The Inevitability of Nuclear War and Subsequent Nuclear Winter

“So Far We Have Survived Nuclear Armageddon By Luck” Paul Craig Roberts

“The long lucky streak can’t go on forever. President Reagan understood this and focused on ending the Cold War. This achievement has been overturned by the evil neocons operating through the last three US presidents.”  click here for additional P.C.R. sourced article Ticking Closer to Nuclear Midnight.


 “In a nuclear war, immense nuclear firestorms in burning cities would create millions of tons of thick, black, radioactive smoke. This smoke would rise above cloud level and quickly surround and engulf the entire Earth. The smoke would form a stratospheric smoke layer that would block sunlight from reaching the surface of Earth for a period of about ten years.  Heated smoke in the stratosphere would cause massive destruction of the protective ozone layer. Huge amounts of harmful Ultraviolet light would penetrate the smoke and reach the surface of the Earth.Warming sunlight would be blocked by the smoke layer and cause the Earth to rapidly cool. In a matter of days, Ice Age weather conditions would descend upon all peoples and nations.”


I believe that this will be how they slow down our runaway climate change catastrophe.  The concept of a nuclear orchestrated global dimming and hence cooling is laid out below:  Nuclear War Threatens Human Existence.

Carl Sagan on the possibility of a nuclear winter

I’m editing this blog post on 16/03/2022 in Aotearoa New Zealand to include this analysis from Caitlin Johnstone titled “The Huge Gap Between How Serious Nuclear War Is And How Seriously It’s Being Taken”.
There is an audio option in the link above.

I'm an anti-imperialist, environmental activist and blue ocean sailor, who is passionate about the earth and all it's inhabitants without favour. Brace for imminent impact as we bare witness to the non-linear unraveling of the biosphere and habitability disappearing for most if not all complex life on the only habitable planet we know of. To quote President Niinistö in North Russia: ‘If We Lose the Arctic, We Lose the World’. Folks we have lost the Arctic.

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114 comments on “The Inevitability of Nuclear War and Subsequent Nuclear Winter
  1. Kevin Hester says:

    The planet is overheating very quickly. Soon our ‘owners’ will cool the planet with an orchestrated nuclear winter.


  2. So how’s that gonna work out, eh Kevin? Like everything our species thinks it can pull off, this ridiculously stupid idea will ‘kill’ two birds with one stone maybe? Irradiate the Northern Hemisphere at least since it’ll probably be the US using the cute ‘preemptive’ on Russia and/or China, and Israel will do the same with Iran or anybody else that wants to argue with their 200-300 weapons.

    As for India and Pakistan, they have gotten at least as close as any country in the world to using them on one another in the last 70 years, and with Covid ripping through the population of India and cancelling their economic viability (I’ve read nothing about Pakistan lately for some reason), Kashmir is still their trigger point and nothing I’ve read has said that has changed. Modi is a neoliberal violent rightwinger, anybody want to places bets on his stability of mind?

    And with what I read a year ago about Trump shuffling ‘how-to’ documents to the Saudis who were the architects of the 9/11/01 New York attack, I would assume they are probably feverishly trying to build their own nuclear weapons as I type this. North Korea can hit the giant US Pacific aircraft carrier Hawai’i and at the same time blow the shit out of Japan the other US Pacific aircraft carrier…and Koreans still hold a VERY big deep grudge at the Japanese for what they did in WWII.

    If you don’t have functional nuclear weapons you can’t play in the big boy’s game, right?

    So maybe it is time to read Nevil Shute’s little book On The Beach again? Been a long time but it’s still on the shelf. I did pick up the movie Hollywood made of it years ago but that did not have the emotional impact that the book had but that was probably because it was written before the science figured out what Nuclear Winter was. The planetary ecosystem will die much quicker than the movies bright sunshine! Muffled in a cloud of smoke, ash, and debris than the movie never portrayed or the book thought of. I still have a vhs copy of that, though, on the movie shelves.

    As darkness descends we will not be going to Disneyland.

    Good but chilling article you posted. The term used is ‘bleak’ and you don’t hear that from the corporate neoliberal mainstream media. Wouldn’t want to cause depression in the ‘consumers’ so badly that they quit buying shit they don’t need, right? Wouldn’t want that to happen!

    But 13,500 nuclear weapons poised to fly? I was talking with my old surf partner DP the other night. He’s lived on Windward Side of that US Hawai’ian aircraft carrier going on 30 years now, and his younger brother became a Captain of a US nuclear submarine of which the brother is so proud of. Trident subs have what, 18 nuclear-tipped missiles each with 6-8 independently targeted warheads of roughly 300-450kt each? Or is it 24? I forget. I read somewhere that all it will take to end this insane civilization is 100 going off at the same time across the Northern Hemisphere to completely smoke & dust cloud blot out the sun for years.

    That one sub of his retired Captain brother, using the lower metric of 18 missiles with 6 warheads each, comes out to 108. And we know that these are not the little atomic bomb firecrackers of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at 12 & 15kt; these are thermonuclear hydrogen bombs that scared the crap out of Albert Einstein so badly he wrote a letter to the president of the US asking him to stop it, dismantle it all.

    But just one errant rightwinger Fascist neoliberal like my old friend’s macho brother and POOF, we won’t be here any more. Talk about balanced on a razorblade…

    Our species is insane, or at least the ones who control it most certainly are. But isn’t denial a form of insanity?

    Maybe I won’t re-read On The Beach. But I did finish Edward Snowden’s Permanent Record this last weekend. Oh my, the same people and mindsets of madness are in power everywhere, and they are sociopaths and psychopaths and megalomania through and through. Best do something fun today instead…


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  3. And remember, the US can’t AFFORD universal health care, or clean water, or repairs to fix the falling down bridges. Too broke to house and educate poor children or feed them enough that they don’t go to bed in their cardboard boxes hungry. Too broke except somehow Biden’s latest ‘budget’ for the Federal cops (DEA, ATF, FBI, etc etc) is the same as the entire Russian military budget! But there’s no money for help to people addicted to harmful substances that are destroying them but the politicians certainly find huge lumps of cash for prisons to put them in…

    But there is plenty of money for Obama’s, then Trump’s, now Biden’s nuclear war machine to build ‘better’ weapons in order to upgrade this country’s ‘protective blanket’ having more ‘usable’ bombs that can be stuffed into a suitcase? How does that work again?

    There is always plenty of money to give trillions to the wealthy as covid ravages the species. There is plenty of money to fund the overthrow of countries that elect governments that don’t do what the US says. There’s plenty of money to not tax the richest sociopaths in the nation who own all the corporations that are destroying it but not enough to get our species off this planet and out to where the resources are that could keep it from going extinct, and not enough money to build factories in orbit so we could stop spewing toxics on ourselves.

    So I guess we will just keep fighting over the dwindling resources until gone and suffocating in our own poisons. Or, of course, tossing a few hundred thermo-nuclear hydrogen bombs to just turn it all off. Or maybe we won’t and the planet will go into unstoppable greenhouse and turn into Venus?

    What a bummer no matter how one looks at it.

    As for the 2nd youtube link, Sagan was a pretty smart cookie. Remember the movie ‘Contact’ that was dedicated ‘To Carl’? Glad he’s not alive to see all this…


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  4. I found a great photo book of Mt. St. Helens in a box donated to the 2nd hand I was sorting through. Impressive geo-engineering!

    As for this thread, I don’t know if I posted this a few years ago but it certainly hasn’t gone down any since. Which country is the most likely to instigate it? Well, why spend all this money if you don’t get to use the damned weapons, eh?

    The Pentagon Can’t Account for $21 Trillion (That’s Not a Typo)

    Twenty-one trillion dollars.

    The Pentagon’s own numbers show that it can’t account for $21 trillion. Yes, I mean trillion with a “T.” And this could change everything.

    But I’ll get back to that in a moment.

    There are certain things the human mind is not meant to do. Our complex brains cannot view the world in infrared, cannot spell words backward during orgasm and cannot really grasp numbers over a few thousand. A few thousand, we can feel and conceptualize. We’ve all been in stadiums with several thousand people. We have an idea of what that looks like (and how sticky the floor gets).

    But when we get into the millions, we lose it. It becomes a fog of nonsense. Visualizing it feels like trying to hug a memory. We may know what $1 million can buy (and we may want that thing), but you probably don’t know how tall a stack of a million $1 bills is. You probably don’t know how long it takes a minimum-wage employee to make $1 million.

    That’s why trying to understand—truly understand—that the Pentagon spent 21 trillion



  5. Maybe it’ll be the landlocked US aircraft carrier puppet state Israel that starts off a general war that goes nuclear since they’ve got 300 or so ready to use according to their own ex-top scientist who blew the whistle on them (he got out of prison a while back but is not allowed to leave the country). 300 nuclear bombs-and I’m assuming they are thermo-nuclear hydrogen bombs not little firecrackers like what the US dropped on Hiroshima & Nagasaki, and that would pretty much cover the entire Northern Hemisphere in a dense cloud of dust and smoke for probably many years from what the current literature on the estimated long-term after-effects I’ve read of just 100 being used at the same time. But I’m still just guessing as we all are, eh? India & Pakistan are still teetering on the edge of another war…

    ‘We Need to Take Military Action’: Israeli Defense Minister Threatens War With Iran

    Denying responsibility for a deadly drone strike in the Arabian Sea, the Iranian Foreign Ministry warned that “any anti-Iran adventurism will receive an immediate and decisive response.”



  6. Kevin Hester says:

    Clearly the military industrial complex are hell bent on weaponizing space, there is billions in it for them.”
    One of the problems China and Russia have is they know that the US and Nato can’t be trusted treaty or not.
    Without the internet and the Global Positioning System for navigation this civilisation would crumble in days.
    A Space War would be a major extinction event for the planet.


    • Don’t you just love the reality that the German Nazi scientists invented the way the US space war was originally set up? And now we’ve got a passel of our own Fascists in control. Monkey see monkey do I guess.

      Almost nobody over the years that I mentioned Operation Paperclip to knew what the hell I was talking about. And when I explained most of them called me a liar/conspiracy theorist because the US gov would never bring in Nazis… Nazi spymasters set up the CIA, too, so no surprise how those murderers have turned out either. Of course all government employees monsters and sociopaths and psychopaths and serial killers

      I wonder if the US population has a breaking point when life is so poverty-stricken from the ever-growing war budget that they rebel? Perhaps not, pretty ignorant group with little or no knowledge of history when taken as a whole. But if they do, the heavily war weapon militarized police will have no problem protecting the wealthy status quo and its profit no doubt. I think they’d welcome it as cops are generally authoritarian Fascist-leaning anyway.

      Taliban Cops vs American Cops, Who’s Worse?

      We can’t be the only species in this little galaxy to have committed planetary suicide. Probably lots of dead planets out there covered in ruins. Sure are a lot of ruins on this planet of dead civilizations to extrapolate from, ya know,?


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    • I’m about…40 air miles from the center of Spokane at a higher elevation than the city in the flats on the opposite (west-facing) side of the 5,000 foot ridgeline that’s between us.

      Oh goody, I might survive the initial blast(s). Or not. Fairchild AFB is west of Spokane, and it is a railroad hub. How unlucky can one get? To live after a nuclear war or, for a time, during the effects of nuclear winter. I’d rather be directly under it like the girl on the bench.

      There’s a book called One Second After (fiction since it hasn’t happened) by a History Prof named Forstchen who specializes in military history and technology about how quickly the US would break down after an EMP. His goal of the book was for billions to be spent on ‘hardening’ military & grids etc etc which of course was never undertaken on a grand scale though I’ve read somewhere that the military has done some of that.

      Rather grim reading, as this video was also.

      Here’s a link about Biden and what a ‘progressive’ he is with his 2022 Pentagon budget; bigger than Trump’s!

      The Unconscionable Hypocrisy of the Federal Spending Debate
      Why is it controversial to spend on social programs but not the Pentagon? Or to subsidize the poor but not the rich?

      original site: OtherWords

      There’s no way to stop these, you know, the real DOOMERS!


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  7. I finally had a chance to watch the British movie ‘Threads’ the other night. I’ve known about it for decades but it wasn’t available in US vhs formats, and being on dial-up since the 1990s I couldn’t watch it online. With DSL I finally could.

    That movie put reality of nuclear war right into your face, into the bottom of your belly, far beyond what the US ‘The Day After’ movie that came out at the same time did in the early 1980s of madman Reagan and Thatcher’s reign of neoliberal terror.

    For those that have never seen it:


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    • Funny that you post this as I found it on youtube a few weeks ago and watched it. It is so much different to read the words and decades later get to hear all the voices of those climate scientists. The movie ‘Contact’ was dedicated ‘To Carl.’

      I cracked up when he said Greenhouse Effect is NOT how a greenhouse works. And ‘safe’ fission plants which are “IN PRINCIPLE’ possible-that we know now there really aren’t any such thing especially with the oceans rising on coastline plants and drought draining rivers on inland plants both being a problem for keep the damned things cooling and those over-full cooling ponds of spent rods nobody knows what to do with. Not even mention the utter stupidity of corporate owners that built the damned things to only increase profits…

      And this was 1985 when I was still happily married and living above 1,000 meters on Palomar Mt., right across from the Observatory in N/E San Diego County.

      My, hasn’t the world outlook changed and not for the better…

      Here’s a good take on the US belief system: the Pentagod!

      The American Abyss of Weapons and Warming


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  8. […] Increase being baked in but no one else will! This is the geo-engineering issue I mentioned; The Inevitability of Nuclear War and Subsequent Nuclear Winter “Looking further forward to when all the methane will be released from under the World’s […]


  9. Luck is sure feeling a bit shaky at this point. Biden is threatening Russia with nuclear war since he is willing to protect the Coup neofuckingNazis that Hillary Clinton’s bitch Victorian Nuland funded with $5bil US?

    The political insanity continues unabated in this country:

    Nuclear War Over Ukraine?
    Bankrupt America is in no position to fight for Ukraine.

    And there isn’t a damned thing people in this country can do about it. We are utterly powerless to change or influence the Rulers in any way. Voting doesn’t work, only money and power does, and the majority of US citizens don’t have either.

    Funny that the minority power GOP and majority power DEM think alike don’t you think?


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  10. Had an old ’80s movie pop up in the youtube feed last night that I haven’t seen since those awful Reagan years, War Games. What the hell, I watched it since I hazily remember it as an ant-nuclear war film.

    The only way to win is to not play. So says the AI computer. How about a nice game of chess? Yeah, well…

    40 years later the wealthy and powerful still don’t get it, and the military is still being operated by clones of Dr. Stranglove who somehow never got the message, either. That our species hasn’t yet lit off planet-wide use is actually kind of surprising to be honest. Though the use of Depleted Uranium certainly has spread massive radioactive contamination across broad swipes of the planet since then which, if one thinks about it, IS nuclear war on a smaller scale. Clinton using it during his bombing on parts of Yugoslavia, HWbush in the first invasion of Iraq and Wbush’s 2nd invasion that spread that crap with the wind. And Chernobyl and what continues to be even a worse disaster in Japan that can’t be stopped. I read somewhere that there is fallout from all the nuclear bomb tests that is still drifting down from high orbit…

    What really struck me as strange and rather disturbing are so many of the comments posted from people who were kids or teens that saw the movie when it came out all talking about how nice movies were back then, how the world was such a much gentler place. WTF? I started getting upset and quit reading them. The ignorance shown has only gotten worse and these are the teens that are the mid-late 40 to 50 year old generals and corporate heads now….and they thought the movie was pleasant step back to better days? Did they not see Threads or The Day After and so many pleas for sanity movies that were coming out back then including this one?

    This fits in here:

    The Pentagon and CIA Have Shaped Thousands of Hollywood Movies into Super Effective Propaganda


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  11. Kevin Hester says:

    Via Sam Carana
    The Cretaceous-Paleocene boundary (~66 million years-ago) asteroid impact, described in 1980 by Alvarez et al., caused enough dust and debris to cloud large parts of planet and result in the mass extinction of some 80% of all species of animals.
    When Turco et al. (1983) and Carl Sagan (1983) warned the world about the climatic effects of a nuclear war, they pointed out that the amount of carbon stored in a large city was sufficient to release enough aerosols (smoke, soot and dust) to block sunlight over large regions, leading to a widespread failure of crops and thereby extensive starvation.
    Current nuclear arsenals by the United States and Russia could inject 150 Teragram (Tg) (10⁹ kilogram) of soot from fires ignited by nuclear explosions into the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere (Coupe et al., 2019), lasting for a period of 10 years or longer, followed by a period of intense radioactive radiation over large areas. Even a “limited” nuclear war, such as between India and Pakistan, would release enough aerosols to affect large regions, killing millions or billions through starvation. As stated by Robock et al., 2007): “The casualties from the direct effects of blast, radioactivity, and fires resulting from the massive use of nuclear weapons by the superpowers would be so catastrophic … the ensuing nuclear winter would produce famine for billions of people far from the target zones”.
    By 2021, with a global arsenal of ~13.000 nuclear warheads, 90 percent of which held by Russia and the US, regional conflicts such as in the Ukraine and Taiwan threaten to spill world-wide.


  12. sealintheselkirks says:

    With the USA’s never-ending desperate behavior to rule the world like a junkie reaching for a needle full of heroin anywhere they can…war IS inevitable and this country will start it but put the blame elsewhere. At least for the short time before all electronics are fried by EMP and the cities turn into thermonuclear fireballs. The US breaks every promise it ever makes, breaks every treaty it ever signs, installs madmen despot dictators around the world, and nearly everything that comes out cannot be believed; the idiot citizens of this country call it the greatest country in the world.

    One, just 1, US Trident submarine carrying 18 to 24 MIRVs of 6-8 independently targeted weapons will destroy life on this planet. The lesser number means 108 giant holes in the planet surface blowing massive amounts of dust, smoke, and debris into the upper atmosphere will kill us all. If everybody lets loose as many as they can before they are obliterated… my old partner’s younger brother was a captain of one of these death machines until retirement and he is proud of his ‘commitment’ to ‘freedom’ still…and considers his older brother’s 30 years working with disabled preschool & toddlers to have been a waste of time when he could have “done something” with his life. The insanity is too deeply embedded in here and it certainly isn’t going to change in the short time it needs to.

    Trump or Biden or HIllary or McCain or Wbush or Kerry or Romney or whoever the hell is the figurehead …does it matter which mad face is actually president? They’re all ruled by they same tiny group of Oligarchs who are psychopaths and stark raving mad.
    The one stark thought is that those living monsters (and the generals and politicians) will probably outlive the majority of the species in their secret hideouts. Do they realize what they will face if they ever come out in ten or twenty years of hiding underground?

    A quicker death is preferable but they’ll deserve a slow one and I truly hope it is worse than I can ever imagine.

    Another take on what should have been WWIII and it should have been title US roulette:

    Ready for Another Game of Russian Roulette?

    There won’t be anybody left to remember who started WWIII after the last bunker empties out of the privileged when the last of the stored food is gone. But there will be satellites still floating around the planet I’d imagine. At least for a while…



  13. sealintheselkirks says:

    Ellsberg speaks!

    On Nuclear Annihilation and Other Topics: A Talk With Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg

    If one has a strong stomach I recommend his Doomsday Machine. It’s a book that cannot be read through in one sitting, too much overwhelming madness to digest. Probably not good reading for anyone who gets extremely depressed, either, for that matter.


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  14. sealintheselkirks says:

    The US is going to start another fucking war it seems like and based on lies and propaganda again it also seems like, but instead of 3rd world countries it can bomb back into the stone age (that is STILL can’t win against) the sights are set on Russia? Because the US broke its promise again regarding the eastward movement of NATO? And over Ukraine whom the US politicians Sen. Clinton et al and her little rightwing piece of shit puppet RWNJ Nuland funded the Fascist coup that runs the country now with $5bil of our tax dollars? And of course Sen. ‘Mastercard’ Biden was enthusiastic just like he was about Wbush invasion of the Iraq War Crime slaughter-fest.

    There is a huge push for a ‘new’ war in the name of De-mock-racy against ‘communist’ Russia going on here, Kevin. It’s like 2002/2003 all over again. Or over Libya. Or Syria, Or 1990.

    Which is patently ridiculous because, like the US, and China for that matter, Russia is a Capitalist state run by an Oligarchy of the wealthy.

    At least this one German general laid down reality and got his ashes hauled for doing it and ‘resigned.’ Dr. Strangelove anyone?

    Since the ‘Atomic Clock’ has been subverted by politicians don’t expect it to accurately reflect reality by the way. Look who is on the governing board now!!

    UKRAINE CRISIS: German Navy Chief Resigns; Britain Spreads Fears of Russian ‘Coup’ & Wider War

    US Puts Troops on Standby as War Tensions Over Ukraine Mount
    The U.K. threatens “lightning war” as military forces mobilize in eastern Europe.

    The only tensions I am seeing are the ones the US and it’s puppets are making up. But like every US president, start a war to seem more presidential seems to be the rule. Worked for Trump, Obama, Wbush, Clinton, HWbush, Reagan…on and on it goes. Do as I say not as I do never works for raising children either…

    Our species seems to be incapable of evolving into one that is deserving of respect, Only individuals in the species earn that and they are essentially powerless to effect real change in the direction we’ve been heading in throughout history. But now we have thermonuclear hydrogen bombs instead of little firecrackers like Hiroshima and Nagasaki were.

    Enough bad news. I’m going to fill a bowl and go sit out on the front porch with the furballs and smell the below-freezing air in these mountains because at the moment I can’t think of anything better to do.


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  15. Kevin Hester says:

    This latest ratcheting up of the warmongering from the NATO block is a whole new level of insanity.
    There behaviour borders on a declaration of war by intent.
    As we frog march to the abyss I can’t separate an over heating planet from all this war mongering. It’s a major driver of the climate crisis and only a nuclear winter will cool it down.
    The psychopaths in the military industrial complex are capable of anything.


  16. sealintheselkirks says:

    This was interesting. It was posted three days ago by a news watcher on

    Bloomberg News had a headline up for about 30 minutes before it was taken down off their website. It stated “Russia Invades the Ukraine”. It was there for 30 minutes.

    Someone jumped the gun. They are reporting the news they want to happen before it happens.

    Bloomberg issued an “apology” for posting that headline “by accident”

    Sure is feeling like 2003, Kevin. The largest anti-war protests worldwide ever and it made zero difference. I was part of the street protest group in Mt. Shasta and gave a speech to the city council about how the City should declare itself a ‘no war in Iraq’ zone. Which also made exactly zero difference obviously.

    The US corporate-owned media is pounding war drums as their gov mouthpiece propagandists deliver more and more opinions that read like government handouts while interviewing exactly the wrong ‘experts’ about their misguided opinions. The screeching is everywhere drowning out all rational thought.

    This country is run by psychopaths. But we already know that, don’t we? And there doesn’t seem to be a damned thing we can do about getting them out of office and put into therapy or at least removing them from having any governmental power… Anybody else remember Condoleeza Rice’s ‘mushroom clouds over Washington’ and Powell’s satellite photos of Iraqi ‘WMD trucks’ that were so prominently displayed for public consumption on every news channel? Anybody remember NY Times Judith Miller’s extremist pro-war screeds? Anybody remember the ‘attacks’ by North Viet Nam in the Gulf of Tonkin?

    We get TWO WHOLE REPORTERS have the nerve to question the government bullshit (shades of Helen Thomas, eh?) and they get snarled at by flunky assholes like Ned Price and Jen Psaki for DOUBTING their golden words of empty official propaganda wisdom? WTF?

    PATRICK LAWRENCE: Propaganda and Evidence

    Do we live in a real version of Groundhog Day?


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  17. sealintheselkirks says:

    US is threatening a No Fly Zone so US aircraft can attack. Which gives Russia to cruise missile any airbase in any country that launches them. Which triggers NATO Article 5.

    Nuclear war. This was yesterday:

    Russia Panic, NATO deployed 40K troops, 100 jets, 3 CSG & over 120 ships for air w2r against Russia


    We’ve lived under the death of us all for my entire life.



  18. Kevin Hester says:

    Great catch Seal, many thanks.
    I’ll drop this here in case you haven’t seen it from the late great Robert Parry

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  19. sealintheselkirks says:

    I contribute $25 every Spring to ConsortiumNews. And Counterpunch. And Inside Climate News. A few others. Wish I could more but..;limited income doesn’t allow for much.

    Shit be looking pretty shaky, eh?



  20. sealintheselkirks says:

    Quick little story:

    I found a book leaning against the 2nd hand window a couple Mondays ago. Published in 2021 by Cat Stevens and had a Library tag inside it. Kathy was supposed to call it in but it freaking sat there for two weeks and she did nothing so I brought it home and called the library number inside the book a few days ago. Turned out to be from a branch 5 miles east of me. The Loon Lake librarian that answered was delighted to hear about my finding it. She said the kid that lost it was heartbroken. I’ll drop it off at the library on Monday, go the long way around to Chewelah instead of my normal route.

    The music link below is amazing and was performed by musicians around the world to compliment the book. I’m adding a link in the book as a bookmark for the young girl that lost it. Listen to this:


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  21. sealintheselkirks says:

    This is pretty dang accurate but of course nothing like this would ever make it into the corporate MSM that is screaming WAR WAR WAR in this country because, you know, somebody might read it and asks uncomfortable questions to those in power…

    Paul Street’s latest:

    If I was Russian I wouldn’t want a neo-Fascist regime on my border that was bought and paid for by US billions and pushed by Hillary Clinton’s bitch Victoria Neuland, either. The US PUT that fucking government in power to get nuclear missiles on Russia’s border. WTF?

    Oligarchs all jockeying for power and wealth. The rest of us can go jump off a cliff for all they give a shit.

    Big sigh. Same old same old.


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  22. […] In the early 1990’s I travelled from my then home in Germany to Gibraltar to help an old friend out with a computer installation he was working on.A co-worker said to me “Greg tells me you’re a sailor. There’s lots of delivery work available here if you want some work delivering yachts around the Mediterranean or across the Atlantic to the Caribbean! “My ears pricked up instantly, my life was about to take off in a whole new direction !The mere thought of someone paying me to do something I was passionate about was truly exciting.Pete’ asked me what ‘tickets’ I had, because for insurance purposes in Europe you had to have a recognised captains qualification to head to sea commercially. I joked in reply “I have a bus ticket from Malaga and a train ticket from Madrid”. We gelled instantly !He was both a computer programmer and a yachting instructor at the Royal Yacht Association affiliated Gibraltar Sailing School and he had a new student ! 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Crossing the Straits of Gibraltar in a Keeler, with a maximum hull speed of seven knots, having to ‘give way’ to freighters doing upwards of 30 knots is akin to a rabbit crossing a multi lane freeway packed with traffic. The Straits of Gibraltar are an incredible ‘choke point’, It’s an interesting challenge and why it’s so geopolitically and strategically important. Very much like the Straits of Hormuz !Central to my qualification was having the ability to train others in the art of sailing.We did a day sail from Gibraltar across the Straits of Gibraltar to a marina in Morocco, it was about 20miles each way. I was the designated skipper and I had 5 students I had to instruct, whilst the instructor sat mute judging my ability to impart knowledge, create a team and formulate a strategy for crossing the shipping lanes.Before entering the controlled ‘Shipping lanes’ I put the crew through a series of “Man Overboard Drills” where you throw a buoy overboard and do a series of manoeuvres to simulate recovering someone from the ocean. I designated the most competent student to the official position of “Mate of Watch”. That person takes responsibility for the vessel when the captain is not on duty or not in the cockpit.In a quiet moment Pete said ” How did you think the students responded to the MOB drill ? ” I was happy with them overall and said so and he replied “This is what I want to do, change the lesson from a drill to a real live M.O.B. I’ll cause a distraction on the bow and when no one is looking I want you to slip off the stern, don’t call out and we’ll see how long it is before your missed and if they can recover you. If it all turns to shit I’ll take over and recover you.” Anyone who knows me will know that I literally jumped at that idea and typically, I was soon in the water!Not long after, the crew noticed I was missing, one of them spotted me and yelled “Man Overboard” as was her training, whilst pointing at me . The designated “Mate of Watch” took control of the yacht, went about and I was ‘rescued’. The students passing that test meant I was passing the test.We regrouped, set our sails for the 15 mile sail across the Straits, checked the radar to plot a course through the lines of ships going in both directions and after dodging the ‘traffic’ we entered a new and deserted marina on the Moroccan coast and did drills where we sailed onto a finger berth without using the motor for propulsion or breaking, it’s quite the trick ‘Backing a head sail’ to use it as a break! No where in the world are marina’s happy with sailing vessels only using wind to manoeuvre within the marina, the new but empty marina gave us that opportunity.As we left the marina under power, the engine groaned and stopped, something had ‘fowled’ the prop and stalled the engine.I jumped overboard, again!!! and dived down to the prop to ascertain wtf was going on!There was an old discarded fishing net wrapped around the prop and jammed against the hull which had stalled the motor !I resurfaced, asked for a knife and dived down another 1/2 a dozen times cutting and yanking at the net until it came off. The nylon netting had effectively welded itself to the shaft and hull due to the heat generated before the engine stalled.In the process of untangling the net I dislocated my little finger and had to relocate it whilst ‘doggy paddling’ in the water holding the knife and the remnants of the net. It hurt!!!!!!!Shortly thereafter, yet again, the Kiwi rabbit and his novice crew re-crossed the Straits of Gibraltar, this time it was ‘uneventful’, dislocated throbbing finger not withstanding !!!Part of the training course included night sailing where we sailed up the Spanish coast using land marks, beacons and light houses for navigation purposes, all the while plotting our position on paper charts. All this happened pre-GPS !My partner Ulli was on the boat that night and as we were sailing parallel to the coast Ulli spoke up authoritatively and announced “There’s a vessel over there moving at pace with no lights on” !!What Ulli had noticed, that no one else had noticed, including myself and the instructor, was that the lights we could see on the coast were ‘going out’ then coming on again, it could only be a vessel between us and the land. It was a spectacular observation.I grabbed the yachts most powerful torch, shined it in the direction of the vessel which was completely unlit, without even navigation lights on and next minute the vessel lit up like a Christmas tree with the biggest spot light I had ever seen trained on us and we got to meet the Spanish Guardia Civil !Because of it’s proximity to Africa, the Spanish coast is a hotbed of smuggling. People, drugs and cigarettes the main contraband.The Spanish naval vessel came alongside us and we ‘rafted up’ whilst soldiers trained automatic weapons on us as an armed boarding party came aboard, they were initially nervous and jumpy as they searched our vessel. The instructor and the sailing school were known to them so it was all very civil once they recognised him and they stopped training their guns on us, it was very ‘Civil’ of them!Shortly after all that drama, I was awarded my captains ticket which allowed me to take on paid work, first just shuffling yachts between marinas on the Spanish coast and Gibraltar and back and then the Biggy!Pete invited me over to the office and as I sat down he dropped a set of keys with a small float attached and a credit card onto the desk and pointing out the window to a magnificent yacht and said “I need that yacht in Athens, last week !!! I jokingly replied “Which ways Greece ?” and he replied, eyes rolling! “Head East young man, you’ll be fine”.I had now been hired to deliver a 49 ft Halberg Russy ketch from Gibraltar to Greece, about 1200 sea miles with a few diversions en-route. The yacht had what in Aotearoa NZ we would call a beer fridge but it was stocked exclusively with Bollinger Champagne. I was told “Make sure that the fridge is full when the owner boards with his wife in Greece.” I replied “Don’t worry, I won’t drink them”. The reply was “Oh no, help yourself, just use the ships credit card for any food, fuel, booze or any repairs you need en-route”, just keep the receipts.This was my first introduction to the world of the uber-wealthy’s hired help.Myself and one other crewman set sail from Gib’ heading East across the coast of Africa and when we were offshore from Libya I heard a massive ‘explosion’ as a fighter jet broke the sound barrier directly over the boat. I received a VHF ‘call’ from the French Fighter Jet Pilot , as you do!! Whilst he spoke to me the jet circled my yacht with one wing pointed at the sky and the other at the ocean!From the pilot in eloquent English ; “Hailing the white ketch, This is Lieutenant …. from the French Airforce division of the NATO sanctions patrol on Libya, do you copy, over. “I responded, how could I not! “Copy that NATO sanctions patrol. How can I assist you, over?”Pilot; “I need to know your vessels name and call sign, where your next destination is, what port did you commence this voyage from. How many passengers and crew are on board and what freight you are carrying, over”. I replied “I’m a fucking yacht, I’m not carrying any freight, the yacht is the fucking freight, over”. Bare with me, this guy arrived in an explosion at sea, I was a little rattled, I admit that. Pilot replies ” Copy that Sir, I need definitive answers to the questions. You’re in NATO controlled water and airspace, my job is to get answers to my satisfaction or I will instruct a Navy vessel to come alongside and a boarding party will get the answers we require.” Not wanting to be ‘boarded’ again by people pointing assault rifles at me, I changed tack, pardon the pun.I lightened up, answered all his questions and the conversation became very civil (I had been the uncivil one) as we casually chatted, he circled my position at an unknown speed guzzling tonnes of fossil fuels!!When he received all the info he needed he politely signed off and stood the F111 Mirage fighter on it’s end, fired his after burners and took off vertically into the sky.As I watched him disappearing into the ether I pondered the fact that he was probably a similar age to me, 30, incredible that young men can be flying around in these killing machines with their hands on the trigger!Not long after our encounter with NATO another yacht sailing in the opposite direction hailed me on the VHF and asked “Hailing the white ketch, do you know where we are, over”? We had a Lorcan navigation device that gave us Latitude and Longitude which we used to plot on our charts. Taking a compass baring on the other yacht and using our radar to determine how far away they were, we were able to give them a near perfect reference point for their navigation. Lorcan was the predecessor to the Global Positioning System.We carried on to Greece, now drinking Bollinger! Not long after that expedition, I flew to the Canary Islands to participate in the Arc regatta to Saint Lucia in the Caribbean on board a magnificent 75ft mini-super yacht. I spent 3 days on board learning the ship’s systems and then woke up to a fax from the owner to the skipper telling him that the trip had been cancelled and to pay off the crew and fly us home.I was paid in full, flown back to Germany at the clients expense and never untied the ship from the marina! The irony of being paid for my first offshore passage, that never happened, wasn’t lost on me!It was the beginning of two decades of being paid to do what I loved culminating in me completing 16 ocean passages on small yachts ( 37 to 75ft) all in the Pacific, over half as skipper. The 1200 mile sail to Greece doesn’t count as a “Offshore Passage” because the Mediterranean is classed as a Non-Tidal Sea.I did sail down the coast of Africa on coastal traders and a freighter. I’ve written about that adventure here; Adventures in Africa- Brushes with Death- A Love StoryI’ve previously written in this space the role that militarism is playing in the unfolding climate and extinction crisis. All actions have consequences; Militarism’s Role in the Sixth and Possibly Last ‘Great’ Extinction.Naturally this latest war in Europe will accentuate our predicament. The GPS system of navigation could literally be turned off in a flash leaving modern days sailors ‘Lost at sea’! This is why all good sailors still plot their position regularly on the paper charts, you’re only one lightning strike or war or EMP away from being ‘Lost at Sea’. I’ve also previously hypothesised how a nuclear war or exchange is the only way to cool the planet at scale. I’m naturally not advocating for it but our psychopathic owners in the military industrial complex are highly likely to take the “Sampson Option“.If a nuclear weapon is used anywhere, consider that emergency cooling is the real reason for it’s use.The Inevitability of Nuclear War and Subsequent Nuclear Winter […]


  23. sealintheselkirks says:

    Line of sight for EMP, right? That includes straight up I’m assuming? Would space stop it from spreading above the atmosphere? If so that will take out any GPS satellite in that electromagnetic wave, yes?

    An opening act of WWIII that has been heavily talked about for decades would start with little blasts 100-200 miles above to take out everything not ‘hardened.’ There certainly isn’t any non-military hardening to EMP on anything I’ve ever read. That alone could end GPS for a hell of a lot of the planet. Not to mention that all the aircraft will coming crashing down! Except maybe the prop-driven that are aerodynamic enough to glide to a crash landing. The big jets? Forget it. Without computers they don’t fly and, unlike the prop planes, they can’t steer once the electricity goes off. Those big oceangoing tubs like the monster container ships, giant oil tankers, and just pompously ridiculous-sized cruise ships are almost all computer-driven will be completely helpless…bobbing around like corks as the small crews run out of food and water. Imagine being on one of those helpless in high seas! When there aren’t any rescue tugs to go get them they’ll just wash up with literally a skeleton crew somewhere eventually. If they don’t sink first.

    What our psychopathic owners are planning, only another psychopath could possibly understand the unreasoning behind whatever it is they’ve cooked up in their paranoid and greedy mental ‘meth lab’ of a brain. They sure do talk shit, though, don’t they? Cooling the planet with nuclear war has got to be right up there near the top of the list for bonkers!



  24. Kevin Hester says:

    Nuclear War Is On The Horizon

    As Facts Cannot Be Acknowledged, the Insane Drive into Nuclear War Cannot be Stopped

    Paul Craig Roberts


    • sealintheselkirks says:

      And the propaganda coming out of Ukraine is so thick that you can’t cut it with a sharp knife…

      Can’t argue with an Empire’s propaganda because it is so overwhelmingly pervasive in every form of media…but PCR has been trying for a long time. Been a while since I’ve read anything from him. I thought he maybe died or something!

      You might find this interesting:

      Biden admitted in 1997 NATO expansion would cause Russian ‘hostile reaction

      Current US President Joe Biden admitted in a 1997 talk at the Atlantic Council that eastward NATO expansion into the Baltic states would cause a “vigorous and hostile reaction” by RussiaCurrent US President Joe Biden acknowledged in 1997 that eastward NATO expansion into the Baltic states would cause “the greatest consternation,” which could “tip the balance” and result in a “vigorous and hostile reaction” by Russia.

      continued at link


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    • sealintheselkirks says:

      That was pretty sad, left a cold lump in my chest by the end. “The consequences of nuclear war would be pretty grim” is the understatement of the year or what?

      Bluntly, I know about the signs of radiation poisoning, but as I’ve said before I’m not really that far from Spokane and if the fools go total war with the size of the weapons in the stockpiles compared to the tiny firecrackers of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it’s likely that I’ll be buried under my wood-framed house from the air and/or ground shock. 35 air miles just isn’t far enough even being being a low range of hills. Besides that reality, being downwind from Southern Washington and Portland Oregon’s fallout pattern, it would be raining hot isotopes within a couple of hours I’m guessing.

      Yeah, that cold lump is quite real…

      Since it seems that the most likely result is going to be the total destruction of the Northern Hemisphere, I wonder how the Global South would fare? Would it end up being like Nevillle Shute’s grim book where those left are watching the descending cloud of radiation for months until it swamps them? Those bunkers and boltholes the global wealthy have scattered across the planet will be nothing but tombs.

      As for this vid, there just doesn’t seem to be any way to influence the madness. But there are a few countries that aren’t buying the lies:

      These Countries Are Willing To Risk US Ire Over Russia-Ukraine

      The Global South is not intimidated and has increasingly refused to ally with the West on sanctions and condemnations.

      I did watch another short vid from this site that was linked, Why the War in Ukraine, and it was damned grim, too. Not much hopium on this site other than just don’t fucking do it you idiots!



  25. sealintheselkirks says:

    I forgot to add this one:

    The Dangerous American Game of Helping Kill Russian Generals

    The U.S. establishment need to ask themselves just one question: If the position were reversed, how would the United States react to a third country deliberately helping to kill U.S. Commanders?


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  26. […] Included in the blog piece below is an analysis from Carl Sagan on the effects of a nuclear winter;The Inevitability of Nuclear War and Subsequent Nuclear Winter Our rewilding project of planting native trees on Rakino Island can be followed here; Rakino Island […]


  27. sealintheselkirks says:

    As Things Fall Apart Biden May Want To Escalate

    Biden (pronounced BUY-DEM since he’s bought & paid for) IS escalating as the Cold War Fascist he’s always been shows more and more through the propaganda of how ‘democratic he supposedly is. Meant to post this days ago…but been busy and have too damned many windows open on my computer at this point.


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    • sealintheselkirks says:

      Arms control guy Scott Ritter talks HISTORY of why Finland shouldn’t even be allowed to join NATO since they joined with the Nazis and part of the deal to NOT be broken up was to stay out of the way. And then he asks the question that if Hitler killing millions throughout WWII didn’t make Sweden want to end their neutrality position, how can Russia fighting with Ukraine be enough to do so? Of course Sweden certainly gained a lot fencing Germany’s stolen artworks etc etc, eh?

      Yeah, nobody wants to remember history. Especially their own sordid mistakes. I still think the US destroyed more of Iraq with that initial ‘shock and awe’ attack than Russia has in four months. I mean, they still have electricity, water, toilets, and their phones work! Iraq was bombed flat in far less time. Of course we don’t know how it will end up…

      But now Turkey is cancelling their NATO bid unless they change their behavior and extradite Kurds for trial and execution…among other conditions. I actually chuckled at this article. I’m sure there are some really pissed off Western politicians ranting about Erdogan!

      SCOTT RITTER: Turkey Rains on NATO’s Parade

      How far will this go? I guess we’ll find out. Is this what WWIII feels like; At least in the starting stages? That heightened sense of foreboding that comes with too much information from too many sources and none of it is good…except for the nationalistic hopium from the MSM!


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  28. Kevin Hester says:

    As our climate catastrophe spirals us into the abyss, all sorts of mad cap geoengineering experiments will be conducted.
    I’m betting they trigger a nuclear winter by blowing up a volcano or a competitor.
    The Aerosol Masking Effect writ large.


    • sealintheselkirks says:

      World War 3 is already underway as EUROPE does the unthinkable | Redacted with Clayton Morris


      You’ll recognize some names…


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  29. Kevin Hester says:

    In our recent discussion with Paul Ehrlich I mentioned the submarine commander who spared us all nuclear war. His name was Vasili Arkipov. His story & more on a nuclear winter below;


  30. Two for the readers of this site:

    Fact Find Mission to Donbass Part 3
    John Parker
    I may have posted part 1 or 2 elsewhere but this…is an important read as is the following:

    Chris Hedges: Ukraine and the Politics of Permanent War

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  31. I forgot to add this one. History as it happened.
    This in addition to the post I did a half hour ago that hasn’t come up yet.

    I’m noticing (like the insurance thread comment that disappeared and now is posted) that WordPress is running very slowly as to posting stuff. Overwhelmed with postings perhaps?



  32. Kevin Hester says:

    Michael Mills et al., “Multidecadal global cooling and unprecedented ozone loss following a regional nuclear conflict,”
    I believe this is how the psychopaths will cool down a broiling planet.


    • Well, don’t think if the madmen do this it’ll stay regional. Not with weapons like this:

      What If A Nuclear Bomb Hits New York Tomorrow


      18 minutes of HOLY SHIT. One has to really listen to what the differences between bombs then and bombs now…

      The choice being broiling to death on a hellhole planet, or playing stupid because Capitalism can’t handle science. I’m pretty sure I posted that ‘conversation’ with Sagan after ‘The Day After’ nuclear war ‘lite’ premiered in the 80s under one thread or another on your site, Kevin. That was a wake-up call back then, and now the weapons are much MUCH larger by orders of magnitude.

      It’ll be far worse because whomever thinks they’re losing is going to use ’em all…




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