This is the End, Beautiful Friends, The End

Do you seriously fucking think we will just ‘bounce back’ from this situation we all find ourselves in?
Forget it. It’s delusional to expect we’ll recover from this ‘event’. Paradigm shifts are like tipping points in the climate system. You can only see them in the rear view mirror and most of them are irreversible.
There was a strong school of thought that we were facing the early stages of collapse before this “Black Swan” appeared. Last September we interviewed French rocket scientist and systems thinker Arthur Keller on his conclusion and wonderful You Tube presentation “Collapse, The Only Realistic Scenario”     The collapse Arthur foresaw is unfolding as we speak and dutifully ‘self-isolate’.
I’ve just entered my 6th decade on this planet. What we are witnessing is unprecedented in all human history. Never before in history have the emperors told the serfs to “stay home and we’ll pay you.”
No one. Absolutely no one is in control and no one has ever been here before. Think of the mediocrity we have ‘leading us’ as this predicament unfolds. If you think Boris and Donald are going to lead us out of this mess you have rocks in your head.
I was three years old when a magic bullet entered the back of President Kennedys head and blew his brains out in the same direction the bullet entered ! Miraculous it was, apparently. Murder Most Foul
The last vestiges of fake democracy in that country were finally extinguished with that ‘magic bullet’ and to this day the dominant culture has instilled such an extreme version of ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ in people ensuring that it is ‘normal’ to accept the impossible and you’re a conspiracy theorist to point out the bleedingly obvious deception. Go along with the charade if you wish but I won’t play that game. No one can convince me that infinite growth on a finite planet is sustainable. Our chickens have come home to roost. Lock, stock and two smoking barrels.
As I grew up, I heard my parents denouncing the Vietnam war, I’ve seen war myself in Mozambique and the occupied six counties of Ireland. I know what it smells like. I’ve seen the destruction and the psychological damage done to those communities. Remember, “No soldier returns from war uninjured”.
During my entire lifetime, imperialist capitalism has been raping and pillaging the planet, wiping out indigenous cultures every where it goes and grinding the natural world into dust. Of course it has a fucking end point. The unsustainable can’t be sustained forever. Everywhere has been raped and plundered. There are no far off undiscovered lands left to be exploited. All the low hanging fruit has been plucked, we’re circling the drain. This is what the end game looks like.
Organised, psychopathic, Armani clad gangsters have been gaming the system all my life and now they have lost control like all junkies eventually do.
Why the fuck are you all acting surprised?
Never before have I seen governments telling their people to “stay home and we’ll post you a cheque.”  All of a sudden they have magical money, like the bullet we discussed earlier, that they have just plucked from the sky and they are raining it down on the banksters in the trillions and on the ‘self-isolated’ in the thousands. Notice a recurring theme here? Money for nothing and the chicks for free.Cognitive dissonance reins supreme.

When governments all around the world are giving away money you know that they have lost total control. Becareful, you could be killed by helicopter money.
Let’s have a think about what this ‘timely’ virus has achieved.
Contemporaneous with the outbreak of the virus the global economy was on life support. The US Fed’ has been pumping trillions of brand new dollars into the system to try and keep the ponzi scheme going and it staggered along until the game changing ‘Self Isolation’ took effect. Never before has a populace been so effectively corralled. The protests in France extinguished overnight. Protests around the world wiped out completely as Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan continue to be bombed into the dark ages as the military industrial complex bank the contemporaneous profits as the weapons are used and orders placed for more. Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Russia and China all sanctioned for not kowtowing to the “Empire of Chaos”.
The independent states listed above have been moving to de-dollarize their economies. They started to trade oil in anything but the greenback. Before this ‘event’ the dollar was teetering on the brink of collapse and then out of the blue, a distraction.
The monsters murdered Muammar  Gadaffi because of his plan to create a gold backed dinah to trade oil in and his unflinching support for the African Union. The next distraction will be war against the independent states, it’s what funds Wall Street.

In his novel “The Sun Also Rises” Hemingway describes how the end comes about when you lose everything. One character asks;”How did it happen”, the other responds “Gradually and then suddenly”. Ring any fucking bells?

I’ve been closely following the progression of the virus around the planet and thanks to Albert Bartlett I am aware of the danger of the exponential function. This virus will probably eventually infect us all as the rate of infections is now exponential and governmental responses have always been too little, too late ensuring it’s spread. Remember it’s always the economy first, the inhabitants last.
Health systems worldwide are collapsing at the beginning of the catastrophe which has many months or years to run. Our complex system of ‘On demand’ supply networks depend on Business As Usual to maintain the flow of everything we take for granted being available and as you may have noticed BAU shut down recently. Already some nations are banning grain and other food exports.
I simply cannot see how Western culture can continue as millions of people start dropping dead around us and the entire human population of the planet are living, eating, drinking and working in fear. This soulless system isn’t designed to survive these dynamics. Nor are the fragile humans caught up in the maelstrom.
I’m not ‘Fearmongering,’ I’m laying out what I see before me without the manic attachment to sugar coating our predicament that this culture has incubated. Unsupported ‘positivity’ is delusion, I’m more inclined to hope for the best and plan for the worst.
To quote Joanna Macy from her essay “The Greatest Danger”;
“Because of social taboos, despair at the state of our world and fear for our future are rarely acknowledged. The suppression of despair, like that of any deep recurring response, contributes to the numbing of the psyche. Expressions of anguish or outrage are muted, deadened as if a nerve had been cut. This refusal to feel impoverishes our emotional and sensory life. Flowers are dimmer and less fragrant, our loves less ecstatic. We create diversions for ourselves as individuals and as nations, in the fights we pick, the aims we pursue, and the stuff we buy.”
Convert whatever resources you have into food asap. There is zero guarantee that this set of living arrangements will hold together much longer considering the threats we know it is under with the next ‘Black Swan’ hovering in the wings about to appear.

If this event hasn’t already tipped us over, either the next one or the one after will. They will continue to appear thick and fast.

On that note, I’ll get back to early stage runaway abrupt climate change. Remember that other, non-linear existential threat we face?

My co-host on Nature Bats Last and I have been drawing attention to the loss of the Aerosol Masking Effect from the shut downs happening around the planet. Professor McPherson sums up that aspect of the predicament below;

Good luck everyone, the predicament can only be worse than we know.

I'm an anti-imperialist, environmental activist and blue ocean sailor, who is passionate about the earth and all it's inhabitants without favour. Brace for imminent impact as we bare witness to the non-linear unraveling of the biosphere and habitability disappearing for most if not all complex life on the only habitable planet we know of. To quote President Niinistö in North Russia: ‘If We Lose the Arctic, We Lose the World’. Folks we have lost the Arctic.

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  1. Marco Bruciati says:

    Thank you very much for all

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    • We must strive with science commonsense and logic !
      Unfortunately our Incompetant “ Narci$$tic Government$ “ only look after rhemselve$….
      They tell you things that greedy people laugh about ( I assume ) $uch a$ “ Trickle Down Economic$ “!
      Which i$ “ complete Bull $hit “ if you hsvent worked it out ….
      I’m trying to be as independent in every way possible as we are now in survival if the smsrtest and the sensible
      Science can still make a difference ts important to do your bit and stay positive … you may have to defend yourself against “ anarchy so get intonations” proper mode “… and keep in contact with those you have confidence in.

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  2. Kevin Hester says:

    As if to reinforce my point, this link just turned up in the comments section of one of my blog posts from my most prolific follower “Seal”.

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    • Brad Zybola says:

      All well and dandy Kevin. but in all of this i feel half certain that you would believe in the separation of church and state. Am I right. Something that happened in the 80s once and for all. I havent seen one offering of any kind of a solution from guys like you. Not saying you are a doomsayer, because most of the facts are there. Truth is though my friend, God and his Son could have made things perfect a long time ago. But men prefer the darkness over the light in most cases. They are putting up Rainbows all over the place telling people it will all be ok. That they will get through this. Well the rainbow covenant of God wiping people out by water was replaced by a better one. For just as the people in Noah s time were eating and drinking and having a good time doing bad things, and the flood came and swept them all away, At the coming of the Holy One with all his Holy Angels, many will be destroyed by fire. This is what I believe. And my hope Kevin is to be lifted up and saved and watch the whole spectacle from the clouds with JESUS. Surely you must know by now that everything on earth is mere vanity. Trust that the Truth will set you free. I was born in 1963, so I know quite a bit about this world myself. if you are interested I can write a piece of my own and share it with you on facebook. I try to believe in miracles every day. And it is not for man to know all things. There is HOPE people. But not for everyone. Choose your God. Choose Life. On a lighter note Kevin, your writing is totally rational and coherent.


  3. Trish Kaiser says:

    Much love and gratitude, Kevin. Your wisdom and straight forward telling are greatly appreciated.

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  4. Kevin Hester says:

    This comment from a readed in a group I shared the blog post in;
    “Fortune is of sluggish growth, but ruin is rapid.” — Lucius Annaeus Seneca, Roman philosopher, statesman, dramatist (d.65CE).
    “The enemy is within the gates. It is with our own luxury, our own folly, our own criminality, that we must contend.” — Marcus Tullius Cicero (106–43).
    “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you. It’s what you think you know, but it just ain’t so.” — Samuel Clemens (“Mark Twain”) (1835–1910).

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  5. Kevin Hester says:

    Risking their lives to feed us for subsistence wages. How long can that go on?

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  6. Dear Kevin, That was a master piece of an editorial if ever I’ve read one. Anyone who had the guts to read it til the end must feel compelled to stand with the collective, painfully awake, and give you a respectful moment of silence. Very grateful to be walking this timeline with giants such as yourself and professor McPherson. Bravo & hugs from Ireland

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  7. Kevin Hester says:

    Umair Haque has been channeling my thoughts.

    “Coronavirus is an extinction level event for modern economies. That is why all this, my friends, is an event the likes of which the modern world has never really seen before.”

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  8. I hear you loud and clear, Kevin.

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  9. It’s our global inclination to elect the worst of ourselves as leader that’s at the root I believe. The social mistake we repeatedly make out of fear. Thanks for a very good post Kevin, if unhappy ..

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    • John Matafeo says:

      Thanks Kevin,voicing what’s been on my mind for the last couple of decades. Like you I’m now in my 6th decade and seeing the fruits of dysfunctional global governance.
      Epitomized by the recent release of Bob Dylan’s 19 minute epic “Murder Most Foul”..

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  10. Hamlet says:

    “Never before in history have the emperors told the serfs to “stay home and we’ll pay you.”

    Jay Hanson argued for decades for this very thing. That it would hasten environmental collapse is a surprise for all of us. Some people work right to the day they are dead,
    others will find this moment of quarantine as perhaps their only opportunity for reflection before being hurtled into the void. Use your time wisely.

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  11. Kevin Hester says:

    This really is a brilliant, mathematical analysis of this aspect of the predicament we find ourselves in. It’s in German but the subtitles in English are excellent.
    The big take out is that with even the best outcomes which I’d doubt we’ll be in lockdown for at least a year.
    I’m not at all confident industrial civilisation could struggle on for a year or two of lockdown.


  12. MG says:

    and your a conspiracy theorist


    Thank you for this piece. Sorry to proof you, but I always appreciate it when someone notices my fluffs. x

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  13. Hi Kevin,

    It just keeps getting better, eh? The more information/science I read, then the ramifications of what those reads are continue to pile up like the smell of moldering rotting carcasses wafting about on the breeze. Then I read the responses from those that have a vested interest in keeping the ‘economy’ pumping money into their hands at all costs…and the more batshit insanity I see running at me full throttle in this devastatingly uneducated, indifferent, deliberately ignorant, and inherently stupid population that I live in.

    Holy crap.

    I see you shifted that link about the food just plain running out. How did that one grab ya? I have people on my email list that replied that they never thought about the ‘system’ breaking down that far this fast…

    Around me, down in the valley below, the local farmers are already starting to plant alfalfa and hay crops, the main ‘cash crop’ in this area even though the temperatures are still below freezing every night. But nothing edible for humans other than a few home gardens here and there.

    But I had to laugh about the ‘most prolific follower’ comment. Does that mean I get a prize? A Cracker Jack secret decoder ring perhaps? But you made me laugh because what it really means is that I read too fast, read too much, and then I throw link after link at you and the other folks here that (hopefully) continue to make people think beyond the box. The problem is that nearly all the links I post are freaking awful horrible in-your-face bad news.

    I did figure out this one thing lately, though. The term ‘essential workers’ in the US means ‘expendable who-gives-a-shit workers’ that can be easily replaced because this country is cratering into a massive Greater Depression than my grandparents lived through while raising my just-born parents. The 1930s are just starting here, and…oh my what does one say to that? And don’t say it out loud because it causes loud bleeting that it ‘can’t be true’ along with ‘you’re a Russian Agent and stooge for Putin will assail your ears. And can’t forget the panicked buying and stockpiling of TP and ammunition!

    I mean, really? Just how many freaking years of butt wipe does one need to stockpile before one feels SAFE? Besides, warm water, soap, and a washable towel works SO much better than dead trees. My Japanese stepmom taught me that but she came from a much cleaner society…

    Big sigh. It is true I’m getting more cynical by the second up here on the other side of the world from ya, Kevin. I’m reading so much stupid shit that my brain gets this fuzzy crackling sound going some days…

    Links for people to wallow in the absurdities:

    The Highly Contagious Idea

    Evangelical churches run smack into coronavirus’ lethal reality, but some continue to resist

    Evangelical churches with a right-wing, Christian-nationalist political bent really want nothing more than to resist government orders to cease holding services during the novel coronavirus pandemic. The main drawback is that there’s the possibility of killing off their congregations.

    NOTE: And that would be a bad thing?

    The Great Depression of 2020 Has Begun
    By Sinclair Noe

    The Federal Reserve has promised to spend $700 billion to buy bonds to save the economy – according to Brian Williams’ math made easy formula, that works out to $2 million per US citizen. Mitt Romney said it wasn’t enough; he called for the government to send out $1,000 checks to everybody. (Andrew Yang is spinning in his grave.) Why did the Fed decide to spend all that money? Clearly, they are trying to corner the market on toilet paper. But it wasn’t enough. With each passing day, the bailout grows (it should be noted here that the bailout has not actually begun as of this writing, but it will soon.)

    Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin warned senators that without swift and decisive action, the economy could fall into a depression, with 20% unemployment. Too late. The Great Depression of 2020 has already begun.

    The greater San Francisco Bay Area is sheltering in place – that is over 7 million people; you will soon see the same for New York, New Jersey, Connecticut – maybe another 20 million, maybe more. Maybe Chicago, maybe LA. Many workers will work from home; essential workers are still on the job. A whole lot of people are not working, not collecting paid leave – out of work, at least temporarily. There were approximately 158 million people working in the US before the pandemic hit. Within the next few days, we will hit the 20% unemployment rate – we might already be there.

    The financial markets are reflecting the economic damage. Oil prices have dropped from the mid $60 per barrel range in January to about $20 per barrel. Trump thinks it is a good idea to buy some 77 million barrels to add to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Another stupid idea. Oil prices have cratered because people are sheltering in place – or they are locked down. Satellite pictures of northern Italy show air pollution has cleared up dramatically because the roads are empty, and the factories are idle. It’s almost as if Mother Nature has built-in auto correct. Demand has dried up; it will return at some point – we just don’t know when.

    The US stock market has lost somewhere in the range of $15-trillion dollars since hitting a high in February. Trump says the economy will rebound when Covid-19 is eventually contained (actually, Trump still calls it the China virus because he is still a racist); pent-up demand will result in a “pop”. No, it won’t. Many people not working now will have to find new work after the containment; many businesses will dissolve; many business and individual workers are going into debt. There will be some pent-up demand, but economic recovery will be a long and difficult slog. A truism of the markets is that a trend in place is likely to remain in place (until it changes). Eventually the downtrend will end; until then, it is messy and dangerous.

    All that debt that is building up has the bond market freaked. If companies can’t access capital to finance operations, then business freezes. If lenders become fearful the borrowers can’t repay, they slow or stop lending. If debt freezes and companies can’t refinance, they will draw down existing credit lines – if they can, and then things get ugly. We’re not there yet. Financial reforms post- 2008 mean the banks are better capitalized but certainly not invincible. And the risk did not just disappear from the banks balance sheets, rather it was transferred to shadow banks and an odd assortment of less regulated financial players.

    The Federal Reserve’s actions to shore up the short-term credit markets only offers a backstop, it does nothing to actually contain the coronavirus pandemic. So far, the Fed’s rate cuts have done nothing to unfreeze lending – this is contrary to the reality that banks are indeed much better capitalized in the post-2008 world. So why the illiquidity? Most likely answer is that the assets the banks hold as collateral are sketchy or could become sketchy. So, why take the risk of a loan? As rates have dropped to near zero, and lenders try to make sense of the possibility of negative rates, the response has been an increase in risk aversion. For now, better to step back and let the dust clear – which sounds reasonable and prudent but actually results in a bunch of damage.

    And then we come to fiscal policy – or the lack thereof. Congress is still largely dysfunctional. Nancy Pelosi has been pushing through good proposals, although she will need to do much more. Mitch McConnell has moved with the alacrity of an arthritic turtle. Trump is likely crazed with the idea that the stock market has now lost all gains since he took office. The Trump Bump has become the Trump Dump. Anticipate even more lies and more insanity from the White House (a trend in place…) Viruses do not respond to jingoism and gaslighting. I think we all knew, in our heart of hearts, that it was going to end in a bigly badly kind of way. George W crashed the economy on his way out. You knew Trump was going to drive into a ditch before he exits.

    There will always be those who dismiss the idea of another Great Depression. We will be reminded that the US has withstood great and terrible challenges, including World Wars, pandemics, and depressions. Beware the prophets of doom and gloom. America will always prevail (until it doesn’t). Fair enough. I make no claim to be a Cassandra. My crystal ball is as faulty as yours. No one knows the future. . . , but I can see what is plainly in front of me.

    Today, I went to my neighborhood grocer to restock on coffee and some fresh bread. I had no delusion that I would find toilet paper; sure enough, those shelves were empty. The coffee shelf was sparse but not empty. I snagged an extra bag. The next aisle over, the bread shelves were bare. Several shoppers milled about in disbelief. A worker came by and said they would restock in 15 minutes. A line formed.

    A bread line.

    The Great Depression of 2020 has begun.


    Democracy in America: Sorry, But You Can’t Get There from Here.

    US Government’s Handling of Coronavirus Crisis Has Led to Severe Undercounting of Deaths, Public Health Officials Say
    “Data erasure and the manufacture of mass confusion have already begun.”

    Decision-making by the U.S. government early on during the coronavirus outbreak has likely led to the country severely undercounting the number of deaths from the virus, officially known as COVID-19, according to public health experts.
    As of Sunday, more than 328,000 people in the U.S. had confirmed cases of the coronavirus, and more than 9,000 have died of the respiratory disease. But as the Washington Post reported Sunday, many deaths from respiratory failure and other recorded causes in the first weeks that the virus was spreading across the country may actually have been related to COVID-19.

    “The battle to prevent Americans from understanding what went down January to April is going to be one of the biggest propaganda and freedom of information fights in modern U.S. history.”
    —Jay Rosen, NYU

    The U.S. has lagged far behind many other wealthy nations in making testing widely available to the public. In January, German researchers developed a test for the disease which was soon used by countries including South Korea, which has been praised as one of the most successful countries in the world in the fight to detect and slow the spread of the illness.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) declined to use the test, leading the agency to ration the tests that were available to Americans. In February and March, Americans including healthcare workers reported showing symptoms of the virus and having been exposed to sick people, only to have the CDC turn down their requests for testing.

    Even now that testing is more widely available in the U.S., the Post reported Sunday, potential coronavirus patients in nursing homes and prisons, where the disease is spreading rapidly, have limited access. The CDC is only including a death in the official toll if the patient had a lab test confirming coronavirus.

    “We know that it is an underestimation,” CDC spokeswoman Kristen Nordlund told the Post.

    Meanwhile, South Korea was testing about 10,000 people per day as of mid-March, giving the government an accurate measure of who had the disease and needed to be quarantined. The country’s reported death toll is under 200.

    The United States’ “most consequential failure involved a breakdown in efforts to develop a diagnostic test that could be mass produced and distributed across the United States, enabling agencies to map early outbreaks of the disease, and impose quarantine measures to contain them,” wrote Yasmeen Abutaleb, Josh Dawsey, Ellen Nakashima, and Greg Miller at the Post on Saturday.

    Last week, some were shocked to read reports out of Italy that officials there were not counting people who died of COVID-19 at home rather than in a hospital in their official count of coronavirus-related deaths.

    With reports of undercounting in other countries, Trita Parsi of the Quincy Institute wrote at the time, “Anyone have confidence Trump isn’t?”


    Trita Parsi
    ✔ @tparsi
    China is undercounting. Iran is undercounting. Italy is undercounting. Spain is undercounting. France is undercounting.

    Anyone have confidence Trump isn’t?

    Raffi Melkonian@RMFifthCircuit

    In Italy authorities have conceded that their death toll did not include those who had died at home or in nurseing home. Similarly in France, officials have said that only those who died in hospitals had been recorded as pandemic-related-a practice they said would change in the coming days.


    In early March, President Donald Trump explicitly expressed a desire to undercount the cases of coronavirus in the country, demanding that at least 21 cruise ship passengers who had contracted the virus stay aboard the vessel instead of disembarking to get care in the United States.

    “I like the numbers being where they are,” Trump said at the time. “I don’t need to have the numbers double because of one ship that wasn’t our fault.”

    After the pandemic ends, media critic Jay Rosen tweeted, the administration’s attempts to hide information about how it spiraled out of control “is going to be one of the biggest propaganda and freedom of information fights in modern U.S. history.”

    Tweet: Jay Rosen@jayrosen_nyu

    The battle to prevent Americans from understanding what went down January to April is going to be one of the biggest propaganda and freedom of information fights in modern US history. … Data erasure and the manufacture of mass confusion have already begun.


    “It may never be known how many thousands of deaths, or millions of infections, might have been prevented with a response that was more coherent, urgent and effective,” reported the Post. “But even now, there are many indications the administration’s handling of the crisis had potentially devastating consequences.”

    ________________anecdotal Comments:

    Chatted with one of the granddaughters today here in the rural south. She is an ER nurse in a small hospital. She relates a section of the hospital is isolated with approximately thirty beds filled with COVID-19 patients. I note this because the local graphics for the county show -0- confirmed cases. I have previously commented: This is a smart virus. It is using politicians to kill.


    I happened to listen yesterday to WGY Schenectady, a right wing radio for upstate NY. The host was having a dialogue with callers. The subject: how the “ doctors” were falsifying corona death numbers to make it look like normal or everyday deaths from heart attacks or accidents were due to “the corona.” Every caller agreed that COVID-19 was a minor thing like a cold or the flu that the liberals were exaggerating. Why? who knows? Apparently, there’s plenty of stupid people buying this.


    Thought this would elicit a small snort of derision from readers. I have two shop emails, one turned into a spam/junk email address years ago, and this is just one of the many delightful scams that comes a minimum once a day and always with a new way to grab a few bucks from the gullible. No, I have no idea who Renee is!

    Every Trump supporter will want these


    We just launched our BRAND NEW Trump-Pence 2020 Playing Cards and we want YOU to have a set.

    President Trump wants you to know that he really appreciates your support, and to show his thanks, he’s requested that we give you EARLY ACCESS to get these iconic cards before anyone else.

    All you have to do is contribute $30, and we’ll send you a blue deck AND a red deck of these beautiful American-made playing cards. That’s TWO DECKS of cards for only $30.

    Your early access offer will only guarantee you these sets of cards until 11:59 PM TONIGHT, and after that, we’ll release them to the public.

    NOTE: I mean, REALLY? Just how freaking gullible are these people? Ummm, don’t answer that…

    The New Normal: Cascading and Multilayered Crises

    Neither Pandemic Nor Economic Collapse is Going to Be a Short-Lived Crisis

    And last but not least, a short comment about the weather at 49’N latitude 40 miles south of the Canadian Border.

    It was 75 Fucking degrees today. The difference being that in 2009 when my stepson and his best friend came up to snowboard the last week of operation on my hill there was 275″ of base and it snowed twice that week. A 16″ dump in the middle of the week and at half foot more on the last day of operation.

    How’s that for a slight change in expectations?

    I’ll post more reality in a few days. Let people digest what I’m posting now so they don’t get a tummy ache?


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  14. Hamlet says:

    “The Federal Reserve has promised to spend $700 billion to buy bonds to save the economy – according to Brian Williams’ math made easy formula, that works out to $2 million per US citizen.”

    Wrong maths? 7B/325M= $2,154

    Anyway, whether 2M or 2THOU, I’d say we’re roached either way. With four torpedoes in each the port and starboard hull, an engine fire, and comms out on the bridge, it’s too late to launch the life-rafts. Break open the rum locker and distribute the last of biscuits, & have the chaplain deliver last rites.

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  15. Kevin: There is so much…insanity news on top of the science I’m reading that there is no chance to even keep up on it all.

    Hamlet: You’re an optimist. The engines are not on fire, they’ve completely stopped. There’s a HUGE freaking hole in the bottom of the ship, the keel has been ripped completely off, and hey, WHAT FUCKING LIFE RAFTS?

    The wealthy just haven’t realized all this yet, or maybe they have and have already abandoned ship to their redoubts and hidey-holes. Those of us down here on the bottom of the ship stuck in the engine room, the serfs, haven’t come to the realization that somebody locked the door to the deck and all we got to eat is one another because we can’t get to them. Eat the rich ain’t happening, baby! They’re protected!

    Christo-Taliban leader Vice President ‘dead fish eyes’ Pence and the Secretary of State Pompous Maximus the old CIA assassination squad directorate head are absolutely thrilled because, well you know! The Rapture will be here soon anytime now. Heeeeeeeeerrrrr’s jezzus! At least somebody is extremely happy, yes? Can’t you see the thrilled look in Pence’s eyes? Can you see ANYTHING in Pence’s eyes? The guy doesn’t quite look like a corpse’s open eyes (yes I’ve seen that) but I’m reminded of a big hammerhead I saw underwater once while diving off of Sunset Cliffs one fine afternoon…

    Oh my fucking hell, is this what it felt like at the start of the Black Plague times?

    I’m posting this because it is SUCH a good summary that I’d have to post over a dozen of the pieces I’ve read the last couple days to do the same thing:

    >But then I should post this, too:

    Federal funding for testing facilities is being pulled on Friday, even as cases continue to rise

    >And maybe this one:

    Trump to launch second pandemic task force, one that does away with irritating medical experts

    >But you should read this, too:

    Republican state officials in Kansas revoke governor’s orders to limit gatherings in time for Easter

    >And this:

    Coronavirus Spells the End of the Neoliberal Era. What’s Next?

    >And this:

    BlackRock Takes Command

    I just realized there are 51 pieces that are cut & paste I’ve read sitting on the task bar. That’s the last 2-3 days I think. My head is overfull at this point.

    Weather news for 40 air miles south of the Canadian Border in the Selkirk Range:

    It’s been 75’F/almost 25’C the last few days. Yesterday it did hit 25’C. 77’F at 1:30 in the afternoon! Used to be snowing on the Christian’s Easter weekend. Freezing at night hard still, but I’m not sure it did last night. Didn’t get up early enough to see frost.

    I was outside a bit ago in shorts/t-shirt, flip-flops cutting shooters off the old apple tree and other outside chores. Last freeze used to be in June…and there are huge gusts of wind blowing through from the North. Just the opposite for this kind of weather, should be s/sw. But I’ve seen snowstorms coming roaring in from Canada, Yukon Express powder blizzards, with these kind of winds. Air is still a bit chill, feels good and smells sweet, but is sure isn’t gonna snow!

    People are still hiking my snowboarding hill against the ‘stay at home’ order by the governor. The official end of the ski season was supposed to be tomorrow but…everybody will be in church because Trump says it so why not go riding and skiing and take the kiddies to the hill to frolic?

    Notice all the ski and board tracks, the boot prints stair steps in the Sunrise Basin camera? I’ve seen families up there all week kids on saucers, boarders & skiers and just a general holiday:

    No, I’m not taking a board and going though I would love to get a few turns in before it melts off and fire season slams down on me.

    Last link:

    Keep in your dead! The true toll of COVID-19 is being under-counted, including in New York

    Book news for Kevin:

    Publisher will be trying to finish the entire layout and picture placement next week. A couple of other unfinished jobs that were on hold jumped in ahead of me so it was bumped back a week. I’ll be getting the final PDF to look over and make any last changes to, so I’ll actually have to re-read the entire book one last time. No doubt I will find a few typos in 115,000 words…

    Nothing else for now. Do something fun every day, folks. Keeps me sane so maybe it’ll help you.


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  16. Kevin Hester says:

    The Jimmy Dore Show and guest have drawn the same conclusions as I have.


    • Yeah, more US people are maybe seeing this (blearily) for what it is and not just the usual tiny section of the population that already had a clue. The realization is starting to hit that this isn’t going away tomorrow, even the ones who have a vested interest in keeping the Status Quo going because their paychecks depend on it. They’re getting really scared. But then their paychecks just stopped coming…might have something to do with it. Primates

      This morning an email from Denver showed up, from a young friend of my oldest stepdaughter who still calls me ‘Pops’ (I taught her to ride halfpipes on snowboards back in the 90s). She said people are acting very strange in that city. Visibly so. “There are an awful lot of people out on the streets in that city for a stay-at-home order…a ton of people here doing the best they can to ignore it.” She’s not, her and her younger sis are hibernating as much as possible.

      Yeah, well, to be expected. We are a primate species not a cave dweller. We don’t do well in confinement, yes?

      Also said that people are driving like maniacs. Driving stupid. She’s been driving for Uber/Lyft the last few years, that just died, and got a job in an warehouse. She still has to pay the rent because there certainly aren’t any bail-outs to the peon working class. Just trillions to the wealthy as usual. Nothing I can do to help her, she’s aware as she always reads what I send her about the world.

      The system is breaking down here, Kevin. No doubt about it. More and more people around here are starting to do the same because they have bills to pay, too. Junk job
      service’ industry people are running out of cash to pay bills all over and there is nothing else they can do.

      When the rent/mortgages stop getting paid, the car loans, the credit cards, the student loans, Trump’s Greater Depression of 2020 will really start. And then watch the banker vultures start swooping in to gobble up everything they missed in 2008 buffet… Are the wealthy REALLY going to just throw tens of millions of people out on the street?

      Of course. This is, after all, an Oligarchy.


      More reads:

      FEMA Was Planning to Seize Masks Destined for States — Until the FBI Found Out They Were Fake

      Capitalism, the State Religion

      The Plan Is to Save Capital and Let the People Die

      Former OSHA Officials Voice Alarm as Trump Tells Corporations They Don’t Have to Record Coronavirus Cases Among Their Workers

      “If you work in a grocery store or factory then sorry, the coronavirus cases there probably aren’t being reported.”

      Terrified Atomic Workers Warn That the COVID-19 Pandemic May Threaten Nuclear Reactor Disaster

      Nuclear safety cannot be shortchanged—especially in the midst of an outbreak like what the nation is now experiencing.


      Bodies Rotting in the Street: COVID-19 Chaos Grips Ecuador

      Latin America’s worst outbreak is a gruesome harbinger of what’s to come when poverty meets pandemic.

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  17. Kevin Hester says:

    “Murder Most Foul” Bob Dylan:


  18. Kevin Hester says:

    How does $15 dollar a barrel of oil sound when it costs $60 to 80 to extract in the tarsands and the federal govt is considering paying the oil companies to leave the junk in the ground.
    How long to people seriously think that can continue?

    Then of course the derivatives bomb


  19. X says:

    Good news! Europe’s top oil and gas companies have committed themselves to greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. (Humor)

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  20. Kevin Hester says:

    From the “This has never happened on this planet ever before” file.


  21. This one got lost?

    sealintheSelkirks says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation. This is a preview, your comment will be visible after it has been approved.
    April 21, 2020 at 10:10 am

    Ahahahaha….committed to GHG reduction targets. That actually was pretty funny in a rather decidedly ironic way, X! And, as we all know, it’s all bullshit anyway! Mealy-mouthed hucksters selling tickets to the carnival… Ummm, I’m guessing that none of these oil companies paid a bit of attention to the fact of ‘Lag Time’ in emissions to impact, right?

    And Kevin, derivatives? You mean the RENTAL CONTRACTS that Wall St. has been bundling together since the mortgage derivative bundles went belly up in 2007/08? Those money-makers? In about another month about 50 million US households won’t be paying the rent or mortgage because they will be flat out of cash and they don’t have a job…unless of course Trump ‘opens up for bid-nezz like Florida did on Friday by ‘allowing’ cities to make their own decision on opening up the beaches.

    As Coronavirus Numbers Across State Continue to Rise, Florida Gov. DeSantis Allows Some Beaches to Reopen
    “Why aren’t any elected officials speaking out against this?”

    Do you see the crowds? Here’s the first day! Not even the cops on 4wheelers were in masks. In case you missed the lovely Floridiots flocking to the beaches in the sunshine…I just love seeing those shapely women in bikinis, and such wonderful waves those surfers are out in the water paddling into.–FloridaMorons-trends-on-Twitter-after-images-of-crowded-Florida-beaches-go-viral-amid-pandemic

    Capitalism CANNOT take a prolonged shut-down. Even Naomi Klein’s Disaster Capitalism concept can’t regardless of how many dying businesses and unpaid mortgages the Hedge Fund wealthy can snap up cheap like they did in 2008; not if people aren’t paying their never-ending bills much less not buying more junk for their storage units…

    This is also good:

    Class, Caste and the End of the American Dream

    And here we are with the US huckster-in-chief throwing out those revolution tweets he is SO good at:

    With a series of ‘LIBERATE’ tweets, Trump shows support for coups in states with Democratic governor

    There was a woman in one of the interviews that was incredibly distressed because her beauty parlor was closed and she couldn’t get her hair done…and bent over to show the reporter her GRAY ROOTS that were causing her so much mental anguish…I mean, really? This is the epitome of human evolution?

    And who’s financing these protests? Right-wing Rapture Christo-Tabliban billionaire Prince/DeVos family of our illustrious Education Secretary fame…. Don’t you LOVE those black t-shirts and all those ‘murican flags being waved? Holding a bible wrapped in a flag indeed…

    A quote from Doug Casey:

    “First, the kind of people that get into government, whether it’s local or national, are the kind of people that like to control other people. That’s why they want to get into government.
    You don’t get the so-called best and brightest. You get the worst kind of busybody, the most dangerous type of sociopath, who wants to go into government.”

    My long-time friend over in the Islands said Hawai’i just shut down the beaches finally. They’d only done partial closures, no surfing, no beach parks etc. But on Windward Side where they live there were crowds of people in beach chairs anyway because there aren’t enough cops to enforce it… And he hung up on me the other night because he got pissed about how ‘dark’ I am and that he cannot go there but he’s known me for going on 40 years and nicknamed me the ‘surfer Cassandra’ for my accurate (but always dark) prognostications. Go figure! Yet at the start of the phone call he specifically asked if I thought that Trump will shut down the 2020 election because of Covid and the conversation went south from there… And he was a biologist in the mid-80s! But…I’m too dark in my thinking. Big sigh. See how long it will be before I get another phone call. I’m teaching Kenpo Karate lessons over the phone to him as he was one of my students for years…so he will be calling about questions on the instructor handbooks about Orange & Purple Belt that I sent him a while back. I’m trying to bring his levels back up to where they used to be…

    Nothing else worth mentioning I guess. It would all be ‘too dark’ anyway, eh?


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  22. Hey Kevin, Got a reply notice for this thread, and what do I find? That another one of those Iron Age barbarian types decided to reply to your April 7th comment thereby skipping the entire month’s worth of other science posted. All in order to teach you the truth with a capital T.

    If this Brad Zybola had bothered to actually read down through the comments he might not have been so…enthused at the critical thinking and cognitive awareness exhibited and just gone away. I’m thinking that he, obviously, will never be an “All well and dandy” kind of guy reading through the comments, though…

    Can’t fix stupid, and rarely can fix distorted or deluded either, that I’ve ever been aware of.

    On that note, thought I’d throw this out. It’s good:

    COVID-19 Lights Up Biological Annihilation

    By Subhankar Banerjee, Species in Peril, April 26, 2020

    Too much reading to post. Overwhelmed from every direction. And all of it bad freaking news.

    So tonight I watch Carlin’s ‘I Kinda Like it When a Lotta People Die’ which was sourced from Sept 9 & 10, 2001 cassette tapes found in his belongings. The original Vegas MGM Grand videos were destroyed. Seems like an appropriate time to listen to. And speaking of 9/11/01, I thought I should paste this:

    Presidential Daily Briefings:

    WBush August 2001 PDB: “Bin Laden Determined To Attack US By Air”

    WBush Ignored, and thousands died.

    Trump January 2020 PDB: “COVID-19 Determined To Attack US By Air”

    Trump Ignored, and thousands died.


    My book is back to being worked on after a 2-week imposed hiatus according to the email I got this week. I’m sure it was due to the stay-at-home order. Even in Washington State, there is little if any testing going on and NOBODY can request to take one. Not available. This is going to get SO MUCH WORSE, think 2nd Wave in 1919’s Pandemic that killed far more people than the first. Capitalism cannot survive a prolonged shut-down.

    Here’s what’s going on in El Salvador:

    The Luxury to Fear COVID-19


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  23. Pouring rain today, Kevin, after being in the mid-70s with it definitely hotter in the sunshine. Was woken up at 5am by heavy pounding on the roof out the window and rat-a-tat-tatting on the metal roofing above. A welcome sound since there is a Burn Ban in place due to the drying out forest according to the District fire people last week. The end of March and burn bans already? But the experts are saying these mountains are at early July dry levels already. Oh darn. So I’ve been dropping small growth trees that have been slowly encroaching on the house and shop, limbing then bucking them into rounds and moving them to the shed. Then drop a couple more 35 footers and repeat. Being a bit creaky I run through a chainsaw tank of gas and call it good. Other days I take a big pair of nippers (landscaper boltcutters) because too many young ponderosa and lodgepole pine saplings. It’s the small stuff that burns so I’m re-clearing the fire zones that I didn’t finish last summer. Trying to get a jump on it before the hot weather hits.

    It is nice to see a good steady rain out the window.

    But the rest of the world is causing Information Overload! Too much, too fast, too overwhelming batshit insane behavior by the primates. And the world just hit 418.2ppm CO2 which I don’t think is gonna make anything better… and the US is, in just a fucking month and not even that in most places, opening up for Capitalism. Capitalism CANNOT survive a pandemic. So in maybe three weeks the US will most likely see a huge increase in every Covid category. The pathology of the US wealthy is laid out for all the world to see and nothing changes but for the worse.

    Overload. Our species can’t hardly deal with one fucking problem and we’ve got serious crap going on worldwide. The locusts hordes in Africa? The Arctic ocean? That warm current heating up England? Oh wait, is that an asteroid heading our way or just our stupidity as a species?

    I finished the entire George Carlin Commemorative Collection. For some reason I’m seeing a lot more IRONY around me lately. And it’s funny because I can hear in the back of my mind his voice saying: ‘look at this, see how they are, are you fucking kidding me?’


    Stuff for people to read:

    In Another Record ‘We Should Not Be Breaking,’ Daily Average of CO2 Levels Hits High of 418.12 ppm
    “Where we are is bad enough. We can’t let these levels grow. We need #ClimateAction!”

    The Coming New World Disorder

    No, We’re Not All in This Together. How the Super-Rich Are Cheating America.
    Unlike the farsighted and people-oriented decision-makers in other countries, America’s unregulated capitalist leaders have failed us, both in the past and in our current crisis.

    Only the Poor Starve: Hunger in the Time of Covid-19

    50 Years of Bat-Shit Crazy Televised Presidential Warmongering

    Defeat of a Dirty Military Incursion into Venezuela on a Sunday Morning

    And to end on a note of beauty I leave you all this:

    Lit! California oceans are aglow, and so are … plants?

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  24. Susan Giuliano says:

    Thanks for all the info and input. I would like to join the dialogue.

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    • Susan Guiliano, please go ahead and join in with what you are thinking,reading, and want to talk about. Just please don’t pull a ‘Brad Zybola’ on the folk that read and post here with the religious nonsense. This is a science-based site based on current reality not myth!



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    • WAAAAY behind they are, eh Kevin?

      This U of AZ doc/prof/infectious disease specialist was on BradBlog the other day.

      ‘We’ve Only Delayed the Day of Reckoning’: ‘BradCast’ 6/16/2020

      I’m staying the fuck home of course. I was the ONLY person in a mask in town on Wednesday except for Gail behind the counter in the post office. She said to me that “I’m scared shitless, seal.” I don’t even go to grocery stores at this point, mail and immediately home. We ain’t seen nuttin yet….

      And then, of course, there’s Pakistan and India killing each other again. Wonder which will throw the first thermonuclear weapon?

      A Fatal Skirmish on the Line of Actual Control


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  25. Kevin Hester says:

    My former 3 time guest on Nature Bats Last and his wife Anne reiterate my position that we are never going back to the old abnormal.

    If we had a rethink and we redirected the worlds economies we might be able to slow down the armageddon, sadly that won’t happen as we are frogmarched by the dominant culture over the cliff.


  26. Well, looks like it might be up to some OTHER economies because it certainly isn’t going to happen with this one. And honestly, it’s worse than this because so much is left out of the numbers (like me!).


    3 Months Of Hell: U.S. Economy Drops 32.9% In Worst GDP Report Ever

    The coronavirus pandemic triggered the sharpest economic contraction in modern American history, the Commerce Department reported Thursday.

    Gross domestic product — the broadest measure of economic activity — shrank at an annual rate of 32.9% in the second quarter as restaurants and retailers closed their doors in a desperate effort to slow the spread of the virus, which has killed more than 150,000 people in the U.S.

    The economic shock in April, May and June was more than three times as sharp as the previous record — 10% in 1958 — and nearly four times the worst quarter during the Great Recession.

    AT LINK: Chart

    “Horrific,” said Nariman Behravesh, chief economist at IHS Markit. “We’ve never seen anything quite like it.”

    article continues at link

    And now for a really FUN read for a change, and from the most unlikely of places!

    What magic mushrooms do to your body and brain

    There’s evidence that tripping on magic mushrooms could actually free the mind.

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  27. Hamlet says:

    If GDP shrank by 1/3, that doesn’t necessarily indicate a similar reduction of industrial activity.
    For example, coal power plants do not dial back their steam generation because restaurants have closed their doors. Folks who stay at home instead of commuting to work consume the same amount of electricity either way. A country (USA) that has traded it’s industrial GDP for a financialized GDP might see little change in the production of aerosols under the COVID shutdown. That said, the situation doesn’t look good, and as Kevin says, “It can only be worse than we know.”

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    • No Hamlet, I agree. It most certainly does not. Though the air cleared remarkably in different cities here in the US at least (people in LA actually could see stars. What a novel experience, eh?), in general we are so far over the edge of the cliff that blips in current emissions aren’t going to do diddly squat for a change in the overall picture. Which, as you said, doesn’t look good. Personally I’m more on the HOLY SHIT GRIM side of that idea… What are we at in terms of effects? Early-mid 1970s emissions? Something like that. And the world roared at accelerated rates starting in the 1980s so somebody really needs to invent a giant emissions-only vacuum cleaner that can point down from space…

      And you’re right about electricity use. I’m reading about less gasoline (hence less local city smog) but the aerosols going up is increasing every year, and I’m sure this pandemic isn’t really going to affect that much in the long run because of the power generation needed. That GDP number doesn’t matter when you look at it from a worldwide standpoint of emissions I don’t think. And the heat waves popping up all over the world (it was 42’C here the other day) means more and more AC use at home but the emptied by SARS-Cov II offices and stores still need to have the buildings maintained…

      But if people get so broke they can’t afford electricity, they’ll start burning their furniture to cook and heat water. Or cutting down the trees in city parks. Whatever works, ya know? Of course that’s IF they even have any clean water to use… But I can see people reverting to more wood burning if they can’t afford electric bills. This country is facing 29 million evictions for unpaid mortgages/back rent in the next 60 days (how many actual people will be homeless is unknown) so that is actually a possible scenario. On the flip side of that, I burn firewood for heat all winter. But not the furniture…

      I wish I could just ignore it all and pretend like so many people that the climate isn’t falling apart but I’m just not good at doing that I guess.


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  28. Hamlet says:

    It’s so very complex, it’s hard to know how the climate will shake out. We’ll know a little more in a few months, of course, but been sayin’ that for some time now. I expect a complete collapse of the economy by this fall, perhaps even before the election. The virus will get worse, and maybe when school starts, any day now, we’ll begin to see a clusterfuck that will clobber the emotional stability of everyone that is holding their breath (almost everyone).
    Any vaccine deployed will have little durability, so no hope there. Then an election, or not, and a long cold winter of despair. If I’m still here, I’ll be chucking logs on the fire, waiting for spring.

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    • You do know that the quickest vaccine ever developed was for Mumps? And that took 4 years. What is being pushed out and sold for Private Profit (AND ALL DEVELOPMENT WAS COMPLETELY PAID FOR BY US TAXPAYER MONEY) by that Trump-connected private medical lab is being guessed at a 2-3 month immunity…and that’s just a freaking guess. What does a shot costing $40 a pop every two months for 330,000,000 US citizens come out to? If we are lucky, four years down the road before a real vaccine comes out? So that would be…$40 x 6 = $240 a year per person. Multiply $240 by 330,000,000 = too many zeros in the billions of free money for that Rethuglican-aligned corrupt lab!

      Right tidy piece of change don’t you agree? And it didn’t cost this business a PENNY to invent.

      As for the disastrous climate situation we find ourselves in, oh man the odds of the end result shaking out to a point where there is more than starving hunter-gatherer tribes fighting over the leftover refuse of an industrialized raped and pillaged planet beset by drought and superstorms… seems to get closer to being a current reality every freaking day. That wait a few more months you mentioned? Are you talking about the very real potential of the first ‘Blue Water Event’ of near total melt-off of the Arctic Ice Pack? And the last Canadian Ice Shelf just disintegrated (their term by the way!)?

      I sure am not smiling about what a blue North Pole will do to the already deranged Jet Stream that has been affecting the climate and weather of these most northern mountains. It was 106’F here on July 31st.

      Just to read and shake your head:

      2020 isn’t done with us yet: Experts predict above-average hurricane season

      The Unraveling of America
      Anthropologist Wade Davis on how COVID-19 signals the end of the American era

      The consistent persecution of every higher form of intellectual activity by the new mass leaders springs from more than their natural resentment against everything they cannot understand.

      Total domination does not allow for free initiative in any field of life, for any activity that is not entirely predictable.

      Totalitarianism in power invariably replaces all first-rate talents, regardless of their sympathies, with those crackpots and fools whose lack of intelligence and creativity is still the best guarantee of their loyalty.

      — Hanna Arendt. The Origins of Totalitarianism. 1967. iBooks.

      Ocean Heat: From the Tropics to the Poles

      Arctic sea ice could disappear completely within two months’ time
      Monday, July 27, 2020

      Arctic sea ice fell by 3.239 million km² in extent in 25 days (i.e. from July 1 to 25, 2020). Melting will likely continue for another two months. If it continues on its current trajectory, the remaining 6.333 million km² of Arctic sea ice could disappear completely within two months’ time.

      Holy Shit! It could be this year, Kevin. The maps are just FREAKY!

      Tomgram: Karen Greenberg, Can the Pandemic Bring Accountability Back to This Country?


      Hamlet, don’t mean to be such a Cassandra but…yeah it seems pretty bad outside my windows. I read across the board in terms of interest and there isn’t a damn thing I can find that gives one hope to avoid our species repeating history that we know of over the last 9,000 year been written down.


      Kevin: My book is coming out, look at my website it’s up on the home page. And send me an email with your zip so I can find out the postage due!


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      • Kevin Hester says:

        Cool mate, looking forward to the book.


      • Hamlet says:

        Thanks for the great links, Seal! I lost tomdispatch link, couldn’t recall it, yes!
        Interestingly, the oral polio vaccine is excellent as a covid19 prophylactic, cheep,
        with virtually no side effects for those already vaccinated. But at $0.15 a dose, it won’t
        make the pharma goons any money. BTW, we share the same State, who knew?

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  29. Glad to be a help, Hamlet. My bookmark section on this old computer has probably…a couple hundred links at a guess, maybe more. I try to get them grouped but I never seem to find the time to sit and do that enough to really have it organized.

    Yeah, I had the polio vaccine when it first hit the San Diego school district in…1961? About then sometime. Still have the smallpox mark on my left arm, too. Old surfer dude here. I was sick with influenza that week and missed the polio shot, had to wait until the 2nd group got them. There were kids in the first one went down due to some contamination. But I’m not taking any chances on being lucky now with this monster. Too much history in my head, and I’ve always caught seasonal flu damn near every year but this one’s a killer and body destroyer.

    Haven’t read about the oral polio being a safety measure. Post a link! I’d be interested because this upper corner of our state is just chock full of STUPIDS. Holy hell. I got in a freaking argument with a non-mask wearing woman at the post office yesterday. Unhinged behavior. I’m teaching martial arts OUTSIDE behind my dojo on the grass in the late afternoon when it shades and cools down. Single lessons only, IN an N-95, and I stay upwind of the student the entire time and average 10 feet physical distancing.

    NOT social dis by the way, what a crock term that is! I dislike inaccurate wording. Because we are extremely social primates, being in solitary is a punishment for all but serious hermits. This is causing some serious mental derangement in people!!

    Kevin’s got a covid posting back there somewhere. I added links to it because I’m noisy…but the link below is a must-read!

    And Kevin, you’re just gonna freaking love this one!!!! Think Carlin’s mad ironic humor watching the vid! Oh my HELL. I HOPE one of these bumps into me and tries this shit. I would LOVE to have one of those cards! I pretty much destroyed the woman in front of 4 other customers all masked (one I knew), and the young USPS woman behind the counter’s plastic shield was wearing a mask also. I’m really good with facts…which can cause people to literally sputter. It’s scary to see actual cognitive dissonance happen to someone directly in front of you. It’s like when your computer freezes!

    Like I said, I live among many stupids here. Many not, too, but dang there are a lot of them around.

    An Anti-Mask “Agency” Told A Grocery Store Worker She Could Be Sued For Asking People To Wear Masks

    In a now-viral TikTok, members of the “Freedom To Breathe Agency,” which the Department of Justice has issued a warning about, were seen telling the store employee she could face legal action for asking customers to wear masks.

    The Stupids are strong with our country my son says Yoda…

    Enough, Got some chores to get to.

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    • Hamlet says:

      Robert Gallo with Matt Taibi and Katie, Rolling Stone, Useful Idiots, best 90 minute vid in a long time, starts @:35 in:

      Oral Polio Vaccine is a prophylactic for COVID-19 (Gallo got a Nobel for discovering HIV. Also, the ’19 vaccine(s) proffered so far are shit for durability, Gallo explains why… hint: it’s the HIV component of covid. It seems that all retrovirus’ are recalcitrant to vaccines.)

      Dave Cohen has distilled our experience down to a series of essay’s called “flatland”.
      If you wish:

      Dave is a curmudgeonly read, much like Schopenhauer, or the genius & autodidact, Jay Hanson, but without the energy angle. Fun times.


    • Hamlet says:

      “NOT social dis by the way, what a crock term that is! I dislike inaccurate wording. Because we are extremely social primates, being in solitary is a punishment for all but serious hermits. This is causing some serious mental derangement in people!! ”

      Dave Cohen thinks the US response is idiotic, because of this very issue. I’m a hermit, so not so sensitive to isolating… I believe there may have been a better approach to the pandemic than the one we got, but history and circumstance tied our hands long before covid-19 came along. For instance, we might have rejected the shutdown, and emphasized hand washing and masks, followed by contact tracing, but that road was probably closed to us from the beginning. Trump hatred, or TDS, prevented the influencers, tech, & fashion gurus from making mask-wearing, well, fashionable. The administration was jagging-off at a critical time, probably due to cognitive dissidence in an election year. Didn’t help that the orange man largely dismantled the Office of International Health and Biodefense… yet we never really put much juice behind such efforts in the first place. So it goes…

      At this point, I’d vote for Trump (seriously, is the DNC of better character?) in November, or go with ANYBODY, and ANYONE, (is Charlie Manson still alive?) if I thought they could make any kind of difference to avoid collapse, or stay it off a few more years, but no.

      Our goose is cooked.

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      • Two posts since mine, so I’m assuming the one with the link to Matt Tabbi vid is the one you were missing. Unfortunately I’m on dial-up which doesn’t download this kind of link. Never had anything else since the 90s, either, but at $19.95 a month unlimited time I can afford both the time to look things up and the cost.

        Back from an afternoon & evening in Chewelah fixing furniture in the back of a friend’s 2nd hand store. She gets me one afternoon a week…when she’s been closed for three days and nobody is allowed in my workroom area anyway… Noticed more mask wearing in town today. We’re still very low numbers but then you look at the ‘testing rate’ for a county of 45,000 people and they’ve managed to give 3,000 tests in 6 months. Numbers are obviously much freaking higher than ‘official’ but it’s a Trump-voting Rethuglican area here.

        Big sigh.

        So, worse than cooked. Here’s a couple for you to chew on:

        Biden Can’t Save America

        America is 40% total asshole, and the states have gone feral

        View at

        …He’s been calling for “tough guys,” meaning cops, “bikers,” and soldiers (we can certainly include right-wing militia and various other neofascists) to wage “civil war” if and when “radical Left Democrats” (his absurd but revealingly fascistic description of corporate centrists like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden) try to use constitutional processes likes impeachment and elections to remove him from power.

        NOTE: Sturgis is going on right now, there quite likely will be a LOT of Harleys for sale in the next month as survivors sell them off to bury Stupids.

        250,000 motorcyclists flock to South Dakota because superspreader events are so much fun


        Trump is Not Conceding: This is Happening Here

        Sorry, Trump’s Not Conceding

        I have been hearing liberals and lefties fantasizing that Donald Trump is conceding the presidency to Joe Biden.

        Beyond cooked, Hamlet. Ready for the 3%ers to walk up to your house demanding…whatever they want? We have brownshirts in this state, very stupid fucking people but vicious like rabid dogs. Imagine Culp as governor? This corner of the state is full of full-blown batshit crazy Stupids.

        What I find an interesting bit of historical trivia is that Trump’s grandpa, the whoremaster who ran away from Austria to America to avoid his country’s draft. Then after the war he tried to go back and the country refused to let him in.

        Hitler was from Austria. But Trump acts far more like Mussolini…. but there’s a very good chance he’s going to declare a ‘national emergency’ right about election time and the batshit loonies around here are gonna go nuts…


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  30. Hamlet says:

    (previous post lost?)

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    • Kevin, my book is up! Go to my shop website to order but I don’t know what the shipping will be to New Zealand.

      I’ve got 2/3s of the box I have to go down and pick up this week already on order in the last couple of days. I’m a bit surprised by that! I will probably have to order another box next week… My modest goal is to be able to sell 180 of them…then I’ll be able to afford a pizza on the profits!

      It’s freaking hot here! Catastrophic wildfire danger, Red Alert Hazardous Heat/Health warning, and there are “active’ lightning storms in the forecast for tonight and there are clouds coming in. This is a bit scary. The clouds are NOT shading just making it Wet Bulb levels. I had 41-42C yesterday at 5:30 in the afternoon. And it was 34C at 10am this morning when I rolled the girls out of the shop. The old husky girl doesn’t move from the front of the swamp cooler floor fan.

      The only thing that likes this heat is cannabis. I’m shocked at the growth rate of the budding tops in my garden this year. Never had any look like this before. If I could send you a picture you’d smile!

      Support an old surfer dude and order. I guarantee you are going to like this read. 252 pages, 115,000+ word count and 600,000+ character count, and 50+ pictures. Are you still thinking of a couple for the Deep Green School? Read it first before you decide of course!

      As for everything else falling the hell apart, just watching entropy in action, baby! We are SO fucked at this point how can people continue to act as if nothing is going on. I guess I’m not good at Cognitive Dissonance?



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  31. Got your order, Kevin, and you are my first international sale. HA! I plan on shipping the first ones out on Monday. Another will be going to Austria soon to the Riverbreak Magazine folks who published my Lunch Counter Trilogy novella. I’ll rattle their cages with it I imagine.

    41C at 5pm again today but at least the expected ‘very active’ lightning storms didn’t come in. Saw some HUGE t-cell towers blowing in about sunset, bet they were topping at 14,000 meters, and they looked very very ugly. But a bit ago I was out with the dog sitting on the porch steps since it finally cooled down, and the stars were out with just a bit of haze. No smell of smoke at least. Tomorrow will be another hot damned day no doubt. Red Alert is still up on the web weather for this area.

    thought you’d be interested in this:

    Climate Activists and Scientists Raise Alarm After Death Valley Endures Potentially Record-Breaking 130ºF
    “It’s not a record that will last,” says author and activist Bill McKibben.


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  32. Thank you for your great commitment and contribution. I need to post this, next time, Paul posts. We will share this. Bless you and ditto to Dr. McPherson. He has been MORE right than anyone I know. Completely and irrevocably right.

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