Chronicling Ecosystem Collapse from the Tropics to the Antarctic

“We assessed evidence of collapse in 19 ecosystems (both terrestrial and marine) along a 58° latitudinal gradient for which major signals of change have been reported.” Combating ecosystem collapse from the tropics to the Antarctic A better title would have been “We aren’t Combatting Ecosystem Collapse from the Tropics to the Antarctic” Click on the link above for the 19 ecosystems that are in collapse now. Below are other links to additional evidence of the unfolding catastrophe.

“At least 452 of the world’s smallest penguins have been found dead on the beaches of New Zealand’s North Island over the past six weeks—and more than half of those over the past 10 days.”
Dead Penguins Keep Washing Up on New Zealand’s Beaches. Here’s Why.

“Little blue penguins — a flightless bird native to New Zealand and the world’s smallest penguin species — have been washing up dead on the country’s beaches, in what experts say are more frequent mass die-offs amid changing climate patterns.” Hundreds of dead penguins are washing up on New Zealand beaches

“Pataua smelled “like death” on Saturday after thousands of dead and dying pipi were blanketed across a shellfish gathering hotspot.”

“A Whangārei Heads resident broke the news online, saying Pataua’s pipi beds were in jeopardy.”

“[…]millions of pipi in every size dead the place smells like death [sic],” they wrote.”

“A video showed a sea of dead pipi strewn across the sandbars between Pataua North and South – popular with seafood gatherers.” Thousands of pipi wash up dead in Pataua, Whangārei Heads

This is a new documentary shot by my old mate Simon Mark Brown;
Episode 1 of Seasick: Saving the Hauraki Gulf.

In the video below my former guest on Nature Bats Last Oceanographer Jim Massa quotes the following paper; Kelp’s Carbon Sink Potential Could Be Blocked by Coastal Darkening

“Coastal darkening, an environmental threat researchers are only beginning to study, is found to dramatically reduce the productivity of kelp.”

“In New Zealand’s Hauraki Gulf, waves crash against cliffs and pull dirt into the ocean, while boats and storms stir up silt from the seafloor. Rivers carry fertilizer from the mainland that causes light-blocking algal blooms, which mingle with pollution from nearby Auckland. Together, they cloud the coastal ocean, depriving organisms living deeper in the water column of their main source of energy—sunlight.”

Jim discusses the Hauraki Gulf where I live and have been diving in for 4 decades. I can verify that our kelp beds have collapsed and have been replaced by ‘Kina Barons’.

“It appears scientists’ fears about the mass bleaching of sea sponges in Fiordland have been confirmed, with it likely the largest event of its type anywhere in the world.”
“And there is emerging evidence that an ongoing marine heatwave is also causing damage in Hauraki Gulf.” Scientists fear mass bleaching of Fiordland sea sponges the largest of its kind

Shaun Lee has done sterling work on the marine ecosystem in the Hauraki Gulf. His blog, with a free subscription option, can be accessed here

Until today I have resisted having a donate option at this blog but readers have asked me to include that option. All donations will go to funding my studies, furthering my goal to create a marine reserve in the Hauraki Gulf and hopefully having an insurance population of the Wetapunga translocated to Rakino Island and perhaps a few beers! Here’s my Paypal Account I thank you in anticipation.

I'm an anti-imperialist, environmental activist and blue ocean sailor, who is passionate about the earth and all it's inhabitants without favour. Brace for imminent impact as we bare witness to the non-linear unraveling of the biosphere and habitability disappearing for most if not all complex life on the only habitable planet we know of. To quote President Niinistö in North Russia: ‘If We Lose the Arctic, We Lose the World’. Folks we have lost the Arctic.

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32 comments on “Chronicling Ecosystem Collapse from the Tropics to the Antarctic
  1. Kevin Hester says:

    What is Varroa mite?
    “Varroa mites are deadly parasitic pests that feed on developing and adult European honey bees (Apis mellifera). They are the greatest biological threat to Australia’s honey bee and pollination-dependent plant industries. The mite has a reddish-brown body that is less than two mm wide and visible to the naked eye.”

    “Left untreated, Varroa mites will eventually kill any bee colony it infests. Between 90 and 100 per cent of feral colonies are expected to be lost.”

    ‘Heartbreaking’: Beekeepers count their losses as mite threat spreads to Sydney


    • One school of thought says that cell size plays a role in honeybee colony health because prior to their domestication, honeybees made the cells smaller than that of “modern” hives with the larger sized cells so desired by humans who always think they can improve on Nature.

      Feral honeybee hives or even domestic ones raised with these principles in mind (naturally smaller cells) are less conducive to comfortably harboring huge populations of Varroa mites, so maybe it’s time for humans to listen to, and observe more carefully, our insect friends for the guidance we desparately need. Check it out:

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  2. jon says:

    No sign of any Honey Bees in our (UK) garden this year and only the occasional visit from a solitary Bumble Bee. The Borage is usually besieged by busy bees by now.

    I see your link mentions Borlaug: he warned that (what became) the Green Revolution was merely a short-term measure and was not sustainable.

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  3. sealintheselkirks says:

    I was pleasantly surprised after the coldest & wettest Spring in years here that the old apple tree in the front yard suddenly bloomed incredibly well at the very end of May. I’d seen nearly no bees again this year, just a few big bumbles bouncing around, but it stayed cold longer than anytime in the last decades.

    Then this tree just swarmed a couple days later with hundreds of honeybees. More than one species, from the Euro ones to tiny little brown furry ones. At least four distinct species and they paid me no attention at all when I got close to see.

    It is now the 2nd week of July and the tree is covered with small apples from the lowest branches to the shooters sticking up on the top of it. Even with ‘Fire Blight’ the tree is doing amazingly well after last year’s ‘Heat Dome’ that slaughtered the insect and bird populations.

    Unfortunately neither populations have bounced back worth a damn and the surrounding forest is missing enormous numbers of both. I really miss the bird songs that used to be around here every morning before the sun comes up behind the ridgeline above me…


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    • Kevin, nobody wants to look. Or at least not very damn many of us.

      ‘We Are Sleepwalking Towards the Edge,’ Says Greta as UK Sees Hottest Day on Record

      “The climate crisis will continue to escalate and get worse as long as we stick our heads in the sand and prioritize profit and greed over people and planet,” said Swedish activist Greta Thunberg.

      She’s correct, this is NOT the new normal. It will only escalate until…everything and everybody is dead. What an epitaph for our species; a few satellites here and there, some junk on the moon, and another failed intelligent species that didn’t make it joining the (probably thousands to millions) of other suicide planets circling stars throughout our little galaxy. It won’t care nor will it even miss us…


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  4. Kevin Hester says:

    In the long-delayed State of the Environment report released this week, there is one terrifying sentence: “Environmental degradation is now considered a threat to humanity, which could bring about societal collapses.”
    About 10 years I have been saying this;


    • There is a tiny sentence spoken by this talking head MSM media ‘personality’ that just explains where the planet is at perfectly. The woman science reporter was out there at what’s left of Lake Mead doing a damn good job (for corporate news) explaining just how fucking bad it all is and what repercussions are aiming at all of us like a shotgun at your face. Along with sinking and getting stuck in the muck of the lake bottom! Most of the first couple minutes is here then 2:41 when she literally tells people THEY ARE FUCKED the damn talking head bitch jumps in with “it’s such a bummer for me and the family” that’ll make you want to puke.

      This is how our species deals with an existential crisis. The first thing that pops into her mind is all about trivial bullshit!

      Holy fuck, Kevin. What the hell is wrong with these people?

      On that note I’ll leave this.



  5. Kevin Hester says:

    “This is such a bummer for me”, how pitiful, woe is me! lol

    Many thx Seal


  6. More Mountain Glacier Collapses Feared as Heat Waves Engulf the Northern Hemisphere

    Researchers spot a vast new crack on a crumbling Italian glacier that killed 11 people earlier this month, as warming temperatures and snow droughts take a toll on alpine icefields.

    The Kyrgyzstan Tian Shan glacier collapse vid is pretty impressive…but the ‘oh dear god’ crap is pretty inappropriate since according to their mythology it is their god that did this, right? All powerful all knowing etc etc means personally responsible, yes?

    Collapse is speeding up. The thermometer read 24C at 9:30am this morning. Another day inside obviously…


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  7. Kevin Hester says:

    The conclusions of this study are being contested but I wouldn’t leave it here if it wasn’t broadly correct


  8. Kevin Hester says:

    One more nail in the coffin of the moana so that wealthy liberals can virtue signal in electric vehicles subsidised by the corporate stooge James Shaw.


  9. Kevin Hester says:

    “Over 76 square kilometres of mangroves were killed, releasing nearly one million tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere.”
    Coral reefs take about 15 yrs to recover, if at all, depending on how severe the bleaching events are.
    None of our coastlines or oceans are going to improve, why would they ? We’re doubling down on emissions, we’re losing our carbon sinks and everything flora and fauna are hugely stressed with zero respite in sight.


    • I can’t find that article about the Atlantic being dead which included the death of coral there but didn’t I post that on another thread? I can’t keep up!

      This urchin thing sure isn’t helping any but since the predators that used to feed off them are pretty much gone off the US coast the urchins are getting worse here, too.

      And damn if everything isn’t obviously inter-connected on this little ball of drying out mud we live on. Did you see that NOAA pic of how hot the Pacific is off the PAC N/W coast/Canada/Alaska this week? Holy shit!

      So here’s one about LET’S DO MORE STUDIES since it’s too fucking late, mate. Guess they have to use up that funding! Might as well, eh, as we are just gonna cook to death. Sure does feel like it up here…

      How Is the Jet Stream Connected to Simultaneous Heat Waves Across the Globe?
      Scientists are racing to understand the changing shape of the air currents.


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  10. Kevin Hester says:

    “he long-spined sea urchins can create barrens deeper than kina, and research is finding that they feed at a higher trophic level (the position they feed at in the food web). They are capable of causing disruption to the ecosystem as they tend to eat much more than just seaweeds and can impact a wide range of habitats. This is an interesting discovery by University of Auckland PhD student, Celia Balemi, who is researching the ecological impacts of the increasing populations of C. rodgersii on northern New Zealand reefs, under supervision of Dr. Nick Shears. ”


  11. […] Chronicling Ecosystem Collapse from the Tropics to the Antarctic […]

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  12. 112.9F/45C Sunday at 5:15pm. It’s been over 105’F since 20July, over 110’F since 28July. This mountain forest is getting seriously stressed. Well, so am I!

    A monster fire just blew up (t-storm lightning) near my ex and the stepkids down in Siskiyou County in NorCal, Went from 1,000 acres Saturday night to 60,000 by Sunday morning. Smoke cloud hit 50,000 feet in the afternoon. No idea what it is doing at the moment.

    I wish I had a link to the heat map of the Northern Pacific/Bering Straight. It’s freaky, dude! For some reason it’s in ‘downloads’ file but it won’t show up in the picture file and I can’t read the printing on it because zooming in doesn’t work in that file. I can read the last word that is capitalized but the circular stamp is just too blurry…It looks like maybe weatherBELL


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    • Kevin, I get the feeling that a mass death ‘event’ (as they will probably be labeled) is very close, right on the horizon. This year, next year, soon. And it’ll probably be heat death is what I’m guessing.

      This city is only #5 in the ‘most in danger’ category?! This city is crossing 55’C?

      And this part of the world is most likely to be just one among the many from what I’m correlating in my reading; with millions of refugees on the march to escape at the same times. Tens of millions? How is the rest of the world going to deal with that?

      Build heavily militarized walls (both physical and electronic) to keep them out I’m assuming since that is how all migration is responded to by the ‘Haves’ when it comes to helping the we took it all ‘Have Nots’ over-populated their countries anyway… Instead of rescuing them in the Med, governments will start sinking them (covertly, at least at first).

      Pakistan Burns At 50°C: Can It Turn The Heat Down On Climate Change? | Insight
      (47 minutes) *at 22:40 you get to see a glacier actually moving at you 1 meter a day…


      So the oceans are dying and so are we. Just a little bit slower is all. So far.

      Note: I’ve been posting on commondreams and OB Rag a lot lately, too.


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      • Kevin Hester says:

        Spectacular link I hadn’t seen, many thanks Seal


      • Like that one? This was the lead in to the link:

        + In June, the planet was about 1.8C warmer than pre-industrial (1850-1899) temperatures. Most of that warming has taken place over the four decades. Land temperatures for June have climbed by more than 1.5C since 1980.

        NOTE: Notice that 1850 to 1899 was considered PRE-INDUSTRIAL? Excuse me??

        State of the climate: 2022 on track for a summer of extreme heat

        Enough, eh?


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      • Wow! The “Pakistan Burns At 50 Deg. C….” video was a real eyeopener. One line in there reminded me of the quote, “Whiskey’s for drinkin’ and water’s for fightin’,” It appears that Pakistan may be one of the first countries in which that old saying will play out.

        And it seems impossible to ignore the mention of the rapidly growing population in parts of Pakistan. Knowing how very fragile the water distribution system is, it’s amazing anyone would be contemplating having more children! Thinking out loud here, but does anyone ever ponder the kind of life that will be awaiting their newborn?

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  13. The scariest thing to me, lindatanner, is that it official hit 50’C here 45 air miles south of Canada last summer. Just like Pakistan but of course this county only has about 45,000 total and (so far) lots of water gushing out of the ground or buried underneath and the forests haven’t all died from the heat. Yet.

    But I agree with you on why the hell would anybody be birthing more kids…except it’s their religion just like the insane christian fundies here saying the same thing. No available birth control of any kind, too, of course.

    Which is why abortion rights was just crushed by the Catholic extremists/Dominionist/Inquistionists on the unSupreme court. They’re all cut from the same cloth so to speak…radical violent believers. I’m expecting a 1991 Yugoslavia break-apart in the US in the very near future.

    Then there was this the last 6 days:

    + Southern Illinois and Indiana got hit with over a foot of rainfall in under 24 hours on Tuesday, making this the third 1-in-1,000-year rain event in the last seven days.

    Then of course you have to add in Kentucky’s drowning and floods also…

    + The source of the Thames River in Gloucestershire has dried up for the first time. The river now begins a meager flow 5 miles from its former source.

    + Table Talk with Gore Vidal, circa 2008.

    Spectator reporter: “Is there anything hopeful in American politics?”
    Vidal: ‘No,’.
    Spectator reporter: “Anything good about the American people?”
    Vidal: ‘Not really.’
    Spectator reporter: “How do you see the future of America panning out?
    Vidal: ‘It panned out already, it’s sinking.’
    Spectator reporter: “Can anything be done to save it?”
    Vidal, as he orders another whiskey and soda: ‘I don’t give a fuck.’

    Yep, one of the first but which one will be the first?

    After Unprecedented Heatwaves, Monsoon Rains and the Worst Floods in Over a Century Devastate South Asia

    Across the Indian subcontinent, floods and heavy rainfall have affected more than 7.2 million people in Bangladesh, submerged over 2,000 villages in India and caused more than 300 deaths in Pakistan.


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  14. Ummm, ya think 30 million Pakistanis are in trouble or what? Maybe the US should ship them a bunch of milk cows…

    And then there’s the capitol of (the former slave) State of Mississippi that now has no water for drinking, flushing toilets, or fighting fires because a key component of their water system broke and now it’s flooding so bad that the mayor is telling people to NOT drink whatever water trickles out of the tap… youtube vids all over the place on what’s going on there. Funny that the past government administrations didn’t bother to keep the infrastructure repaired but they did arm the cops with military-grade weapons since 85% of the population are, you know, not white?
    But wait, here’s one popped up about the DESERT southwest:

    Why they didn’t also include the other states in the Water Compact and probably where the Colorado River USED to flow heavily into the part of Mexico the US didn’t steal….
    There is so much going on in so many places at the same time that I’m just overwhelmed. Besides, it was fucking 37C again today and I can’t be upstairs on this machine until it cools down enough later at night. 30C at the moment with fans going and windows open.

    A few fires from the massive double lightning storm last Wed & Thurs still popping up around the area as strikes are blowing up after smoldering for days. But at least I’m not in a smoke pattern yet this summer…


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  15. Kevin Hester says:

    “In late July, an algae bloom began spreading in San Francisco Bay, which stretches 60 miles north to south. The bloom has since exploded, expanding north into San Pablo Bay, including the shores of Napa County, and conditions in mid-September were still dire, with the fish kill reaching into the tens of thousands. It is the largest and longest-lasting algae bloom in the bay’s recorded history.”


  16. Kevin Hester says:

    “The snow crab population shrank from around 8 billion in 2018 to 1 billion in 2021”


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