My latest interview on Extinction Radio with a rock star line up.

Extinction radio

I'm an anti-imperialist, environmental activist and blue ocean sailor, who is passionate about the earth and all it's inhabitants without favour. Brace for imminent impact as we bare witness to the non-linear unraveling of the biosphere and habitability disappearing for most if not all complex life on the only habitable planet we know of. To quote President Niinistö in North Russia: ‘If We Lose the Arctic, We Lose the World’. Folks we have lost the Arctic.

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8 comments on “My latest interview on Extinction Radio with a rock star line up.
  1. sheilach2 says:

    I think that Jennifer Hynes needs to recognize that we have but one life, we don’t have “souls” nothing of us survives death, dead is forever DEAD, there is nothing after death but becoming compost like all other living things are after their deaths.
    Don’t plan for a life after death, live your life NOW, this is all we have now is NOW & NOW is getting shorter each day.
    There is no “higher intelligence” either, there are no “gods” no “supernatural” no “souls” nor “spirits”, there is life & there is death there is no link we can cross from life to death back to life again as an individual.
    We will become compost & support the growing life of other living beings just as we fed on death to support our lives, at death, we give this back to another generation of living things – at least we use to.
    Now we have become the destroyer of life & we are even destroying ourselves through greed, ignorance, superstitions & false beliefs.
    No wonder Mike Rupert committed suicide, he couldn’t stand the PAIN he felt from what he saw was happening to this miracle planet of life.
    I don’t know how much more I can take either.

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    • Kevin Hester says:

      Can I suggest you share your grief with those closest to you. There is no more important time in history to form a tribe of trusted people around you.

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      • sheilach2 says:

        There is no one “close” to me, my interests don’t mesh with what most people care about, their partner, their children, their jobs, TV, celebrates, sports, fashion, food & of course religion.

        So I have no one I can converse with except here. I gave up being a part of this society a long long time ago while still a child.
        I rejected my hostile. bullying “peers”, I didn’t need them, I ignored them from then on, I went on my own independent way & I have no regrets for doing so.

        Since I didn’t want to end up a mindless “house wife,” breeding machine, clothes horse & a sex toy, I didn’t date either for the same reason.
        Most guys want a family & sex, the sex part I liked but not what came along with it for females.

        Males could just get their rocks off & forget about it, a female has to worry, “am I PREGNANT?”
        That’s a BIG killer for enjoying sex so I didn’t get any, no point in “leading the guy on” is there?

        I do THAT myself as well, gets the job done & no worry about an unwanted pregnancy or catching some nasty disease. That’s the ONLY kind of “safe sex”!

        So I have to face this horror alone as well, just as I have all my life, I trust no one, why should I when almost everyone I knew LIED TO ME OR STOLE FROM ME! That included my “family”.

        At least now I know, thanks to the web, where my sister is, she’s happily married the second time to a nice guy as is her daughter now on her second? marrage.
        I will never be happily married or even have a partner because, I’m still unable to trust anyone.

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    • Dennis J. Hoppe says:

      Totally untrue about death. There is no death. Only the
      recycling of all material reality. You need to read “The Explanation” by Lars Adelkogh and the “Knowledge of Reality” and the other works of Henry T. Laurency which are all available on “The Official Website of The Henry T. Laurency Publishing Foundation. I have been studying these works for over eight years and just keep learning more and more about reality day by day.


  2. jay says:

    No wonder Mike Rupert committed suicide, he couldn’t stand the PAIN he felt from what he saw was happening to this miracle planet of life.
    I don’t know how much more I can take either.

    I share your grief sheilach2 It really is hopeless! 😦

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    • sheilach2 says:

      I’m not totally sure of our extinction, I am certain of our collapse, I see no way of avoiding that.
      Having to watch the deaths of so many living things that evolved with us over billions of years is what’s so dam PAINFUL!

      The reason I’m a little iffy on our extinction is that it’s premised on that gega ton methane explosion/burst from the arctic, if it escapes more slowly, it might not get hot enough to wipe us all out, I still have some fondness for humans, their technology & their arts.

      Humans are amazingly resilient, we can survive in the most inhospitable environments, even hot ones or in the frozen deserts of the far north, humans have existed on all plant diets & all meat diets but of course like all animals, we still do have to EAT & it has to be digestible.
      Even if all grains are wiped out, there will still be eatable stuff we can eat even if we don’t particularly like eating it.
      There will still be very few survivors.

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  3. elisabeth says:



  4. Hamlet says:

    Yeah, we can, and have, eaten other humans. I understand that ass-cheek stroganoff was savored during the siege of Leningrad. Well, they didn’t call it as such, that was my flourish. More like they sliced off a hunk at the makeshift cemetery, when no one was looking. I saw an old babushka attest to seeing this during the great war. And then there are insects, I suppose they will be in abundance as our biosphere gets more wonky, and slugs, snails, and library paste (another Leningrad appetizer). HOWEVER, you can not feed 7.5 BILLION people
    with glue and grasshoppers. As war, disease, and famine take their toll, a certain disinterest
    will set in with regards our most critical infrastructures. Eventually, the ENORMOUS stockpiles of radwaste will leak into our environment, killing all before it save molds and fungus. The arc of civilization, and with it, the current epoch of evolution, will be finished.

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Kevin Hester is currently living on Rakino Island, a small island in the Hauraki Gulf near Auckland, New Zealand, monitoring the unravelling of the biosphere and volunteering at the Rakino Island Nursery is currently developing a proposal to create a marine reserve near by. The Island has no grid tied electricity or reticulated water.  I catch my own water from the roof and generate my electricity from the ample solar radiation on the island.

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