Shades of a Canfield Ocean — Hydrogen Sulfide in Oregon’s Purple Waves?

As our oceans warm and acidify the danger of a ‘Canfield Ocean’ become more certain by the day.

In this brief presentation from RT we see that the oceans around the Arctic are becoming more acidified, this is a direct consequence of the loss of sea ice.

Brace for imminent impact


Are we already starting to awaken some of the horrors of the ancient hothouse ocean? Are dangerous, sea and land life killing, strains of primordial hydrogen sulfide producing bacteria starting to show up in the increasingly warm and oxygen-starved waters of the US West Coast? This week’s disturbing new reports of odd-smelling, purple-colored waves appearing along the Oregon coastline are a sign that it may be starting to happen.

Purple Waves

(Purple waves wash over the Oregon beach of Neskowin on August 15. A form of hydrogen sulfide consuming bacteria is known to color water purple. Is this an indicator that the deadly gas is present in Oregon’s waters? Image source: Jeanine Sbisa and Beach Connection.)

A Dangerous Beauty

Oregon beachgoers and ocean researchers alike are flummoxed. There’s something strange in the water. Something that’s coloring the waves of Oregon’s beaches purple even as the off-shore waters are painted…

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I'm an anti-imperialist, environmental activist and blue ocean sailor, who is passionate about the earth and all it's inhabitants without favour. Brace for imminent impact as we bare witness to the non-linear unraveling of the biosphere and habitability disappearing for most if not all complex life on the only habitable planet we know of. To quote President Niinistö in North Russia: ‘If We Lose the Arctic, We Lose the World’. Folks we have lost the Arctic.

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38 comments on “Shades of a Canfield Ocean — Hydrogen Sulfide in Oregon’s Purple Waves?
  1. Kevin Hester says:

    “Hazards Health Hazards”

    “Hydrogen sulfide gas causes a wide range of health effects. Workers are primarily exposed to hydrogen sulfide by breathing it. The effects depend on how much hydrogen sulfide you breathe and for how long. Exposure to very high concentrations can quickly lead to death.”


  2. Kevin Hester says:

    “The waters of the Earth are now pluming suffocating methane and deadly hydrogen sulfide, both highly flammable gases.”

    “Ancient anaerobic bacteria and archaea that pre-date oxygen-using life are reassuming dominance on the Earth. As part of their life cycle these bacteria and archaea emit hydrogen sulfide. As a consequence, the oceans, lakes and seas have begun to plume increasing amounts of hydrogen sulfide into the atmosphere. This is an ancient extinction event. Hydrogen sulfide is the likely culprit in many if not all previous planetary extinction events.”


  3. Kevin Hester says:

    “What is a dead zone?”
    “A dead zone is an area of the sea or a large body of water that’s almost entirely devoid of oxygen. The low-oxygen areas are called dead zones as they can’t sustain marine life. Fish, animals and plant life in the zones suffocate as a result of low oxygen levels, while some marine life manages to swim away from the area, leaving it empty.”


  4. Kevin Hester says:

    All we know really is that habitat either disappeared or shifted in to a status incompatable with the visible species. One of the people interviewed mentioned that millions of small fish and organisms also perished!


  5. chach says:

    “UPDATE: this has been solved and the cause is determined to be a kind of jellyfish – see Oregon Coast Mystery of Puzzling Purple Waves Solved “

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  6. Kevin Hester says:

    “Based on this information, the researchers were able to put their new records of pH and CO2 levels in context of the range of future carbon emission scenarios that are recognised by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).”
    The prognosis is dire and the IPCC is spectacuarly conservative, it will be much worse than projected not that humans will be around to bare witness.


  7. Kevin Hester says:

    “If you take all these feedbacks into account, the estimates are that by 2100, instead of two to six degrees Celsius rise (in average global temperature), it looks like a possibility of six to 12 degrees …”
    How cute, Gwynne Dyer thinks 6 to 12 C is survivable”

    “These temperature changes would change the ocean circulation patterns and end up with much of the oceans going anoxic — very low oxygen content — which would then promote bacteria which produce hydrogen sulphates. These would rise and take out the ozone layer, and also make it somewhat difficult to breathe.

    “Not only that, but hydrogen sulphide gas, a waste product of their metabolism, rises into the atmosphere, destroys the ozone layer, and drifts over the land where it also wipes out most life. However, there hasn’t been a ‘Canfield’ event in the past 200 million years, and when those earlier mass extinctions happened the planet was a good deal hotter to begin with.”
    My next guest on Nature Bats Last on The Progressive Radio Network is Professor Andrew Glikson who I have interviewed previously. In my last interview I asked him when we could expect “Canfield oceans”, he replied “We already are.”


  8. Kevin Hester says:

    Jumping Jack Flash Hypothesis Facadebook Note on this subject

    Posted by Jumping Jack Flash Hypothesis on Wednesday, April 18, 2018


  9. Kevin Hester says:

    “The signature of that kill mechanism, climate warming and oxygen loss, is this geographic pattern that’s predicted by the model and then discovered in the fossils,” Penn said. “The agreement between the two indicates this mechanism of climate warming and oxygen loss was a primary cause of the extinction.”
    In case anyone hasn’t noticed this is what we are seeing now, not long off in the future.


  10. Kevin Hester says:

    I find it disconcerting when these scientists deliver this information with almost no sense of urgency !!!


  11. Kevin Hester says:

    Paul Beckwith has made two new video’s about Hydrogen Sulphide.
    This is part 1;


  12. Kevin Hester says:

    Part 2 from Paul Beckwith


  13. Caroline Spooner says:

    Thank you.

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  14. Kevin Hester says:

    Cunningly the NYT tries to project the collapse long off into the future when in fact it’s unraveling now.


  15. Kevin Hester says:

    “What has been debated until now is exactly what made the oceans inhospitable to life—the high acidity of the water, metal and sulfide poisoning, a complete lack of oxygen, or simply higher temperatures.”
    Canfield Oceans.


  16. Kevin Hester says:

    I’ve noticed a trend with and The Guardian, they cover the crises but downplay the rapidity of the multiple crises we face.
    Everything mentioned is happening now, not long off in the future.
    Canfield oceans beckon.


  17. Kevin Hester says:

    “Regions that have low oxygen content can develop into dead zones, areas in which much of marine life cannot survive in. Kump et al. demonstrated that during such Anoxic events in the past, large quantities of Hydrogen Sulfide gas were released from the Oceans. This noxious gas was most likely related to the large die-off of organic sea life.”


  18. Devin K says:

    Thanks for the postt

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