The Inevitability of Nuclear War and Subsequent Nuclear Winter

“So Far We Have Survived Nuclear Armageddon By Luck” Paul Craig Roberts

“The long lucky streak can’t go on forever. President Reagan understood this and focused on ending the Cold War. This achievement has been overturned by the evil neocons operating through the last three US presidents.”  click here for additional P.C.R. sourced article Ticking Closer to Nuclear Midnight.


 “In a nuclear war, immense nuclear firestorms in burning cities would create millions of tons of thick, black, radioactive smoke. This smoke would rise above cloud level and quickly surround and engulf the entire Earth. The smoke would form a stratospheric smoke layer that would block sunlight from reaching the surface of Earth for a period of about ten years.  Heated smoke in the stratosphere would cause massive destruction of the protective ozone layer. Huge amounts of harmful Ultraviolet light would penetrate the smoke and reach the surface of the Earth.Warming sunlight would be blocked by the smoke layer and cause the Earth to rapidly cool. In a matter of days, Ice Age weather conditions would descend upon all peoples and nations.”


I believe that this will be how they slow down our runaway climate change catastrophe.  The concept of a nuclear orchestrated global dimming and hence cooling is laid out below:  Nuclear War Threatens Human Existence.

Carl Sagan on the possibility of a nuclear winter

I’m editing this blog post on 16/03/2022 in Aotearoa New Zealand to include this analysis from Caitlin Johnstone titled “The Huge Gap Between How Serious Nuclear War Is And How Seriously It’s Being Taken”.
There is an audio option in the link above.

I'm an anti-imperialist, environmental activist and blue ocean sailor, who is passionate about the earth and all it's inhabitants without favour. Brace for imminent impact as we bare witness to the non-linear unraveling of the biosphere and habitability disappearing for most if not all complex life on the only habitable planet we know of. To quote President Niinistö in North Russia: ‘If We Lose the Arctic, We Lose the World’. Folks we have lost the Arctic.

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  1. Kevin Hester says:

    We have psychopaths in the US who seem to have decided that they are going to war with Russia.
    To date we have seen Putin and Lavrov manage to avoid the confrontation.
    I and John Pilger believe that the war has already begun, the stand off in Syria a case in point.
    These are the good old days, brace for imminent impact.

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    • Brian Edwards says:

      I have thought so myself for some time now; ever since Paul Beckwith suggested it in a video on YouTube some months back. It appears that Frost’s Fire and Ice was more prescient than we might have imagined.

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  2. Kevin Hester says:

    07/10/16: THE NEW IMMORAL AGE: HOW TECHNOLOGY OFFERS NEW WAYS OF KILLING PEOPLE AND OF DESTROYING THE WORLD….”IT TURNS OUT…THAT I’M REALLY GOOD AT KILLING PEOPLE.”…. President Barack Obama (1961- ), (as reported in Reed Peeples, ‘A President and his Drones’, June 29, 2016) In February 2012, Congress passed the resolution to allow 30,000 drones to be eyes in our skies.
    “People often ask me, in terms of my argument about “ten steps” that mark the descent to a police state or closed society, at what stage we are. I am sorry to say that with the importation of what will be tens of thousands of drones, by both US military and by commercial interests, into US airspace, with a specific mandate to engage in surveillance and with the capacity for weaponization – which is due to begin in earnest at the start of the new year – it means that the police state is now officially here.” Naomi Wolf 2012……/21/coming-drone-attack-america
    07/08/16: Dallas Police used a robotic device, perhaps a drone, with an attached explosive to kill a suspect who had been shooting from the second storey floor of a public garage and refused to give up; “the subject is deceased as a result of detonating a bomb.”
    “We hold that what one man cannot morally do, a million men cannot morally do, and government, representing many millions of men, cannot do.” —”Governments are only machines, created by the individuals of a nation for their own convenience; they are only delegated bodies, delegated by the individuals, and therefore they cannot possibly have larger moral rights of using force, or, indeed, larger moral rights of any kind, than the individuals who delegated them.”—”We may reasonably believe that an individual, as a self-owner, is morally justified in defending the rights he possesses in himself and in his own property—by force, if necessary, against force (and fraud), but he cannot be justified in using force for any other purpose whatsoever.” Auberon Herbert (1838-1906), British writer
    “Nothing that is morally wrong can be politically right”. Hannah More (1745-1833) English writer and philanthropist
    “A belligerent state permits itself every such misdeed, every such act of violence, as would disgrace the individual”. Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), Austrian psychiatrist and philosopher
    We not only live in the computer and digital age, we also live in a profoundly immoral age, in which the use of violence against people has become easily justifiable, nearly routinely, either for religious, military or security reasons. The exalted words regarding morality from the past no longer have a place in our society. It is estimated that political decisions, mostly made by psychopaths in various governments, resulted in the death of some 262 million people—a democide or political mass murder, according to scholarly works by political scientist Rudolph J. Rummel.
    Human morality and empathy is not increasing; it is declining fast and with nuclear weapons in the hands of potential psychopaths, the next big step toward oblivion is a reality. Recent articles have suggested that, Tylenol an acetaminophen, may actually be a factor in the loss of empathy. It is widely accepted under basic moral rules that an individual may only use deadly force in self-defense, when his own life or the lives of his family are threatened. Therefore, the delegated morality to a state by its citizens to use deadly force cannot extend beyond the requirements of self-defense against actual or imminent attack, of the maintenance of order, and of the implementation of justice. Any unprovoked act of deadly aggression, resulting in the untimely and extrajudicial death of people, by a head of state, a government or its officials against other people becomes automatically immoral. The “preemptive strike” based upon known lies that led the US and the UK to invade and occupy Iraq was both illegal under our badly shredded Constitution and immoral. Britain’s Tony Blair arrogantly threw “the rule of law” out the window when advising his cohort, George W. Bush to “act first and explain later”. Our current governing structure no longer has the intended checks and balances, the Executive Branch has usurped the powers. Additionally, the Legislative Branch has been corrupted by greed and the passing of bills written by “special interests” and addendums that pass without the knowledge of the people who elected them to protect their rights.
    The most recent instance of a public official known to have assigned to himself the task of targeting some people, even American citizens, to be assassinated with unmanned drones or other means, without charge and outside of judicial procedures, and without geographic limits, is under President Barack Obama. Mr. Obama seems to be the first American president to have institutionalized what is called the “Terror Tuesday” meetings, during which the American president, with the help of the head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), decides about the assassination or the capture of individuals deemed to be enemies of the United States around the world.
    It is very disturbing to empower a government, any government, with the power to execute people without trial or due process. This is what happened in Dallas when police executed a suspect because he may have been taking too long to give up. The justification being that by using a robotic to deliver an explosive instead of the police physically doing their job was safer. This may be a sign of our times, that as killing technology has advanced, and as power has become less constrained, humanitarian morality has badly declined. The technology of the atom bomb created by Dr. Oppenheimer has advanced so that it would only take one psychopathic madman in power to destroy humanity.

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  3. Kevin Hester says:

    John Pilger interview well work a listen

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  4. gaylemadeira says:

    Such an interesting hypothesis and really great to read your take on things like the Dallas police robot. This election year has been very illuminating and has divided the people around me like no election I’ve ever seen. I’ve lost many friends, or I should say people who I believed had the same belief structure as me, and it is therefore an even bigger relief to come across someone like you who actually does have the same ideas. I look forward to all your posts!

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  5. Kevin Hester says:

    Remarkably good article from Le Monde about the coming war.


  6. Reblogged this on Move for Change and the Brooklyn Culture Jam and commented:
    A piece from Kevin Hester, who I’ve quoted before. Lost in the craziness of our stupid political season where we’ve selected the two worst representatives of our political system to participate in a ‘democratic’ deathmatch, we face a near-inevitable war with the Russians, whose nuclear arsenal is as world-ending as our own.

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  7. […] a nuclear winter inflicted on us as a result of what I am calling Habitat Wars is embedded here;  Nuclear Winter  The insane ‘solution’ to slow down runaway abrupt climate change. I fervently hope […]


  8. Daniel Ferra says:

    We Are All Ready Baked in to a 6C. Temp. Rise, even if we stopped emitting Carbon and Methane Right Now !

    Heating Up, and Burning Up, with Record Heat and Rain Year after Year !

    “Professor Chris Field is bullshitting the planet. On whether 1.5C is still feasible” Kevin Hester

    “The message is already clear, that if the world does want to strive to limit warming to 1.5C or less, we don’t have very much of the carbon budget left.” Professeor Chris Field

    “There is no carbon budget any more and 5C is baked in according to both Shell petroleum and the International Energy Authority. ” Kevin Hester

    With Record Breaking Wind, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Earth Quakes, Rain, Snow and Heat !.

    That are HIGHER, Than Normal ! We are going to go Off the Charts !

    There is No Atmospheric Budget For More Carbon, Methane, or Nuclear !

    We must Stop the Koch bros, Warren Buffets, Bill Gates, and their Fossil Fuel allies from FUKUSHIMIATIZING Us !

    Greenland is Melting and Calving Now, Jonas just went over Greenland at above Freezing Temps, for the first Time in the Dead of Winter 2016

    “And for the Winter of 2016 it’s possible that the Arctic may never experience typical conditions.

    For, according to NOAA, the first half of February saw this record, Spring-like, warmth extend on through today.

    It’s as if these coldest zones in the Northern Hemisphere haven’t yet experienced Winter

    — as if the freak storm that drove Arctic temperatures to record levels during late December has, ever since, jammed the thermometer into typical April levels and left it stuck there. ” Robert Scribbler

    Greenland has 20 Feet of Sea Level Rise !

    Now is the Time for Feed in Tariff Clean Kilowatts, Home Owners and Commercial Business owners selling Renewable Energy, Wind and Solar to the Utility !

    Dump Net Metering (Second Utility) Third Party Leasing.

    Protect Our Communities with Solar Policies that keep the Money in the Wallets and Purses of Head of House Holds.

    In Order to Ready Themselves for coming, Record Breaking Rain, Wind, Snow and Temps.

    Food Shortages, Heat,, Floods, Fire, Quakes, Volcanoes, Hurricanes. and Sea Level Rising 220 Feet !

    With Ca. Residential and Commercial Feed in Tariff

    Help Protect Hard Working, Tax Paying, Voting, Citizens from our Koch Bros, Warren Buffet, Warren Gates, Fossil Fueled Energy and Water Policies !

    We Need To Decommission are Nuclear Reactors Now !

    And Relocate to above 3,000 Feet !

    Each 1C. Temp Rise, Atmospheric Moisture increases 7%

    We have increased Temp 1.7C. and Climbing

    1850 ppm Carbon 270

    1980 ppm carbon 350

    2015 ppm of Carbon 405 and Rising

    2016 ppm carbon 412 and rising !
    What will the ppm of Carbon be when Greenland All Melts ?

    Diablo Nuclear, San Onofre Fuel Rods, and All Nuclear needs to be relocated to 3000 feet above Sea Level

    Over 3 Million Years of Waxing and Waning From the Poles, with the Arctic Keeping North America Cool, Now it is Greenland Because of Fossil Fuels !

    Massive Sea Life Die Off on Pacific and Atlantic Coast !

    Pacific and Atlantic Oceans 4 – 18 degrees warmer than Normal

    Antarctica has 200 feet of Sea Level Rise

    Arctic Region Warming Twice as fast as the rest of the planet !

    Over 440 Nuclear Reactors at Sea Level Now !

    From Kevin Hester comes this message: Professor Guy McPherson will be touring New Zealand in November 2016 talking about Runaway Abrupt Climate Change. Regular updates are provided at KevinHester.Live and Facebook events will be created as the date draws near.

    Sign and Share for a Ca. Residential Feed in Tariff. Go to the youtube site, look six inches below video, click on Show More, then click on blue link to sign the petition.

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  9. Kevin Hester says:

    “Warming sunlight would be blocked by the smoke layer and cause the Earth to rapidly cool. In a matter of days, Ice Age weather conditions would descend upon all peoples and nations.”
    This is why I believe that the end of the human movie will be doused in ionising radiation as the psychopaths at the helm of our sinking ship will reach for the nuclear winter option to slow down runaway abrupt climate change.


    • charles says:

      Without sunlight, all agriculture will fail very rapidly. Its called nuclear winter because it creates a continuous winter climate across the earth. It is much worse then even a few degrees of warming.

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  10. uncomjwlpsi says:

    In the vernacular of this twilight age,
    only two words are needed to describe our teetering situation:
    “We’re Fucked.”

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  11. Kevin Hester says:


    “The profound cold and darkness following nuclear war became known as nuclear winter and was first predicted in 1983 by a group of NASA scientists led by Carl Sagan. During the mid-1980s, a large body of research was done by such groups as the Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment (SCOPE), the World Meteorological Organization, and the U.S. National Research Council of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences; their work essentially supported the initial findings of the 1983 studies.”

    “The idea of nuclear winter, published and supported by prominent scientists, generated extensive public alarm and put political pressure on the United States and Soviet Union to reverse a runaway nuclear arms race, which, by 1986, had created a global nuclear arsenal of more than 65,000 nuclear weapons. ”


  12. Kevin Hester says:

    “For more than three decades, the United States political and media establishment has conducted a coordinated campaign to whitewash the dangers of nuclear war. Using discredited science from the 1980s, US officials have adopted the policy that a nuclear first-strike against Russia could be “successful” and that the environmental dangers posed by multiple atomic or thermonuclear detonations—so-called nuclear winter—have been “disproven.”
    Such attitudes toward the use of nuclear weapons take on a new and ominous light when one considers the neo-McCarthyite rhetoric being used by congressional Republicans and top Democratic officials against Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin, as well as provocations like the deployment of 4,000 US troops and accompanying tanks, artillery and armored vehicles in Poland along Russia’s border. As significant sections of the United States government are preparing for war with nuclear-armed Russia, they simultaneously reject 34 years of peer-reviewed scientific research showing that a nuclear exchange threatens humanity’s extinction.”


  13. Kevin Hester says:

    “Nuclear Famine
    Deadly Climate Change
    In a nuclear war, immense nuclear firestorms in burning cities would create millions of tons of thick, black, radioactive smoke. This smoke would rise above cloud level and quickly surround and engulf the entire Earth. The smoke would form a stratospheric smoke layer that would block sunlight from reaching the surface of Earth for a period of about ten years.
    Heated smoke in the stratosphere would cause massive destruction of the protective ozone layer. Huge amounts of harmful Ultraviolet light would penetrate the smoke and reach the surface of the Earth.
    Warming sunlight would be blocked by the smoke layer and cause the Earth to rapidly cool.”


  14. Kevin Hester says:

    Excellent 5 minute explanation of the consequences of a nuclear exchange of any magnitude and the cooling effect it will have on the atmosphere, reiterating my position that as we race into runaway abrupt climate change the psychopaths at the helm of our sinking ship will reach for the nuclear winter option.
    Chilling details are the collapse of food production putting the billion people who are already food stressed in peril, when the mid latitudes food production collapses they will buy whatever is left and the poor billion will starve.


  15. Kevin Hester says:

    “After the Indian-Pakistani nuclear exchange…”

    “Five megatons of black carbon enter the atmosphere immediately. Black carbon comes from burned stuff and it absorbs heat from the sun before it can reach the Earth. Some black carbon does eventually falls back to Earth in rain.
    After one year, the average surface temperature of the Earth falls by 1.1 kelvin, or about two degrees Fahrenheit. After five years, the Earth is, on average, three degrees colder than it used to be. Twenty years on, our home planet warms again to about one degree cooler than the average before the nuclear war.
    Earth’s falling temperatures reduces the amount of rain the planet receives. Year five after the war, Earth will have 9 percent less rain than usual. Year 26 after the war, Earth gets 4.5 percent less rain than before the war.”
    The above represents a limited exchange, it doesn’t go into a 100 weapon exchange!


  16. Kevin Hester says:

    Will the psychopaths with the nuclear codes in one hand and the data for early stage runaway global warming in the other opt for the nuclear winter cooling? I believe they will, hopefully I’ll be proven wrong.


  17. Mark Austin says:

    Excellent work Kevin. Looking forward to Spielberg “POST”

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  18. Kevin Hester says:

    An absolutely brilliant presentation on the folly of MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction and the possibility of a nuclear winter.


  19. Kevin Hester says:

    You can see how itching the psychopaths will be to pull the trigger on a nuclear war and cool down an overheating planet.


  20. Kevin Hester says:

    Torstein Vidal from the “Going South” You Tube channel discusses the possibility of a deliberate nuclear winterin the episode below;


  21. […] Where are we currently in the rapidly unfolding climate crisis and where are we heading? The answer is we have already hurtled off the cliff. On the 03/11/2018  I was interviewed by James Cox  The interview is embedded here In the interview above I mentioned the “Aerosol Masking Effect” otherwise known as “Global Dimming”.  and the possibility of the psychopaths in Washington launching a nuclear war with the express objective of cooling the planet with a nuclear winter !!! If you think that’s too dystopian, have a look at the small, grasping hands holding the White House that Slaves built Ipad, the one with the nuclear codes! I have covered this probability previously on this blog; The Inevitability of Nuclear War and Subsequent Nuclear Winter […]

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  22. […] In the November episode of Nature Bats Last returning former host and founder of the show Professor Guy McPherson and co-host Kevin Hester discuss the unfolding ecological armageddon, the convergence of the re-rise of fascism with the unraveling of the biosphere and the potential for a nuclear war to be used as a geoengineering ‘tool’ to cool our over-heating planet and endangered biosphere. This months episode is embedded here; I have covered the issue of a nuclear war leading to a nuclear winter previously on this blog; The Inevitability of Nuclear War and Subsequent Nuclear Winter […]


  23. Kevin Hester says:

    In June 2016 I posted on this website my contention that a nuclear winter could be used as a means of cooling the planet. Some people found it alarmist, just like my position on runaway abrupt climate change leading to near term human extinction. One of the most famous ‘alarmists’ was the monster Winston Churchill who in 1937, 38 and 39 was warning of the re-rise of fascism leading to war. 6 brutal years later, 60 million people were dead and billions of other animals as well, not that many car about our other earthlings.
    Professor Guy McPherson and I discussed the possibility on our radio show Nature Bats Last on The Progressive Radio Network earlier this month, all the previous shows can be found at the PRN Nature Bats Last archive.
    Now National Geographic have chimed in. When ( not if) nuclear weapons are used if you don’t immediately get vapourised question the motives and the justification of their use. Good luck everyone, we’re going to need it.


  24. Kevin Hester says:

    Interesting analysis of a nuclear exchange between Pakistan and India and the subsequent nuclear winter that will cool the planet;


  25. Kevin Hester says:

    This is the kind of insanity I alluded to in this blog post about the psychopaths reaching for a nuclear winter to cool the planet.
    We are obviously in early stage runaway, the psychopaths at the helm of our sinking ship will have a crack at any concept they can monetise.
    Good luck everyone, hopefully when I wake up tomorrow some nutcase who believes in “The Rapture” hasn’t decided to cool the planet by nuking Iran or some other proxy.


  26. Kevin Hester says:

    From Mark Austin via Facebook;
    M. Pompeo – Nuclear War survivability study for Oct. 2020 The studies outlined here suggest severe long-term climatic effects from a paroxysmal 5000 MT nuclear exchange.
    Despite uncertainties in the amounts and properties of the dust and smoke produced by nuclear detonations, the following tentative conclusions may be drawn:
    Contrary to the findings of earlier studies [e.g., (2)], global nuclear war might have a major impact on climate — manifested by an unbroken overcast for many weeks, subfreezing land temperatures persisting for several months, large perturbations in global circulation patterns, and dramatic changes in local weather and precipitation rates — a harsh “nuclear winter” in any season. However the Sulphite “masking effect” fallout will counter freezing with a heat spike. (Dr. Guy McPherson) example subset (0.7)
    Greatly accelerated inter-hemispheric transport in the stratosphere might also occur, although modeling studies are needed to quantify the importance of this effect; Rapid inter-hemispheric mixing implies that the Southern Hemisphere could be subjected to massive injections of nuclear debris soon after an exchange in the Northern Hemisphere. In apparently all previous studies, S.H. effects have been assumed to be minor.
    Although the climate disturbances are expected to last for several years, it seems unlikely (although still uncertain) that a major long-term climatic change, such as an Ice Age, would be triggered.
    Relatively large climatic effects might result even from small nuclear exchanges (~ 100 to 1000 MT), because fires can be initiated by nuclear weapons of any size, and as little as ~ 100 MT is sufficient to devastate most of the world’s major urban centers. The existence of such a low threshold yield for massive smoke emissions implies that even limited nuclear exchanges could trigger severe aftereffects. It is much less likely that a 5,000-10,000 MT exchange would produce only relative minor effects.
    The climatic impact of sooty smoke from nuclear fires’ ignited by airbursts is probably more important than dust raised by surface bursts (when both effects occur). Smoke is generally highly-absorbing, whereas soil dust is typically non-absorbing. Smoke particles are extremely small, which lengthens their atmospheric residence times. There is also a high probability that nuclear explosions over cities and forests will initiate widespread fires.
    Smoke from urban fires may be more important than smoke from collateral forest fires for two reasons:
    in a full-scale exchange, cities holding large stores of combustible materials would be attacked directly
    intense firestorms could pump smoke into the upper atmosphere, where the residence time is a year or more.
    Nuclear dust can also contribute to the climatic impact of a nuclear exchange. Previous analogies with volcanic eruptions have been misinterpreted. The dust-climate effect is very sensitive to the conduct of the war; a smaller effect is expected when lower yield weapons are deployed and air bursts dominate over surface land bursts. Multiburst phenomena might synergistically enhance nuclear dust climatic effects, but insufficient data are available to assess this problem.
    Exposure to radioactive fallout may be more intense and widespread than is predicted by standard empirical exposure models, . which neglect the intermediate fallout extending over many days and weeks, particularly when unprecedented quantities of fission debris
    are released abruptly in the atmosphere. Average mid-latitude whole-body gamma ray doses of 50-100 rad are possible in a 5000 MT exchange, with much larger doses within the fallout plumes of radioactive debris extending hundreds of kilometers downwind of targets.
    Synergisms between long-term nuclear war stresses – e.g., low light levels, subfreezing temperatures, exposure to intermediate timescale radioactive fallout, heavy air pollution, and UV-B flux enhancements – aggravated by the destruction of medical facilities, food stores, and civil services, could lead to many additional fatalities, and could place the global ecosystem in serious jeopardy.
    Our estimates of nuclear war effects are uncertain because the problem is too complex to resolve precisely with existing analytical tools, because the data base is incomplete, and because the problem is not amenable to experimental investigation.
    In particular, we are unable to forecast the detailed nature of the changes in atmospheric dynamics and meteorology implied by our nuclear war scenarios, nor the effect of such changes on the maintenance or dispersal of the initiating smoke and dust clouds.
    Nevertheless, the magnitudes of the first-order effects are so large, and the implications so serious, that we hope the scientific issues raised here will be vigorously and critically examined (79) . Rand Corp. Epimed Inc. MITRE, ORNL


  27. Seems like we are coming up to a flashpoint rather fast. Iran just grabbed another Brit oil tanker in retaliation for the piracy the Brits did to the tanker heading to Syria in ‘violation of EU rules of which neither Iran or Syria are a part of nor required to pay any attention to. This is fucking insanity but what else from an insane species? Bolton and Mr. Sec of State Pomposity, along with Rapturite VP Pence the flaming sword of hey-sus must be positively salivating.

    I’m 40 miles north/nw behind a 4 or 5,000 foot ridgeline from Spokane and Fairchild AFB which is still used to train nuclear bomber pilots in big white multi-engine machines (no weapons on base anymore the AF says). Or should I say ‘targets’ instead of place names? Unless I’m down in the city I’m not likely to get instantly disintegrated which is the only way to ‘win.’ But the concussion and air shock may knock my house down and the firestorm released could possibly head this way.

    Big sigh. Shades of my childhood practicing Duck & Cover under my elementary school desk and knowing for certain that I was going to burn courtesy of information from my Japanese-American Peace & Freedom Party activist stepmom…


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  28. Kevin Hester says:

    “The observations confirmed what simulations had suggested would happen if large amounts of smoke were injected into the stratosphere via a nuclear war, the team says. “Nature did the experiment for us,” Robock says, confirming the “nuclear winter” scenario, in which smoke in the stratosphere from a city burning would have far-reaching and long-lasting climatic consequences, including blocking out sunlight and affecting ozone.”
    Nuclear winter, here we come;


    • I’ve been reading more on the crap going on between India and Pakistan. Almost more likely at this point than the US starting a war with Iran I think. Mostly due to those subcontinent countries having been damned close to all-out war more than once since Partition.

      I talked here about Daniel Ellsberg’s book ‘Doomsday Machine, Confession of a Nuclear War Planner’ that I read a while back. Don’t know if anybody else has picked it up (2nd hand, $13 from Powell’s online I don’t do Amazon). The absolutely shocker (like what PCR said) is that we haven’t done it yet.

      The other absolute shocker is that how much blind dumb luck had to do with us still being here along with that one Russian submariner….

      But I’ve been thinking lately that maybe we should be practicing those still-remembered Duck and Cover drills from elementary school. Anybody with me? Remember how SAFE you felt afterwards? Hmmmm?


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  29. Kevin Hester says:

    Whether it’s between Pakistan and India or the empire of chaos and Russia I’ve been saying for years that the only way to cool down our overheating planet is with a nuclear winter.
    I’m not advocating for it, I’m stating reality.
    Considering the psychopathy involved it looks like a very real possibility to this anti-nuclear activist.


    • Yep, another site that I skim through and read almost daily. But I haven’t today, yet, so you beat me to this latest India/Paki article.

      And oh my yes the dust and debris clouds completely blanketing the planet after a full-on thermo-nuclear hydrogen bombing war are most definitely going to cool down this planet. Severely. Within weeks the Arctic Ice Pack will start to rebuild! How wonderful is that though the ice may glow in the dark for tens of thousands of years…

      I’ve lived in -35’F/-40+C temps (and still do except it doesn’t get that cold here anymore). But I haven’t tried it in utter darkness for years on end which is another likely scenario to think about. But every breath of wind is going to blow the poisonous isotopes around and around the planet and layer everything underneath those menacing clouds…until they are quite warm indeed! Ellsberg’s book made that explicitly clear…and I for one believed the guy.

      I was reading a counterpunch article when your site’s email showed up. In a sense it compliments what you have spoken of today. If complement is the appropriate word.

      Military Keynesianism Marches On


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  30. Kevin Hester says:

    In Guy’s latest interview in this series he mentions that he wouldn’t be surprised if nuclear war intervenes in our climate crisis. It’s something I have expected since I wrote my blogpost in June 2016 on the subject including a nuclear winter. As always I hope I’m wrong.


  31. […] an insane suggestion have a close look at the lunatics in power in Britain and Washington. The Inevitability of Nuclear War and Subsequent Nuclear WinterTime is very short, seize the […]

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  32. Pretty bizarre that I just happened to be re-watching The Day After the day you posted this. I had read a couple of articles concerning the nuclear mass murder bombs being ‘upgraded’ to more ‘usable’ versions (HOW FUCKING NUTS IS THAT?), and a couple others questioning what if so many people get sick that the nuclear plants can’t be staffed and suddenly a bunch all at once melt down and spew poison and you can’t evacuate to refugee centers because you can’t put people together in large clumps without dying of Covid and…. holy crap. No, not a series of happy articles I had in front of me. Infernally depressing! Then I go and watch that old ’80s movie on vhs while working in my shop, and then come in to read your latest post and follow the paul jay link you had and read that and then noticed the last interview with Ambassador Joe Wilson before his death and read that on the same site…ah hell, Kevin. There is so much awful swirling around us that it’s no wonder I’m puffing on fatties more than my usual evening bowl… I don’t drink alcohol, too much of a system-wide depressant, but cannabis can make sitting in meditation much easier.

    Now it’s Tuesday morning 7/7, the clouds are coming in again while the web weather is warning of more freaking thunderstorms and lightning due in this afternoon. Great, just what we need in this forest, more lightning. I had a five day break since the last monster lightning bolt storm dropped deluge-level microbursts on the property while bolts flashed with instantaneous giant ripping sounds above my house so loud that it hurt my ears and the air concussion hit me in the chest (I was on the front porch with my mouth open). So much water that these storms are washing out driveways, rutting them like a stream bed. Rain so hard it hurts when it hits you. You know what I mean.

    I’m pretty sure whatever size megaton hits Spokane and/or Fairchild AF base a few miles west of the city are going to be much brighter, but these lightning strikes have been dang impressive anyway. Both city and base are 40 miles southeast behind a low north to south 5-6000 ft ridgeline. I live on the west facing side. The air shock will probably knock my wood house down, or the ground shock.

    I’m sure you’ve read into this site, or maybe you posted it before:

    I used to have a computer simulation site link that allowed different size thermo-nuclear hydrogen explosions over the city of your choice. The Russian average bomb size was in the 375kt range if I remember correctly. That isn’t a 1 to 10mt range but that really doesn’t matter if the fools actually push the button. Einstein didn’t give us much of a chance…

    This is one of the articles I was reading, India vs China. I also am watching India vs Pakistan as usual. Stability is an illusion…

    A Fatal Skirmish on the Line of Actual Control


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    • Kevin Hester says:

      In another dimension I would love to have a pipe with you Seal. Have an epic extinction !


      • Doing the best I can, Kevin. You’re going to really like reading my book with a comment like that! Almost there as ‘Massacre Sites; Working for the Dead’ is waiting for the ISBN # to be sent to the publisher as the first b&w printing went with the copyright application. This indy publisher puts most of what they publish (Gonzaga prof books, technical writing, etc) onto Amazon as 3rd party sales, but I’ll have a link on my website to both that and I will be offering them on my website. My webmaster hasn’t put up the picture of the cover yet on the site, but maybe he’s busy and hasn’t gotten to it yet.

        As for that first sentence, in another/the next dimension we just might, dude. Like I said, you’re gonna like my book.


        PS: Poured freaking rain again starting around 2:30 this afternoon. Still dripping off the roof at almost midnight, but I did see stars last time I let the dog out so maybe the weather is correct and it’ll blow through. I have completely lost track in my head of how many days it’s rained since…Spring started. I’d have to look through the calendar and re-count them! It’s a LOT.

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  33. Kevin Hester says:

    I’m really looking forward to a copy of your book and one for the Deep Green Bush School where I have spoken a few times to their radical kids.


    • Looked up the link. Very cool school with a foundation that so many kids need to have a grasp of and never get in authoritarian-based teach-to-the-test school systems. I’d be proud to have my book sitting in their library as an alternative viewpoint to share with them in the hopes that some of them will read it and think on the potential inside themselves.

      At this point I’m just drumming my fingers on the desk waiting for the publisher to ask me how many copies I want. There’s nothing left for me, it’s all up to them now. It sure does take a while to go through this process, doesn’t it? About 40 people have pre-ordered for one or more as gifts to others. It’ll never make the NYT bestseller list but that is not the reason it needed to be written. That was quite clear in meditations…

      This article link just left me feeling pretty damned sad this morning…so I went out and worked in the garden for a bit. Literally grounding myself with my hands in the dirt talking to the cannabis girls who are growing so well with all the rain that has rolled over this area the last few months. It helps with the grief I think.

      Tipping The Nuclear Dominoes
      Why is Trump unraveling treaties on nuclear arms? It’s not just greed — some people want to use them.

      If the Trump administration follows through on its threat to re-start nuclear tests, it will complete the unraveling of more than 50 years of arms control agreements, taking the world back to the days when school children practiced “duck and cover,” and people built backyard bomb shelters.


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  34. With a Fascist leader in India and hardliner Muslims in Pakistan, it seems that they are getting REALLY close to doing this. Then there’s the 2nd article below to read, too, that lends what could euphimistically call a ‘double tap’ from CIA slang…


    Fighting Over Kashmir Could Blow Up the Planet

    AT LINK: MAP of entire area being fought over

    Jammu and Kashmir, widely referred to as Kashmir, has had many designations since India and Pakistan were partitioned by Britain and gained their respective independence from the Empire: a Princely State, a State, a Union Territory. The 86,000 mile, Muslim-majority region sits in the Himalayas on the border with China. It is of strategic significance to both India and Pakistan, primarily because of the Siachen Glacier which brings freshwater the drought-ridden nations. India and Pakistan have nuclear weapons: armaments of such destruction that even a “minor” regional war would cause more than a decade of global nuclear winter.
    Tomgram: Bob Dreyfuss, Could Covert War With Iran Become Overt Before November 3rd?

    History’s a joke, right? We know that from our president who creates laughable moments of history daily — as when, reading from a script recently, he pronounced America’s famed Yosemite National Park “Yo-Semite.” In that context, let me bring up one of his favorite countries: I-Run. Its modern history, if anybody remembered anymore, would leave us all chuckling grimly. If you’re thinking about alternate futures (and you happened to remember the past), you might wonder what that country would have been like if, in 1953, the CIA and British intelligence hadn’t overthrown an elected secular democratic government there led by Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh at the very moment when he wanted to nationalize the Anglo-Persian Oil Company (now known as BP). They then reinstalled the autocratic young Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi in power along with his terrible secret police, the Savak.

    October Surprise

    Will War with Iran Be Trump’s Election Eve Shocker?

    By Bob Dreyfuss

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  35. Kevin Hester says:

    “These regions have a well-developed oil and gas infrastructure, nuclear stations and radioactive waste storage areas. This is of concern as temperature increase and the subsequent rise in ground temperatures in the Arctic would lead to a reduction in bearing capacity of the structural foundations i.e. the ability of frozen ground to carry structural loads will be reduced.”
    We haven’t had a nuclear plant meltdown as a result of climate change yet but it ain’t far away.


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