The New Climate Denial Position is to deny Abrupt Climate Change.

“Because of social taboos, despair at the state of our world and fear for our future are rarely acknowledged. The suppression of despair, like that of any deep recurring response, contributes to the numbing of the psyche”.Joanna Macey: The Greatest Danger

The author of this blog has decided to have the conversations no one wants to have, obviously this is not a marketing proposition.
“Without hope, goes the truism, we will give up. And yet optimism about the future is wishful thinking, says Hillman. He believes that accepting that our civilisation is doomed could make humanity rather like an individual who recognises he is terminally ill. Such people rarely go on a disastrous binge; instead, they do all they can to prolong their lives.”
‘We’re doomed’: Mayer Hillman on the climate reality no one else will dare mention.

Guilt tripping young people that they have to fix the unfixable is unconscionable .
As long as the military industrial complex rages around the world all the squirly light bulbs, solar panels and wind generators on the planet count for nought. The issue isn’t should we use these faux ‘renewables’ but what we expect the outcome to be. By all means lower your carbon footprint just don’t try and bullshit us that it will make a measurable difference. The Second Law of Thermodynamics; The Gaping Hole in the Middle of the Circular Economy
The Military Industrial Complex

Almost no one in the affluent (Effluent ) west wants to give up the overseas holidays enough to extend their childrens lives: Booming tourism emits 8 percent of greenhouse gases, study shows  “And on current trends, the trillion-dollar tourism industry will emit 6.5 billion tonnes of carbon emissions by 2025, the review said, making it one of the fastest-growing source of the planet-warming gases that governments are trying to cut.” Have a great holiday kids, it could well be your last.

For quite possibly the best brief round up on abrupt climate change check out the following explanation: Overview Of Abrupt Anthropogenic Climate Change
“The Great Dying wiped out at least 90% of the species on Earth due to an abrupt rise in global-average temperature about 252 million years ago. The vast majority of complex life became extinct. Based on information from the most conservative sources available, Earth is headed for a similar or higher global-average temperature in the very near future. The recent and near-future rises in temperature are occurring and will occur at least three orders of magnitude faster than the worst of all prior Mass Extinctions. Habitat for human animals is disappearing throughout the world, and abrupt climate change has barely begun.” The Real Truth About Health

We are in the early stages of a runaway event that is happening at an order of magnitude faster that ever before, expect the unexpected, sooner than the corporate media is telling you.
In next months episode of Nature Bats Last I will be interviewing Professor Paul Ehrlich on his book “The Annihilation of Nature”. 
You can access the Nature Bats Last archive here;
I refuse to be the last generation of elder to lie to the youth.

I'm an anti-imperialist, environmental activist and blue ocean sailor, who is passionate about the earth and all it's inhabitants without favour. Brace for imminent impact as we bare witness to the non-linear unraveling of the biosphere and habitability disappearing for most if not all complex life on the only habitable planet we know of. To quote President Niinistö in North Russia: ‘If We Lose the Arctic, We Lose the World’. Folks we have lost the Arctic.

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18 comments on “The New Climate Denial Position is to deny Abrupt Climate Change.
  1. Paul Schofield says:

    Nothing I can add to that Kevin. Most emotion gone now, just a deep feeling of sadness.

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  2. Kevin Hester says:

    “Without a strong global commitment to address the threat of climate change, the world could become uninhabitable, Dr Goodall warned hours before his death on May 10.”

    “That would decimate the populations greatly and might make the planet a very hostile place up to the point of a reset situation.”

    By ‘reset’ he means extinction. What’s with these people fessin up on their death bed.


  3. concerned says:

    Try as I might i cannot get anyone to take seriously my concern at the chemtrails in the sky, some days a most un-natural sky, as if blind to the obvious.

    And try as i might I cannot get people to give up their needless airflights to holiday destinations, nor their worship of the motorcar.

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  4. lynn adams says:

    Hope is always the last thing to die 😦
    Humans can’t seem to live without it. Denial (blind hope) makes it psychologically possible to carry on in a super efficient way. And many many people have never experienced and can’t imagine anything worse than burnt toast or a traffic ticket. At least half the human race is completely oblivious to anything outside their own sphere of prejudice and assumption. How could we ever hope that humankind enmass would ever do anything collectively responsible? It’s not in human nature .. And so it’s inevitable that man will trash his world and every living thing on it. Very very profoundly utterly . . . please find me a word. Thanks for all your hard work Kevin.

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    • Johanna says:

      But hope was the last “gift” from Pandora’s box, if by “gift” which is a curse by the Gods. Remember all the evils of the world came out of the box, hope was technically the last evil…

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      • Robert Mathieson says:

        I remember a line from a Scottish Poet who said: “Hope is a strange thing it’s the Currency for people who know they are losing”.

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  5. Kevin, there’s nothing to add to your words, re: comments, except to thank you for what you’re doing; Like many, I’m at a loss for words to express dismay at denial. I sometimes wonder if this is what it was like in Noah’s time – this audio might give you a chuckle via ‘the brother’s voice.’

    re- NBL: I download and listen to the interviews when at home – usually when painting (total attention to the audios) and if the ‘repeat’ goes into the third time, I chuckle and realize it’s time for a break from painting.
    Thanks, also, for providing links to the articles you site

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  6. Kevin Hester says:

    Hedges makes it sound bad but not as bad as it really is.
    “Soaring temperature rises — we are already at a 1.2 degrees Celsius (2.16 degrees Fahrenheit) above preindustrial levels — are already baked into the system, meaning that even if we stopped all carbon emission today, we still face catastrophe. Anything above a temperature rise of 1.5 degrees Celsius will render the earth unhabitable”.
    Using 1750 as a baseline we well past 1.5C, the biosphere will collapse in a nonlinear way from here on down the gurgler.
    Pretending that pleading to governments will make an iota of difference is a new form of denial.


  7. Kevin Hester says:

    This really is a ‘Piece de resistance’ from Mark, facing the cold hard reality of our predicament.
    There will be an element of push back from some people who fail to connect the myriad of dots in this puzzle and they might falsely label the synopsis as ‘Giving up’.
    Many of us have been warning of feedback loops for over a decade, now that we have crossed 6 dozen people are feining surprise and or denial.
    I’ve had some experience with the NZ governments adviser James Renwick.
    Renwick fits the description of being an “Abrupt Climate Change Denier”
    From Mark’s Facebook post:
    “The belief that we can stabilize the climate by mitigation (reducing greenhouse gas emissions) is a lie. This “we can fix it” propaganda is just as pernicious and deceptive as believing there is no problem at all, and probably more so given that governments worldwide are literally buying into it.”


  8. Bluntly, I can’t believe anybody still things we HAVE a global carbon budget!

    Global Carbon Budget Will Be Spent in 9 Years at Current Emissions Rate, Study Finds

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  9. Kevin Hester says:

    “Earth is in the midst of abrupt, irreversible climate change, as indicated by the scientifically conservative Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The IPCC’s 8 October 2018 report, Global Warming of 1.5 degrees, concluded that Earth is in the midst of the most rapid change in planetary history, citing the peer-reviewed literature in reaching this conclusion: “These global-level rates of human-driven change far exceed the rates of change driven by geophysical or biosphere forces that have altered the Earth System trajectory in the past; even abrupt geophysical events do not approach current rates of human-driven change.”
    Guy’s latest video refutes the ill-informed attack piece recently published by WAPO. Remember WAPO has share prices to protect, reality will be catastrophic for their business model.
    To quote Joanna Macey ““Because of social taboos, despair at the state of our world and fear for our future are rarely acknowledged. The suppression of despair, like that of any deep recurring response, contributes to the numbing of the psyche”. Joanna Macey: The Greatest Danger
    As the nonlinearity in the climate system accelerates the corporate press tries to tar us realists as “Alarmist”!
    If you’re not alarmed, you’re asleep.


    • I mean, shit, that WaPo is a fucking trashy rag owned by JEFF BEZOS so you expected something different, Guy? Ahahahaha! Mr. Amazon strikes again. He’s like Rupert Murdoch except richer…and he’s got a dildo rocket ship to ride in. Top that, Rupert-baby!


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