scientific information pointing to human extinction by 2030.  Governments and Universities they control are in denial.”

Nafeez  explains the fantasy that is low CO2 Nuclear and much much more:

1 hr 17 minute which I promise you won’t regret if truth and reality is what you are looking for.   ‘Human Extinction By 2030 -The Crisis of Civilization!’

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Professor McPherson will be touring NZ with this blogger in November 2016 discussing runaway abrupt climate change and collapse.  Professor Guy McPherson is the worlds leading proponent of Near Term Human Extinction (NTHE).  His website is called Nature Bats Last.  His radio show with colleague Mike Sliwa has the same name and is hosted at PRN.FM

Activist, sailor, passionate about the earth. Brace for impact, based on the way the world is being operated and treated. Live every day as precious.

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21 comments on “Human Extinction By 2030 ? -The Crisis of Civilization!
  1. John Cossham says:

    Excellent film, thanks Kevin!

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  2. bill says:

    Due to my age and state of health I’m certain to be extinct by 2030.

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  3. sheilach2 says:

    If the US thought they could bring down Russia, Venezuela, Iran & the Bric block with fracking, they were wrong.
    Fracking has tanked, brought down by those same low oil prices & the fact that fracked wells are very short lived, tens of thousands of workers have been laid off, companies are going bankrupt & oil will indeed, rise again & soon as our reserves are in decline.

    We had to have known that fossil fuels are TEMPORARY & yet we STUPIDLY fed our growth with this temporary resource.
    No wonder we are headed to extinction.


  4. Kevin Hester says:

    Have a listen to Mike Ruppert’s take on Near Term Human Extinction.

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    • sheilach2 says:

      I remember the last video Micheal Rupert made, I remember the awful PAIN in his face as he spoke, not long afterwards, he ended his life.
      I was much pained but not too surprised at that, he was too aware & too sensitive to what he saw happening all around him.
      I’m no brain, I’m not that smart, but even dumb ‘ol me could see way back in the 1970’s, I knew we were overpopulated, the book “Population bomb” should have been read by our “leaders” then they should have read “Limits to growth” but they didn’t.

      We keep feeding our growth with a temporary resource, the result of our stupidity is all too clear now unless your an economist, religious believer or a politician.
      “Renewables” cannot “replace” oil because they are made with & from oil, resources are limited & in decline including those needed to build more solar panels & wind turbines.

      These “renewables” do have their value in areas with no electricity, at least those people who never had electricity can now have a light, a radio or even perhaps – refrigeration!
      Or they will for a little while longer.
      But in the end, our time is coming to an end, what will be our legacy? a ruined, dying planet & a ground cover of BONES, most of them from US.

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  5. Kevin Hester says:

    Great little clip on this same theme;

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  6. siriuslyforanimals says:

    I have not watched this yet, but will very soon. Honestly though, my firstbreaction when I read the title was “sounds fair to me”.The human species has proven itself to be a self-absorbed, greedy,overbreeding and overconsuming creature with a superiority complex. My hope was that it was very, very slightly possible that we would be able to change our destructive ways before we brought our planet to its knees, but alas, nature will prevail in the end.

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  7. Dannyvan says:

    Is man one of God’s blunders, or is God one of man’s blunders? I think the former!


    • sheilach2 says:

      I think “god” is one of humans biggest blunder!
      By believing in a all powerful, supernatural “creator” being, it allows ANYTHING to be done in the name of this “god” including the destruction of all life on this planet, after all, can’t “god” just “make” it all over again?
      The OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE has shown us that we EVOLVED over billions of years along with all other living things on this planet, we are ALL RELATED!
      By destroying them, we are destroying ourselves.
      Our willful IGNORANCE has led us to rush over the brink, extinction awaits us.
      Thank you for the video Kevin, if only more people, especially POLITICIANS would see & heed it’s warning but their too busy grubbing for more money from their rich greedy “friends”.

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  8. Kevin Hester says:

    The latest from Sam Carana.

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    • sheilach2 says:

      Well “Sam” do you still believe that solar panels & wind turbines can replace OIL for generating electricity when they are MADE with OIL?
      “Sam” I’m STILL NOT a “climate denier” even though I still do not think that solar panels & wind turbines can replace oil or even generate enough electricity temporarily to make a noticable dent in our fossil fuel use, I wish they could but instead, we are merely using this technology to ADD to our energy mix, not to replace some of our use of FF.
      We will indeed “get off oil” but it will be the hard way through depletion.

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  9. Good Gawd, the Trump supporters don’t believe in climate change & they have 40 million guns.

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  10. sheilach2 says:

    40 million people with guns, at least half Trump supporters & most of those are fundamentalist believers!
    If that doesn’t leave a load in your pants, what will!


  11. Kevin Hester says:

    Short video on Jack Lovelocks take on collapse.


  12. Kevin Hester says:

    50 minute documentary on the 6th ‘Great’ Extinction.


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