Tim Merges the Worst Climate News in History with Epic Images

“Climate change is one of a host of environmental ills for which technological solutions are being proposed. In fact, most of the proposed solutions exacerbate environmental ills in other dimensions such as species loss and mass extinction. This tendency of technological reasoning to ‘bleed’ from one dimension or axis to another— to cause unintended consequences, is a function of the structure of this type of reasoning.”
“Paradoxically, calls for analytical rigor tend to narrow the realm of scientific concern, thereby raising the range of unintended consequences. This paradox is internal to the structure of technological reasoning. In practical terms, the 2018 IPCC Report on climate change relies on dubious technology to produce ‘negative carbon emissions.’ This both distracts attention away from more plausible methods and it could wildly exacerbate mass extinction.” Climate Change and Technology

Mark Brimblecombe’s piece de resistance on the mitigation myth is a must read;
“It is not nice to be told that you have been diagnosed with a terminal condition. It is even worse to be given false hope that if you did this or that you could mitigate the problem or turn it around when it cannot. If a medical practitioner does this, they lose their job. But climate scientists do this frequently, and probably to keep their job. It is virtue-signalling to agree with national and international climate agreements which propose that we can fix this by reducing (mitigating) our carbon footprint and carbon emissions… and so continue ‘business as usual’ and live happily ever after.” Climate Change and the Mitigation Myth

In the above video I mentioned the paper by Professor Corey Bradshaw suggesting that even Tardigrades are in danger. Our interview with Professor Bradshaw and links to the paper we discussed are embedded following; Professor Corey Bradshaw explains the unfolding “Extinction Cascades” on Nature Bats Last.

As we get closer to the collapse of the biosphere, I have been noticing a huge distortion, if not outright lying, in the use of baseline figures for the planetary temperature increase that humans have caused with our crack like and sadly terminal addiction to carbon. Baseline Temperature dishonesty at the Edge of Extinction

More information on the Aerosol Masking Effect; Science Update: Aerosol Masking Effect Previously Underestimated on Overheated Earth and here; Global Dimming Keeping the Planet Habitable

Source of the above quote; President Niinistö in North Russia: ‘If We Lose the Arctic, We Lose the World’

My latest interview with Beril Sirmacek. We had a few audio issues but after all it was recorded at the edge of extinction !!

I’ll sign off with the latest post from Sam Carana at the Arctic News Blog Spot;
“Terrifying Arctic methane levels”

A peak methane level of 3026 ppb was recorded by the MetOp-B satellite at 469 mb on December 11, 2021 am.”

Current rates and mechanisms of subsea permafrost degradation in the East Siberian Arctic Shelf

I'm an anti-imperialist, environmental activist and blue ocean sailor, who is passionate about the earth and all it's inhabitants without favour. Brace for imminent impact as we bare witness to the non-linear unraveling of the biosphere and habitability disappearing for most if not all complex life on the only habitable planet we know of. To quote President Niinistö in North Russia: ‘If We Lose the Arctic, We Lose the World’. Folks we have lost the Arctic.

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15 comments on “Tim Merges the Worst Climate News in History with Epic Images
  1. Shallel says:

    Have always loved Tim’s mashups of the best climate truth and gripping clips, images and music. They are a GREAT way to spread awareness of out predicament in an instantly recognizable style! TY Tim, Kevin, and Guy! Glad to see the channel is back!!

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  2. Marcus says:

    Kevin, I have followed you for several years, via your blog. I cannot overstate my appreciation for your painful, blunt willingness to tell the truth, about our immediate demise. Independently, I have read hundreds of pieces of information, and you apparently are WAY ahead of me. As you know (as I do), we are indeed doomed. Yes, we see our demise. Terribly soon. I wish you the absolute best, for time remaining. And, from one obscure human to another, I thank you, for your courage to bring terrible truths to light, and for your selfless efforts to tell all of humanity. If many of us were more like you, maybe we could have avoided this disaster. For any who disagree, I say, pick any of thousands of the myriad parts of this scheme, and “follow the money.” Truthfully, follow the information, and look at the outcomes, the arc of the end results. Mankind has been foolish. To our collective deaths. Of course, any of us who weekly read the facts and data, we want to wrong, terribly wrong. Sadly, we are not wrong.

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  3. You two were snickering, Kevin & Guy. How rude! Hey, he’s the president of Finland!

    I mean, here he was running from a goddamn tsunami 7 meters tall heading for a utility pole and of course he was thinking about the impossible and meaning of…really? Did he really spend time thinking about meanings or was he so scared he shit his pants while climbing up that pole? My bet’s on the latter…

    Then there’s this below, a new report now being discussed and the expected cost is about 25% of the US military budget (based on adding everything that isn’t added together that we know of).

    New report investigates geoengineering oceans as a way to combat climate change


    A report released on Wednesday by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine looks towards the planet’s oceans to combat climate change. The nearly 300-page document presents a variety of potential solutions ranging from seaweed farming to administering electric shocks to reduce an ocean’s acidity. Estimated research costs range from allocating $25 million to investigate artificial wave creation to spending $350 million to research electrochemical solutions.

    LINK: A Research Strategy for Ocean-based Carbon Dioxide Removal and Sequestration (2021)


    Planning for the future as the boat is sinking. I caught something about a 30% reduction from…2020 emissions somewhere in that vid. Did I hear that or am I misquoting?

    Oh wait, aren’t they not increasing so sayeth the Mann? Right now a new storm is barreling towards the center of the US Great Plains. Again. Five days after the last one. Tomorrow should be interesting.

    “Carry it a little further and say the things to those you don’t like too, but I’m not going to go there.”

    This is fucking crazy shit, Kevin. And the last post from Sheila in Oregon on a thread again ranted about the climate refugees on the US border that Guy mentions. Running from the climate disaster that is engulfing the Equator lands created by (for the most part) the industrialized north.

    Guy was in Belize, yes? Is that land losing it’s ability to grow food now also like other in Centro America?


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  4. Sheila chambers says:

    We humans will seize any hint of hopium won’t we.

    Carbon capture, “green” new deal, “green” growth, the endless COPS, “renewables” that are tightly tied to the same resource their expected to replace, how STUPID IS THAT!

    Biden is allowing even more migrants to come & stay, while he’s all for “drill baby drill” in the background, in public, he’s also supporting “renewables,” their very PROFITABLE of course.

    But NEVER with all those “green fixes” they are proposing, NEVER DO THEY MENTION OVERPOPULATION, EXCESSIVE DEMAND & the real problems of ENDLESS GROWTH ON A FINITE PLANET!

    Even worse that DAM BIDEN has passed an even MORE OBSCENE ENDLESS WAR MILITARY BUDGET!

    We have MILLIONS OF UNEMPLOYED, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS if not millions of HOMELESS,those people need TRAINING FOR NEW JOBS but that training COSTS THOUSANDS OF $$$, MONEY THEY DON’T HAVE & BEING UNEMPLOYED OR HOMELESS,they can’t get a loan either!

    This OLIGARCHY NEEDS TO PAY FOR THEIR TRAINING/EDUCATION so they can fill the jobs we need like truck drivers & container unloaders but they won’t will they, NOT PROFITABLE FOR “THEM”!

    We now have passed 800,000 COVID DEATHS in the USA thanks to our RELIGIONS, POVERTY, denial of NEEDED health care & our crappy UNJUST “education” system.

    Of course we can also say, “so what” we are all doomed anyhow,let all those desperate migrants enter, cheap servants for those rich folks, let the excess die on our cruel streets, let “Darwin” sort out who lives & who dies with the RICH expecting that only “useless eaters” will do all the dying not them.
    They are WRONG!
    Day by day, all we can do is watch as our planet is destroyed by the greediest preditor ever to evolve here, HUMANS!

    No one, not even the richest can survive on a DEAD PLANET!

    On a different note, the government is now pushing old farts like me to get market based “health” insurance, so called “Medicare advantage” when the “advantage” is only for those greedy insurance companies not the seniors who will end up with less “care” & higher medical bills, NO THANKS!

    Thank you Kevin & Guy for keeping us informed as to what is actually happening as the 6th “great” extinction expands.

    I’ll keep feeding the wild birds, not use poisons or herbicides, I’ll keep planting native plants & I’ll plant some potatoes this spring as I watch the garlic I planted this fall come up.

    I’ll let those who still have “hopium” buy those electric cars, put solar panels on their roofs, go vegan & suffer vit. B12 deficiencies.
    I’ll always miss “my” Swallows & the butterflies,bugs, bees, beetles,spiders & even the FLIES!

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  5. Kevin Hester says:

    I did a river trip in the north of Australia and the classic Ozzie guide joked “If you go walking around this area bring either a small child or a dog with you. The Croc’s always take the smallest target. Aussie gallows humour.
    Tim’s back and in fine form.

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  6. I read about this a while back, ago but this popped up today in the feed. This ongoing methane burn is…boggling. Only one guy has made it to the bottom and back up which there is a link to.

    The image is visually jarring.



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    • Sheila chambers says:

      Gate of HELL! I know a few people I would LOVE to drop down there!
      But blowing out that flame would be a very tough cookie to crunch.

      “Renewables” are just another distraction little different from sports, fashion, music, computer games, entertainers & all the other non news items now cluttering up the so called – “News”.

      “They” our rulers must keep us distracted so “they” can make as much PROFIT as possible & stay in control until they can’t then it’s MAD MAX & a war against we the people who by then will be very pissed off as food prices rise, fuel is hard to find & unaffordable, as the mass of homeless grow & “life” becomes unbearable for those not rich.

      I would hate to be in or anywhere near a big “shitty” now, just imagine what will happen as it goes down, all those poor folks walking to where they believe things will be “better”, but they will get the “bums rush” just like the illegal immigrants will.

      I am very disturbed that even sites like the BBC push too dam much SPORT & for too long.
      I know there is other “news” out there & I know why they are pushing SPORT so much, just another distraction from reality.
      The reality down here is we aren’t getting enough RAIN & we had only one mild freeze.
      That is not “normal” but nothing is “normal” any more.

      BTW Seal, how’s the SNOW up there?
      Getting in some more snowboarding in the powder?
      I with I could have done that, snowboard in the powder, looks like such lovely fun!


      • sealintheselkirks says:

        Kevin, you hear the boom of the Tonga volcano going off where you are? Read that people on North Island did, and that there were small tsunami surge waves that came in but nothing dramatic or devastating.

        DP in the islands sent an email this morning after their morning walk and said there were obvious over-washed areas on the beach from the tsunami surges that came in and they are on Windward Side facing the US coast.

        Well hello Sheila!

        Yep, pretty impressive methane burn crater, eh? One giant burning zit in the face of the earth that is growing. Somehow I doubt that anybody is going to be able to put it out, ya know?

        And maybe you would drop down there but my thrill-seeking rides tend to go in other directions. You read my book!

        Yeah, I’d hate to be in a big city at this point, too. I get the heebie-jeebies just thinking about what is coming as destabilization continues to accelerate. As for people walking away from cities to find someplace better, it might not happen at first due to the militarized cops/national guard enforcing some kind of travel ban/curfew depending on how fast we fall off the cliff and when food supplies start to run out. When food gets scarce is going to be very bad.

        Last I read on that is the US has about 3 days food at any one time…for everybody. But just how much is actually in people’s cupboards is another story, eh? When the stores empty out people get scared. Human history is full of what happens when a civilization goes down and the food runs out…and our ancestors ate anything they could get when times got tough.

        And of course distraction works! Corporate TV ‘sports’ is probably the #1 distraction from reality that is aimed at the general US public. News is always censored by the oligarchs that own the networks, all news is. And cell phones with that so-called ‘social media’ (more corporate control) are right up there alongside sports I’m betting. Isn’t Entertainment wonderful? Keeps the peasants in their little niches and not worrying their little heads about the Global Warming boogie man! Like now, go to work if you have covid for five days. This is insane. Omicron is NOT milder when it comes to sickness and hospitalization. 1.3 million daily infection rates? That radical. Even with the death rates lower the enormous numbers of people will make it go up. Seems like this one is very good at re-infecting people who’ve already had it, too, besides killing off the Trump voters. Watch yourself on that, hear?

        I’m assuming the snowboarding powder comment is because you watched the two video shorts I posted on my shop website’s homepage? Me riding in 2018 but you don’t see me, just where I’m going! No ego selfie in it, so go watch them if you haven’t! The resolution isn’t real good (old digital Kodak camera) but it still gives the watcher a good feel for riding untracked powder in trees. Using full screen tends to blur them too much, though.

        I took these for me to be honest, wanted to see if it would work. As age is catching up (along with all the old injuries re-asserting themselves) I wanted to capture what I love doing on a really good day for my old age self to watch! That is if the power stays on and we all aren’t hiding from the cannibals, eh?

        This was the last year we had a real snowpack up here by the way. The 2017/18 season had a deeper snowpack than the last few years before, and Two Feet of Freshies was a deep dry powder day. This ski hill had an average of 305″ a season when I moved here two decades ago; now they don’t crack 135″ and that’s counting every snowflake that falls from Sept 1st that melts off. Today the Peak of my hill is saying 74″ (in mid-January!) and, bluntly, they are lying about that! My most favorite deep-in-trees runs like the first vid aren’t even accessible with less than a solid 125″ of base and two feet of freshies on top of that. Far too dangerous without a real snowpack covering downed trees and spikes etc etc. That hasn’t happened since I took this video. So no, I haven’t gone up at all though I’ve talked with friends who have this season. Funny that people miss me being up there as I’ve been a fixture since 2004 riding and giving free lessons on this hill…to people who are now adults.

        The second vid was actually earlier, at the start of the season, on the way down to the lodge but the sun broke out so I tried to catch the ‘shadow me’ riding powder since the sun was at my back. Very fluffy though it was cut up so my first feeble attempt at movie-making turned out okay, too!

        The first one is accompanied by a piano solo, latter by R&R. Go watch them as they are the only vids of me boarding I’ve ever attempted. I ride alone most of the time since I moved here, no partner to ride with, so I never get pictures except mental ones!

        As for current conditions, due to the couple of feet that fell last week here and then on Jan 7th Thursday night it turned into rain as the temperature soared by Friday afternoon to 44’F!! Saturday morning it was 22’F. The damned rain supersaturated the snowpack so quickly that night into the next day that probably tripled the weight in 24 hours and then froze. That cracked the ceiling above my head upstairs here in the office. I dug off the upper roof Sunday, Monday, and finished Tuesday as it was raining on me again adding more weight. Had to get the pack off the roof. Doing that on top of a two story house with a metal roof is getting to be too much work for this old surfer dude but if I don’t nobody else will. It rained Wednesday again, then an inversion settled in with heavy fog.

        Thursday a 90+ foot lodgepole pine went over from the weight of the rain-soaked snow and saturated ground. I had a call from a passing neighbor warning me a tree was aiming for the power lines on my n/w corner down by the road. I went and looked and holy shit the root ball was out of the ground and it was leaning at 50 degrees or more into a larger conifer which also tilted a bit. The utility company had a crew on it by 9pm. If it had fallen a few feet west it would have taken lines down, a few feet east and it probably would have landed on my lower wellhouse and just crushed it. I was out on the icy road watching how they did it. Largest bucket truck arm I’ve ever seen, one guy was 90 feet up with a chainsaw.

        The next day (late Friday night) I turned on the water and got fart burp and gurgle sounds. I checked the power and the switch was on so I flipped it off until morning. Yesterday morning I went out and pulled the door off and 2″ of water flooded out over my boots as I did. The jet pump to the house was still running and a copper faucet on the pipe between the pressure tank and the pump was completely blown off spewing Old Faithful so the entire wellhouse floor was flooded right up to the bottom framing of the door. Snapped a copper faucet off the pipe leaving the male threaded end still in the hole. Enormous pressure! Never seen anything like that before. Stuff was floating including the wooden cistern cover. Then I realized the jet pump which was only maybe four or five years old was completely cracked in half. Still running but the back casing was literally broken off the bolts that were holding it onto in front where the pipes attach. The pressure valve broke is what I’ve been told. Beyond my capabilities to fix. This is going to cost a lot to get fixed I’m afraid…

        And my sew shop is closed at the moment as I can’t get my topstitching machine fixed. The ONLY shop left in Spokane after Boyd-Walker closed down after 115 years is severely backed up, and Omicron has hit 2 of the 3 people that work in it so I have no idea when they’ll even take my Viking in. There’s one guy that fixes machines in Deer Park but he’s back up at least four months already. I can make gear but I can’t finish anything without it! I’ve got base layers on back-order, hats half done on shelves, and there’s not a damned thing I can do about it. It really hasn’t been the best of winters so far…and today it’s over 40’F here again while the Deep South and the upper Northeast get pounded by a winter storm. I really need my well rebuilt before the weather flips back because my wells will freeze up…

        So this is all anecdotal but it shows just how strange the winters have turned here at 49N latitude in the Selkirk Range the last few years. Nothing is as it was, the weather flips from -12’F in December to 44’F in mid-January, rain falls the first week of the year after snowing. I’ve got calendars going back to when I moved here and I used to be up riding powder by Nov 10th…

        Enough. Best go pull a couple of buckets of water for washing out of the over-full cistern before dark, get another wheelbarrow of wood into the house. It is still freezing at night. At least I have a 1000 gallon cistern that is overly full, right?


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    • sealintheselkirks says:

      And on the other side of the climate coin we see this. Not that I blame this younger generation for at least trying. As Beril said in that last vid, doing something being in the now, this they are finding for themselves.

      But they haven’t hit that hollow pit in the stomach when reality punches them in the brain and guy about what is really landing on top of us. When it does I think people go a little mad due to the cognitive dissonance against what they’ve been taught their entire lives. When it’s a planet-full of people at the same time? That is a disturbing image.

      Replacing Climate Anxiety With the Hope That Multilateral Action Brings


      Disrupting the Lord Mayor’s Show after the shitshow of COPout 26? Nope, don’t blame them a bit. At least they are engaged in something that brings a little joy into their lives however temporary it may be, yes? More hopium for the masses to keep them distracted as our world breaks down. It is, after all, about controlling demolition, right?


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  7. Kevin Hester says:

    The opening scene of Tim’s latest piece of cinematography reminds me of the hair trigger the world is on as the empire of chaos stalks Russia via Ukraine.
    We are either just one bump or one or two more melt seasons in the Arctic away from armageddon.
    We really are a day to day proposition. On that note have a lovely day just in case it’s one of our last 😉


    • sealintheselkirks says:

      I only vaguely remember the fear of the adults during the US/USSR-Cuban stand-off, or maybe it’s a memory of a memory. But I do remember the Duck&Cover under desks at school. Due to having a Japanese step-mom I had a much better grasp of what it meant and got myself in trouble for saying it was stupid to get under the desks. I wasn’t with the ‘program’ then being almost 8 yrs old, and six decades later I certainly am not with the program now. Big sigh. Always been the outlier when our species craves group-think.

      This article has links that PROVE the US is in the wrong here but not a peep on corporate MSM recounting the actual history that led up to this. So what else is new, eh? Since I have refused to watch TV since 1993 I read some of the MSM stories being posted and they show just how far around the bend the people who control everything have gone.

      The US Is Reaping What It Sowed in Ukraine

      Biden was in on the Fascist overthrow/coup of Ukraine as VP along with Horrible Hillary the War Criminal. He’s always been a Fascist rightwinger… MLK was correct about what the US is. Which is why he was killed which has always been the pattern of control in this country. Anyone wanting to change the power structure is removed one way or another.

      Day to day indeed, Kevin. The psychopaths run the world.

      And that was a strange vid to watch this morning! Do something fun every day…


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    • Sheila chambers says:

      INDEED they do cook the “books” by starting their “baseline” in the 1950’s!!! That is long after climate disruption has been active for decades! They should have had their “baseline” beginning in 1900! 🤬
      So now we cook, freeze, suffer droughts, shortages & an ever growing & excessive human population, but for how much longer with growing food & energy shortages? 😟

      Now that Biden was forced to leave Afghanestan, he’s on the march for a new WAR, a loseable war with Russia, nuclear armed, modern army, China aligned, POWERFUL RUSSIA!

      Going to war with Russia won’t be anything like a war with Iraq, Syria, Libya or Yemen, it won’t be an “easy” war, this is a war we could LOSE, LOSE BIG! 🥶

      We might need to learn to speak & read RUSSIAN!
      Unless of course we are “glowing in the dark” from radiation!
      BTW, I did NOT “vote” FOR Biden! I already knew he was another DAM WARMONGER!

      Down here on the Oregon south coast, it’s been clear, chilly & DRY! Too dry!
      We should have had pouring rain since November at least but it’s rained very little, so far we have had 7″ of rain since Jan 1. Our yearly total used to be 70″ a season starting in Sept.

      I planted rows of garlic last fall & a few are already up, I hope the rest will come us so I will have lots of GARLIC to cook with. Later I’ll pull my potatoes out of the buried garbage can I put them in last year & plant them. 😃

      The so called “mask mandate” is failing even worse here, now that word has gotten out that OMICRON isn’t killing as many folks as DELTA, more MORONS than ever are going maskless! A mask under the nose doesn’t count as being “masked” and a “face shield” is WORTHLESS! 😡
      I almost hope the overcrowded hospitals will turn away the unvaxed & tell them to wait their turn while we take care of those who did get vaxed or who have other, unavoidable diseases who need them worse than the unvaxed! Let DARWIN sort them out! 🤢

      I’m sick of those IGNORANT MASKLESS, UNVAXED FUNDIES WHO CRY “OUR FREEDOM” is more important than your safety or your life! 😡
      To HELL with their “freedom” to infect more people! 🤢
      Let DARWIN take “care” of them! 😡

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