The Insurance Industry, soon to be the first pillar of Capitalism to succumb to Abrupt Climate Change

“Climate change could punch a hole through the financial system by making 30-year home mortgages — the lifeblood of the American housing market — effectively unobtainable in entire regions across parts of the U.S.”
“Climate change could end mortgages as we know them”

“Natural disasters are being recorded more frequently than ever before. “Since 1970, the number of disasters worldwide has more than quadrupled to around 400 a year,” and “there are six times more hydrological events now than in 1980,” The 10 Most Costly Natural Disasters of the Century
“There is a logistical hurdle: when a catastrophe bond experiences a so-called loss event, the capital in the investment is suspended until the full cost of a disaster is pinned down. The phenomenon of “loss creep”, where initial estimates of a loss balloon months or even years after the event, has also spooked some investors. The cost of Typhoon Jebi in Japan last year rose from initial expectations of $6bn to $15bn.”
“Over two years, natural catastrophes caused a record $225bn of insured losses”.
Why climate change is the new 9/11 for insurance companies

“For the insurance industry, global warming has advanced from a future ecological challenge to a present financial shock. Together, total losses to the economy from natural catastrophes and “man-made disasters” reached $165 billion in 2018; that followed a 2017 that, at $350 billion, cost more than twice as much. As a result, according to the Swiss Re Institute, the company’s research arm, 2017 and 2018 were for insurers the most-expensive two-year period of such catastrophes on record, requiring them to fork over $219 billion globally in checks.”
Climate Change Is Hitting the Insurance Industry Hard

“Regulators are starting to worry about climate change.”
“Jenkins points out that the Bank of England’s Prudential Regulation Authority is leading the way on stress-testing insurers against the risk that the world misses its carbon reduction targets.”

“In such a scenario, insurers, especially in the U.S. where price increases are restricted by regulators, may find it increasingly unattractive to offer coverage,” he writes. “Greater lay-off of risk to reinsurers is one option. But more restrictive policies or wholesale withdrawal of cover are also possible. At some juncture underwriters will need to remove their blinkers and acknowledge that a world awash with worsening climate change risks is not necessarily just bad for the planet. It could be bad for the insurance industry too. A bit like 9/11.” Climate Change Tops List of World’s ‘Extreme Risks’

“Venice is on its knees,” said Brugnaro. “The damage will run into hundreds of millions of euros.” Flood, fire and plague: climate change blamed for disasters
“Last year, insurance payouts caused by climate-related events totaled $2.4 trillion worldwide.” Can Insurance Companies Weather The Storm? What Climate Change Means For The Industry

Clearly the cost of disasters is on the same Hockey Stick trajectory as our climate crisis yet “Business as Usual” carries on as if nothing has changed. All ponzi schemes eventually implode and this one will be no different except in scale. There is no previous analogue to remotely compare with the coming collapse.

I'm an anti-imperialist, environmental activist and blue ocean sailor, who is passionate about the earth and all it's inhabitants without favour. Brace for imminent impact as we bare witness to the non-linear unraveling of the biosphere and habitability disappearing for most if not all complex life on the only habitable planet we know of. To quote President Niinistö in North Russia: ‘If We Lose the Arctic, We Lose the World’. Folks we have lost the Arctic.

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  1. Marie says:

    Agreed! I’ve been thinking this for some time. Insurance companies stop insuring or go bankrupt, people default on home loans, banks start to collapse…. full blown recession, depression, collapse. Seems like a highly likely scenario.

    Thank you Kevin for sharing. I find all your articles spot on…

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    • Sheila chambers says:

      I can see a silver lining in this, if insurance companies stop insuring structures in areas where such structures should never have been built, that could force countries, territories & states to stop issuing permits to build in such areas.

      This could restore those areas back to the wild where it should have stayed in the first place
      For example the chaparell in southern California in the USA is very fire prone, the hills along the coast have had fires that destroy structures for decades but they keep rebuilding.
      If they can’t get insured any longer, that should stop more development in those areas & as people get burned out, those areas will be left to recover from our STUPIDITY & GREED!
      I was on EOSDIS view today & poor Australia’s east coast is burning from north to south!
      The “green new deal” & resource dependent “renewables” cannot stop the rise in C02 & our rulers refuse to address the cause of our environmental destruction, human overpopulation!
      You cannot cure a cancer by just treating it’s symptoms, our planet is like a animal that is infested with a ‘cancer’ called humanity & it’s killing it’s host, the earth.
      Putting a band-aid on a cancer may cover it up, but it’s host will still die.

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  2. […] My friend Kevin Hester wrote all this up a few weeks ago. you can read his roundup of such news at his website. But his sum-up of the situation is pretty direct: Clearly the cost of disasters is on the same Hockey Stick trajectory as our climate crisis yet “Business as Usual” carries on as if nothing has changed. All Ponzi schemes eventually implode and this one will be no different except in scale. There is no previous analogue to remotely compare with the coming collapse. […]

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  3. Already happening. After 15 years on this property, the fire & homeowner cancelled 23 July permanently as my area of the Selkirk Range is now considered far too high a risk to make money on. And honestly that’s what it’s all about, large bags of money being made not paying out. The odds just shifted so the Big Boys just stopped insuring.

    Thanks for the $15,000 I’ve paid out the last 15 years without a claim and so long! It’s the only gambling I’ve ever done and I just lost? HA!

    Hey, the entire point of ‘insuring’ others is to make money not rebuilding people’s homes. After all, you don’t get those large bags of money when the collapsing climate burns everything up and you promised to rebuild everything.

    I think I mentioned this in another post somewhere on your site a few months ago? So here’s what I’ve found out since I was cancelled nearly four months ago.

    My local company’s policies were all underwritten by Mutual of Enumclaw out on the west coast. Huge underwriter, big corporate bucks, etc etc. I had early warning in a seriously apologetic phone call.

    Interesting that the caller is one of the co-founders of this local office and I was informed last week by another in the office of a retirement party coming up…six months after that 30 minute conversation. They probably cancelled half the office’s homeowner policies since this summer, and it’s ongoing.

    I’ve been talking climate to them for the entire 15 years. The last five they’ve been starting to come around…thinking about what was going on back in May and that’s what most of the conversation was about! Yeah, retire because…why not?

    No wonder the hedge fun logging ops are clear-cutting like locusts in these mountains. Gotta make money from the dead and disappearing forests before they burn. Of course that makes the fires worse, less atmospheric moisture or rain and drying rubble-oh my yes!

    Big Insure has known what’s coming for years. Munich RE was the world’s largest when I read about this, and they’ve been throwing warnings out about Global Warming for years.

    Paradise Cali is what caused MoE to cancel all these policies. They took a bath, that was the reason they cancelled… I’m guessing here from the statements, hints, and unsaid pieces of the conversation that, when I thought about them, it put together a picture said MoE probably had a bunch of underwriting down there, were holding a lot paper in Paradise when it burned. That fire was what? 7 billion dollars I think was the last figure I read. Probably went up since then.

    Bluntly, we ain’t seen nothing yet.


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    • 44 south says:

      “we ain’t seen nothing yet”…
      So true and applicable to just about every negative experience a human being can have.
      Not sure how many of us will have what it takes to endure what’s about to fall on our heads.
      Certainly got doubts about my own capacity in that regard, which is why I try to have a plan B,C and D to limit the hardships and trauma.
      The insurance industry can collapse as soon as it wants as far as I’m concerned, just hope the bureaucracy and the box tickers collapse and die at the same time.
      Got to be some up side to the collapse of industrial civilization don’t you think?;)

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    • 44 south says:

      As if to add an exclamation mark to your post Kevin,on the 20th South Canterbury was hit by a severe thunderstorm along with golf ball sized hail.
      Damage was widespread “insurance companies were being inundated with claims”, Timaru doesn’t have enough materials in town to cope.
      Crop damage is also widespread, including a prize winning kitchen garden which was”decimated”.
      The gardener stated “I’ve never seen anything like it… I felt helpless”.
      All this from an extreme event lasting just minutes.
      Welcome to the future.

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  4. 44south, I really don’t think there is an upside to what we see facing us. Or at least I’m unable to focus on any scenario where it could possibly exist. I mean, holy crap when even half the dots are connected in my mind! We are so far off the cliff down is up?

    But your thoughts on “Not sure how many of us will have what it takes to endure what’s about to fall on our heads” and having backup plans to backup plans…I don’t think is going to make a damn bit of difference how many plans you make or how much you think you can endure. No offense intended, but I just don’t think there is anywhere on the face of the planet that is going to be even relatively ‘safe’ from the ravenous hordes of starving primates once it really gets going. People are already batshit crazy, ya know?

    If Extinction #6 happens as quickly as it looks like it will since it already is on-going into feedback loops that make the last crashes seem quaint, what happened in local areas during all the other empire collapses will be planet-wide and probably brutally short once the grid goes down. There are plenty of people who run out and buy shopping carts full of frozen food when a hurricane is coming…even though they won’t have any electricity. It’s a species thing I think, lizard brain Amygdala(sp?) reactions!

    I thought this short letter from our galactic neighbors might be appropriate to read at this point in time:

    And yes, Kevin, I still see this discredited 2100 AD timeline still popping up in all sorts of odd places. It’s so far out of the realm of reality as to be ridiculous at this point, but it makes people comfortable. Soothes their ruffled feathers and lets them get back to their tv show and the home shopping channel.

    It’s like that damned climate ‘change’ term that is constantly in use by people who should know better. Big sigh. I try to ignore it but I’m not all that good at that!

    -5/10C nights, 6C daytime. Clear blue sky again and no cloud cover with freezing fog and icy slip&fall mornings. Today it has stayed freezing fog all day as it is after 3pm and the trees are still wearing their white coats. Ice still on the ground and not just in the shade of the trees. It rained instead of snow last Tuesday and there is zero snow in the ski hill’s East Basin webcam, just brown dirt and green conifers. And it’s almost December. Snow is expected by next week but seeing as how Nat. Weather Service changes their expectations about every 36 hours, who the hell knows?

    The Deformed Jet Stream and the BLOB rule again this year obviously.

    44south: Golf ball sized hail? That’s crazy! Extreme event is a very polite way to put it…unless you were actually out in it, then I’ll call it something a little more colorful. At terminal velocity one of those would knock you out or any other animal, smash out vehicle windshields, dent the hell out of normal metal roofing. No doubt that insurance claims are piling up fast! I wonder what Big Insure is going to do with all their moola when they close up shop and quit insuring anybody? Got to keep that corporate cash bringing in more profits! Maybe the US cannabis industry… 🙂


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    • Sheila chambers says:

      Hi Seal, I see one silver lining, if the insurance companies stop insuring structures in areas where such structures should never have been built, “planners” will have to stop issuing building permits in those areas & as people get burned out, their buildings won’t be rebuilt & that poor abused area will be left to recover IF it has time to recover before it all burns up anyhow.

      Our stupid greedy RULERS are still demanding MORE DAM GROWTH!

      I’m not wasting my time any longer trying to “vote” in our fake, corrupt RIGGED “elections”. I have better things to do at the end of my life.


  5. 44 south says:

    Update on our hail storm/extreme weather.
    Some ten thousand vehicles were hail damaged in and around Timaru.
    Cosmetic damage is one thing, irritating and costly to repair but…
    Because beurocrats are primarily interested in arse covering no matter what the cost to the public, these damaged vehicles are now being refused a warrant of fitness.
    Because of the cost of repairs, most of these vehicles are being written off at huge cost.
    Meanwhile I have days of work ahead of me as a result of a wind storm which savaged my place Sunday night.
    Seal… I have no doubt that you are right in the END. But there is a wealth of plain old hardship and suffering that can be mitigated or avoided with a bit of forethought.
    You might notice all my alternative plans go no further than plan D.
    D is for DEATH!
    I suggest we should all be thinking and preparing for an”exit” strategy (or three), I certainly have!

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    • Too late for me, Kevin! And not in Washington State anyway.Amazon owns the coast and that’s where all the ‘decisions’ are made, not here in rural poverty-land.

      My retired Biologist/teacher neighbors were just cancelled like I was, with no warning except my telling them what my local agent whispered to me about causes. I seemed to have been the first along this ridgeline to get dropped…at least that I know of. But they’ve never missed a premium in 45 years and their fiscal year came up this month and POOF it goes.

      I’m sure the insurance industry is going to sue and with all the neoliberal corporate judges in place over the last 40 years…I’m expecting that rule to be overturned. One out of five Federal judges are now Trump appointees and the unSupreme Court are out and out Fascists. And doesn’t the corporate rulebook explicitly state that the boards of directors are required to make a profit? And the market shall decide what is good for profits?

      44south: Ten thousand vehicles get listed as totaled and bureaucrats are being…politicians covering their butts? Why is that no surprise! But that’s freaking crazy to just, what, junk them? Or are people going to drive them anyway? I don’t understand what ‘warranty of fitness’ means… Here you can drive a car that’s been ‘totaled’ by an insurance company but it’s listed that way on the pink (ownership) paperwork.

      And you are buried in repair work from a wind storm that savaged your place. Must have been one hell of a blow! I’m sad to hear you were hammered like that. I deal with the same kind of problems on this forested property, too. Had a 90 foot+ (umm, 30 meter +?) Ponderosa snap a third of the way up and was literally flung over the dog run fence by the force of the wind. My dogs are free range except when I’m gone off the property and this tree is the shade in their 7.5x15meter run next to the shop. It was a massive t-cell windstorm a number of years ago, just came freaking roaring in like a wall. The flung piece missed the corner of my shop building by less than 4 meters…it of course became firewood. Just luck that the angle of the wind was more south than from the west or it would have crushed the shop.

      I was watching from the pitch-black music room windows, power was out of course, and in one flash of lightning the tree was there bending like a straw, the next it was a stub. And no way was I going out to see what happened! Hurricane-force wind gusts that night…

      Now since I don’t have insurance any longer, whatever breaks or burns is my problem. I sure could use that $15,000 I sent the insurance company the last few years. You know, just in case?

      And yes 44south, I’ve thought about the what-ifs but I’ve done what I could with what I had to work with in materials, my skills, and the limited finances over the last 15 years here. One thing I wish I had but can’t afford is a hand pump for my lower well. They are dang expensive but it’s only 90 feet down into an underground river. But without electricity no water, and my solar is unreliable at this point. Batteries need replaced and I don’t have the income anymore. But we do the best we can, yes?

      D is for Death. Yeah, well, we can definitely expect that to come barreling along at one point in this collapse and probably for the majority of the population of this planet. Or all of us if we really are that stupid.

      If the climate just tips the hell over from ongoing disasters to a serious ‘instant’ catastrophe? Maybe no harvest in the US Midwest one Fall as all the crops burn up or drown in floods (both likelier than I’d care to admit) much like what has been happening in Africa. There isn’t much mitigating with alternative plans if that happens. By December there WILL be starving hordes raiding the countryside once the cities are picked clean as a skeleton and the military and police forces desert to go protect their own families…

      I’ve wondered if the reason for turning US cops into heavily armed local para-military forces (not that they weren’t always that in the first place) complete with their own tanks and grenade launchers has something to do with ‘just in case we need to cage everybody’ thinking by the Neoliberal wealthy who control this country… I mean, the wealthy ARE building bunkers and stockpiling, that’s a fact. Buying up New Zealand and shipping pre-fab concrete put-togethers from that outfit in Texas to the properties; in Patagonia on top of aquifers (Bush Family 800,000 acres and the Sung Yung Moon Church on the million acres next door. Missile silos being converted to refuges for the ‘just millionaire’ types who can’t afford bigger…too much info to list here.

      Exit strategy. That depends on circumstances, doesn’t it? Another big sigh. I ain’t gonna eat people no matter how hungry I get.


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      • 44 south says:

        The latest installment of the extreme weather news from 44 south is that last night we had a 12hour thunderstorm from 6pm to 6am that dropped over 2 inches of rain on my place.
        The south island of NZ is currently cut in half to vehicle traffic by flooding and slips on the west coast and the Rangitata river on the east coast.
        An emergency has been declared and mandatory evaluations ordered.
        About a week ago I bought my first 4 wheel drive, a cheap 1992 Nissan. An extreme weather vehicle. I think I got the timing about right. And no it’s not insured.
        My dogs kept real close through the storm last night, happy I was a comfort to them as they are my early warning devices and security most of the rest.
        Next year is going to be a doozy! Best of luck to one and all.

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    • Sheila chambers says:

      My “exit strategy” comes in a caliber of 45. It may be messy but it’s also QUICK!
      If the “ravening hordes” are quick, they can have a feast of “long pig”.

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  6. Another use of that discredited 2100 AD meme, from the WMO this time, pops up. Interesting the article used the term ‘climate crisis’ rather than ‘climate change’ except for the 4th to last paragraph, and Dr. Joanna House of the Cabot Institute of the Environment at University of Bristol SHOULD have known better to use it!

    After Hottest Decade Since Records Began, WMO Warns World May Face 5°C Rise by Century’s End
    The impacts of the climate crisis “are real and happening now and place huge pressures on communities and countries,” climate scientists said.

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    • Hi Kevin! Hit a pay wall on this link so not available to read. I wonder just how truthful the results of this study will be and what part of climate science (whose research?) are they basing the expected coming impacts on? IPCC? Far to cautiously conservative and out-of-date so…who? What qualifications and research background?

      I’m curious how they will justify continuing to insure any property at this point!! I mean, the planetary envelope has gone insane and everywhere is at risk in one degree or another…and the ‘degrees’ are going up if ya get my meaning.

      Selkirk Range news:

      More friends, and other locals I talk with who own forested property, have been handed ‘thank you for your monetary contributions all these years and goodbye’ notices in the last couple of weeks from various Big Finance insurance companies. The little offices of locals underwritten by them are freaking out as they cancel a huge majority of their customers. So left to gouge profits with is going to be what, government-mandated auto insurance and Big Medical policies that can make money? After all, property rights is what the USA was founded on by the wealthy slave/property/business owners that wrote the rules!

      weather news: had snow falling Tuesday night 10Dec at 11pm that put down 3 inches or so by Thurs 12Dec morning. Then cold chill foggy with frozen nights until Wed 18Dec when the sky went blazing sunshine in baby blue. Thurs 19Dec there was a fresh 4″ in the morning that turned to rain by 1pm with off and on sprinkles the rest of the day. Started snowing again at dusk but flipped right over to pouring rain by 11pm! It was 6C at 10am this morning and it’s rained off and on all day. It’s now after dark and rain is pounding on the roof again and, it sounds like, a lot of wind because it is hitting in sheets above my head on the sheets of metal roofing. Easy to tell by hearing it fall.

      It’s TOO DAMN WARM!


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      • Sheila chambers says:

        Hi Seal, have you tried doing a web search for that article on a different site? I have often found the very same artical on a site without a pay wall.

        Too dam warm eh? Down here it’s cold wet & dreary, send that excess “heat” down here, PLEASE!
        I’m freezing my big, fat, ass off!

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  7. Kevin Hester says:

    “Damage to cars, windows and buildings is extensive, with more than 1,900 calls for help to emergency services and 15,000 insurance claims already lodged”.
    They will be watching their contingent liability soar as the thousands of claims are lodged.
    The loss of research at CSIRO located at the The Australian National University will be a huge issue as Australian government slashed their budgets last year.


  8. Kevin Hester says:

    In this article it says the costs could be as high as $230 billion not just the $100 billion in the title…. It’s probably more.
    Australian farmers have their hand out for aid today, it will be the insurance companies any day now where we will see a rinse and repeat of socialism for the corporations and capitalism for the taxpayers.
    No insurance no mortgages. Very large challenges will rise from the ashes of these fires and the carbon they emit.


    • And the Big Insure cancelled policy massacre continues in these mountains. I’m hearing about even more huge premium increases from people who’ve had fire/homeowner insurance for decades and never filed a claim for anything, that are being directed to ‘try’ these other companies…triple or quadrupling their previous monthly cost. I’m certainly not the only one living without fire or homeowners any longer. I haven’t read or heard anything about mortgages being lost due to no insurance yet, though.

      Interesting read about the building trade requirements down there. I don’t think there is anything like it in the US, but then the US is a neoliberal wasteland of the wealthy that own the corporations…

      On another topic, it is still pouring rain here. Third week in January and ridiculously warm with no real end in sight other than occasional flurries when a colder patch of cloud cover goes overhead. This is bad.

      And it’s raining all the way up the local snowboarding hill. Didn’t see a single person riding in view of the Peak cam nor on that lift coming up. Instead of worrying about snow-covered roads and digging off roofs and firing up the snowthrower to get out, it’s melted gushy oatmeal deep ruts to the defrosting wet ground (soon to be mud in January??). Right around dark is when the car accident numbers start piling up, too. This is way bad. But then we know wherever we are it’s never going to get ‘better’ or normalize, eh? May we live in interesting times indeed.


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  9. […] Further information on the risks face by the Insurance Industry is embedded here;The Insurance Industry, soon to be the first pillar of Capitalism to succumb to Abrupt Climate Chan… […]


  10. Kevin Hester says:

    “But “climate-related risks will remain largely uninsurable or unhedgeable as long as system-wide action is not undertaken,” the BIS said.”
    There is not and will not be any ‘system-wide action’ until collapse unfolds. That surely must be clear to everyone. We are looking at ‘Business as Usual’ until business collapses.


    • Can you imagine how loud the British insurance corporations are squealing at the moment? I mean, a ‘Bomb Cyclone’ in the middle of winter? The claims must be skyrocketing! Oh wait, they’ve had TWO in a freaking WEEK! Double that squeal. Or maybe triple it.

      Excuse me, didn’t they having a Bomb Cyclone back in October, too? Yep, nothing to see here, don’t connect the dots, pretend it all isn’t happening, invest in oil stocks because that’s where the dividends are. Let’s get rich!

      Since AUS is a commonwealth I’m assuming that the same Brit insure companies operate down there and would be carrying paper on the areas the mega-fires have scorched/sterilized in that country. Those fires have been so hot they killed the damned soil, nothing is going to grow in sterilized soil! The squealing must be extremely painful in those executive board rooms. Ouch! After all, the entire point of operating an ‘insurance’ company is to make a boatload of money, not pay out all the profits they take home in those large yearly bonus’.

      I’m guessing that there aren’t going to be many wealthy oligarchs on those board of directors buying new ski vacation homes in Austria this year. Maybe they’ll just put their money into…building more climate/nuclear war hideouts in New Zealand?

      It sure is a good thing that Brit insurance doesn’t cover Africa because it looks like a HUGE swath across numerous countries just lost their crops and tens of millions are going to be crossing borders to find food to feed their families. But then those other countries will be doing the same thing. Oops.

      I’m getting too cynical for my own good.

      In local weather news here in the lower Selkirk Range of NE Washington State, it continues to have beautiful blue sky and brilliantly bright sunny days with 5-10’C temperatures. I’m wearing short-sleeve t-shirts and as long as I’m in the sun it’s quite comfortable. The February MUD is a little hard to deal with, though there is a bit of crusty frozen ice still covering a good proportion of the property.


      At least it is still freezing solid at night otherwise I’d think I was…much farther south. When I go to town I hear people saying how much they are enjoying this weather! Then I ask them where their water comes, and they answer from the faucet, and then I explain about snowpack and aquifers. They don’t look all that happy with me, ya know?


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    • We had a hailstorm…less than a month ago that didn’t hit here like it did about 25 miles north of me higher up in the mountains. What hit my house was pea sized, what hit up north were golf ball size. A friend’s dog was knocked out, he saw it happen through his window, and he had to run out to drag the dog into the garage to get the poor labbie out of it. Both his and his wife’s car hood/roofs look like someone used a ballpeen hammer on them. They live outside of Blue Creek…

      The picture of the shredded siding on that Calgary house was pretty freaky to look at.

      How much freakier will it get? That Chinese curse comes to mind… Step by step the ramifications of the breakdown in stability is showing its ugly face.

      Massive black t-storm clouds have piled up in the last three hours, rain falling in sheets visible against the mountains west of me, but almost no wind at my elevation yet. Yesterday’s national web weather was for sunshine until this weekend. Again, they just can’t predict what is coming even 24 hours in advance anymore. The patterns are broken. It’s sultry, muggy and warm, and when the sun goes down I’m thinking it may shift to lightning. It…feels like it, ya know?


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  11. Kevin Hester says:

    “A report commissioned by federal regulators overseeing the nation’s commodities markets has concluded that climate change threatens U.S. financial markets, as the costs of wildfires, storms, droughts and floods spread through insurance and mortgage markets, pension funds and other financial institutions.”

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  12. Sheila chambers says:

    This morning when I awoke at 08:00, it was dark, the sky was a deep orange, everything was covered with a fine ash. It didn’t lighten up until around noon, it’s now 1800 & dark, the sky a greyish orange.
    This is from the fires in N.California, there are about 80 wildfires burning in Cali. If you go to MODIS today, & select “Aqua” & “false color” those fires will stand out with their flames brightly visible. Too bad I can’t inclued a image here.

    Thanks to LYING, IGNORANT, GREEDY, RACIST, incompitant Trump, COVID19 is raging here. It’s so bad here thanks to our non-existent “health care”, inequality, racism,growing poverty, unemployment & homelessness, Europe doesn’t want ‘mericans visiting them, we are DISEASED.

    Thanks also to our LYING, CORPORATE MEDIA, most ‘mericans are unaware of just how BAD Trump has handled or IGNORED the COVIS pandemic.

    We STILL can’t get effective masks, there is very little testing, I have never been tested, you have to have SYMPTOMS of COVIS to qualify for a COVIS19 test!

    Trump said “If you don’t test, you don’t find, that keeps the # low & makes us “look” better even as the cases spiral upwards out of control. That DAM Trump is doing everything he can to hide the real situtation, he claims a very good vaccine will be available by October, before the FAKE, RIGGED “ELECTIONS”!

    I won’t even do a protest “vote” any longer. I used to “vote” 3rd party, parties that are SHUT OUT of our CORPORATE CONTROLLED MEDIA, they control what we see, read & hear, independent news sources are hard to find.
    These same corporations also control the “VOTE”, they select their lying oligarch warmonger candidates, they own & control the “voting” & vote “counting” machines, the entire “election” system here is a COMPLETE FRAUD!

    I cannot & will not “vote” FOR a dam, lying, oligarch warmonger, I stopped doing that with Bill Clintons “election” in the 1990’s, I simple won’t bother to “vote” at all when both “choices” a LYING, OLIGARCH WARMONGERS.

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  13. Kevin Hester says:

    Collapse is accelerating’

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    • Sheila chambers says:


      You have to realize that a HELL of a lot of people moved farther out because they flat couldn’t afford to live in or near the cities any longer. As rents skyrocket, as home prices become ridiculously overpriced, they had no options. Think about it, would you want a 3 hour commute to a low-paying crap job? So you get home exhausted with no time for anything else but go to sleep to do it all over again? That’s just existing, not living.”

      Ya know Seal, I used to live in Silicon valley, I worked at Lockheed, I knew people who lived near or in Sacramento because they couldn’t afford to live near where they worked.

      Some would live in motor homes or campers in our parking lots & drive home for the weekends.
      I lived in a OLD trailer in a OLD trailer park for OLD people because I was over 50, didn’t have a family or children & I would rather save my $ than live in nicer digs that took most of my income.
      The ranks of the jobless & homeless are also growing, more people “living” under tarps, on newspapers, in doorways or if lucky, in tents, their # will grow as more jobs are outsourced or automated. Just where do those capitalist expect to find “consumers” for their goods & services?

      Youtube has many vids of people with cams or drones who show just how many homeless now “live” in their area, on beaches, sidewalks, under overpasses, in forests & parks, where ever they can get some rest before being “moved on” by the cops who sometime steal all their property leaving them with NOTHING.

      I can see a lot of insurance companies going out of business because of the damage caused by all these hurricanes, fires & flooding.We have broken the record on hurricanes with more of them & stronger winds & storm surges.
      I also expect to see more “refugees” next year as Biden is immigrant “friendly”, I think he also wants “open borders” for cheap labor to keep our already starvation wages low & the workers scared.
      Your right Seal, it’s all downhill from now on, the “good ‘ol days” are behind us. Our only food shop has many empty shelfs that used to stock food or toilet paper.

      What’s with this toilet paper panic anyhow?

      We are still #1 on COVID infections & deaths & with Trump refusing to admit he lost, Biden can’t/won’t do anything to get us more EFFECTIVE MASKS or to make proper mask wearing MANDITORY. He also should but won’t make E-verify manditory for any job or rental, that would do more to stifle immigration than a dam expensive wall & stop taking their kids & putting them in “cages” like both Oboma & Trump have done, just deport them.
      I’m lucky to live in a state where cannabis is legal to posses, grow & use, kinda keeps the pain down & it helps me sleep at night despite of the dam tinnitus.

      Those folks thinking to hide out & live in the woods are going to starve cuz their are too many of us & not enough woods with wildlife & wild foods, we “developed” it out of existance & oak tree nuts used to feed the people here but with sudden oak death, their dead & the tide pools have little life, not much food there either.

      Biden is just another in a long line of LYING OLIGARCH WARMONGERS so nothing will change, the illegal wars will continue as will illegal immigration, he’s a “law & ORDER” person so more people of color will end up in our new prisons & jails.
      “Mericans” are just too dam stupid & brainwashed to DUMP both those LYING oligarch corportist warmongering parties, that’s why we endlessly bounce between the fire & the frying pan & nothing changes except the rich get ever richer while the rest of us get poorer. The inequality is even worse than in the “gilded age” of the 1800.
      We finally got some real RAIN here! It’s been way too dry for way too long but it’s still WARMER than normal, no surprise here since Co2 & CH4 keeps rising.
      Since it takes OIL, COAL & NATURAL GAS to produce & support “renewables”, we can expect greenhouse gases to keep climbing because again mericans are to ignorant & often too stupid to figure out that you can’t replace declining resources with a resource dependent technology but they are PROFITABLE & that’s all that matters, PROFITS.
      Keep the shiny side up & the dirty side down Seal & keep scooting on your board, keeps the natives alert!

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  14. Sheila chambers says:

    I also can see many areas being uninsurable, those chaparell areas of S Cali, drying pine forests, forests of Australia, how can people rebuild on their property or even sell their property if they can’t get insurance? Who would want to buy a home in a fire prone area, uninsured & when a fire hits, you lose everything & your land – worthless.
    Yet, I still hear of people planning to rebuild-AGAIN!
    Give it up people, it will burn again.
    It’s our LONG IGNORED OVERPOPULATION that is forcing people to build their homes where no one should have built a home.
    Steep unstable hillsides, flood zones, low areas next to the ocean, fire prone zones, tornado areas, hurricaine prone areas that seem to get hit every year & it’s going to get even WORSE!
    I hope I’m dead before the masses wake up because it will be a MESS beyond what we have ever experienced before!
    I would make very tough, tasteless “long pig” for any survivors & even they won’t last long as our planet continues to heat up.
    You want more gloom & doom? Take a look at “collapse chronicles” on Youtube.

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  15. Sheila: I wrote the following in reply to a post by you on Sept 7th, but the power went out and I lost what thread it went on…now that this popped up I realized it was this one. I didn’t mean to not reply!

    So pretty much applies to the current picture by Kevin and your latest post! Here it is:


    Ah hell, Sheila, we’re just repeating human history. Never ending greed leading to massive destruction of the environment which leads to collapse of whatever current empire is in charge. Like all the rest of our species has always done across the world in the other 22 ‘major’ empires counted by anthropologists.

    Big sigh. The vast majority of us just do what our ancestors did, same old same old, with minor variations due to new technology and other considerations. We know about this over the last 9,000 years, that had been written and deciphered at least, even with all the myths and storytelling that went on.

    And the one interesting item that always pops up in all the narratives of empire building (which is all that has happened it seems) is that it has always been the ones most willing to do damage to everything become the rulers of said empires, especially when they are going down to oblivion. The need for a violent strongman seems to run deep in our species when it all hits the fan, ya know?

    And putting the two words “OUR” & media are completely incompatible together. There isn’t any ‘our’ about it, not at all. Here’s a link to read on that. We are down to five (5!!) giant freaking corporations. No wonder people are ignorant, it’s deliberate:

    “In 1983, 90% of the American media landscape (including magazines, books, music, news feeds, newspapers, movies, radio, and television) was dominated by 50 conglomerates.

    Just 36 years later in 2019, a mere five conglomerates dominated 90% of the media that Americans consume (Time Warner, Disney, Murdoch’s News Corporation, Bertelsmann of Germany, and Viacom).”

    Vote for Trump you get dictatorship Fascism, the so-called ‘strongman’ version like Mussolini or Chile’s Pinochet. Vote for Biden you get Systemic Fascism, corporate neoliberalism using militarized police enforcers to instill ‘order’ on the lower classes, essentially Class War but then you get the same people in control no matter which way you vote because ALL campaigns are funded by the same wealthy Oligarchs who own pretty much everything you can think of through interlocking corporate boards of directors that mix and match the same families over and over again as their children marry. I mean. look at the Clinton’s flaky daughter Chelsea’s choice of a husband, a vicious sociopathic Hedge Fund guy! Tell me it isn’t all planned and I’ll find a bridge to sell you!

    As George Carlin so aptly stated, it’s a very small club and you aren’t invited. So here we sit waiting for whichever version of Fascism is going to rule this country…or should I say continue to rule? Do we get Trump and the RWNJ militia violent brownshirt types (which will eventually be destroyed by the Fascist gov in any case when they are no longer useful), or will it be the RWNJ Biden and Harris types who are JUST as violent but not as outwardly so. Ain’t the USA an exceptional country to have…such a choice ahead of us in another 6 weeks or so? I’m…so thrilled!

    And nothing will change, the environmental regulations destroyer psycho macho-man con man Trump or Drug War Joe the pro-Iraq Invasion ‘Senator from Mastercard’ Biden who says he will keep fracking and building pipelines while letting Kamala Harris who is another NON-US black person having zero US slaves in her ancestry…just like neoliberal Obama who brags about being the king of oil pipeline building. A DA State Prosecutor for a Vice President (and potentially POTUS due to Biden obvious Dementia that as someone who took care of his grandfather the last few months of his life easily recognizes in Biden (and Trump for that matter). As VP she will chair WHAT? Yeah, well, she will easily take ‘care’ of the protester side of the revolt going on since, after all, she’s got SO much experience being an apologist and supporter for racist murdering cops and throwing low income black parents in jail because their kids are truant from dilapidated underfunded useless ghetto schools as a DA. I mean, hey, we had the head of the US assassination squads as a VP (Hbush) why not a fucking horrible enemy of the people prosecutor known for being vicious, mean, and underhanded (not allowing a DNA test on a condemned guy who was INNOCENT??) I mean, what could go wrong with any of these scenarios, eh?

    We ain’t seen nothing yet I think is how the refrain goes…either way. This country has actually been based on the Fascist model for a long, long time, and after all Hitler admitted to using the USA ‘model’ to build Nazi Germany.

    There just isn’t any way to ‘fix’ all this, too far off the edge and unapproachable by any kind of reformist model. Like all empires, this one, too, is reaching it’s expiration date I’m afraid. One certainly does not want to be there when they die but us ‘little people’ (peons, serfs, peasant workers) never have gotten much choice in the matter before so why would we now?

    As for the smoke clouds obliterating our atmosphere, I came within a whisker of being burned completely out with all my neighbors Sept 7th, Labor Day, from a downed power line less than 1/4 of a mile north uphill of me, UPWIND, during that massive Canadian windstorm that swept through here. 50/60/70mph winds from the north and northeast, and it was a frog’s whisker and that’s not kidding. The firefighters couldn’t get near it as the line was jumping, arcing and sparking in a newly butchered logged-off property the new neighbors beyond my retired biologist next door forested 30 acres property the new neighbors have done over the last few weeks.

    Lots of debris drying out in the heat and extremely low humidity, and the only reason it didn’t happen is FREAKING LUCK. And that’s according to the firefighters who were there! They have NEVER seen a fire act like this in conditions like we had, and by the time they got called it should have been too late and we’d all be burned to death. Not joking, this was too real. When the neighbor Dana called, she was freaking because they couldn’t fight it and she could see the flames across the creek heading their way. Then…Loki played one of his little jokes and caused another part of the grid to blow down which cut the power to the line and the firefighters charged it. We should have burned is what the fire guys said, it should have blown over us at 50mph as a firestorm. They were just shaking their heads at the ‘miracle’ of it. My neighbor across the county gravel road knows all of them, friends from high school, and I heard the entire story from him. The foolish new neighbors didn’t follow the first rule of power outage, to immediately go out and check the lines ESPECIALLY in a freaking windstorm, and the fire actually started two hours before from their line and DID NOT TRAVEL. Absolutely unheard of in their experience. 50 miles per hour winds and it didn’t run like…a wildfires??? Holy crap!

    So this week it has been the Oregon fire plume, your ongoing burn off, that has poisoned the concept of breathing up here. And especially since last Thursday when the thickest parts of burning OR forests rolled onto me. Headaches from it and I wear N95 respirators I have always stocked in the tool room for just this purpose (not a pandemic!), and it was so bad that I had on safety goggles to keep the floating particles of burnt trees and houses out of my eyes. It was like tiny particle snow falling. Last night I came out of the shop (much better sealed, no windows, which kept out the worse of it) after working on the cannabis girls that went inside since Thursday, trimming water leaf around the cola buds, and it was so thick that my 3 D-cell Maglite couldn’t penetrate the smoke more than 30 feet before blurring out. Pointed it up and, though there was little wind, the particulates were visible floating around due to being so lightweight that gravity hardly affects them. It’s what we don’t see that worse… Then I walked into the house after being gone for hours to find out I made a mistake by turning off the two swamp cooler floor fans I’ve been using to clean the air inside. The inside of my house was freaking smoky hazy from normal leakage through where ever the smoke could get in, and I had to turn them back on so the wet filters would clean the crap out of the air. Works pretty good actually. I kept the mask on until probably 1am when the house finally cleared out. The air is too chilly coming out of them so they are pointing at rooms I’m not in, and I make sure they have water because this works only if the filters are dripping! The smoke has still given me a low-level headache the last few days anyway, even with the masks and staying inside.

    I’ve got younger friends who have been evacuated from their property in Oregon but so far they haven’t been burned out. They only moved to it two years ago from Eugene…their dream place for a snowboarding family. Last I read 10% of the total OR population has been evac’d.

    Today there is sunshine, Tuesday 9/15, definitely hazy and blurry but actually some yellow to it instead of being a tiny red-orange dot in the sky. Heat from the sun today reached 82’F instead of the low 70s of the last few days due to such thick clouds of smoke blocking it out. The fires that are burning in Washington State are mostly going into Canada, and there’s a really big blaze almost directly west across the Columbia and two ranges away but it’s blowing to the NE and missing me. There was a huge fire threatening the Rez town of Inchelium to my NW but I don’t know if it burned through it. I hope not because Trump’s Bureau of Indian Affairs certainly won’t rebuild it.

    And how about San Luis Obispo CA topping out at 120F/49C? The highest temperature ever recorded that close to an ocean in the Americas, north south or centro! How’s that as a foretelling of collapse? Inland LA, Woodland Hills, at 121F/50C??? We know it’s all coming but…it’s still startling how intensely bad it actually is to see happening. The intellectual becomes the emotional when it’s in your face, doesn’t it? I’m only too aware that I will probably be burned out on this ridgeline at one point or another. Will I live to see it is the question, but what I’ve done here with this property over the last 16 years has been worth the time I’ve spent doing it I think. What else would be worthwhile, making money by screwing over the planetary ecosystem? Not me! I don’t want to step through the curtain with that in my memories.

    Sheila, I also see that not a single politician in this corrupt political system will be able to change the paradigm enough to get our species through this bottleneck. Too much inertia as we fall down the cliff, so I understand the anger you express about even making a protest vote for 3rd party candidates who never seem to get on the corporate news. But that wouldn’t be to the owners advantage to allow that now would it? Tell the truth? Not a chance! But I think a complete repudiation of the corporate control of voting is only visible with 3rd party voting. No other way can you make your feelings visible to those that control your life.

    So I sit here reading horribly bad news from around the world. Nothing points in any other direction but down the toilet. I did a little fiberglassing repair on the back of a friend’s big RV that has the plastic cracking in the back that will ruin it with rot and mold if water gets in. And I could see a tingle of blue in the smoke clouds above me, at least I think I could, My lungs don’t like this much as I’m sure yours doesn’t, Sheila. The death of our biosphere is not going to go gently into the night…


    Ashfall again as I walk out to the shop to turn off the flowering light. Another layer on top of the earlier one, but I can actually see two stars (or maybe they are planets?) in the murk above. One to the east and another northwest. But maybe they are distant galaxies to be bright enough to show through?


    A blurry sun is showing again today through the murk above. No sign of any blue but it’s not so obviously raining burnt particles. Nice layer of new ash over everything. I had a call earlier from a friend who said a local woman she knows had the daughter & family show up this morning from Portland to get the kids out of the smoke. Who said it is SO much clearer here…guess it’s a matter of perspective isn’t it? I wonder how you’re doing today down in the southern end of that state…the satellite maps show a monster plume that covers the entire West Coast and stretches to Hawai’i. My oldest friend called and said they are getting the smoke there, too.

    Just heard a siren going north down on the highway below. Didn’t sound like an ambulance so maybe a fire truck… We are all nervous here and I’ve been talking to neighbors on the phone the last couple of days. We’re all on fire watch, and the hunting season is about to start and the State is talking about cancelling it due to the catastrophic fire-level dry forest. The bitching that is going on from hunters I can understand because for many a deer is their family’s winter meat supply.

    One local friend called last night who just heard about the fire by me last week and I told her the story. She is currently reading my book and became really worried that I might have been burned out. Or dead. Nice to know there are people who care! And she said she is absolutely enthralled with my book, too. That’s a good compliment to hear! I assume Kevin is reading my book at the moment, too, since it was supposed to arrive in NZ on the 8Sept. I forgot to check the tracking number to make sure it made it…

    Swamp coolers are going, house has fairly clear air or at least I can’t exactly smell the burnt forest in here today. I walked out the door to move the sprinkler on the old apple tree (Jonathan’s, getting ready to eat after that frost last week) and the smoke smell was extremely strong. Didn’t have the mask on…amazing how well these things work.

    Good news, at least a little. The birds are back, some of them anyway. Haven’t seen a raven or a crow or hawk or eagle in days and days, but the medium and small birds showed up this morning to rustle through the grass under the tree for bugs and worms, and play in the sprinkler. The suet feeders were nearly eaten through and I put new squares for them to enjoy. Time to go shift the sprinkler again I think.

    Best to you, Sheila. Do something fun today.

    And Kevin, that picture you posted Oct. 6th could very well have been me under a similar sheet of flame Sept. 7th. Only thing we know is going to happen is we’re going to step through the curtain. Just not the how or when.

    80’F today. It’s…warm.

    Best to all,


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  16. Since banks who carry mortgages require fire insurance equaling the value of the house or business so they can collect if it burns, what will people do about their mortgages? When my property insurance cancelled me last year and I found that there were zero options that were affordable; if I would have had a mortgage hanging over my head any bank would have filed a breach of contract and started proceedings to take the house away. And there wouldn’t have been anything I could do about it but start packing! How many millions of people are facing this I have no idea but I’m sure it’s one that the banks are already planning for.

    Bankers are, after all, only in it for the money!


    You have to realize that a HELL of a lot of people moved farther out because they flat couldn’t afford to live in or near the cities any longer. As rents skyrocket, as home prices become ridiculously overpriced, they had no options. Think about it, would you want a 3 hour commute to a low-paying crap job? So you get home exhausted with no time for anything else but go to sleep to do it all over again? That’s just existing, not living.

    And here’s something I found out about yesterday:

    One of my local friends asked if I’d drop him off about 1 1/2 miles down the dirt road from my property using his truck because he wanted to hunt in a dense area of small trees, a re-growing clearcut area, that had many scraping and cuts on them from bucks. It’s his main source of meat for the year, how he fills their freezer. So I drove him down (masked up!) and dropped him off and noticed a bunch of trailers and campers etc tucked way back into the trees. They’re squatters, people who still have jobs but aren’t making enough to afford rent along with people that were shoved under the bus financially in the last 9 months due to Covid or who lost their decent jobs and homes in 2008 banker-caused crash. Families, not meth heads and such, just people who are on the ropes.

    I didn’t even know they were there! I don’t drive that way much. He said that it’s a regular encampment that has been growing from the first couple of camp trailers that showed up last year (as a local boy hunter he’s out and about in places I don’t walk to). It’s on timber company property that has decades before it gets chopped again so nobody from the Timber LLC bothers to pay any attention to it. He says there’s probably 15 families in there now, and the kids are going to Springdale school about a mile further south. People living in there are driving to Spokane, at least an hour one way depending on how far into the city they work, because there just aren’t any jobs in this county and they can’t afford to live anywhere and still feed their kids.

    Options are getting more and more limited as this country crashes. I expect more and more of this. And as the insurance industry continues to jack the premiums on mortgages I expect there will be even more people in the next year hiding out in the forest around me.

    Refugees from climate collapse and the financial impact it is causing. It will get worse.


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  17. Kevin Hester says:

    Climate Change Led to Record Insurance Payouts in 2020
    Two new reports put price tags on the year’s warming-fueled severe weather events.


    • Sheila chambers says:

      I can see this from another angle, many people are PROFITING from climate disruption!
      Contractors, miners, logger, drillers, smelters etc, all of our earth destroying businesses must LOVE climate disruption! All they can see are the PROFITS they can make by rebuilding all the stuff the wild weather destroyed!
      They couldn’t care less if sometime in the future, we are all killed by it, PROFITS NOW, die later, & they hope, much much later.
      I think they are wrong & we will fall sooner than expected.

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  18. Kevin Hester says:

    “The new numbers come as the insurance industry struggles to adjust to the effects of climate change.”

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  19. Sheila chambers says:

    “Document not found”? Anyhow, I hope they raise the fire insurance & flood insurance to the sky to strongly discourage development in areas prone to fire & flooding, good by Miami beach, Malibu & Topanga canyon & all those other fire prone areas in southern California that burn every few years.
    Homes should have never been built in the chaparell anyhow, those oily bushes burn like a torch, the canyons have narrow roads making access to fire trucks difficult & S. Cali is short of water & it has way too many PEOPLE!
    It’s long past time for S. Cali to DEGROW, shrink, decline as that is it’s fate.
    Same rule should apply to any area prone to drought including brush land, forest land & praries. We need to infill not develop more areas.

    Florida will “solve” it’s flooding problems by people leaving flooded areas.
    In time, there will be no “Florida”.


    • Hey Sheila,

      I recently inherited two ‘double lots’ from my last paternal relative’s estate, my dad’s older sister, estimated worth about $2 grand each, in some weird mobile home housing development (I’m assuming) in the middle of the bottom of Florida in a place called Highland County, dead between Vero Beach on the Atlantic and St. Petersberg on the west coast. I guess her and her husband were going to move there from San Diego for some unknown reason…I kid you not! Avon Park area…next to a freaking Air Force Range! It’ll be the last place to go under with the coming storm surges from whichever Category 7 hurricane takes out the beaches. Of course FEMA would probably take it over in that case…

      You couldn’t pay me enough to live in that state.

      So I guess I’ve got to figure out how to dump the freaking things, eh? Or maybe I should wait until the coastlines go under water and they become beachfront property…at least they’re in the last part of the state that’ll go underwater but all the people will be dead by then I imagine..

      So how you been, southern Oregon lady? I just got back online after 40 days of dead computer & disappeared dial-up service, but had a bunch of book orders waiting! Four more came in this weekend, too, along with a Half Kone hat order, and two book orders came in this morning. Had a phone call message when I got home tonight from somebody that wants one, a 707 number which is Humboldt County, but they forgot to leave their name with the number…but it IS the Emerald Triangle and about the best weed on the planet so maybe they just forget!

      Still not finished with my harvest. Oh my this is so much work this year. 11 plants, five strains, and trimming is so damned much work. Four Northern Thunders are hanging from the ceiling in the shop still, and a Mantanusha Thunderfuck has been de-limbed and is waiting for me to get back to it. The two plants each of God Bud, Blue Bird, and Permafrost (White Widow/Trainwreck hybrid) are in glass jars done and quite enjoyable if I do say so myself!

      And I adopted a 7 yr old girl dog that has been in a kennel with a choke chain around her neck for the last four years because she was…a bad dog, ran away every time she got out, chewed shoes and socks up, won’t listen, doesn’t play fetch or anything, barks all the time, doesn’t get along with other dogs…so I took her. She’s been here since Dec. 16th.

      Have you EVER heard of a Golden Retriever who wasn’t a ball dog? Me, neither! So as so as the young woman drove away I ripped that freaking chain off her neck and we went out to my shop and I sewed her up a new collar and tossed her a well-used tennis ball from one of the other dogs that has lived their life here. She now sleeps with it, and when she wants to play she spits it into my lap.The first day we walked with a leash around the property with the blind old husky wandering free, and she hasn’t needed a leash since. She doesn’t run away… Is not interested in chewing shoes or sock, mostly listens really well, the two dogs have completely accepted one another and I see them keep an eye on the other when they’re out running around. No leash, no rope, no kennel, they go out together to pee and come back in when they’re ready…

      Four years in solitary confinement. I’m surprised she’s only got separation anxiety when she loses track of me and comes running to see where I am. What a good dog I just had move in.

      Horrible snow year up here. Nearly everything has been rain, monsoon downpours and freaking fog, then it’ll snow a little and go above freezing and start raining again. The ski hill is a joke even if it wasn’t half full of covidiots that think they’re immune to disease and immortal…

      Watch yourself. Stay the hell away from people. I’ve got 2 dead friends, and now almost a dozen others in three states that are experiencing horrible side/after effect diseases including brain damage (2 people, one a former student now a nurse and she’s got visible signs of what the neurologists are seeing happen in MRI scans; the virus is invading the ‘white matter’ of the brain. Loss of memory, can’t remember simple procedures she learned in nursing school. all sorts of weird mental effects and the worst thing is that she knows it’s happening to her. Only 34 with two little ones…and the other is another woman 42 yr old chiropractic office manager who feels like she’s got a brain fog, can’t get things going sometimes and forgetful etc etc. It’s visible on MRI scans, that’s how they know. Same thing happened in the 1918 Pandemic; they called in Encephalitis Lethargica’ or some such during the 20s. It makes intelligent people retarded, and stupid people dumber if you can imagine that…This new disease pandemic keeps getting worse.

      Okay, this is all about insurance collapsing but here in the US we can’t afford no stinking insurance anyway…I was cancelled a while back and it’s all about a wing and a prayer now…


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  20. Kevin Hester says:

    Natural Disasters Cost $210 Billion Worldwide in 2020
    2020 losses were up 26.5% from 2019


    • Ouch, eh? Sucks to be us. Maybe some of those 3rd homes in the Swiss Alps and 4th in Tahiti owned by the execs will have to sell?


      I still wonder just how the home-buying industry is going to deal with having to sell homes that cannot get insurance or is so expensive that nobody can afford it on top of a mortgage. Banks won’t loan on an uninsured property… So how do they unload overpriced property to suckers if the suckers can’t afford the premiums?


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  21. Kevin Hester says:

    “Fewer And Costlier Insurance Options For Floridians”
    “This left Florida homeowners with few options, with the exception of the state-run insurer of last resort, Citizens Property Insurance, or a contingent of small startups mostly backed by private capital.

    Some of these startups are now in danger of losing their credit ratings, shrugging off policyholders and—if they’re lucky—being taken over by more robust competitors. Their answer: Raise homeowners insurance premiums by around 12% to nearly 40% during the coming year.

    A headline in the South Florida Sun Sentinel newspaper summed it up: “Insurance companies set to squeeze even more out of us this storm season.”


    • Oh, you’re gonna love this one, Kevin!

      I had a real estate offer in the mail last week from a new ‘neighbor’ of the Florida properties that even included a satellite picture, or maybe high flying plane, of a section of the development. More houses there than I thought, not just double-wide mobile homes that aren’t very mo-bile, and the place from the air actually does have that suburbia look to it. The lots look larger compared to cities. Unfortunately neither of the two double lots I now own were in the picture as I was curious if the properties abutting them had been built on.

      Interesting that just about half of owner’s names listed over the properties were Latino…but hey it’s Florida whose ruling class hates brown people…except to pick crops, wash dishes, and be motel maids since Trump hires undocumented at his golf courses and hotels because they’re cheap and easily replaceable.

      So when I opened the pages up I thought it was going to be another offer to buy me out. I’ve gotten a number of those since inheriting them a couple years back, and the funny thing is that only one has been from a real estate office located IN Florida. They just wanted to sell them for me. The rest, and I mean every single other offer, have been LLC property buy-out companies based in Texas. Which seems very strange for some reason and I can’t put my finger on why!

      But not this time. This company was proud to announce, starting off with a fine Texas “Howdy!” greeting, that we are now neighbors; them having just purchased a ‘parcel right nearby yours” that for some reason they are already selling. I guess they don’t like the neighborhood having enough Latinos living in ‘their’ state of Texas maybe? I’m being offered a deal because, after all, I’m a ‘neighbor… Ahahahaha! I freaking love this stupid shit! Talk about junk mail.

      So I have received an offer for their new 0.18 acre property in Avon Park, Florida that is ‘right nearby’ mine (that they just bought, remember), a pre-public sale price which starts Feb. 14 on Valentine’s Day! of ONLY $9,920.

      My two double-lot properties are taxed as being worth $2,200 each… Is there a land boom going on that I don’t know about? Are people fleeing the coast already? Have they realized the ocean IS truly rising and the last hurricane season convinced them to get the fuck off the beaches?

      Nah! People are still MOVING to the Florida beaches which certainly indicates that we are not a very smart group of primates in this country. Obviously. But ‘Howdy Pardnr’ Texas companies are wheeling and dealing and shearing the sheep at quick as possible!

      But the article you posted…hell, 3/4 of 21,000,000 people live in areas near the two coastlines. Those inland double lots are above the storm surge line if not the screaming banshee Category 7 wind line that’s coming in the near future…maybe they are worth almost $10k now? I guess I need to sell them off because the cheap-ass property taxes are going to go up and certainly I could use the money. And honestly I don’t expect Florida to be anything but a major target for extreme hurricanes for the next…forever. And Texas, too, for that matter, where all these offers come from. But then you couldn’t pay me to live there, either.

      Note: back in the 70s when so many Florida surfers were heading west to crowd even worse our San Diego surf breaks, we didn’t call them Floridians. They were known a Floridiots. With this pandemic, and the stupid behavior of a large part of their politicians and voters, they’ve taken one step farther and have now entered the exalted status of ‘Covidiots.’ Which combines the old label with the new paradigm that shapes the state.

      Weather at 49’N latitude in the lower Selkirk Range is; ridiculous. Woke up to rain again, 40’F daytime temps (it should be 23’F), the ground has barely any snow left and there is mud and dirt showing under every tree in a wide circle around the base. Mushy oatmeal goo-type snow, not even ankle deep when it should be 4 feet of pack around the house. Ground really isn’t frozen but there is still an ice layer underneath that makes you want to fall after dark when it gets colder. Need I say more?

      Anyway, there’s a little Florida real estate humor for ya today. I keep telling myself that I have to hang on to that…


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  22. Kevin Hester says:

    “Many insurers left the state after suffering big losses from hurricanes Katrina and Wilma in 2005, leaving about 60 small and mid-sized firms underwriting property policies there today.”
    We are one more Katrina like event from tipping this industry into the abyss.


  23. There is no way that it’s about an ‘if another will hit’ at this point. It’s all about when and how many in a row…and the insurance people know this! I mean, the number of freaking hurricanes this last season was phenomenal. And this was NOT an El Nino year in the Pacific, it was a cooler La Nina. The Atlantic hurricanes are affected by what happens in the Pacific which is, after all, a worldwide integrated atmospheric closed-system.

    Holy shit, look at that Category 7 (at over 300mph what else could it be?) Typhoon that slammed the western Pacific recently! They called it a 5 but, come on, a Cat 5 is 200mph and under, so a Cat 6 would be between 200-300 maybe? But that beast was 303mph sustained? That was…mind-boggling, dude, and almost nobody I know has any inkling that it just happened. Who cares? It’s far away and doesn’t concern us.

    I get friends that shake their heads and ask why should they care… Climate Collapse Denial Syndrome is as real as Trump Derangement Syndrome…

    Wait until one that big slams Florida or Texas or levels Atlanta, or blows away New Orleans before the surge rolls up the river like nothing we’ve ever seen before… It can’t happen here, god will protect us (as long as we’re ‘worthy’ I guess), and bluntly we know this is coming. Oceans getting hotter, atmosphere getting hotter, seas rising, and more and more people move to the coasts because that’s where the money is, the jobs.

    Ever read about the Chibasco that roared up the California coast in 1939? Or the one that brushed SoCal in 1914 (called ‘severe storms’ in the books)? Holy shit, those monsters were near misses that stayed offshore but threw 40 ton rocks off the Long Beach jetty and washed all sorts of building etc away in my beach towns… That they are rare because the water is so cold along Baja and SoCal is the only thing that keeps them blasting towards Hawai’i.

    But the Pacific is heating up, obviously with the increasing western-side typhoons are showing the effect of that. But the Gulf Stream is heating up quicker it seems, the entire Atlantic is but then it is a smaller section of the worldwide ocean…

    My old partner DP over in Hawai’i sent me two historical society’s books for my birthday a number of years ago, one about OB where I was born and the other was on Mission Beach where I was raised before I moved back to OB in 1980. They’ve got pictures of the damage from those storms in them. My wonder is when will the cold current running along the West Coast start shifting like the Atlantic Gulf Stream is doing? The famous lobsters of Maine are actually moving north to find the cold water they live in!

    Of course the lobsters will have to move south if/when the Atlantic current turns off from all the fresh water being dumped into it by melting glaciers on Greenland and elsewhere, and that’ll make Northern Europe freeze over…

    So many potential bad climate-induced events we have to think about, eh Kevin? Too many eggs to juggle in my mind!

    The end of that article says it all! If the State passes that new bill which will benefit insurance companies; of course they will! Isn’t that the entire point of rich people buying politicians is getting what you want? You get what you pay for definitely works for the rich! Not for us taxpayers and ‘little people’ as wealthy 1% Leona Helmsley(sp?) so famously said publicly years ago as she was convicted of tax evasion (rare among that exalted status).

    Hard to accept that we are part of a failed species that will probably go extinct sooner rather than later. And I love science fiction reading…


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  24. Kevin Hester says:

    Soon these events will cripple the insurance industry. Imagine what these claims will be like?


  25. […] It was five years ago that I took this topic on for the first time. Louisiana was going through a series of huge storms and hundred year floods. And the people in charge of the state (and FEMA) were tired of going broke. They were spending big money every few years to rebuild the low-value shotgun shacks that populate the bayous and rural areas. Market value of these homes wasn’t more than 50 K (if that), but when you’re replaced one five times over the last 20 years, maybe it’s time to buy out the owners and condemn the land through eminent domain. But the problem was that Louisiana has lots of petroleum infrastructure. The companies can’t just walk away from it, and they can’t self-insure. Nobody was sure what to do. I thought we were looking at early-stage meltdown of capitalism. I wasn’t the only one. Activist and writer Kevin Hester thought much the same thing in 2019. […]

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    • So this popped up that says the insurance industry continues to ensure that it will get worse by insuring the fossil fuel industry! But they won’t insure people like me that are living in the mountains threatened by the rampant wildfires ignited from the fallout of a fossil fuel industry-caused climate collapse… And of course they cause their own collapse but don’t see it coming by issuing these policies?

      I mean, just how intelligent are these people to not connect the dots? Oh wait, only what the short term quarterly income statements count. Have to get those bonus’ so they can keep building those Bug-out Bunkers…

      Everywhere I read it just keeps looking worse and worse and you’re not helping my emotional equilibrium Kevin by posting nothing but bad news. Where’s the unicorns and cute kitty pictures? We need more butterfly photos…oh wait they’re dying out, too. Dang it, how is one supposed to keep a positive optimistic outlook when there isn’t any reason to be? I know! Listen to your favorite screaming evangelical end-times preacher on the radio and pray pray pray…



      5 Ways Liberty Mutual is Threatening Communities and Our Climate

      We’re ramping up the campaign demanding this insurance giant cut ties with destructive fossil fuel companies.

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  26. Kevin Hester says:

    “Even if homeowners choose to save money by living in an at-risk area, rising insurance premiums may make these properties just as expensive in the long run, she said.”


    • This article is stooo-pid. Low income means you’re a renter for the most part, and cannot afford to buy ANY freaking homes anywhere! Minimum wage workers DON’T own homes, period. Hell, with the skyrocketing rent prices to keep them in freaking poverty-level living conditions scrabbling to pay the emergency root canal bill and the rent and the broke-down car that gets them to their lousy job, there is a huge segment of the US population that this article completely ignores! There’s a term I read recently that was used to describe those that have always been ‘joining’ the US military machine that fits perfectly here: the downwardly mobile. Those that have no other choices will be renting not buying IF they aren’t living in their car already.

      Kevin, my age group is dumping their homes because the taxes and upkeep continue to go up and they’re all on fixed incomes (if they’re lucky) as the wealthy have destroyed pensions…and are trying to destroy Social Security by dumping it into Wall St. so they can increase their wealth. They’re buying vehicles, van-campers and Winnebagos and travel trailers etc etc and are living in parking lots at night and moving around during the day. Read an article where there was a picture of a miles-long row of old people living in these things along a single road in California. I know people up here that are doing this, and believe me it’s tough when the weather goes below freezing so many disappear to the coast or south to the milder winters. But they come back when the wildfires start back up and the coast chokes except of course the fires are up here, too.

      So please tell me just where there isn’t a massive risk that all these people are going to ‘afford’ to live at? Everywhere has some damned disaster hanging over it from the collapsing climate! This is goddam worldwide, every hemisphere and every continent.

      Somehow I get the feeling that things are going to get really freaky as people swarm one way and then another as different disasters overtake the areas they run to. This popped up a couple of days ago and certainly bodes ill for the immediate future is what I’m thinking:

      Despite Pandemic Shutdowns, CO2 Now at Levels Unseen in 3.6 Million Years
      NOAA warned that carbon dioxide and methane “continued their unrelenting rise in 2020.”

      So I will continue to try to afford to live here and if I can’t I’ll be selling this property to some escapee from the death zones of the southwestern desert regions that has money (hopefully) and buying a flipping van or something to live in, right? Being an old surfer born within yards of the beach I sure would like to spend some time living within smell and hearing of the ocean again before this body dies!

      Well hell, have to have something positive to look forward to, right? Maybe I’ll have enough money left to buy a new wetsuit as I still have a couple boards to paddle out on. HA! What a mess we have made of our planet….


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  27. Kevin Hester says:

    “The hail damage yesterday could become yet another billion-dollar weather disaster for the US,” said CNN senior meteorologist Dave Hennen. “This could be the second billion-dollar disaster this year in Texas, after the extreme Arctic outbreak back in February.”
    I reiterate my contention that the Insurance Industry will soon succumb to abrupt climate change.


    • And yesterday it was 76F/24C here while this was going on in Texas. Today it’s freaking warmer. Somehow I don’t think we’re going to have our ‘normal’ last frost in June this year, ya know? Again. Like last year. And the year before that. I’d have to pull out the calendars to see when the last one happened. I don’t remember which year it was.

      The first wildfire hit across the valley on the opposite ridgeline last week. Methinks it’s a bit early for fires at my latitude… Can we say Oopsie? Or maybe the insurance companies that have cancelled so many policies are breathing sighs of relief at having done so?


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  28. Kevin Hester says:

    “Severe hailstorms and tornadoes pounded the southern U.S. on Wednesday and Thursday, April 28 and 29, 2021, leaving a trail of destruction. As a result, more than 28 000 customers were without power in Texas alone, and damages across the region amounted to a billion dollars.

    A strong line of storms brought powerful hail, tornadoes, and flooding in the south. The Storm Prediction Center (SPC) received a total of nine tornado reports from Oklahoma and Arkansas, as well as Missouri, Tennessee, and Illinois. Preliminary reports show damage to residential properties and snapped trees.

    In Texas, powerful supercell thunderstorms caused the National Weather Service (NWS) to issue tornado warnings through early Thursday.

    More than 28 000 customers lost access to electricity that day. The system also brought hail up to 7.6 cm (3 inches) in diameter to San Antonio and Fort Worth.

    SPC received at least 100 reports of hail from Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma, with the latter bearing the brunt of the extreme weather. Baseball-sized hail battered the state, particularly the Norman area, inflicting major damage to homes and businesses.”

    “It quickly became clear that we were almost certainly facing a billion-dollar event,” said Steve Bowen, head of catastrophe insight at Aon Insurance.


    • Yeah, read about this on a couple different sites. Pretty freaking impressive storm, eh Kevin? Second billion-dollar insurance claim storm in four months. And hurricane season starts when in the Atlantic? No problemo, though, since jesus has their back. Right? They are a prayerful state if not too bright…

      I’ve got a metal roof and I wonder if it would even hold up to something like this? Most of what I saw in the photos of the damage was asphalt shingle roofs on top of what was probably cheap OSB pressboard sheeting… Not a whole lot of stopping power there for something this large falling at terminal velocity (or better being thrown out of a storm as higher speeds).

      So are some of the human-invented gods trying to tell the assholes in deregulated freedumb-loving Texas and Oklahoma and shithole Arkansas something about maybe they should take a better look at what policies they continue to support and vote for? My ex-wife is from Mountain Home, Arkansas, and I visited there once for two weeks with her in the early 1980s. It WAS a shithole of ignorance and poverty, overt racism and vicious redneck hillbilly attitudes that they were proud of carrying on with, but I can’t say the same for the other two states since I never stopped in either other than hitch-hiking through as fast as I could get rides back in the 70s…

      Nah, there ain’t no gods, we’re on our own and we certainly aren’t doing a very good job of that! Texas can continue to pray all they want but they aren’t gonna like what they will keep getting. I’m seeing more and more southern state license plates up here in the Pacific NW…some are getting out.

      They had massive hail and a couple months ago they had a massive Ice Storm while up here on the Canadian Border we’ve had too much rain instead of snow this winter and then a severe lack of Spring precip that has brought this area to the level described in an article about Washington State having been at mid-June dryness and fire danger since mid-March! Two months ahead of normal already this year, dude, and it isn’t looking like it will get any better in the next couple of months. Only hotter and drier I’m guessing.

      But hey, at least my roof isn’t getting holed by giant goddam hail! Isn’t that a relief? At least not yet.

      So how’s the start of the warm time of Southern Hemisphere Summer down there going so far, Kevin? I wonder how hot Oz is going to get this year and how many monster fires they’ll see run insanely wild in the next few months. One of these days one of the big cities is gonna burn. Random chaos and the luck of the Aussie has so far kept that from happening I guess.

      Nothing else up here at the moment. Other than some wildfires across the state already happening and the covid case count continues to increase in my county but what else isn’t new? Read something about Biden (pronouced BUY-dem since he’s always been a bought corporate mouthpiece) endorsing the new CDC less-mask-use-will-be-okay policy. Are these people stupid? Don’t answer that as it’ll just depress me!


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