CopOut26, B Grade Cabaret Not Science

Mercifully, the charade known as Cop 26 has drawn to it’s ignominious end.
Almost all commentators are describing this latest Cop as a near total failure. As I have mentioned previously in this space it’s a near total success. The USA created the IPCC to prevent activists scientists from holding Capitalism’s feet to the abrupt climate change fire. It’s Time to Acknowledge the Spectacular Success of the IPCC.

In our video critique of the charade below I quoted the hyperlinked article from Democracy Now;
“Critiques of COP26 from activists both inside and outside its walls range from business as usual to abject failure. The United Kingdom’s shambolic management of the event, its strict visa requirements and its failure to deliver on its promised, pre-COP vaccination plan for attendees from nations with low vaccine availability have made this summit the whitest, most privileged COP in its 30-year history.” “While widespread access challenges have prevented thousands from participating, over 500 oil, gas and coal lobbyists have been given the red carpet treatment. If they were a nation, according to a new Global Witness report, they would be the largest delegation at COP26.”
Like Locusts, Lobbyists Swarm COP26 in Glasgow

“And here is the most impressive bluff: Just like in Kyoto and Paris, in Glasgow too, emissions of hothouse gases by all the world’s militaries are outside the game. Even though armies are some of the worst polluters on the face of the earth, no one is discussing them, no one is counting then, no one is proposing that their swelling ranks be cut. And not one single government is reporting honestly about the amount of garbage its army spews into the air.”

“This is no accident; it’s intentional. The United States explicitly requested an exemption from such reporting as far back as Kyoto. Other governments joined it. Including Israel. To make the point clear, here’s an interesting statistic: There are 195 countries in the world, and 148 of them emit a lot less hothouse gas than the U.S. Army alone.” 
At Glasgow, Military Emissions Are Exempt

“One of the most recent testaments to the U.S. military’s horrendous environmental record is Iraq.”
“U.S. military action there has resulted in the desertification of 90 percent of Iraqi territory, crippling the country’s agricultural industry and forcing it to import more than 80 percent of its food. The U.S.’ use of depleted uranium in Iraq during the Gulf War also caused a massive environmental burden for Iraqis. In addition, the U.S. military’s policy of using open-air burn pits to dispose of waste from the 2003 invasion has caused a surge in cancer among U.S. servicemen and Iraqi civilians alike.”
Militarism’s Role in the Sixth and Possibly Last ‘Great’ Extinction

Now for the Rogues Gallery;

“Jennifer Morgan, executive director of Greenpeace International, said: “It’s meek, it’s weak and the 1.5C goal is only just alive, but a signal has been sent that the era of coal is ending. And that matters.”
Anyone saying that the 1.5C rubicon can be met is either ignorant or lying. Yet again Greenpeace, an organisation once very close to my heart, continues to be part of the problem by understating the level of warming we have already experienced / triggered.
Greenpeace’s corporate structure and hundreds perhaps thousands of paid ‘activists’ require donations. It’s easier to sell hope than doom, convenient lies are preferred to inconvenient truths
Cop26 ends in climate agreement despite India watering down coal resolution

“Alok Sharma, the UK cabinet minister who presided over the fortnight-long Cop26 talks in Glasgow, acknowledged the scale of the task remaining: “We can now say with credibility that we have kept 1.5C alive. But, its pulse is weak and it will only survive if we keep our promises and translate commitments into rapid action.”
Cop26 ends in climate agreement despite India watering down coal resolution
Cop26: the goal of 1.5C of climate heating is alive, but only just

A quote from George Monbiot well known British environmental journalist who writes for the Guardian, a journalist  who incidentally has never uttered a word of support for fellow journalist Julian Assange currently being publicly tortured to death in Belmarsh Prison;
“The richest 1% of the world’s people (those earning more than $172,000 a year) produce 15% of the world’s carbon emissions: twice the combined impact of the poorest 50%. On average, they emit over 70 tonnes of carbon dioxide per person every year, 30 times more than we can each afford to release if we’re not to exceed 1.5C of global heating.”
‘Wealth Curse’ George Monbiot.

Professor Kevin Anderson;
“Conjuring up such futuristic ‘negative emission technologies’ to help achieve the virtually impossible 1.5°C target is perhaps understandable, but such intergenerational buck-passing also dominates the IPCC’s 2°C advice.”
Impossible and virtually impossible are two different things. “To genuinely reduce emissions in line with 2°C of warming requires a transformation in the productive capacity of society, reminiscent of the Marshall Plan.”
Response to the IPCC 1.5°C Special Report by Kevin Anderson

Generally discussions on how much warming we have triggered are based around shifting baselines relative to “Industrial Civilisation’, this allows everyone to choose random dates anywhere from 1750 to 1850 when in reality humans have been altering the atmospheric loading of carbon since mastering the ‘art’ of using fire hundreds of thousands of years ago and at scale since civilisations emerged as long ago as 4000 BC
The beginning of civilisation and agriculture was the seed of our demise. We bloomed into a terminal plague.
” The earliest civilizations developed between 4000 and 3000 BCE “
We should be going back at least 1000 years before estimating how much anthropogenic warming we have triggered, the devil is in the detail.
As #Copout26 ground to it’s illogical but predetermined end there is much talk/lies about how much warming we have seen since the beginning of industrial civilisation. They lie by juggling baseline dates even though we have evidence of coal being burnt in 1183 in County Durham for the ironwork of the ploughs at near by Coundon in the not very United Kingdom;
Baseline Temperature dishonesty at the Edge of Extinction

It should be no surprise to anyone that a violent racist patriarchy has underestimated climate sensitivity

“If hope becomes something you express through illusion it’s not hope it’s fantasy.
Those who speak truth are marginalised and ignored. dismissed as pessimists in a culture that prides itself on a child like optimism at the expense of reality. We have a mania for hope which our corporate masters lavishly provide across the political and cultural spectrum to keep us passive”. Chris Hedges

Do not go gentle into that good night

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Dylan Thomas – 1914-1953

I'm an anti-imperialist, environmental activist and blue ocean sailor, who is passionate about the earth and all it's inhabitants without favour. Brace for imminent impact as we bare witness to the non-linear unraveling of the biosphere and habitability disappearing for most if not all complex life on the only habitable planet we know of. To quote President Niinistö in North Russia: ‘If We Lose the Arctic, We Lose the World’. Folks we have lost the Arctic.

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36 comments on “CopOut26, B Grade Cabaret Not Science
  1. Kevin Hester says:

    The Bradshaw and Strona paper Guy mentioned is embedded below alongside our interview with Professor Bradshaw on Nature Bats Last.

    Professor Corey Bradshaw explains the unfolding “Extinction Cascades” on Nature Bats Last.

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    • Tristan says:

      Thanks Kevin. All your work, and Guy’s of course, continues to be invaluable.
      PS – greatly appreciated the inclusion of Assange’s plight in your writing. Please say G’day to Guy for me.
      Kind regards,

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  2. denimoon says:

    Kevin, thank you for this summary of the event.

    Nothing surprises me about it but it’s shocking nonetheless.

    We spiral downward…

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  3. wqjcv says:

    CopOut27 : It’s not too late to limit global warming to 1.6 C

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  4. Maya Gingery says:

    You are such a light, Kevin.

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  5. Maya Gingery says:

    You are a mighty light, Kevin.

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  6. davidofalaska says:

    Kevin, Wanna see some “just in time” delivery? British Columbia just got wiped out beginning Sunday night by an atmospheric river. Untold $billions in damage and months and months of infrastructure repair. It”s being compared to the expected San Juan mega-fault earthquake that will destroy the urban Pacific Northwest.

    Let’s see, British Columbia: 49.6 C temperature from the week-long heat dome in June? Check.

    The whole province (and the entire West Coast of North America) on fire (again) for the summer of 2021? (Again.) Check.

    Biblical floods in November with accompanying massive landslides? Check
    (This is the 2nd atmospheric river event, the first being in October (w/ a tornado!) As the permafrost goes, so goes the soil cohesion on mountains all the way up to Alaska. Geostatic rebounding of the Earth’s crust is also occurring as glacial weight is alleviated too, further contributing to soil in stability in the mountains.
    I think our friend sealintheSelkirks is likely to weigh in shortly, providing he is able to.

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  7. davidofalaska says:

    Another reason Congress (by fiat) raised our Medicare premiums by $50.00 per month—ostensibly to cover the costs of a new Alzheimer’s drug that works as *well* as the mRNA vaxxes! Or not even as well, ffs! Extortion be thy Name. As if everyone in the U.S. is fated to get Alzheimer’s disease! GTFOH! Slaves, we’re already slaves…

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  8. Kevin Hester says:

    “Since methane’s lifetime is 11.8 years, it makes sense to use a GWP over 10 years time, which was 104.2 according to IPCC AR5. Based on these IPCC AR5 values, methane has a GWP of more than 150 over the first few years after release.

    In the year when AR5 was released (2014), a letter was signed by the world’s leading climate scientists urging the Obama administration to use a GWP for methane over a short timescale, in order to better facilitate urgently-needed short-term action.

    Subsequently, a 2016 analysis found methane’s 100-year GWP to be 14% higher than the IPCC value in AR5.

    Yet, the IPCC in its 2019 special report Climate Change and Land, kept using a GWP for methane of 28 over 100 years, calculating that AFOLU (agriculture, forestry, and other land use), including emissions associated with pre- and post-production activities in the global food system, caused 37% of people’s 2007-2016 greenhouse gas emissions.”

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  9. This one is telling:

    Climate Action Pretense At COP26

    Joe Biden’s presence at COP26 was a photo opportunity giving the impression that he is fighting the climate crisis.

    And of course let’s not forget Obama the KIng of Pipeline Building but this article is locked away at Counterpunch+ (member only), so here’s pieces of it as it’s a long article

    Stately Deception: Obama at COP26
    by Joshua Frank

    …Nothing signifies the ineptitude of the world’s capitalist powers more than the hollow pledges and smug platitudes that rang out at COP26. These meaningless promises, of course, are about as binding as a playground pinky shake. The same goes for the lofty speeches made by current and former heads of state, and none were more sanctimonious than Barack Obama’s steely climate lecture.

    …“Collectively and individually we are still falling short,” bellowed Obama, in his signature manner. “We have not done nearly enough to address this crisis. We are going to have to do more. Whether that happens or not to a large degree is going to depend on you.”

    …The crux of Obama’s speech was directed at the world’s youth, placing the burden of curtailing climate change on their shoulders. No doubt, if the planet’s young people were in charge of COP26, there wouldn’t be empty pledges and sneaky cop-outs (like the US/India/China/Russia refusing to end their coal production), there would be tangible goals, and harsh, real-world consequences for not abiding by these agreements.

    …There is a methane gas (natural gas) production graph that shows from 2005 about 18mil cu ft to 2015 at nearly 30mil cu feet. Obama was the KING of fracking, baby.

    ….Oil production on public lands during Obama’s tenure increased by almost 60 percent. So much land was offered up to the extraction industry that much of it, even when offered at bargain-basement prices, went unsold. Between 2009 and 2015, 22 million acres of Bureau of Land Management parcels received no bids for development while 6.7 million were tapped.

    ….Methane emissions under Obama are significantly higher than previously thought. The EPA increased its estimate of US methane emissions by 30% in 2013. That’s likely still not close to reality. Steve Hamburg, chief scientist for the Environmental Defense Fund, believes the EPA isn’t telling the entire story of methane emissions and estimates that upwards of 2.5% of all natural gas running through pipes in the US is leaking. Other scientists believe the EPA underestimated methane emissions by 25-75%.

    …On top of all of that, in 2015 the US ended its ban on exporting crude oil, and by October 2017 the US was exporting a record-high 1.7 million barrels of oil a day. The same was true for fracked gas. On Obama’s watch, the US became a net exporter of natural gas for the first time in 60 years. So while the US claimed to be spewing less climate-warming pollutants, the country was simultaneously helping the world emit more.

    Obummer was the PERFECT candidate in 2008…to shut up everyone and allow the USA wealthy liberal Class to breathe a sigh of relief that they didn’t have to actually change any policies of oilmen ‘Shotgun’ Dick and sockpuppet failed oilman Wbush, and such a boon for fossil fuel and the others in the neoliberal wealthy holding fossil fuel stocks.

    You do know good old boy bought an $18 million mansion in the Hamptons (or was it $13m, I forget but does it matter?) but at almost sea level on an island in the Atlantic is probably not the brightest choice he could have made…but it’s the Status Island that shows who he has always worked for. He may have sold weed in high school but at the U of Chicago he hung with Rethuglicans and seriously bought into his mentor (as he says) Ronald fucking Reagan…

    I’ll quit ranting now.


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  10. Kevin Hester says:

    From Sam Carana at the Arctic News Blog;
    “Of course, 1920 is not pre-industrial. As the IPCC mentions, the ‘pre-‘ in pre-industrial means ‘before’, implying that ‘pre-industrial’ refers to levels as they were in times well befóre (as opposed to when) the Industrial Revolution started.

    When taking the rise over the past century and adding 0.30°C for the rise over the previous 170 years, that brings the rise up to 1.79°C (from ≈1750, the start of the Industrial Revolution). Carbon dioxide and methane levels started to rise markedly about 6000 years ago, causing a 0.29°C rise for the years from 3480 BC to 1520 (see image at top). Finally, there will also have been a rise for the years from 1520 to 1750 that, when estimated at 0.20°C, would mean that emissions by people could have caused the temperature to rise by 2.28°C (4.122°F), compared to the temperature some 5500 years ago (see inset on above image).

    A huge temperature rise by 2026?

    A recent post suggests that the 1.5°C threshold was already crossed in 2012, i.e. well before the Paris Agreement was adopted by the U.N. (in 2015), while there could be a temperature rise of more than 3°C by 2026.”

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  11. 3C+ average for the planet and Billions of people will starve and die from wet bulb temperatures especially in the tropics

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  12. […] CopOut26, B Grade Cabaret Not Science […]

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  13. Kevin Hester says:

    “On the show, Chris Hedges discuss the corporatization and corruption of American science with the author Clifford D. Conner.”

    “Science in the United States almost exclusively serves the interest of corporate and military power. Science historian Clifford Conner writes that the corruption of science exploded with the 1942-1945 Manhattan Project, the first “big science” project in which the government spent massively on developing the atom bomb. Science, from this point forward, became big business. Scientists are employed in “hypothesis-driven” research to promote the interests of the food industry, the tobacco industry, and the fossil fuel industry, attacking or silencing scientific studies that cast doubt on the claims of these industries. The result is a society awash in lies, many of them buttressed by bogus scientific studies carried out to reach the conclusion demanded by those who pay for the studies.”

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  14. davidofalaska says:

    The table is set. For the Few.
    Coming to terms with our reality: the Juggernaut before us. Inside our heads, surrounding us at all compass points.. How to cope knowing an Entity of malevolent intent, overbrimming with confidence and force, the Force of Might; the Force of Law; the Force of Amorality. A rapist mentality that sees us as only a commodity from which to extract profits and a means by which to accrue more power—over us. The Cat. Toying with the Mouse.

    The question of our age, our brief breaths’ epoch: how to effectively stand, which tools to utilise to begin lopping off the heads of the Hydra? The box they’ve built around us, our willingness as a communal species to take every piece of candy they proffer; our limitations as a species en masse to even begin to perceive the scope of what they’ve laid down to and for our detriment; our human foibles so predictable to those who have studied us for the singular purpose of a lifetime of exploitation.

    Every time I articulate what appears to be this depressing hopelessness I am compelled to remind myself and especially any reader that by virtue of our being able to communicate we yet shine a Light, a light which is ultimately a more powerful Force than those previously tabulated above. The Energy of Light. Our elemental weapon against what should be obvious now as our true Enemy: the Force of Darkness.

    I won’t live to see what—if there is such a thing—the Final Victory that must be consummated; but I will and do know that this is a battlefield of many a skirmish, and I do intend to walk away and into what the future holds with my head unbowed, with my principles and dignity intact.
    It really is the least I can do, the least I must do; for all of us. All God’s creatures here on the tiny Blue Marble of Gaia and its journey through time and space.

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    • Kevin Hester says:

      Beautifully put Dave, many thanks.

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    • denimoon says:

      Dear David of Alaska and others here,

      Beautifully stated, David!

      Those of us nearer the end of our lives can do the best we can to continue to fulfill whatever our life’s purpose has been. None of us know if our end is “near”. So we all can keep our purpose in mind as we live as gracefully as possible.

      I hope i can go out with my principles and dignity intact but i am weak and I’m not counting on it. I forgive my future self. But i promise to do the best i can!

      Well-wishes to you all!!!
      Xoxo 😘

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    • Oh my, Guy is fully into irony today isn’t he? He had me laughing, at least a chuckle or two as I listened to those ludicrous announcements of various officials. Also my eyebrows lifted more than once on one side of my face or the other during this talk. What he was reading was so patently ridiculous propaganda that it really was almost funny… Have to keep that sense of humor going I think.

      Oh wait! But the US military is fully prepared to deploy against ‘bad actors on the world stage’ which I’m sure includes the US population! The ‘bad’ people are not the military supporters of course, or violent right wing heavily armed militias, murderous cops, whacked out RWNJs running all levels of US government local/state/federal from so-called opposing parties of Two Faces Same Owners Party.

      Oh how the list of enemies seems to grow ever larger. As Guy also notices, none of the protesting groups are making a single whit of change in policies, just zero impact while more and more wells open, mines are dug, forests are clear-cut, on and on it goes.

      Accepting that we are about to find out what it’s like to slam into the bottom of an empty ‘climate’ pool is pretty hard to take some days.

      Well Kevin, you know that I was a pool & bowl skater in the 70s and know exactly how it feels to hit the bottom of a freaking concrete bowl, airborne. Never broke anything (pure luck) but sure know a lot of people who did. But at least in those days I was young and strong enough to take the body slams and ride on.

      Though I still skate all through the dry season on one or another of my 70s pool rider skateboards, I last dropped a pool (Hillyard Skate Park in Spokane) in 2014 at 60 yrs old and realized that I was too old to take the falls, now the only event we have to look forward to is that we all get to hit the bottom of the really BIG hard nasty bowl that nobody is going to walk away from, and pretty damned soon it looks like.

      And today is Thanksgiving, a perfect day for irony! What timing, Guy!

      And I have been invited to break bread with the family of Native American woman Dr. Catherine who endorsed my book (the back cover) to mourn the loss as this isn’t a day of thanks to them. Rather an honor I think.

      They’re in their 80s and the son is younger than I am, good musician/keyboardist and anti-corporate who moved home about 6 months ago because of back surgery. Her husband and I tend to talk deep politics and environment. We are all vaccinated, and all have been very isolated on the lands we live on. It will feel weird to sit down with three other people as none of us have been to a restaurant or theatre or in any group of people in all this time excepting grocery shopping which is a rare occurrence and very carefully done. We are all fully aware at how this country is a mindless howling mob….


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  15. Kevin Hester says:

    “We will align our climate, energy and economic policies nationally, in Europe and internationally with the 1.5 degree path and activate the potential at all levels of government,” states the coalition agreement between Social Democrats (SPD), Greens, and pro-business Free Democrats.”
    The German Greens lying like the Kiwi ones.

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    • davidofalaska says:

      The Canadian Greens are flopping around like fish out of water, but their gasps and struggles for oxygen are diminishing in effort and effect; this after having foolishly having conceded their party to not only a Zionist influenced leadership; but an ineffectual and diktat oriented one that had the party exploded and in pieces within months of her (Annamine Paul’s) ascension.
      Now this in B.C., when they should (coulda, shoulda, woulda) have been a force to meet these times—and events—with solidarity and a “come to Jesus moment” for thousands of more Canadians. Instead: fish flopping next to receding floodwaters….
      (B.C.s ongoing and just getting started climate “issues”—- good story & spectacular footage)

      Obtw—to whom it may concern, this is the schtizzle foir worldwide, real time weather watching and forecasts:,-119.839,6

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    • All three vids above were good this morning. Thanks for the link to the first one, davidofalaska. What I’ve read and seen to the former lake area north & west of me was not as comprehensive, just about infrastructure that has been removed by the atmospheric river that somehow missed below the border here where I am.

      The two tribal leaders at the end..what Chief Lee Spahan asked; yes this is the future for all the young people except it will likely be worse than I think we can imagine. The middle of the former lake is not where their people lived, either, their ancestors knew better from thousands of years of experience living on that land. Of course it is some of the most productive farm areas in Canada, the bottom of a lake bed would have enormous amounts of lovely sediment/soil for growing food but you really shouldn’t put your house there because man-made dikes and walls vs a destabilized climate…this was a predictable outcome at least according to that one science lady. And with the logging and mining not going to stop a future even worse one.

      How that atmospheric river missed me may have been due to it slamming into the Cascades and bumping north I guess. I haven’t read anything about that but It just didn’t hit here as the expected rain was minimal.

      The 2nd vid…colonialism is alive and well and the North will continue to build walls to keep out the hordes of starving refugees that are already running from the heat and other man-made climate disasters that are only going to get stronger and worse…as are the attempts to keep them out will also become stronger and worse. Empire endings are never like what Hollywood says…

      As I live above an ex-flood plain valley, when one of these ‘rivers’ do manage to slam this area I expect to see the entire valley and every town located in it underwater all the way north to Chewelah which, in the native Salish language, translates to ‘big muddy wet marshy ground.’ That describes what will eventually happen here (again) as the mountains in all direction also continue to be butchered and clear-cut. Like a dog with a bad case of mange, huge squares of barren mountainsides are everywhere in view. Industrial destruction is so good at taking beauty and turning it into ugly.

      So the man-made ditch that used to be the wandering river flowing north to the Columbia that always spread out across the valley in Spring will burst out from the ditch far worse than it has since I’ve lived here. It floods the flatland every year to some extent anyway. What that vid of Canada showed is going to happen in this area no doubt sometime in the near future. To one degree or another.

      The 3rd, Guy’s latest mixed vid, was interesting. He was obviously playing with images and I recognized the source of many. And yep, Guy, the delegations to all the COPS most certainly did get to party didn’t they? Eating drinking schmoozing while the rabble stands outside in the cold protesting uselessly because the attendees KNOW that they aren’t going to change anything. Biz as usual.

      Big sigh. Some days I wish I could be ignorant and unaware of reality because then I wouldn’t have this ache inside about it all.

      Yesterday afternoon was full of talk and thoughts and it was so nice to sit down with intelligent people. And no masks inside a building for the first time in nearly two years breaking bread with others. There were five of us and we all seemed to be on the same page with everything discussed. It was bizarre as I’ve gotten used to blank cow eyed looks or watching the wall come down behind the eyes of people. It was a good afternoon.


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  16. Kevin Hester says:

    The perfect anthem for this post;

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  17. Kevin Hester says:

    “On the show, Chris Hedges discuss the corporatization and corruption of American science with the author Clifford D. Conner.”
    “Science in the United States almost exclusively serves the interest of corporate and military power. Science historian Clifford Conner writes that the corruption of science exploded with the 1942-1945 Manhattan Project, the first “big science” project in which the government spent massively on developing the atom bomb. Science, from this point forward, became big business. Scientists are employed in “hypothesis-driven” research to promote the interests of the food industry, the tobacco industry, and the fossil fuel industry, attacking or silencing scientific studies that cast doubt on the claims of these industries. The result is a society awash in lies, many of them buttressed by bogus scientific studies carried out to reach the conclusion demanded by those who pay for the studies.”

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  18. Kevin Hester says:

    Great to see Jonathan Pie coming to the same conclusions.

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    • Some serious sarcasm he was throwing down at the start… and then that first guy at the podium tootling his own horn about being the greatest problems solvers on earth? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

      DONE NOTHING SO FAR…oh yeah nailed it didn’t he?

      Blah blah blah…billions of gallons of greenwash…shouldn’t be linked to our survival in the next elections…

      PINT! Gotta get drunk to be there, eh? The guy at the bar REALLY nailed it. And look at all those empty glasses when they got a table…and continued the conversation. I’m 67 this month and I’m already seeing it in these mountains…

      Hope…magical thinking that some super hero, some invented super being, some alien space-faring civilization, something somebody comes to save us and everything will NOT CHANGE at 15:06 and then she goes off on a great rant…and he cuts it and then she REALLY goes off as she’s “SO BLOODY ANGRY” and damn she ends with “that it is far worse than we think” and that ain’t no joke.

      What a great ending. Can you imagine that on every corporate news report worldwide? No? Me, neither. But our species is a wishful believing primitive barbaric evolving primate. What do we expect?

      So I give you this reality of what the young are seeing…and they are NOT hopeful. This article nails the hopelessness that fits right in with this vid:

      Harvard Tells Us Young Americans are Increasingly Hopeful . . . Really?


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    • davidofalaska says:

      Fuck Obama and the idjits who cheered that mofo. He’s amongst the pantheon I reserve the word ‘loathing’ for. His fellow criminal BillHill Inc is a close toss for winner of most despicable.

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  19. Kevin Hester says:

    The enemy has controlled the narrative from the beginning, we’ve all been ‘Had’.
    View at


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