Wet Bulb Temperature Soon to Become Leading Cause of Death


As our Abrupt Climate Change Catastrophe becomes more extreme the leading cause of death on the planet will be humans hitting their   Wet Bulb Temperature.

“It has been widely believed that a 35°C wet-bulb temperature (equal to 95°F at 100% humidity or 115°F at 50% humidity) was the maximum a human could endure before they could no longer adequately regulate their body temperature, which would potentially cause heat stroke or death over a prolonged exposure.”

“Wet-bulb temperature is read by a thermometer with a wet wick over its bulb and is affected by humidity and air movement. It represents a humid temperature at which the air is saturated and holds as much moisture as it can in the form of water vapor; a person’s sweat will not evaporate at that skin temperature.”

“But in their new study, the researchers found that the actual maximum wet-bulb temperature is lower — about 31°C wet-bulb or 87°F at 100% humidity — even for young, healthy subjects. The temperature for older populations, who are more vulnerable to heat, is likely even lower.”
Humans can’t endure temperatures and humiditie’s as high and previously thought”

Short cut to calculating Wet Bulb Temperature

“In a recent study with Matt Huber, we showed that it doesn’t take that many degrees of global warming to permit peak heat summertime heat stress to (occasionally) become unsurvivable, in many parts of the world that are currently highly populated.”

“We came to this conclusion by considering a meteorological quantity called the wet-bulb temperature. You measure this quantity with a normal thermometer that has a damp cloth covering the bulb. It is always lower than the usual or “dry-bulb” temperature; how much lower depends on the humidity. At 100% humidity (in a cloud or fog) they match. In Sydney and Melbourne, even during the hottest weather, the wet-bulb usually peaks in the low 20’s C. The highest values in the world are about 30-31C, during the worst heat/humidity events in India, the Amazon, and a few other very humid places.
Climate Change Research Centre (CCRC) – The University of New South Wales Sydney NSW  Australia, paper shared here:  ‘What is Wet Bulb temperature?

Orange – Heat stroke probable, Red – Heat stroke imminent

Heat Index

I'm an anti-imperialist, environmental activist and blue ocean sailor, who is passionate about the earth and all it's inhabitants without favour. Brace for imminent impact as we bare witness to the non-linear unraveling of the biosphere and habitability disappearing for most if not all complex life on the only habitable planet we know of. To quote President Niinistö in North Russia: ‘If We Lose the Arctic, We Lose the World’. Folks we have lost the Arctic.

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173 comments on “Wet Bulb Temperature Soon to Become Leading Cause of Death
  1. Oh gee, they’re finally putting it on corporate news. Ain’t that a hoot? Can we say oopsie?


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  2. Kevin Hester says:

    Many of the deaths in extreme heat events, like the record-breaking one in the Pacific Northwest, could be foreseen, a scientist told Congress.



    • After a too-warm Spring with no fricking rain in these mountains, 100’F on 2June, 116’F on 29June and the first damn wildfire upwind of me on this ridgeline on that day, I am really not looking forward to next Spring and Summer. It’s going to be hotter, there will be more fires and probably earlier, and there’s nothing I can do about any of it. Somehow I’m rather dubious about the wealthy suddenly having an epiphany about what their insane greed is leading to.

      Am I going to have to break down and buy an AC unit? I have never lived with one of those machines or used them in a vehicle.

      I cannot imagine living where the ground is nothing but asphalt and concrete though I did the first 33 years of my life in Ocean Beach & Mission Beach San Diego. But at least there was the ocean in front of me as a limitless vista for the eyes and beaches to run on and the sea to be on, and under into another world of wonders. Treasured moments in memory.

      The second 33 years has all been in mountains but like what’s been said, I can’t go sit under the canopy in the shade with Wet Bulb levels. But I have this coming winter to live in, ya know? Best enjoy every minute of it is what I’m thinking.

      Froze last night, ice on the roofs this morning. Incredibly clear sky last night. Still too warm for this time of year. In 2004 the thermometer hit -30’F at the end of October and I doubt I’ll ever see that again…


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  3. M Bee says:

    Can’t believe someone posted a graph using Fahrenheit, lol. Hello?

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    • Convert in your head to C isn’t a problem is it? Depends on which country one has grown up in whether C or F measurements are the standard.

      Metric is easier once a person gets used to doing the switch in your head.


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  4. Kevin Hester says:

    Wet Bulb Temperatures not even mentioned. This happens frequently in Australia when cars break down in the desert.
    People have been known to have drunk their radiator and wind screen washing water.


    • I don’t even go outside when the temps hit 90’F/32C. Fans, swamp cooler going, cold sun tea/water, book. This last late May/June/July/August/early September was the least amount of time I’d spent outdoors in my life I think. It was too hot to do anything, and I was dodging wildfires, unhealthy to hazardous air quality from the smoke, not just the heat.

      Didn’t think this mountain area next to Canada was part of the Sonora Desert when I moved here 18 years ago…Silly me! But I swear, that damned desert moved north!

      But doing an 8 mile hike in the mountains known for not having shaded areas, with one measly water bottle for two adults, a little kid, and a dog? And they didn’t bother to check the weather beforehand; what it was the day before? Or maybe they thought walking in the higher mountains than down in Mariposa would be cooler because in August the used-to-be-normal weather has always been miserably hot.

      Well, it obviously was cooler in the morning but this wasn’t a bright move on their part. Ignorance or stupidity, both kill in extreme weather. They may be good at their jobs but obviously they didn’t know what the hell they were doing or they wouldn’t be dead.


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  5. Kevin Hester says:

    Another ‘fresh’ analysis.
    View at Medium.com


    • Of course entire cities will become uninhabitable, and then they will be turned into salvage mines during those periods when it isn’t.

      One sentence really caught my eye:

      Several weeks of high wet bulb…kills most of the humans and animals… Gee, what are the survivalists going to eat when they come out of their holes in the ground when all the animals are dead and rotting? No scavengers left, either, so the air is going to be full of reeking miasma…

      This popped up on the Daily Kos website:


      I REALLY dislike that the article said “Who predicted that climate change would hit us so hard so soon? No one did. Scientists did least of all, not on this time scale.”

      The writer completely discounted the scientists we have been reading for two decades or more. That was a bit dishonest I think.

      Some of the commenters were pretty intelligent, some were not so much. One said the worst thing done in life was having kids…

      But Arctic News Sam Carena at the far end of the comment is talked about (one comment: HOGWASH) but the 2026 die-off date is posted. People just DO NOT want to understand the term exponential and positive feedback as the detractors all used the IT CAN’T HAPPEN THAT FAST because it never has before…


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      • Kevin Hester says:

        “The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function”.
        As you and Al point out almost no one gets the exponential function,


      • I just looked up Boulder Colorado’s population. It was over 108,250 in last years census. I guess the politicians and realtors have never taken a class from this guy because they are still promoting growth and crowing about how great it all is and what a good job they are doing.

        I’m in part III which just told me the levels of carcinogens in LA are 426 times the Federal permissible levels. Which, as we all know, at any level is still unhealthy for every living earthling that breathes in that valley. Like radiation, there is no ‘safe’ level!

        That’s going to result in dampening your day at one point or another when it all accumulates to the point where the body can’t handle anymore.

        Kevin, this little bit of university class time is far more depressing that scraping muck off your shoe with your fingers. I guess the good fathers of Boulder are reeeeally looking forward to living in a shithole. Oh wait, it sounds like they already are. And they are so proud of themselves!

        This is over an hour long, gonna take me a few days of watching it in sections to get through it. These three shorts are enough for this morning because I don’t want to end up curled into a ball of depression on the sofa because I DO understand what he’s talking about because I not only know it can happen here but that it already is and there’s not a flipping thing I can do to stop the madness. Maybe I should bundle up and go sit on the porch and watch the rain for a while, smell the air, feel the chill wind on my face. Take a bowl of last year’s harvest to fire up, too…


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  6. Kevin, that entire class was going to go out and do exactly what he was telling them not to do. You could see it on their faces. They did NOT like what he was saying.

    Instead they graduated or dropped out, got jobs in industries that increased the problems brought up by Al for the most part I’m sure. The majority went and bought new cars to get to those jobs, flew in jets on vacation, had kids, went to Disneyworld…on and on the list can grow. A through-away one-use civilization teaches its children well.

    They and the vast majority of our species is patently insane and, to be blunt, deserves what is coming. With the idiocy I see with Covid I think there is a comparison there to be used for us. Cancer cells or a virus is what we have been acting like regardless of how disliked that may be to people who act affronted by the concept.

    The worst part is that the rest of the living beings on this planet don’t deserve to go extinct along with us due to our stupidity.

    This was a horribly depressing lesson in mathematics. I read the Population Bomb and Limits to Growth way back when. And like my comment above 6Nov that one commenter said the worst thing he ever did was have kids. At least I don’t have that to beat myself up over. I did make a good choice there. Raised stepkids and tried to get them to think but…cultural indoctrination is very very powerful, isn’t it?


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  7. […] Doyle mentioned the term Wet Bulb, I have covered that boiling issue here’ Wet Bulb Temperature Soon to Become Leading Cause of DeathWe discussed the work of Dr Natalia Shakova, I highly recommend this interview with this great […]


  8. Thomas Reis says:

    Translated my Wet Bulb Calculator into English and a Temperature to Dew Point to Watt Calculator in English if you want to play with Temperature a Humidity. http://www.pv4.eu/wet-bulb-temperature-calculator-from-relative-humidity-and-air-temperature

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  9. sealintheselkirks says:

    Holy hell in the Southern Hemisphere, exactly what happened last June just north of me in Lytton BC that immolated in 122’F when the wildfire burned it to the ground. And now it’s the other side of the planet getting the furnace. I haven’t read anything about Wet Bulb connected to Argentina yet…

    Buenos Aires falls into darkness

    Back and forth, no place escapes. Here in the 2nd week of January (you know, the depths of winter snows!) it started raining again on the snowpack as it did last week after 2 feet fell supersaturating the load the roof was carrying. Cracked my ceiling upstairs in the office a little more…finished digging it off yesterday afternoon while the sky drizzled on me. Other roofs slid but this one isn’t pitched right, so I have to dig. The rest of the roof awaits…


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  10. Kevin Hester says:

    Very conservative timelines but some fascinating details


  11. Kevin Hester says:

    Very soon entire communities will succumb to hitting their Wet Bulb temperatures. Then this entire shit show will unravel.
    Delhi to experience severe heatwave conditions on 17th-18th



  12. Kevin Hester says:

    Lethal “Heat Index” Chart. As humidity goes up, ability to cool by sweating drops. 35°C+ Wet Bulb temp is lethal. Green region is approximate “feels like” temp. Lethal in hours w/o artificial cooling. There have been increasing extremes near this region.


    • Marcin says:

      One of the first studies to directly assess humid heat stress among young people has found that when humidity is at an absolute max, the upper limit of human adaptability is just 31°C (87 °F). That’s four degrees less than theoretical estimates, and for older people, the threshold is probably even lower.



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      • sealintheselkirks says:

        I can agree with that because the older I get the worse my body deals with heat. After last year’s 120’F (recently released ‘official’ state finding) for this mountain county, I just stayed inside after 10am until after sunset. At least the nights still cooled down. Though with the fire smoke it wasn’t often one could open the windows to the night air.

        Don’t know how long that will last, though. I’m not really looking forward to fire season though so far it’s wetter and cooler than last April. This fire district had 44 wildfires at this point last year… But did have a surprise out-of-control wildfire to the S/W of me in the Columbia River gorge last month.

        The heat of the last few years have seriously stressed this forested property. I honestly don’t know how long they can stay alive with these repeated bouts of drought and extreme heat.


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  13. Kevin Hester says:

    Wet heat hits threshold in Chennai, urgent action needed
    Deadly combo of heat and humidity can prevent temperature regulation by our bodies, say researchers; Chennai & Mumbai face high risk”
    ” Camilo Mora from University of Hawaii at Manoa says, “Your sweat doesn’t evaporate if it is very humid, so heat accumulates in your body. People can then suffer heat toxicity, which is like sunburn on the inside of your body.”

    “The blood rushes to the skin to cool you down so there’s less blood going to the organs. A common killer is when the lining of your gut breaks down and leaks toxins into the rest of your body.” A study done by the Centre for Climate Change and Disaster Management, Anna University shows there is a steady rise in Chennai’s temperature levels, especially in summer.”



  14. Kevin Hester says:

    I posted my blog article on “Wet Bulb Temperatures” on Twitter concurrent with a massive heat wave unfolding on the Indian subcontinent and was contacted by Ritesh Shukla, News Editor for Dainik Bhaskar a very large media organisation in India for an interview on the subject.
    Because I was travelling around the South Island having a break from ecological armageddon I suggested that he interview Professor Guy McPherson, the interview below is the result. Ritesh still wants my thoughts on the subject so we’ll delve into heat waves and wet bulb temps with him shortly


  15. […] cool by sweating. We’ve been getting warnings about this for several years ago. My friend Kevin Hester wrote about it six years ago and I guess the news sites were hoping nobody would notice til the bodies started falling. […]


  16. Kevin Hester says:

    “Between 2011 and 2020, OSHA and Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that heat was responsible for roughly 340 injuries and 40 deaths per year are likely “vast underestimates.” Public Citizen estimates that the true figures are closer to 170,000 injuries and 2000 deaths each year. Workers of color and low-income workers, who often lack health coverage and do not qualify for workers’ compensation, face the highest risk of heat-related injury and death. According to the report, the lowest paid workers experience five times as many heat-related injuries as the highest paid workers.”



    • 86’F/33% humidity at noon today. Now 1:30pm and 92F with 29%. It feels really fucking hot but when I step into the sun it’s just blazing. Back to not even wanting to go outside because I can’t deal with the heat. Body says no. Best listen to it, ya know?

      That heat dome from last year has reappeared this far north again but is a few hundred miles east of me instead. So far it’s only eastern Montana who is boiling their brains out….


      Cracked 100F/37.5C this week. High of 77% humidity in the am to 20% by 5pm hottest time of the day arrived. Miserable, just awful.

      No fires yet, sky is blue with no smoke but that isn’t going to last I’m afraid. Had two lightning strikes ten days ago hit town. One hit a tree in a front yard that started it burning while the other smacked a very visible and inaccessible mountain-face called Quartzite that looms above/east of town but the T-storm was still pouring rain and put the burning trees and brush out.

      Sure is burning elsewhere, though, around the world. Or flooding.

      These posts are crossing each other up as it is all so interconnected! I just replied to Rogue’s Gallery and much of what I said should be here, too. Big sigh.

      The weather here is NOT doing what weather.com predictions are saying it should be doing. I’ve got clouds overhead coming in from the N/NW but the Ryan Hall meteorologist site yesterday showed cloud masses expected to stream by heading east and that’s what it’s doing. Temps are much cooler at the moment…


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  17. Kevin Hester says:

    “Las Vegas resident Michael Furman said it’s pure hell when your cooling system shuts down during a heatwave: “Having air conditioning isn’t a luxury, but a necessity,” Furman said. “When it’s this hot, even putting on the fan won’t help. It will drop the temperature from the 90s to the 80s but it’s still too uncomfortable.”

    “It’s been an extremely hot summer this year, and having an HVAC unit go bust won’t be fun for homeowners who might have to wait weeks for repair because of a part shortage.”



  18. Kevin Hester says:

    Common Medications May Increase the Dangers of Heat Waves

    “Some over-the-counter and prescription drugs may interfere with sweat production, alter the body’s internal thermostat, or make dehydration more likely — with potentially serious consequences.”



    • I don’t eat Big Pharma drugs. Nothing. Not even aspirin which, if you read about the side effects, you find out that it causes sudden onslaught of arthritis! Baby aspirin did that to me in 2019 when a doc put me on that…so nope, I just avoid it all and smoke cannabis instead and used home-made CBD topical paste for aches and pains. No pills, alcohol, coffee, soda pop, McDonald’s (or ANY fast food crap) but I do like my tea….and my well has good water!

      The stats listed in that article is pretty boggling, Kevin. Obviously at 67 I’m kind of abnormal!



  19. Kevin Hester says:

    “Thousands of heat-related deaths: Europe’s clarion call for climate action” Yeah right, what action?



    • Yep, I watched that on another site. Just shaking my head at the absolute stupidity but plastic talking heads only do what their corporate masters tell them to do…thinking for themselves is above their pay grade?

      These people are going to go absolute nuts when the system suddenly collapses underneath them. Even the so-called ‘survivalists’ are going to realize just how dependent ALL OF US are on this civilization’s technology and goods produced. I can intellectualize/imagine but even then I’m overwhelmed trying to think just how bad it will get and how fast it could happen. And flakes like this are SO blind you cannot get through the mental wall. Can you imagine dating this flake?


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  20. Kevin Hester says:

    The latest from very conservative Radio Ecoshock


  21. I’m so not into dealing with Wet Bulb this summer. Again. So far it hasn’t been quite as hot as last year (by 8’F) but try and tell the body that it is better is a hopeless cause. I’m just fucking hot and miserable. Luckily the humidity on this side of the state tends to be drier…

    So far I haven’t been in smoke clouds from wildfires, not even once. That’s just freakishly not being ‘the new normal’ of the last few years. There are fires going in Washington State but I’m somehow not downwind in the plumes unlike what I’m seeing in other Western US states.

    But the forest that surrounds me is just baking under the stress of another summer of parched rock-hard ground. I’m wondering when they are going to obviously be dying from it. How many years can the trees take of this?


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  22. Kevin Hester says:

    “Extreme heat contributed to as many as 450 deaths in the Phoenix area this summer, in what could be the deadliest year on record for the desert city in Arizona.”


  23. Kevin Hester says:

    “More than 20,000 people died across western Europe in this summer’s heatwaves, in temperatures that would have been virtually impossible without climate breakdown, figures show.”

    “Analysis of excess deaths, the difference between the number of deaths that happened and those expected based on historical trends, reveals the threats posed by climate change-induced global heating, scientists said.”



    • No, the owners will just force people to work in the Heatwave Economy because they have the whip. Does anybody really think these bosses give a flying turd on their underlings? Utterly replaceable as they die off or are damaged so badly that they can’t work.

      What happens when they can’t work? Who cares, right? Coming soon everywhere…

      I love how the majority of India’s electrical power is generated from coal. Oops. So it will only gets worse not better and there is no way out of this trap.

      What a depressing vid, Kevin. Glad it was short as I don’t think I could take an hour of more ‘Heatwaves are Reality.’

      The US West Coast ‘Heat Wave’ of 2023 from the coming El Nino is going to be a monster. I have no idea what to do but, like the last few years, I mostly just stay the hell inside instead of going out to keep up the chores that are always needed on this property. Fans and swamp coolers, and now a portable ‘room’ AC unit on wheels that most likely will be in either the music room or the Dojo because they are have the only windows (sideways sliders) the exhaust connection can fit into. Upstairs windows, this office room, are all outward swinging unless I can modify how it connects somehow. May not be upstairs much this summer.


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  24. Kevin Hester says:

    The wild animals and the poor and homeless have nowhere to hide.
    Wet Bulb limits beckon ominously.
    Thailand issues ‘don’t go out’ warning as heat index hits record 54C


    • Anywhere everywhere all at once anyone?

      Ten days ago it was snowing on my roof (20April) which didn’t used to be all that unusual. Let the dog out about midnight and snow covered the ground. It smelled so good and Cinners went rolling in it. This dog loves snow.

      Yesterday I drove over the mountain to the next valley east to pick up leftover winter hats & my books from the little bakery & slow-food cafe in a tiny spot on the map named Usk, and it was about 28’C. While it doesn’t sound like a lot to people in Wet Bulb zones, for a mountain zone this far north it’s damned early to be this warm.

      We stopped on the way over as there was snow piled in the shady areas up near the top of the pass so the dog could cool off (still has her winter coat) and again on the way home where we found a wonderful spot on the other side that was a still snow-blocked side road that had meltwater rushing down that canyon. She rolled around on her back laughing making pits in the snow, did some doggie nose-snowplowing here and there sniffing at stuff in the pile (dug up a perfectly fine Bic lighter, too), and then ate mouthfuls and finally ended up taking a nap on the snowpack in the shade while I sat in a sunnier dry spot and puffed on a bowl watching and listening to the water pound past. Probably the last snow rolling she’ll get in because I don’t drive much and the only snow left around here is way up high. It was a nice place to just…sit.

      As I drove back down into the Chewelah valley it warmed, and as I passed the Rez gambling sign on the way home it read 31’C about 5pm. WTF?

      I have a bad feeling about this summer, Kevin. A repeat of the 2021 Heat Dome perhaps? It wouldn’t surprise me with El Nino looming.

      This article actually mentions the heat wave that hit me and Canada in 2021:

      The most at-risk regions in the world for high-impact heatwaves


      None of us have anywhere to hide. There is no Planet B (but humans would just do the same thing) and unless those magnanimous space people help us out, we’re fucked.

      What are the odds?


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  25. Kevin Hester says:

    They made a mistake saying that we’ve only triggered a 1C increase, that’s a common error of moving the baseline. Using 1750 we are already past 2C.


  26. Kevin Hester says:

    Extreme heat Radio Ecoshock


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