Scientific Mal-Practice from the Mann Himself

In an August the  5th 2018 article in Salon titled “On Climate Change it’s time to start panicking” Michael E Mann bare faced lies to an unsuspecting public saying that it is still possible to avoid a dangerous 2C temperature rise on this beleaguered planet.
“The good news is that humanity hasn’t passed the point of no return, at least when it comes to the total destruction of our species (we have definitely passed that point when it comes to avoiding any kinds of lasting consequences). If we are to stave off even worse examples of extreme weather than the hurricanes, wildfires, floods, droughts and heat waves we’ve already experienced, however, we need to start implementing intelligent policies — and do so now.”
At this point in the article I urge informed readers to get a bucket to spew into when you read the following orchestrated litany of lies from the Mann Himself;

“I would place a price on carbon,” Michael E Mann, a Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science at Penn State, told Salon by email. “Whether this takes the form of a carbon tax (a revenue-neutral carbon tax? fee and dividend? cap-and-trade?), I leave that to the policymakers to determine as long as they accept, as the premise for policy, what the science has to say about the reality and threat of climate change. The price on carbon needs to be set such that it leads to a reduction in carbon emissions of several percent a year for the next few decades. If we do that, we can avoid a catastrophic 2C (~3.5 F) warming of the planet.”

If the reader has been paying any attention at all regarding the unfolding catastrophe and is aware of all the tipping points we have already crossed, they will know that this goal is impossible and the statement a blatant lie from a world renowned scientist. The ‘Go to guy’ for the corporate media. How dire must the situation be for Mann to be lying blatantly like this?
How the fuck will a tax over “the next few decades” prevent us from crossing the 2C rubicon when we are already something like 1.7C above the 1700 baseline, the only one we should be using. Factor in the 10 to 30 year lag between cause and effect of our emissions and it’s clear 2C is an impossibility?
For pities sake, 2C is baked in now, not decades into a future that will never arrive.
I take no pleasure in calling Mann a liar but the facts speak for themselves.

I’ll give you a hint where this is going to and coming from; “He also rejected the idea promoted by many on the left that a lasting solution to global warming is impossible under a free-market capitalist economic system.” “I’m unconvinced that is true,” Mann explained. “In the past, market mechanisms for pricing environmental externalities have worked. We acted on acid rain and ozone depletion within a market economy framework. The real problem, in my view, isn’t the nature of our economic system, it’s the way that special interests and plutocrats have blocked the sort of common-sense market approaches to dealing with environmental problems that were once supported by democrats and republicans alike. The problem is the moral and ethical rot that now lies at the very center of the republican establishment, the lack of good faith and the total sellout to special interests and plutocrats.”Can you Smell a free-market capitalist rat yet?

Not only is the liar saying that market forces can fix this predicament, he’s blaming the Republicans. Hilary Clinton’s script writer couldn’t have put it ‘better’. Maybe they wrote it for him?
Mann is patently owned by the very same corporations that are grinding the living planet into dust.
We have covered previously on this blog the “Total Lack of Urgency” being shown by scientists when covering our predicament. Contrast that with Meyer Hillman’s owning up on his death bed; “Were Doomed, Meyer Hillman on the climate reality that no one else will dare mention” 
Typically The Guardian in their title above ignored the seminal work of Professor Guy McPherson who has been raising the extinction alarm since 2012.
Check out this excellent expose’ of Mann making a liar of himself “Irony of Inaction- With “Honest” MIchael Mann

There is no past analogue for the rapidity of what we are baring witness to.
There has been a flood of articles recently from very mainstream as well as alternative media about the climate crisis where they admit that 2C is no longer attainable and that we are heading for dangerous climate change ( appallingly Greenpeace said on twitter today that 1.5C is achievable !!!!! Now they are outright lying as well.)
The media have been forced to address the predicament because of the rapidity of change yet still they aren’t conveying the true severity of the unfolding catastrophe and the rapidity of the change.
I’ve repeatedly quoted Albert Bartlett with his seminal statement “One of the greatest shortcomings of the human race is it’s inability to understand the exponential function”. We are now in the non-linear stage of the unraveling, there are few alive who will understand how quickly it will fall apart from here on despite our efforts to convey the urgency of the situation.

Kevin Sandbloom from  Black Bear News  also calls out Mann and his ‘tax’ and  the nuclear industry for their lies in the following embedded link;  French nuclear productionreduced by 31 GW due to heatwave !! So much for Nukes saving the planet from climate change!
The two embedded links below cover both an overview of abrupt climate change and an explanation of the rapidity we should brace for;
Overview Of Abrupt Anthropogenic Climate Change



Utah Phillips


I'm an anti-imperialist, environmental activist and blue ocean sailor, who is passionate about the earth and all it's inhabitants without favour. Brace for imminent impact as we bare witness to the non-linear unraveling of the biosphere and habitability disappearing for most if not all complex life on the only habitable planet we know of. To quote President Niinistö in North Russia: ‘If We Lose the Arctic, We Lose the World’. Folks we have lost the Arctic.

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  1. 44 south says:

    Pretty pointless reading this stuff anymore Kevin, though I still do it occasionally. Just read the”don’t dispair” follow up article re “hothouse earth” and some comments at the Guardian. One comment said something about the greatest environmental problems were human selfishness,greed and apathy, and that it would take a cultural and spiritual transformation to solve that.
    Out of time for everything it seems.

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    • Kevin Hester says:

      Yeah I get the point from someone who is so aware of the severity of the predicament. I’ve written this piece for people without your critical analysis.
      For anyone reading this I reccomend Torstein’s You Tube chanel “Going South”, subscribe folks, it does make a difference,


      • 44 south says:

        Haha,by”stuff” I ment the article you read and were quoting. It is not good for my health to get so angry any more. Likewise the radio is mostly silent these days.Bloody fools. Only a couple of years till it’s quite obvious to all in my opinion. All the best.

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    • John-Albert Eadie says:

      Pointless? It WILL take a cultural and spiritual transformation to solve. That’s my vote and what I tell my confessor (I am as sinful as anyone but have a dying Catholic nun who tells me not to worry), is : precisely. We must effect a cultural and spiritual transformation and I if anything will get louder on this very point.

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      • billy fudd says:

        Agreed! Every advancement in any field of endeavor results from someone not being able to take for granted what their predecessors could. What would not being able to take any mom for granted anymore do in terms of cultural and spiritual transformation eh?

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  2. Most of these “scientists” have to say there is still hope, otherwise they will be canned and dismissed. It’s all a big game. People with money want more of it, and that won’t change till were all gone with the Dinosaurs. It really sucks that we have these mainstream scientists saying all these things. It’s a very confusing world. The evidence is overwhelming. If only the whole world could be told where we’re going….. It’s a real crime what is happening right now. Once that ice goes, game over.

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  3. I.M. Noman says:

    Kevin, what if the world is lucky? Or is that Kremlin propaganda? You see, Nobel Prize-winning climatologist Oleg Anisimov says climate change has benefits too and Russia is lucky.

    While many parts of the world are struggling from catastrophic effects of climate change, Russia is looking to capitalize on it, with the Kremlin driving a narrative that touts the economic benefits. Like more and faster access to petroleum and mineral reserves that were previously unreachable. The Northern Sea Passage, a legendary shipping lane along Russia’s Arctic coastline, has been largely inaccessible for part of the year because of dense sea ice. But now, that ice is melting, opening up a new trade route for Russia’s cargo ships. Russian oil companies are already betting big on the new reserves they hope to find in the Russian Arctic, and other industries — like mining — are ramping up production since they now have faster shipping routes to many ports. “The problem of climate change is actually the problem of adaptation to climate change. This is not a tragedy,” said Nobel Prize-winning climatologist Oleg Anisimov. “Certainly some places will become unlivable, but other areas are places that will become more livable.”

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    • Kevin Hester says:

      Let’s just face it, what chance did the biosphere have when all the parties involved are motoring ahead at full speed. Climate change deniers at the edge of extinction from Moscow to Manhattan.
      Great comment and video thank you,I have shared in in some social media forums.


  4. I.M. Noman says:

    Thank you! In the video Alexander Bedritsky (climate adviser to Putin) says: “The Paris convention reads: Countries must take action to lower the greenhouse gas emissions, while also not hindering their economic development. No one is going to limit their economic growth.”

    But economic growth = emissions. As Prof Garrett puts it: “With an extremely high degree of accuracy, we could estimate the global GDP simply with a CO2 probe at Mauna Loa.”

    So Paris was and is a joke. No country will take action. But if Nobel laureate Anisimov is right, no country should take action, because some countries like Russia are winning the lottery. Besides, what kind of action could the world take?

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  5. Franciscus de Groot says:

    Indeed, Kevin…

    Today I read in a major UK newspaper that “In 2080, scientists predict that heatwave-related deaths will rise four- to twenty-fold”.

    It would be funny, if it wouldn’t be so sad.

    Actually it isn’t “sad” either. It’s a crime or it’s at least weaponized willful ignorance!

    The Press preventing the truth from emerging is a crime against humanity, if it ever turns out they’re doing this deliberately. Sadly they will never have to answer for this. Such articles lull people to sleep. They reassure the readers that in their lifetime and the lifetime of their children, everything will remain A-OK. “Some more poor elderly will die in the far future or in the 3rd world, who cares…”

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  6. seal morgan says:

    No, the Mann article wasn’t anything unexpected from him, not really. He’s always been one of those ‘optimistic’ and don’t-rock-the-boat-too-much types. Reading it when it came out ten days or so ago I just figured he’s got too much of that ‘academic prestige’ to be honest with the consequences falling on our heads.

    In a way I quite understand his conservatism, it’s a scientist survival trait or they end up tinkering with their ideas in a garage somewhere. Funding disappears, your office turns into a broom closet one week and the phone and desk disappear the next. These people are used to their privileges and damn sure don’t want to lose them and end up like the rest of us worrying about next month’s bills….and universities are all sucking at the fossil fuel tit.

    As an answer to 44 South from someone at 49 North, reading what continues to be published about climate collapse is because I refuse to be ignorant about current information.

    Are we all just sitting around waiting for the 50GT methane bomb to drop? Well duh, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to dig a hole in the ground for my head because it’s all “pointless” to continue reading about it all. I for one am a curious primate and will continue reading intelligent thoughts and information from others because…it’s better than the tv I turned off in 1993! 🙂

    This came up today:

    A Last Ditch Strategy to Fight for Human Survival

    a cut from it that may explain Dr. Mann:

    …Therefore, and despite the overwhelming consensus noted above, many climate scientists are reluctant to be fully truthful about the state of the world’s climate or they are just conservative in their assessments of the climate catastrophe.

    sealintheSelkirks (buried under fire smoke and continued 39’C temps)

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    • Kevin Hester says:

      Well Seal Morgan I would rate that as one of the best informed and concise responses to a blog post on this website. You’ve nailed it. Thanks for your contribution.


    • wqjcv says:

      If Dr. Mann were a farmer, there’d be no opportunity for him to engage in malpractice or to serenade his peers with optimistic thinking. There’s academia and there’s reality. The former tends to be comfortable and the latter tends to be harsh. In academia you can build a career around a consensus that doesn’t change during your lifetime. You are insulated to a certain extent. And that is by design, so that an academic is free to pursue “inconvenient truths” without fear of being sanctioned. Unfortunately, design and practice are two different things.

      Farmers live in the real world and must adapt to change.

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  7. I.M. Noman says:

    Mann, you’d better make money fast. We’re doomed beyond words. Perhaps they have a chance – good photos

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  8. 44 south says:

    Good to see your still alive and kicking Seal and have made the journey from Scribbler land to the Hester face of Mt Doom.
    I am tempted to ask what part of “faster than expected/exponential/it’s too late and near term” do you not yet get, that you need to keep updated with the latest bad news and mandatory last few lines of hope? But I haven’t been drinking for a week so I won’t 😉
    I have no need of lists of doom, I read and view as much for the fellowship as anything, frequently clicking on Hambones videos only to stop them and read the comments. And it’s the personal insights I value more than the data.
    It occurs to me to ask Kevin and anyone else who might like to answer:
    What if tomorrow not just Mann but every one wakes up fully groking our situation.What then? What would you like to happen? What do you think WOULD happen?
    I think it would just get very unpleasant very quickly with peak “men behaving badly”. Good luck.

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    • personne says:

      I agree with that penultimate sentence, 44S (expanded to include “women behaving just as badly, if not worse” – i’m female, btw, so have an inside take on the XX crowd). Most humans are astoundingly irrational. Had they not destroyed the planet i so love, i’d find them entertaining.

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  9. Kevin Hester says:

    Great piss take by Tim Bob of the liar Michael Mann

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  10. seal morgan says:

    44South: Yep, still kicking though it is too smoked out here by the wildfires surrounding me to be kicking very hard. Red Alert Unhealthful Air Quality for weeks keeps me inside during the day as much as possible. And now the smoke clouds from the Canadian BC Fires are about to drop over the border into these mountains and valleys on a wind shift that I’m really hoping doesn’t happen.

    Scribbler…we…ummm, sort of clashed on different subjects. Very different backgrounds as I had a Peace & Freedom Party, anti-vietnam anti-nuclear war protester/child survivor of WWII US concentration camps for a stepparent that taught this old lifelong surfer kid vs the viewpoint of a Big D Hillary neoliberal must-have-order ex-cop…let’s just say we just disagreed and, after one rather dismissive derogatory reply, I had to admit there was a large gap between our outlooks. I refused to outright dismiss the rather ‘alarmist’ side of climate research that I ran into and since it is his blog, okay. The site wouldn’t let me post there anymore. Ah well.

    Ha Ha Hester face of Mt. Doom. That’s funny. Nah, that was McPherson NBL…who is starting to look more like a Cassandra than a crazy unhinged scientist throwing his career away and channeling Satan trying to upset the general order of society. He never thought that Hillary was going to come save us, either.

    Perhaps that last posting by the Arctic Emergency Methane Group years ago was the fall off the Cliff Face of Mt. Doom? Holy crap that was…unsettling to read and maybe it just was the way they put it into words. I have that copied somewhere I think…

    Unfortunately there isn’t any part of ‘faster than expected/exponential/it’s too late and near term’ that I do not get. Never mind the ‘yet!’ Oh most definitely, I get it and have for a long time. I have distinct memories of ‘practicing’ Duck & Cover as a kid in Mission Beach and Pacific Beach schools I attended which, having that stepmom, pretty much knew was bullshit as a 7 year old and said so when forced to crawl on the floor by teachers. I did not earn their gratitude for setting the record straight nor did it mollify my mostly military brat classmates (the school being 5 air miles from aircraft carrier row and North Island Naval Air Station in San Diego) when I told them that we’d all die and their in-uniform daddy couldn’t do anything to stop that.

    This reality is also not a duck & cover moment, is it? Can’t hide, no planet B to run to. The wealthy are building bolt holes all over the global south where Hester is, too. As George Carlin said: ‘it’s a big club and you aren’t invited’ applies to climate collapse, too.

    We humans live a linear timeline as our entire lives are measured between waking up and the little death of going to sleep. That fact alone severely limits our perceptions along with the very short life spans we enjoy. Imagine we had the tortoise’s 300 years to live the consequences of our actions? Would that have made a difference in our society and how we view the world?

    As for your other comments and question, I’m of the same mind when it comes to reading comments vs the data. The data is pretty conclusive even though the quibbling over timelines continues due to the mentioned non-linear acceleration of positive feedback loops only the more pessimistic scientists were bringing up years ago that are now occurring. But it’s the human side, that personal insight in the comments I too value as you mentioned.

    The question of ‘what would happen’ if everybody somehow all woke up and ‘Grokked’ (shades of Heinlein, eh?) what is happening…well… You ever read that limited nuclear attack novel called ‘One Second After’ by W. Forstchen? You don’t need to read the entire book, just the first two months should do it. Applying that scenario to climate collapse I think would be somewhat appropriate though, as I said, timelines are unknown. One harvest year burns up in drought and/or drowns in deluge in the Northern Hemisphere. Wouldn’t take much more than that to break apart this fragile civilization I’d imagine. Then the fun would really start, eh?

    Yes, good luck though it’s doubtful there will be much of that going around at that point.

    to personne: I’m assuming 44South meant men as inclusive to all humans not gender specific. The species IS irrational to a fault no matter the gender but still are entertaining to watch in a horribly ironic sort of way I guess. Unless it is up close and personal, then there is no humor in it.

    Rub that lucky rabbit’s foot (though it wasn’t all that lucky for the rabbit). Friday I get to give a short talk to a county commission vested with the power to stop the rabid clearcutting of forests up here. Or at least slow it down. Make any difference at all? Don’t know but there is still some bits of idealism left in me to go ahead and try.


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    • Kevin Hester says:

      “Friday I get to give a short talk to a county commission vested with the power to stop the rabid clearcutting of forests up here. Or at least slow it down. Make any difference at all? Don’t know but there is still some bits of idealism left in me to go ahead and try.”
      You bet it’s worth it.


  11. Dear Kevin, your volume, intensity, and quality continue to astound. You continue to be right about most everything. I am honored to continue to know you. I think of myself as unusually broad in view. But you are broader. That is really saying something. And nicely connected + the broad part. Blessings. And kind regards, David

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  12. Reblogged this on The Brooklyn Culture Jam and commented:
    A pissing fight I think it’s time to join. Mann has been vilified by the climate ‘skeptics’ but that doesn’t mean he’s right about where we are in terms of NTHE. He’s excoriated Dr. Guy McPherson over his assertions of our passing of a point of no return, but Mann is admitting that we’re gone. Read, Discuss. Tx to Kevin Hester.


  13. Kevin Hester says:

    “You are blocked from following @MichaelEMann and viewing @MichaelEMann’s Tweets. ”
    Haha, Michael Mann has blocked me on Twitter, I wonder why? Maybe because I called him a liar?


  14. Kevin Hester says:

    The latest lies from the Mann himself;
    1. 41 “We need to go to zero emissions within a decade or two if we’re going to avoid the threshold of dangerous interference with our climate”. Mann pretending we haven’t already entered a time of dangerous interference with our climate.
    5.44; “There is still time to avoid crossing the 2C threshold”
    He cannot believe that nonsense so he must be lying.
    “We will have to bring emissions down by 5% or more for the next decade or two if we are going to avoid 2C” If you believe that you aren’t paying attention.
    8.39 “Later in the century may literally need to start sucking some of that carbon dioxide back out of the atmosphere”. Carbon capture and storage at scale is fantasy technology and he knows it.
    “A price on carbon, a market signal will help us move in the direction we need to and electing politicians who will support our interests”.
    It is impossible that Mann could be so naive, he’s lying and it’s obvious.


  15. Kevin Hester says:

    Michael Mann who recently attacked the methane bomb hypothisis would seem to have some questions to answer.


  16. Kevin Hester says:

    Paul Beckwith has chipped in and mirrored my criticism of the liar Michael Mann below


  17. Kevin Hester says:

    Michael C. Ruppert used to say “Until you change the way that money works, you change nothing”
    Recently attacks were launched on field researcher Dr Natalia Shakova and all the scientists in the Arctic Methane Emergency Group for warning us about the risk of a 50 gigatonne methane burst.
    Leading the charge was the liar Michael Mann.
    Turns out that Mann and Penn State are in bed with the enemy.


  18. Kevin Hester says:

    The very same methane that the liar Michael Mann says isn’t a threat.


  19. Kevin Hester says:

    So sad to see such a influential scientist shilling for the nuclear industry and faux ‘renewables’ that are all derivatives of fossil fuels.


  20. Kevin Hester says:

    Pauline, Guy and I take no pleasure is calling the likes of Hansen and Mann liars but the evidence is clear.
    At the edge of extinction, for whatever reason, these scientists are clearly not telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It’s important to remember that these are the scientists that the corporate media trapse out for their opinions and have a huge influence on the general public luring them into a false sense of security about the immediate future we face.
    They are barefaced lying to us.


  21. Kevin Hester says:

    The recent Jonathan Franzen article in The New Yorker magazine that Guy has embedded in this article brought out the perfect example of “Shoot the Messenger”.
    Overall it had a well researched premise even though I questioned his not mentioning the role that militarism is playing in the crisis.
    The modus operandi of the corporate media is to immediately attack anyone pointing at the extinction elephant in the room, they have share prices to protect.
    The same applies to the ‘go too’ scientists like Michael E Mann who will be on a huge tenured salary at Penn State university which incidentally has close ties to the US military….. #Followthemoney.
    We have emailed Jonathan Franzen and asked him to be a guest on our radio show Nature Bats Last. He hasn’t replied yet, he’s probably suffering from the ‘Shell Shock’ which is par for the course for anyone like us who talks about extinction. We get attacked daily, welcome to our world Mr Franzen.


  22. Kevin Hester says:

    “Now that these companies are on the back foot with a climate-aware public, frightened of worsening their by-now dire reputation for evil on a par with the tobacco companies, they have, Michael Mann argues, moved to two new strategies: no longer outright denial but doomism and deflection. Doomism attempts to sow helplessness and inaction. It involves a giddy shift from the recent dominant line “climate change won’t happen until far into the future and by then we’ll have found new technologies to counteract it” to “it’s too late to do anything, we might as well enjoy what we have”. This and nihilism appear to be close cousins.”
    As we slide relentlessly towards collapse the battle for control of the narrative gets dirtier by the day. The Liar Michael Mann is now inferring that the #NTHE community is a construct of the fossil fuel industry !! I can assure you that Rex Tillerson hasn’t sent me a dime.
    Mann blocked me on Facadebook and Twitter after I called him out for no longer accepting his own conclusions based on the hockey stick theory he and colleagues developed based on tipping points activating as drivers of the crisis and the fact that he never mentions the role that militarism plays in the unraveling of the biosphere. Mann promotes “alternative energy’ as a solution to abrupt climate change totally ignoring the proven science that Industrial civilisation is a heat machine irrespective of what powers it.
    Be ready for more of this garbage from the empires puppet at Penn State and for social media to possibly ban the discussion around near term human extinction.


  23. Kevin Hester says:

    Hansen signs up with the Liar Michael Mann.
    “And we should not be frightening vulnerable young people with gloom and doom pronouncements. The problem can still be solved. Our planet has a bright future.”

    No Time for Truth the article should be titled;


  24. Kevin Hester says:

    More orchestrated disinformation from the liar Michael Mann.
    He pretends that the Paris goals are achievable when using 1750 as a baseline we are already past 2C ( see Sam Carana’s work at the Arctic News Blog for proof).
    Mann is a tenured professor at Penn State Earth System Science Center , coincidentally Penn state has a large US military contingent and he never mentions the role that militarism is playing in the 6th great extinction.
    It gives me no pleasure calling Mann a liar but the evidence is clear.
    Notice the fawning approach to the interview from Jane Fonda, all I saw was a cabaret show.


  25. Kevin Hester says:

    “Mann says, “If we are going to avert ever more catastrophic climate change impacts, we need to limit warming below a degree and a half Celsius, a little less than three degrees Fahrenheit. Another four years of what we’ve seen under Trump, which is to outsource environmental and energy policy to the polluters and dismantle protections put in place by the previous administration … would make that essentially impossible.”
    Unfortunately he is lying about the amount of warming we’ve already had.
    He can no longer be trusted.


  26. Kevin Hester says:

    My co-host on Nature Bats Last unpicks the latest lies and denial about the severity of the climate and extinction crisis we face.
    It brought me no pleasure in denouncing Michael Mann et al as liars but the evidence is clear to me and anyone who can face the existential crises we have triggered.
    Feedback loops are now in the drivers seat of this runaway freight train, brace for imminent impact.


  27. Kevin Hester says:

    “Should this be achieved globally, “surface temperatures stop warming and warming stabilizes within a couple decades,” said Michael Mann, a climate scientist at Pennsylvania State University. ”
    More lies from Michael Mann, ignoring feedback loops.
    Clearly Mann cannot be trusted.


  28. Kevin Hester says:

    Just recently Penn State scientist Michael E Mann has been saying that if we cut emissions to zero the planet won’t continue to overheat and temperatures will stabilise.
    This is complete nonsense. First it’s impossible to reach zero emissions and maintain this insane culture, even the stupidest student knows that feedback loops that have all ready been triggered are now in the drivers seat, the water vapour feedback alone will continue to heat the planet, not to mention the other 6 dozen other feedbacks identified by my co-host on Nature Bats Last on PRN.FM Professor Guy McPherson in his monster climate change essay located at the top of his blog at .
    Mann’s latest position now denies the ‘Hockey Stick’ theory that he became renowned for !
    In the link below our January guest on Nature Bats Last Jim Massa unpicks those ‘mistakes’ / lies.
    In the early years of researching this catastrophe I had good, positive, scientific interactions with Mann but as we slipped into irreversible, non-linear abrupt climate change I noticed him back tracking. At first I thought he was self-censoring but his latest utterances are clearly unscientific so can only be lies not errors.
    Mann is tenured at Penn State university which has huge connections with the military industrial complex. The US military has described climate change as a “Threat Multiplier”, owning Mann is part of a military strategy.
    As we circle the drain of abrupt climate change the dominant culture will continue to downplay the level of risk extinction cascades and our relentless charge towards hot house earth poses. Mann has abandoned science and is saying exactly what he is told by the same dark forces that are grinding the living planet into dust. I suspect the US military have had a word in his ear, possibly promised him a bug out shelter.
    I’ll post a link below on the connections between Penn State and the US military and my blog post titled “Scientific Mal-Practice from the Mann Himself”.
    I have been populating the comments section of the blog with additional evidence since it was posted so read the blog and the comments section to understand the level of evidence I have accumulated.
    It gives me no pleasure denouncing Mann but the stakes have never been higher and the youth at least deserve the truth.


  29. Kevin Hester says:

    It is imperative to understand that these latest attacks by Michael Mann are both orchestrated and in denial of his own scientific knowledge as alluded to in this article.
    Mann is owned by the military wing of Penn State University.
    Michael Mann can no longer be trusted.


  30. Kevin Hester says:

    “Most countries have come close to meeting their Paris Agreement obligations, which we do have to ratchet up if we’ve to have hope of keeping global warming under dangerous levels of more than two degrees Celsius.”
    What planet is he on ? Only a handful of countries have met their abysmal Paris targets and when using 1750 as a baseline we are at or past 1.5C.
    So many lies, so little time.


  31. Dan R Brauner says:

    It appears that Michael Mann and James Hansen, or is that Michael Hansen and James Mann are both in full bullshit mode. It makes me sick. I guess being the go to star climate scientists for the corporate media is just too much attention to turn down.

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  32. Kevin Hester says:

    “I am cautiously optimistic — that is to say … objectively hopeful — about prospects for tackling the climate crisis in the years ahead,” climate scientist Michael Mann writes in his new book, “The New Climate War.”

    More lies from the liar in chief:


  33. Kevin Hester says:

    The liar Dr Michael Mann believes that John Kerry and Joe Biden believe that we don’t have to ‘give up our quality of life’ to get to net zero by 2050. Mann believes they have done a great job on climate, wtf?
    Mann fakes it to say we have the technology to decarbonise the economy. “We don’t need a draconian change in lifestyle to accomplish these reductions”
    He’s a fuckn liar.
    Another entry in my blog post about the liar Michael Mann.


  34. Kevin Hester says:

    “But the real reason why I wanted to read Mann’s book is his chapter 8, “The Truth Is Bad Enough”. Here, Mann takes on the wider Deep Adaptation community, including Scranton (who I’ve already mentioned), Johnathan Franzen (“What If We Stopped Pretending”, The New Yorker, 9/8/19), Guy McPherson (coiner of the term “Near-Term Human Extinction”), Jem Bendell (author of the Deep Adaptation paper), and David Wallace-Wells (“The Uninhabitable Earth”, New York Magazine,”
    He’s such a corporate weasel–5konzJAqcPCMQwM


  35. Kevin Hester says:

    “But there is a way out of this nightmare of ever-worsening weather extremes, and it’s one that will serve us well in many other ways, too. A rapid transition to clean energy can stabilize the climate, improve our health, provide good-paying jobs, grow the economy and ensure our children’s future.”
    Michael Mann continuing to lie that there is such a thing as ‘clean energy’ and that our predicament is ‘fixable’.


  36. Kevin Hester says:

    “Michael Mann, distinguished professor of atmospheric science at Pennsylvania State University, said this would be the last IPCC assessment that can make a real difference in policy terms, before we exceed 1.5C and the ambitions of the Paris agreement.”
    Michael Mann and the Guardian conspiring to promulgate blatant lies about how much warming we’ve unleashed.


  37. And it isn’t just Mann, Check this one out:

    Canadian Official Says Trans Mountain Pipeline Revenue Needed to Fight Climate Crisis

    Talk about a complete perversion of what this guy is supposed to be doing in his high profile job!


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  38. This is about the same kind of crap that Robert Scribbler did to me on his site. He pretty much supported the Status Quo and bad-mouthed what I was saying back in 2016. Obliquely of course, he’s got that style of replying down well.

    I’ve still got copies of some of our arguments in a RS document file that sounds a lot like Michael Mann’s behavior with people he disagrees with. I really didn’t care for the way he worded replies that pretty much dismissed what I was posting in a way that felt like more of an ego thing than a discussion of differing viewpoints. Of course I was far too much of a ‘doomer’ as these people who’ve been slammed by Mann for the same thoughts.

    I’ve never been on Twitter, never had a FakeBlech account, but if I had been he probably would have had me banned like Mann has done to these people. I know how they feel. Having parts of my replies edited really bothered me because it took my writing out of context so he looked better to his readers.

    I was posting exactly like I do here, Kevin. I was reading many of the same sites/writers then, too. Then he started not posting what I was writing instead of just cutting stuff out… Funny that you don’t cut my writing up and actually even compliment what I’ve contributed now and then over the last few years.

    And even bought my book! The which I’m still seeing bought here and there (never was going to make the NY Times bestseller list after all since I won’t put it on Amazon!), and I’ve had nothing but very good reviews from people who have looked my shop phone number up and called to talk to me about it. Yes that has actually happened a few times!

    Mann, like too many academics, doesn’t want to lose his privileges I’m guessing…


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