Climate Change Beyond the Climate Tipping Point

It is imperative that people understand the exponential nature of where our climate catastrophe is and how it will quickly unravel.

We were lied to about the ‘safety’ of a 2C temperature increase, when in fact 2C was always going to trigger a multitude of “Tipping points” that would ensure the unraveling of the bio-sphere that all of the complex life on this planet depends.

It is important to remember that  there is a 10 to 30 year lag between the emission of carbon and when we can see the consequences manifest.
Sixty-three percent of all human-generated carbon emissions have been produced in the last 25 years.

Myself and Professor Guy McPherson will be touring NZ in November 2016 giving the people of New Zealand mine and Professor McPherson’s perspective on what we are calling ” The Great Unraveling”.
Facebook Event here;

Brilliant video on Tipping points from Joe Tyndall below;

Climate Change: Beyond the Tipping Point – Joe Tyndall





Activist, sailor, passionate about the earth. Brace for impact, based on the way the world is being operated and treated. Live every day as precious.

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24 comments on “Climate Change Beyond the Climate Tipping Point
  1. bill says:

    2015 Global average temperature rose 20% over the previous century’s rise.
    Guy McPherson’s climate change update.

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    • sheilach2 says:

      Nuclear like other “renewables” produces only ELECTRICITY!
      Our problems involve far more than “mere” electricity, how about FOOD?

      Climate change will collapse our agricultural systems, they should be worrying about THAT!

      While almost everyone is rabid about losing electricity, most of those same people believe that “renewables” can save the day & they seem to be forgetting that they also have to EAT!

      So while their basking in the lights provided by their rooftop solar panels, their fridge will be EMPTY as will their food shelfs.
      Let’s see them EAT ELECTRICITY!


  2. Kevin Hester says:

    We are now over the cliff and plummeting into the abyss.

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  3. Reblogged this on Move for Change and the Brooklyn Culture Jam and commented:
    A reminder that while ‘Muricans are being distracted by politics, we are ignoring the runaway nature of global heating, which now threatens all life in the near term. As the late Dr. Albert Bartlett pointed out in his analysis of the doom facing us in the near term, “”The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function.”

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    • Allan says:

      I have being going on about the exponential function for sometime …
      I believe we are in the bend of he exponential curve; when we come out of the bend people will fully understand what exponential curve is as temperatures rocket..,
      To hold temperatures from rising further will be impossible..
      Unfortunately I think many people think the temperature rise is s linear function and will be shocked at what does happen.

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  4. Kevin Hester says:

    More confirmation from Sam Carana with an embedded presentation from Jennifer Francis.


  5. Kevin Hester says:

    The latest from Sam Carana showing that methane is bleeding from the Arctic, a feedback loop from warm ocean currents.


  6. Kevin Hester says:

    Michael Mann and Thom Hartmann downplaying the severity of the predicament.

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  7. Kevin Hester says:

    “A short animated film about the feedback loops likely to lead to catastrophic climate change, by Leo Murray.”

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  8. Kevin Hester says:

    Joe Neubarth is the author of this list;

    There are a hundred of them.
    Here are a few:
    Methane is key but not alone in creating Abrupt Global Heating. There are multiple feedbacks associated with Methane in the Arctic. Methane is estimated to be as much as 200 times more powerful as a greenhouse gas than in Carbon Dioxide and greatly accelerates warming in the Arctic as well as around the world.
    1. There is methane on the sea floor in frozen clathrates that melt when Arctic Ocean waters warm. That methane rises into the sky and further warms the Arctic Ocean waters which release more methane that further helps to warm the ocean. That is a continuous cycle once it gets started, and it can rapidly increase which can result in rapid temperature increases.
    2. There is methane in the permafrost of the Arctic. When the rising temperatures melt the permafrost (both on land and in shallow coastal waters) the methane and CO2 are released. Both greenhouse gases further warm the Arctic and more methane and more CO2 are released. That is another continuous cycle and it can rapidly increase which can result in rapid temperature increases.
    Warming begets more warming.
    3. As the major ocean waters warm up, their currents carry that heat into cooler areas. That includes warm waters flowing into the Arctic from the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Those warm waters also release methane and CO2 to the atmosphere from shallow Arctic coastal areas. The warm waters also facilitate the melting of the Arctic Ice sheet as well as facilitating the melting of glaciers where they interface with the oceans. The end result is compounded and accelerated warming that keeps increasing.
    4. As the polar and glacial ice melts there is less reflection of sunlight back into space. (Albedo) That results in the sunlight warming the polar oceans at a faster and faster rate. This is most notably confirmed in the Arctic where with less ice, more warming is noted each year and with more warming, there is less ice. What ice that does form in Winter when there are 24 hours of near darkness above the Arctic Circle is usually thinner and thinner with each passing year. Thus, the ice melts more readily when summer comes. This is another continuous cycle and it can rapidly increase which can result in rapid temperature increases.
    5. As the planet warms we are observing a breakdown in the traditional jet streams so winds can flow from the polar regions to the tropical regions and winds from the tropical regions can blow into the polar areas further accelerating the melting of the permafrost. Again, this process feeds on itself and increases overall global warming as the frozen ground and ice warm and melt.
    6. As the planet warms, plant life not used to the warmer climate is dying. Dead plants decay and dead trees rot and CO2 and Methane are released by this process. This results in further warming and more death of plants. Another repeating and escalating cycle. I live in southern California where millions of trees are dying in our forests because Global Average Surface Temperature has gone up between three and four degrees Fahrenheit since the trees evolved. Those trees that thrive in cooler temperatures are now dying in southern California, but trees of the same species further north are standing tall and growing as they are still in a temperature band that is healthy for them. Soon, those trees will be dying, too; as global temperatures rise. The fastest release of CO2 from these dead and dying trees is in a forest fire and we are seeing more of these with the passing years. This plant and tree death form of Greenhouse Gas emission is accelerating.
    7. Former green lands and forest lands that have been covered with stagnant water can slowly turn into peat bogs where moss, scrub trees, and thick green algae can grow and die and turn into future fuel in some regions of the Earth. Parts of North America, Scotland and Estonia are famous for their bogs that can have peat moss many meters thick. There are large areas of peat moss around the world and it can be used as a fuel. With the increasing temperatures, peat deteriorates and releases greenhouse gases.
    Again, the more greenhouse gases released, the greater the warming and that causes the release of more gases from the peat bogs.
    8. As the increase in forest fires adds soot to the atmosphere for a few days before it eventually falls out, the soot can darken ice. This has been noted in Greenland where the “large island/continental ice sheet frequently looks gray to passing planes. The black (black absorbs heat) soot rapidly warms the surface of the ice as the sun shines on it. Warming ice turns into water and eventually flows out to sea through many under-ice passageways that further melt the ice. You got it, Forest Fires help to melt the Greenland Ice Sheet as well as glaciers and polar ice.


  9. Kevin Hester says:…/-climate-change-science-gre…
    Paper ‘A tipping point in refreezing accelerates mass loss of Greenland’s glaciers and ice caps’ is at:


  10. […] Many thanks to Wolfgang Werminghausen for collating the presentations and interviews from Professor Guy McPherson’s 2016 N.Z. tour here […]


  11. patricia rice says:

    Not sure I am glad I found you guys..ignorance is not so frightening..

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  12. Kevin Hester says:

    A comprehensive round up of the advanced nature of our predicament with a multitude of embedded links reiterating the runaway nature of our predicament.
    Take the time to read the essay, a lot of time and energy has been spent writing it.


  13. pietrad says:

    That whirring sound we hear
    is the sound of our many ‘chickens’ coming home to roost.


  14. Kevin Hester says:

    Looks a lot like an additional feedback loop. I was wondering if I’d have a week without a new feedback loop!


  15. […] the precipice we are now tumbling down and refuse to accept that we have crossed the multitude of “Tipping points” they have been warning us of for decades.This is where cognitive dissonance kicks in and the desire […]


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