Climate System Scientist Paul Beckwith “The Case for Declaring a Global Climate Emergency”

Todays guest on Nature Bats Last is Canadian Climate System Scientist Paul Beckwith;

The October episode “The Case For Declaring A Climate Emergence” is embedded here; Paul Beckwith on Nature Bats Last
Due to connection issues the start of the interview is a bit chaotic, ironically like our climate system but I promise it gets better. Paul comes on at the 24 minute mark after I discuss a Dahr Jamail article (more details below) and the brief clip from Professor Guy McPherson

Paul and show host Kevin Hester discussed the increase in methane, tornados, seismic  and storm activity which is directly linked to abrupt climate change;

Paul has recently created this presentation on the looming “Blue Ocean Event” in the Arctic;

“A NASA satellite is tracking flooding in the Carolinas after Hurricane Florence and its images show that rivers and streams near the coast and spilling dark, discolored water into the ocean.” This ‘water’ is heavily laced with numerous pollutants no doubt including ionising radiation from the 12 nuclear plants that have just been water blasted by Hurricane Florence;

“Thawing Arctic permafrost is a huge concern for climate scientists. Within these frozen sheets of past plant life, thousands of years of greenhouse gases are thought to lie trapped. As global temperatures rise and permafrost begins to melt, that gas is slowly released into the atmosphere. Researchers’ greatest fear is that this Arctic off-gassing will start a feedback loop: The more greenhouse gases released by permafrost today, the higher temperatures will climb and the more gases will be released tomorrow.” There is so much methane in this lake you can light the air on fire. Feedback Loops are Driving Runaway Abrupt Climate Change courtesy of Dahr Jamail at

“Across the Arctic, lakes are leaking dangerous greenhouse gases. And one lake is behaving very strangely.” Arctic Cauldron by Chris Mooney.

Due to a connection issue at the beginning of the presentation I asked the PRN studio to play a portion of this clip from Professor Guy McPherson titled; “Overview of Abrupt Anthroprogenic Climate Change;

Additional information from Dahr Jamail; Sixth Mass Extinction Ushers in Record-breaking Wild Fires and Heat
Dahr Jamail will be publishing his latest book “The End Of Ice” on January 15th 2019, I’ll be interviewing him on Nature Bats Last on February 5th alongside Professor Guy McPherson who resumes co-hosting duties from December, Dahr will tour both Australia and Aotearoa N.Z. in July 2019. Watch this space for more updates
“Assiduously researched, profoundly affecting, and filled with vivid evocations of the natural world. Jamail’s deep love of nature blazes through his crisp, elegant prose, and he ably illuminates less-discussed aspects of climate disruption. . . . A passionate, emotional ode to the wonders of our dying planet and to those who, hopelessly or not, dedicate their lives to trying to save it.”
-Kirkus Book Reviews

But Wait, there’s always more;
“The Study on Collapse they thought you should not read -Yet” an incredible article and hypothosis by Professor Jem Bendell.
Hit the subscribe button if the cold, hard, truth doesn’t make you want to put your head back in the sand with the other 7.6 billion naked apes. I have found that this knowledge has set me free. Have your say in the space below;

I'm an anti-imperialist, environmental activist and blue ocean sailor, who is passionate about the earth and all it's inhabitants without favour. Brace for imminent impact as we bare witness to the non-linear unraveling of the biosphere and habitability disappearing for most if not all complex life on the only habitable planet we know of. To quote President Niinistö in North Russia: ‘If We Lose the Arctic, We Lose the World’. Folks we have lost the Arctic.

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28 comments on “Climate System Scientist Paul Beckwith “The Case for Declaring a Global Climate Emergency”
  1. Steve says:

    Glad to know guy will be co-hosting from december and looking forward to your interview with dahr

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  2. seal morgan says:

    Pretty crazy how much info about on-going climate collapse is publishing on science and alternative news/info sites…and not hardly being mentioned in any of the MSM corporate-owned ‘news’ other than nearly total fluff pieces for consumption by the majority of people (at least here in the US) supposedly get their ‘news’ from.

    The censorship is incredibly powerful, isn’t it? The only ‘allowed’ climate info seems to consist of the entirely compromised IPCC who are beholden to their politicians who are ‘campaign funded’ by… the bad guys.

    Which climate scientist was it that, during an interview outside an IPCC meeting, said that he knew scientists that were censoring their own work? The Tyndall Center guy?

    So the IPCC doesn’t take into account what is happening to the methane in the Arctic! Or feedback loops. Is this a freaking joke or what? Certainly isn’t a very funny one.

    Unfortunately being low-tech (XP operating system and very slow-loading dial-up internet) I never get to watch vid segments but I’d already read most of the links you provided. Have no idea what Guy’s voice sounds like!

    Thanks for the Chris Mooney article ‘Arctic Cauldron’ link as I hadn’t read that one.

    Does anyone else find it odd or perhaps even a bit hypocritical that Bezo’s WaPo publishes climate articles while he is the billionaire epitome of the capitalist cancer cell model of use-it-all-up biz as usual? I guess this is irony?

    But, being the Bezos WaPo, this third-from-last paragraph is quite telling:

    “At this point, it would be premature to call Esieh Lake a sign of climate doom. It is a strange and dramatic site, but its message remains partly veiled.”

    Oh really? What a cop out! Doesn’t sound all that ‘veiled’ to me. As a matter of fact, taking in all the rest of the latest science, it’s more like it IS a sign of climate doom. This was a DUH moment and Mooney just didn’t get it, did he?

    Never any good news but does any of us really expect that to happen?

    Here’s two links. Short reads. One being about the forest paper just signed by scientists for the IPCC meeting on Monday (link in the article), and the other by Hunziker about losing rainforests at 2.5 acres per second which is…a phenomenal rate. And that’s after three 100 year droughts in TEN YEARS!

    We’ve lost the Arctic? Well, we’ve lost the rainforests, too.

    Big sigh. Watching winter slowly approach here on the NE corner of Dahr Jamal’s Washington State. Freezing mornings with the dog water pans layered in ice with days ranging from 18-23’C. First small snowfall dusting on top of my local snowboarding hill 49’North two days ago. Wonder what this new El Nino is going to do since the last one 2014/15 season cancelled winter here. And I do mean cancelled. Never went up once in the six weeks they managed to stay open due to incredibly dangerous conditions and a near-complete lack of snowfall. I don’t consider 5″ of base at the lodge to be safe! See what comes. Best to you, Kevin.


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  3. Thank you for what is surely another informative interview, thanks for the links, etc, which I will enjoy when home tonight. It’s impossible to listen to anything while in a cyber in Latin America! Back online next week

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  4. Steve says:

    As paul said in this interview he agrees with all the consequences which guy said but does not agree on his timelines. Why would he, if he agress with guy he will lose his job and all grants for his research so he is still giving hopium by suggesting thigs like refreezing the arctic and sequestration of carbon and methane.

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    • Robert Schick, rogue composer says:

      Agree Steve, and also add his crazy ‘solution’ to further toxify an already toxic ocean by geoengineering it with god knows what. Paul went off on so many irrelevant tangents it was difficult to make sense of it and persevere to the lukewarm finale. Wish Kevin would’ve reigned those in a mite more. Kevin was so impassioned (great!) but couldn’t really get Beckwith to sign on to Reality in full.

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      • Steve says:

        Robert if kevin would have pushed him any more he would have hung up citing bad network and i am sure his university dean carefully listens to what he says in public so paul always with little bit emergency but ends on hopium thereby keeping his dean and colleagues happy

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      • Robert Schick, rogue composer says:

        i am not deriding Paul Beckwith’s years in climate research. What annoys me is simple: all around me i sense–and find–no sense of urgency among nearly all of the human species as this astonishingly beautiful planet continues to vanish before all my Earth-derived senses. i was not born to accommodate those who are killing this planet, and i find no rational science-based reason to do so let alone any philosophy of sanity. Nor should Paul (or any sane being). As a wise soul once told me: “First, do the right thing.” The planet is primary, comes first before those who stand in its way and murder it, either by plundering it or allowing others to do so, like kowtowing to one’s overlords. Screw them. They ARE the problem. You want a breathable planet? Take a stand Paul, do the right thing. Peace. “You may say I’m a dreamer…but I’m not the only one.” — John Lennon

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  5. I.M. Noman says:

    Yep. Paul supports iron filing of oceans.

    “A catastrophe… none of these quick fixes ever think it through. There are these chain reactions of events… Yeah, you do the quick & dirty iron filing experiment and it has the predicted effect, but you know, come back six months later, what’s going on, there’s a lot of reason to believe we should never ever do that. Probably the most tractable thing is to put stuff in the upper atmosphere, it will work really well for a while, and then it will make it worse. And so, but you know it’s so typically American. Let’s not look in the mirror, let’s find a techno-fix to our excess. Heaven forbid that we would change our behaviour to solve the problem in the first place. ” – Jeremy Jackson, senior scientist Emeritus at the Smithsonian Institution and Professor of Oceanography Emeritus at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. (From his lecture in Youtube)

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  6. 44 south says:

    “heaven forbid that we would change our behaviour”… and there you have it.
    I have said before somewhere, that the “aware and concerned” non doomers will do ANYTHING to solve this situation,as long as it doesn’t involve increased hardship,tedium, discomfort or LESS of any earthly delights.
    My brother and his wife few off to Europe on Friday, the Timaru Herald features a half page add for the latest V6 Turbo diesel Ute and a story about a potential president of Brazil plan’s to rape the Amazon.
    There will be no declaration of a planetary emergency.
    Yesterday I bought in a trailer load of compost. I think that was a day well spent.

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  7. seal says:

    And this last weekend I was dragging in dead & downed trees for firewood from the rape zones of corporate ‘investment firm’ forest products that are turning the mountains around me into a serious case of mangy dog’s back-looking mountains. Huge clearcuts, giant debris zones, nobody cares.

    This morning up pops another IPCC ‘Special Report’ article on commondreams that I could not stop myself from commenting by throwing their own article from 2004 right back in their face.

    Have I fallen through a hole to another dimension? This all feels like the Twilight Zone. No, really, it does.

    The only comment back (so far) was a thank you for still having the link from a 48 yr old who is resigned to seeing billions of people die “if I’m not one of them” as he said.

    Pretty much ranted and I admit it. Some days it just seems the appropriate thing to do, ya know? The incredible stupidity, greed, and hubris of our species is hard to take some mornings…


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    • 44 south says:

      I clicked on your link and read the comments Seal. Was reminded of a letter I wrote to the paper here in about’06,in response to a moronic weather man’s claim we would all be laughing about “this” in five years.Augie Auer was his name I think.
      I laid the sarcasm on with a trowel, saying I would clip the article and send it to Bush so he could stop worrying about that warning.
      And here we are more than ten years later and still nobodys laughing.
      Life in a madhouse to be sure.

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      • seal says:

        Yep 44south, I’ve also written too many of those kinds of letters-to-the-editor in local newspapers, as you bluntly stated, as a rebuttal to the morons saying the same kind of crap; that we’d all be laughed at about our ‘the sky is falling’ silliness. Those of us who read and understand the implications are all chicken little doomer nuts in tinfoil hats.

        It gets disheartening, doesn’t it?

        I used to send out a sort-of newsletter on climate from my readings to maybe 20-25 surfer/skater/snowboarder friends and their families ranging from Oz Down Under, the US, and to a few in Europe. Before email this was, handwritten pages (in cursive no less which is a lost art!), and then on typewriters in the late 80s (went to university) and early 90s through about 2011 or so before I just kind of let it go. I was asked a number of times “how do I tell my family this stuff?” and I really didn’t have any other answer except tell the truth.

        Which didn’t go over real well. I know what I sent started a few spousal arguments and that was not really my intent. Most surfers are color blind when it comes to climate to be honest. A few are activists but they are the exceptions.

        I still do send a packet occasionally to just a few people. The editor at Riverbreak Magazine in Austria that published my 3-part ‘Lunch Counter Trilogy’ riversurfing book who’s day job is at a climate change institute studying climatic impacts on at-risk socially marginal communities (he just got back from months in Oz finishing his PhD as a matter of fact). Another is an old friend in Utah, another in Sacramento, one in Montana and one down in Oregon. Just a few read what I send now. And I don’t send very often, just read for my own curiosity and knowledge more or less. Part of it is for some reason I’m a natural speed reader and tend to send too much all at once. I overwhelmed people at times I’m sure.

        But not even my longest/oldest surfing/skating friend from the beach in the 70s who has lived on Windward Side of Oah’u for the last 25+ years wants me to send him anything about climate. As he said, he knows what is coming (as a former high school biology teacher) but his wife can’t handle it and it’s too depressing even for him at this point. He, like so many others, just hopes it won’t be in his lifetime. Too bad it’s happening now right outside our windows, eh?

        All of the original group were continually shocked, and worse how none of the documents etc etc that I was sending were found anywhere in the various corporate-owned MSM in their home countries. Blatant censorship of course by poo-pooing the messenger. Works for them!

        Big sigh. Sometimes we just have to push buttons on people around us. Or at least I do. If I didn’t care I probably would just party on, right?

        Do something fun every day, 44south.


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  8. I.M. Noman says:

    “The public is really starting to wake up and recognize the problem… People will step up and take strong action, they always do… there’s a lot of positives on the climate front!” (Paul Beckwith in February 2017)

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    • 44 south says:

      I’m assuming you offer this quote as irony or in jest.
      Anyone who gave over half an hour to watching Hambone’s “grifter” video, will have an entirety different view as to how humans will respond to this predicament.
      Kudos to our host for his restrained response to that particular piece of human interaction, but we will do jack shit but turn on each other when things get grim enough for people to demand something be done.
      The current political bullshit in this country further illustrates how hopeless our situation is. Can you imagine any of these clowns “rising to the occasion”?
      We are on our own in dealing with this, either as individuals or,if you’re really lucky,old and trusted friends.
      Me, I’m going with two good dogs and a Maverick 88.

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  9. I.M. Noman says:

    Perhaps Paul was talking about the Super Rich of Silicon Valley? They have indeed woken up, recognized the problem and taken strong action!

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  10. […] super activist, spokesperson for the earth, and good friend and supporter of Dr. Guy McPherson, Mr. Kevin Hester–himself quite a person in his own right!  Not to be missed!  57:25 […]

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  11. seal says:

    There are days when I wish I wasn’t on a slow dial-up connection because I just can’t load anything like these kind of interviews. But at $8.95 a month, it’s all I can really afford.

    One wonders just how many people outside of the activist/already know community are watching any of these. The news is soooo bad, as black as a nightmare, that as 44south mentioned it all becomes irony.

    There ain’t no jest in this.

    Latest apology by ocean scientists are saying they’ve been measuring CO2 absorption incorrectly and they are sorry but the new study says it was WAAAY under-reported and that “there is less time than we thought.” So much for the IPCC which has always been a joke anyway.

    This progressive but heavily ‘Clinton supporting’ democrat-oriented site is about to go under by the way. They can’t meet their funding goals this time around and are about to pull the plug. With the crashed economy that is no surprise. Consortium News did, however.



  12. Kevin Hester says:

    Paul’s latest debunking the nonsense around ‘DEW weapons’ and a great explanation of the California fires.


  13. Kevin Hester says:

    In my interview with Paul Beckwith from the University of Ottawa I mentioned that many people don’t realise how dangerous it is to lose the Arctic sea ice and how mercators projection distorts the size of either land or sea at the equator.


  14. Kevin Hester says:

    Most recent post by Paul Beckwith: ‘Surprising Effects: Glacier Melt, Mayhem Down Under, Argentina Heat, Tasmanian Fires

    ‘Glaciers on Greenland and Antarctica are rapidly melting due to Abrupt Climate Change, and melt rates are doubling with a period of roughly 7 years. This is exponential, after:

    * 7 years melt rates are double (2x), after 14 years rates are 4x, after 21 years rates are 8x, etc.

    In this video and the next Paul, discusses consequences that are rarely considered, like:

    * reduced gravitational pull near the glaciers, isostatic rebound, and
    * reduction of vertical ocean mixing from surface freshwater lensing effects, leading to: increased basal ice sheet melting.

    Ref: Global environmental consequences of twenty-first-century ice-sheet melt: Golledge, Nature Volume 566, 06 February 2019.

    ‘Government policies currently commit us to surface warming of three to four degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels by 2100, which will lead to enhanced ice-sheet melt. … Here we show,

    using simulations of the Greenland
    and Antarctic ice sheets constrained
    by satellite-based measurements of
    recent changes in ice mass, that
    increasing meltwater from Greenland
    will lead to substantial slowing of
    the Atlantic overturning circulation,

    and that meltwater from Antarctica will trap warm water below the sea surface, creating a positive feedback that increases Antarctic ice loss.’
    ———- ———-

    Mayhem Down Under: Atacama Desert Waterfall; Argentinian Heatwaves; Tasmanian Dry Lightning Fires // Feb 7, 2019

    Climate Mayhem is hitting many regions in the Southern Hemisphere.

    A misconception is that the bottom
    of the planet is more immune from
    rapid climate disruption due to its
    remoteness from the Arctic.

    Even many 1 Percenters and 0.1 Percenters are confused, and preparing Bug-Out places in New Zealand; they are sadly mistaken. I discuss:

    * torrential rains and waterfalls in the Atacama Desert in Chile (driest Desert in world);
    * heatwaves at the Southern tip of Argentina, and
    * unprecedented wildfires from “dry lightning” in old-growth pristine forests in Tasmania.
    ———- ———-

    Global Average Temperature Rising About 3x Faster Over Land Than Water // Feb 7, 2019

    ‘Last year (2018) was the 4th warmest year, following behind El Niño influenced years 2015 (3rd), 2016 (1st), and 2017 (2nd). An El Niño may develop this year (65% chance) but is not likely to be super-strong, like that in 2015 and 1998.

    Since 1970, average global temperatures are rising an average 0.17 degrees C per decade, but that slope is increasing. Rise over the land (0.27 C per decade) is almost 3X faster than that over the ocean (0.10 C per decade). Land at high latitudes gets a double whammy, due to polar temperature amplification.
    ———- ———-


  15. Darren coppell says:

    Good work kevin , Have been following climate change for around a year now. It’s like reading some horror novel that I am apart off and can’t put the book down. This problem is so huge and there seems to be no way of making changes that need to be done and nobody wants to know about it.No one wants to sacrifice there way of life. What they don’t realize is mother nature will make the changes for them and it doesn’t look good.

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  16. Kevin Hester says:

    “Fettweis said Antarctica had been “protected” by global warming, due in part to a stronger polar vortex over this last decade than usual. But he said this no longer seems to be the case, and climate anomalies observed at the continent can no longer be used by climate skeptics to deny global warming is occurring.”
    On the above October 2018 episode of Nature Bats Last I interviewed Paul Beckwith from the University of Ottawa. During the interview I asked Paul if we could expect to see the southern hemisphere jet streams begin to meander as they are in the Northern Hemisphere due to the lack of sea ice. Paul responded in the affirmative.
    It’s happened and this latest development will have huge implications for the entire biosphere. Non-linear changes due to feedbacks are now underway.


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