The Rogues Gallery of the Climate Enemy Within

I have curated a number of articles below showing the orchestrated litany of lies from people pretending to cover the climate and extinction crises.
As always the technique is to shift the baseline dates so that they can pretend that we’ve had much less anthropogenic warming than we’ve in reality triggered . I covered this issue previously Baseline Temperature dishonesty at the Edge of Extinction
Sam Carana at the Arctic News Blogspot is one of the few prepared to address the science and be realistic about the severity of our predicament. We’ll start with the truth and then get to the lies;

“It’s time to stop denying how precarious the situation is.”

“Remember the Paris Agreement? In 2015, politicians pledged to hold the global temperature rise to well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels and pledged they would try and limit the temperature rise to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. Well, an analysis by Sam Carana shows that it was already more than 1.5°C above pre-industrial when the Paris Agreement was reached.”
2C Crossed

Now for the lies;

William Nordhaus received a Nobel Peace Prize for his junk science that 2C was safe when it clearly isn’t.

Nordhaus sealed our fate.

Exposing Apocalyptic Economics with Steve Keen

“I would place a price on carbon,” Michael E Mann, a Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science at Penn State, told Salon by email. “Whether this takes the form of a carbon tax (a revenue-neutral carbon tax? fee and dividend? cap-and-trade?), I leave that to the policymakers to determine as long as they accept, as the premise for policy, what the science has to say about the reality and threat of climate change. The price on carbon needs to be set such that it leads to a reduction in carbon emissions of several percent a year for the next few decades. If we do that, we can avoid a catastrophic 2C (~3.5 F) warming of the planet.”
Complete and utter bullshit unsupported by any real science.
Scientific Mal-Practice from the Mann Himself

Another perfect example of why we are completely and utterly fucked.
In this cluster fuck of lies the head of Oxfam NZ says we have only 10 years to reduce emissions to meet the 1.5C rubicon. Anyone with an internet connection and a hand full of brain cells knows that when using 1750 as a baseline we are well passed 1.5C and probably 2C.
When the head of these NGO’s spout this shit they aren’t mistaken, they are lying.
“Analysis: What is the real cost of a switch to biofuels?”

“Jim Skea, a professor at Imperial College London and co-chair of the working group behind the report, said: “It’s now or never, if we want to limit global warming to 1.5C. Without immediate and deep emissions reductions across all sectors, it will be impossible.” ‘Now or never, if we want to limit global warming to 1.5C’

“”I think the report tells us that we’ve reached the now-or-never point of limiting warming to 1.5C,” said IPCC lead author Heleen De Coninck, who’s Professor of Socio-Technical Innovation and Climate Change at Eindhoven University of Technology.” Climate change: IPCC scientists say it’s ‘now or never’ to limit warming

“Global greenhouse gas emissions have continued to rise in the last decade, albeit at a slower rate than the previous one. That means that the likelihood of limiting warming to 1.5C has declined on average compared to scenarios previously identified by the IPCC. “

“The world has used more than four fifths of the total carbon budget for a 50/50 chance of limiting global heating to 1.5C.” Five takeaways from the IPCC’s report on limiting dangerous global heating

“New Zealand remains one of the highest per capita emitters in its region, as Climate Change Minister James Shaw noted in his response. “There are those who will try and tell you, when it comes to climate change, New Zealand is too small to be counted – this report should well and truly dispel us of that notion. We are part of the problem and we must be part of the solution,” Shaw said in a statement.”
Warning to NZ from major climate report: ‘The door is closing now’

James Shaw the New Zealand Climate Change Minister is the co-leader of the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand and a former bean counter at KPMG where he consulted for Shell Petroleum and Coca Cola. Yes, you did read that right! sigh

I haven’t trusted for years because of it’s incredibly conservative stance and it’s abandoning of the ‘Precautionary Principal’.
“This means an abrupt drop in emissions of six or seven percent a year is needed to avoid breaching the Paris climate treaty’s goal of capping global warming at “well below” two degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels.”
“Staying under the safer aspirational threshold of 1.5C would mean an even steeper decline.”
No longer a last resort: Pulling CO2 from the air

“IPCC Chair Hoesung Lee said the report shows humanity is “at a crossroads,” but the tools and know-how required to limit global heating are available.”

“I am encouraged by climate action being taken in many countries,” Lee said. “There are policies, regulations and market instruments that are proving effective. If these are scaled up and applied more widely and equitably, they can support deep emissions reductions and stimulate innovation.”

“The U.N. climate panel has said that to keep rising global temperatures under 1.5 degrees Celsius this century, emissions from warming gases must be halved by the end of the decade.”

“IPCC scientists also repeated calls for a substantial reduction in fossil fuel use to curb global heating, now at 1.1 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.”
Blatant lies from the IPCC Chairman.
‘It’s now or never’: World’s top climate scientists issue ultimatum on critical temperature limit
I’ve previously written about the fraud that is the IPCC both posts can be found here; It’s Time to Acknowledge the Spectacular Success of the IPCC.

Why would all these scientists be lying ?
1) As the wonderful Dr Andrew Glikson said to us on Nature Bats Last “No one wants to be Cassandra”. Tipping Points in the Earth Climate System. Dr Andrew Glikson returns to Nature Bats Last
2) It’s impossible to get a research grant for a 5 or 10 year research program if we don’t have 5 yrs, so they have to pretend there is time.
3) Climate sensitivity has been grossly underestimated. No one wants to admit that they have failed so miserably. Full Earth System Sensitivity to CO2 has been Grossly Underestimated
4) Every scientist on the planet has watched the relentless attacks on my colleague and very dear friend Professor Guy McPherson. Guy has been under sustained attack for over a decade. Those attacks have resulted in what Dr James E Hansen called “Scientific Reticence” in other scientists.
5) In 2014 Dr Jason Box tweeted “If even a small fraction of Arctic sea floor carbon is released to the atmosphere, we’re f’d.” Dr Box copped a huge back lash and as a result he too now is showing scientific reticence. If We Release a Small Fraction of Arctic Carbon, ‘We’re Fucked’: Climatologist Plus he has research grants to apply for.
6) The corruption of science;
Science in the United States almost exclusively serves the interest of corporate and military power. Science historian Clifford Conner writes that the corruption of science exploded with the 1942-1945 Manhattan Project, the first “big science” project in which the government spent massively on developing the atom bomb. Science, from this point forward, became big business. Scientists are employed in “hypothesis-driven” research to promote the interests of the food industry, the tobacco industry, and the fossil fuel industry, attacking or silencing scientific studies that cast doubt on the claims of these industries. The result is a society awash in lies, many of them buttressed by bogus scientific studies carried out to reach the conclusion demanded by those who pay for the studies.“. Chris Hedges: The Corporatization and Corruption of American Science

Not 1.5C, Not 2C, a 10C Temperature Increase is Baked in.

I'm an anti-imperialist, environmental activist and blue ocean sailor, who is passionate about the earth and all it's inhabitants without favour. Brace for imminent impact as we bare witness to the non-linear unraveling of the biosphere and habitability disappearing for most if not all complex life on the only habitable planet we know of. To quote President Niinistö in North Russia: ‘If We Lose the Arctic, We Lose the World’. Folks we have lost the Arctic.

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  1. Steve Pyke says:

    Excellent as always Kev.
    Thank You

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  2. 720fisher says:

    Just wanted to tell my kids its not your fault I did the things I did or how I treated people.

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  3. Sheila chambers says:

    WHY are they wasting time on “carbon taxes”, “green new deal” & reducing carbon while IGNORING the most important problem we have, GROWTH!
    Population growth & economic growth MUST END otherwise we are totally wasting our efforts & wealth on unworkable “solutions” like “carbon taxes”, “green new deal”, “renewables” & unworkable “solutions” like carbon removal.
    All those efforts are MOOT as long as we continue to GROW in both population & consumption & the rush to produce more “renewables” will simply burn more fossil fuels & add MORE carbon to the atmosphere, worsen resource supplies & continue to feed more GROWTH!
    Humans simply REFUSE to face the reality of our situation, they somehow believe that humans are immune to the LAWS of nature & physics, GROWTH IS NOT SUSTAINABLE!

    I remember not so long ago when the media was spouting “sustainable growth”, “green growth” & “smart growth”, the only “smart” growth is NO GROWTH & A DECLINE OF GROWTH ESPECIALLY POPULATION GROWTH.

    While we must drastically reduce our use of fossil resources, doing so will condem billions of us to starvation & a slow, painful death, most of us will not survive the decline of fossil resources & technology cannot save us.

    Our numbers will indeed decline just like YEAST in a petri dish, drowning in our own filth while starving to death & fighting over the crumbs that remain.

    Humans are no “wiser” than YEAST!

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  4. sealintheselkirks says:

    Well, you can eat both, Sheila. And soon there might only be one food source available.

    What an unpleasant thought that is!


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  5. Kevin Hester says:

    “Jerry Hatfield, a longtime USDA researcher and original AgMIP co-founder, remembers a moment in 1990 when the first global report on climate change was published by the IPCC.”

    “The IPCC originally came out and focused on rising CO2 levels and crop productivity and made a statement that all crops love CO2 so there won’t be a problem,” Hatfield said. “A lot of us sat around thinking: Let’s look at this system a little more holistically.”
    Via Seal

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  6. Kevin Hester says:

    Complete and utter lies from Christiana Figueres based on nonsense science extrapolating pledges yet to be fulfilled. No large country has met it’s targets & these bureaucrat’s have never met a feedback loop.
    10C not 2C is baked in;

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    • Sheila chambers says:

      2°C will leave us with an unsurvivable planet! WTF are they on? They keep moving the baseline up, now it’s in the 1950’s, decades after it should have started.

      If we used a realistic baseline, we are already over the 2°C baseline if we had a base of 1900.

      We are NOT “addicted” to oil, that implies that there is a better, cleaner source of energy & resources but there isn’t, OIL is the most energy dense resource we have & it’s in decline.
      We are not “addicted” we have allowed ourselves to become totally DEPENDENT upon fossil RESOURCES, OIL is now our food, manufacturing, heating, cooling, transportation & modern health care, OIL, COAL & NATURAL GAS are now essential for our survival.

      We cannot go back to a non oil age, there are too many of us, we have degraded our farmland with over plowing, too much pesticides, herbicides, we take from the soil but put nothing back, our “wastes” are flushed out into the streams, rivers & oceans causing anoxia killing fishes, invertebrates & starving the higher life forms that depends upon them, we have covered our best farmland with developments, housing, roads & businesses,we have less farmland but are expected to keep feeding an endlessly growing population.

      The “green new deal” is an impossible goal, it will never be met,”renewables”cannot replace declining RESOURCES, our rulers refuse to end growth, they are still trying for force more growth upon us.

      That artical is so full of hopium, so many lies, if we did what we must do to stop the rise in CO2, billions would starve, freeze & die from heat stroke & poverty as most jobs would be gone.

      We cannot go back to old fashioned farming, not enough land to feed us & our work animals, even if all farm labor was done by humans, they still couldn’t produce enough food for all of us, most of us would still starve to death as consentrated chemical fertilizers & OIL mined fertilizers would not be available & organic fertilizers are less energy dense so much less food could be grown.
      OIL also produces pesticides & herbicides, the weeds can be chopped out with hoes but insects need pesticides or a lot of hungry birds to control them & that won’t be available after oil, the insects will eat or spoil most of our crops.
      I still miss my SWALLOWS!

      I hate to think what our rulers will resort to when the masses finally see through their lies.
      I hope to not be around then.
      Anyone have a good recipe for “long pig”?

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  7. Kevin Hester says:

    Better corporate coverage of the predicament in 1970 than today;
    “On the first Earth Day, in 1970, America’s TV networks were not shy about taking a position on the news of the day. CBS News produced a special titled “Earth Day, A Question of Survival,” which opened its flagship evening broadcast showing biologist Barry Commoner telling a crowd, “This planet is threatened with destruction…. We are in a crisis of survival.” Anchorman Walter Cronkite then reiterated the theme, declaring this a “unique day in American history, dedicated to mankind seeking its own survival.” ABC News titled its own special report “Earth Day: An SOS for Survival.” Anchorman Frank Reynolds’s first sentence congratulated activists for speaking out, crediting “millions of Americans” with taking “the first step to survival.”

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    • Sheila chambers says:

      Yes, our mouthpieces are great when it comes to spreading hopium lies. People got all wound up to “save the planet” by driving less, buying a smaller car, taking a bus, becoming vegetarians & now vegans an deadly diet without supliments of V12, but after the Arab oil embargo ended, it was back to huge, fuel guzzling “land yatts” today replaced by

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      • Sheila chambers says:

        I WAS NOT THROUGH! WHY was I posted before I had even finished the sentance?
        Will I have to put everything on NOTEPAD to avoid being posted or deleted before I have finished?
        After “replaced by” was to be SUV’S & HUGE 4X4 PICKUP TRUCKS!

        Today we are being fed lies about “renewables” as though we can simply replace declining resources with technology tied to those same resources, those “renewables” will merely speed up our collapse! Just how STUPID do they “think” we are?
        From what I have seen, most ‘mericans are profoundly STUPID & WILLFULLY IGNORANT & PROUD OF IT!

        I have been so depressed by the GREED, IGNORANCE & STUPIDITY OF OUR DAM RULERS!
        I see a pregnant women & I weep for both her & her poor child & some of the religious are still breeding “quiver fulls” of kids!
        We are doomed, we are constantly being FORCED to do what must NOT be done like having endless immigration we do not want, say immigration needs to end & your labeled a “racist”, the homeless are vilified & roused from place to place.
        Many who hate the poor & homeless are often just one paycheck away from joining them.

        There are now many areas in our country that are just abandoned, rotten ruins.

        Our “leaders” may talk about leaving oil & “transitioning” to “renewables,” because their PROFITABLE to their donors, those “renewables” will merely speed up our collapse!

        In the meantime, the forests are being cut down & burned, huge factory ships strip the ocean of it’s fishes, we continue to spend more to look for more oil but are constantly finding less, the writting is in FLAMES on the wall but we constantly ignore the obvious, there are too dam many of us.

        Here in the states, our state RULERS are passing laws forcing women to have children they do not want, women are no longer engaged in pregnancy, “PEOPLE” ARE, has anyone seen a pregnant MALE?
        Will those forced birthers take care of all those unwanted infants?
        Of course not!
        What about the millions of migrants admitted to this country each year, we don’t have enough JOBS, we don’t have enough HOUSING, we don’t have HEALTH CARE for ALL & now we have shortages of food, water, land & compassion but we have TRILLIONS FOR ENDLESS WARMONGERING!
        Waging wars are PROFITABLE!

        We can’t stop this, our RULERS won’t allow the actions we must do to save ourselves & our living planet. We talk about “teraforming” mars while killing the only planet with life we know of.

        If you still have hope for the future, I would love to know what drugs your on.

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  8. sealintheselkirks says:

    Sheila, I can leave writing up and undone for days, adding bits now and then, and as long as I put my computer in sleep mode it doesn’t erase so I have no idea why yours is. And I am NOT Windows 10 literate, rather the opposite. At least I was somewhat competent with Windows XP… The only thing I have to to is copy what I’ve written and tap the ‘reload current
    page arrow because it won’t post with refreshing after days of being open and sometimes it erases during that process.

    Shit is going nuts in this country. And everywhere else it seems from the reading I’ve been doing but I’m thinking the USA is # 1. YEA! We’re number one in this, too. Like child poverty, teenage mothers, massive wealth disparity, oh my that list would take to much time to write down!

    I’ve heard from people in different parts of the country, Hawai’i to Maryland, from San Diego to Bonner’s Ferry Idaho. I know that Covid infections have now been proven to literally shrink human brains and turn off parts (brain damage in truth!) but the weird and often violent crazy crap is all over. Here’s one for ya from Omair who nails it. Again. This really hit’s the ‘Oh Shit’ button I think because I’d really like to argue and disagree with what he’s saying because, bluntly, it is really a freaking bummer to be living it instead of just debating its merits!

    If it Feels Like Our Societies Are Losing Their Minds, That’s Because They Are
    How Our Societies Have Been Mentally Poisoned — And Why They’re Turning Fascist

    As for the last question, I’ve got starts germinating in my kitchen window and are now sprouting their first real leaves. Very early for me, I’m used to doing this in June. But the ridiculous 120F heat of last year made me get them going in April. Maybe they’ll have a chance if they are strong enough and already through their final transplant shock by the time the summer heat hits. I’ve compared my last and this year’s calendars and temps are acting quite similar though it has rained earlier (Jan) and more this last two months than last year. This district’s wildfire season started in March and that hasn’t really happened yet as the woods are still wet and icing at night a bit. Unfortunately cannabis doesn’t exactly make me less aware and certainly doesn’t slow down the reading or cause me to forget.

    Society’s Hopium? Ignore the climate, ignore Covid. Talk about Trump instead? Yeah, right.

    A former student down in NorCal infected just before Christmas with Delta, then was sick again less than two months later with a mild case of Omicron BA.1 (breakthrough infections) talked to me last night about having trouble with what appears to be the brain damage aftereffects of Long Covid-Sequela. He’s 39 yrs old. It really does sound like the ‘Brain Fog’ currently being reported in so many articles lately.

    It’s just like what happened in the swine flu Pandemic 100 years ago which was called ‘Encephalitis Lethargica.’ Last week a woman told me she’s been different, can’t think as clearly as she should. She is very much disturbed.

    This is truly insane behavior at the end of civilization? Is this what happens? History sure does seem to say so. So articles below about Covid Hopium! No thanks, I’m not going to follow the dizzy giddy herd. You either, Kevin, as I’ve read a few articles that Oz is re-infecting and so is NZ… Last week UK COVID deaths were higher than the January omicron spike.

    Here’s are links:

    >Wearing a mask when exposed to a carrier with no mask: upper bound risk of infection is 30%. When everyone is masked: upper bound risk of infection is 0.4%.

    >Human beings are in an evolutionary race with SARS-CoV-2, and we need all the help we can get

    >Thursday COVID Roundup: I’m Tired of COVID, But COVID Ain’t Tired Yet

    Link, tweet info, etc at original link:

    >Thursday COVID Roundup-New Contenders to the Variant Throne Emerge

    LINK: all tweets, charts, pics, and links to other articles

    Can one get seasick from the crazies?


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  9. Kevin Hester says:

    “Beyond the make-believe of 1.5°C scenarios full of overshoot, technological dreaming, high risks of failure and not fully accounting for carbon cycle feedbacks, there are some basic realities:

    The first is that the world is likely to hit 1.5°C average global warming by 2030, regardless of the emissions path over the next decade. Warming is already 1.2°C, and the most recent IPCC report shows that Current (CMIP6) climate models project on average a warming of 0.3°C for the decade to 2030 (across the SSP2-4.5, SSP3-7.0 and SSP5-8.5 scenarios).”

    1.5C by 2030???? Really?
    Using 1750 as a baseline we’ve already passed 1.5C

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  10. Kevin Hester says:

    More from the great Jim Massa calling out the lies;

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    • sealintheselkirks says:

      Of fuck, it’s MIchael Mann AGAIN? I really didn’t want to hear about him again.

      How does this twit get placed everywhere? Has he been guaranteed a spot in a government bunker or something? Or maybe Elon Mus, the closet Fascist-Capitalist who just bought twitter so he can put Trump back on it, told him his family has a spot on the rocket ship to Mars only if he keeps spouting to keep the masses calm?

      Massa sounds really, really pissed. No surprise there as I try so hard to not blow my blood pressure through the top of my head but that’s hard when I find out it’s Mann again!



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      • Sheila chambers says:

        Mann is a corporate shill, he will say what ever his MASTERS want him to say, that’s why he gets so much press & not James Hansen & Paul Beckwith.
        Massa has every right to be PISSED OFF & just how STUPID, GREEDY & SHORTSIGHTED our RULERS ARE!
        PROFIT is all that matters to them & their alledged ‘prestige’.
        Weather has been spotty here, rain then sun, then more rain.

        There won’t be much of a “big day” for the migration bird count, WHAT MIGRATING BIRDS?
        NO swallows, NO woodpeckers, NO thrushes, I’ve seen only one, thin string of geese, no migrating hummingbirds have shown up. Even the moths are gone now, haven’t seen any for days now.
        How many bird songs are sung by DEAD BIRDS?
        The “canary” in it’s cage is LONG DEAD!

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  11. Kevin Hester says:

    The latest downplaying of the emergency from The Guardian;

    “But even in the better case scenarios, the world is still set to lose a significant chunk of its marine life. At 2C of heating above the pre-industrial norm, which is forecast as likely even under current climate pledges by the world’s governments, around 4% of the roughly two million species in the oceans will be wiped out.”

    4C is a sterilisation event for this planet;

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    • sealintheselkirks says:

      Do they even understand what they are saying? Or is it all about, like Mann I think is trying to do (or being told to do), keeping the rabble from freaking the fuck out as the status quo that makes a few ever-more wealthy needs to work for as long as possible? But then they ARE a corporate entity and that mentality overlays everything else.

      That 1750 baseline sure isn’t talked about much, is it? At least not in most articles that I see.

      And that 4% number of marine species needs to be added to what the industrial bottom trawling is doing since there aren’t enough fish in the oceans left to feed the population. Since the ongoing industrialized strip mining of the ocean has been in effect for quite a while now, I’m assuming that wasn’t included in this article as I haven’t read it yet.That ‘better case scenario’ is so minimizing…there IS no better case.

      Big sigh.


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      • Sheila chambers says:

        It’s been a long time since I have eaten fish, too many of us & not enough fish. But as long as fish keep showing up in our grocery shops, people will keep buying them, until they can’t.
        People believe that as long as demand exist, so will supply, ya know, their WRONG!

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  12. Kevin Hester says:

    “The paper’s authors modelled future marine biodiversity under different projected climate scenarios. They found that if emissions are not curbed, species losses from warming and oxygen depletion alone could come to mirror the substantial impact humans already have on marine biodiversity by around 2100.”
    2100 garbage that has been peer reviewed proving that the models are only as good as the inputs and no one factors in non linearity or the Precautionary Principal

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  13. Kevin Hester says:

    We exterminate between 150 and 200 species daily but the corporate go to scientist says it couldn’t happen to us. It’s lies like this that sealed our fate.
    Can someone Mann hasn’t blocked ask him where his bunker is?

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    • Sheila chambers says:

      Now we know what probably happened to other “intelligent” species, they destroyed themselves just as we are doing! How can anyone with a minimally functional brain possibly believe we can continue to GROW even as our essential resources are in decline? Only economist & politicians can believe such nonsense as “green growth, “sustainable growth” & “smart growth”! WHY are people STILL BREEDING? It looks like Roe V Wade will soon be overturned by the Trump supreme court & I know the corrupt dems won’t do a dam thing to stop them. Soon once AGAIN, there will be dead women rotting in some dirty alley, or in a filthy motel room or slowly dying of infection in a hospital ward, more unwanted children will be born only to be abandoned in trash cans, in toilets, in gutters or simply abandoned in the hospital, AGAIN! How many more dead women will it take THIS TIME to make abortions LEGAL by a constitutional ammendment?

      Oh wait, WOMEN don’t get pregnant, PEOPLE DO! Now MALES can get pregnant too, MALES are fighting for the right to an abortion, WOMEN have been completely written out of the reproductive process altogether! I’m glad I’m OLD & soon to become compost, let Darwin sort out the morons from the awake. Wait, we are all on the SAME SINKING SHIP! WASF!!!!

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    • sealintheselkirks says:

      You know that sometimes a person can lie long enough that they eventually come to believe their own lie… or maybe he does have a ‘hidey-hole’ for his family but honestly, I can’t think of anywhere one can hide in the extremely over-populated East. And just try to get out of the U of Pennsylvania area along with the millions of other starving refugees…

      He published the ‘Hockey Stick’ graph, and then he had a kid? That shows an extreme disconnect from the research to reality.

      And there is no ‘Precautionary Principal’ being used anywhere in this country, though I did get a phone call today from Washington Dept of Health saying someone at this address is now eligible for a Covid booster so somebody is still trying to think ahead…

      As you said, the corporate go-to scientist…maybe he doesn’t want to fuck up his retirement package? Pissing off the wrong people could get him tossed out in the street.

      Sheila: I was asked/told that I act like one of those ‘woke’ because I had an N95 on…and finally got to use a couple of my replies I’ve been saving up. First I replied that “I’m trying to avoid the Facial Recognition Software installed by the Deep State” and asked “Why do you want me to take my mask off? Do you work for Bill Gates?”

      That earned me a VERY confused look. Then I said while pointing at it “This is also my ignorant dickhead detector and, as you can see, it’s working quite well along with hiding my face from Bill Gates.”

      He literally had NO FUCKING IDEA how to reply. It was hilarious.


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  14. Kevin Hester says:

    “Regardless of what is predicted here, we are very likely to exceed 1.5 degrees C in the next decade or so, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that we are committed to this in the long term — or that working to reduce further change is not worthwhile,” NASA climate scientist Gavin Schmidt, who was not involved in the WMO’s analysis, told the AP.”
    Gavin Schmidt continuing his lies based on changing the baseline;

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    • sealintheselkirks says:

      Read some of the comments. This one pretty much hits what I’m thinking dead on except the last sentence:

      ArtistAtLarge to Molly Taft
      5/12/22 1:00am

      We’re fucked. We’re out of time. The scientific reports we’ve been seeing were the optimistic ones.

      Just like the pandemic, shit is FAR worse than most people think.

      Good luck to all of us, we’re going to need it.

      My answer is “of course” to everything but the last since luck is just magical wishful thinking that doesn’t really exist. So the first sentence applies the most; We’re fucked. And yes, just like the Pandemic, shit IS far worse than most people HAVE BEEN LED TO BELIEVE. Thinking is actually frowned upon because it leads to disobedience towards authority. Can’t have that now can we?

      There, I fixed it for them.

      How about this one:

      Coastal Fire Shows Even the Rich ‘Are Not Safe From Earth Breakdown’

      Burn you fuckers.


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  15. Kevin Hester says:

    Lies, lies, confounded lies;
    “”What we see right now in terms of extreme heat will be very normal, if not cool, in a 2-degree to 3-degree Celsius world,” she said, referring to average global temperatures above preindustrial levels.”

    “The world has warmed nearly 1.2C so far. ”

    Nearly 1.2C, yeah right, 5 yrs ago maybe

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    • sealintheselkirks says:

      I’m not going to read it because it’ll just piss me off. I’ve had enough of the lies today I think.

      The wealthy are going to go underground along with military and politicians who have created huge underground cities that they started building since WWII. You see the one built in Finland? Huge!

      That they didn’t know about climate collapse then doesn’t matter because they’ve been ‘ready’ for nuclear war since they fucking invented the damned things. Planning for it, using everybody else’s labor to fund and build entire cities underground for themselves. As if they can destroy and irradiate the entire planet HOW many times with the weapons they have now and somehow everything will be just fine when they decide to come out of those places in 1-10-20-50 years. Because that’s the way they see the world and everything on it; just theirs to manipulate and use.

      Then climate collapse came along and now the ‘mildly’ wealthy are joining in thinking they are so damned smart because they can spend a few million on a bunker that even has a movie theater and an exercise room and all the rest of the technology that will keep their lives soft and easy. Life will continue with little change involved for them, right?

      I somehow don’t think so.

      Now it’s Sunday 5/15 and sprinkling. Maybe I should start digging my bunker.

      Yeah, right.


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      • Sheila chambers says:

        You better dig more than a hole, you will also need to grow FOOD! Don’t believe what the corporate media is telling us about our food supplies because they are LYING! As usual!
        I’ve seen images of some of those luxury bunkers, movie theaters, excersize rooms, spas, huge fancy beds, solar panels outside, air intake pipes, ripe for dumping toxic gas down, think their armed guards will protect them while their family starves? I rather doubt that.

        Here are a few tidbits I picked up on the web with a short search. I wish more people here would learn to use their browsers SEARCH ENGINE!

        “World’s Second-Largest Wheat Producer India Announces Partial Wheat Export Ban”

        White House Set to Announce New Measures to Expand U.S. Crop Production and Reduce Fertilizer Use

        Corn Yield Shocker: USDA Drops National Yield to 177

        Sioux Falls Squall: “I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It

        Infant Formula Shortage Hits Close to Home for Indiana Couple
        “If you’ve seen your local grocery store with empty shelves, you’re not alone: Food shortages are still haunting us in 2022. On March 24, 2022, President Biden warned of food shortages due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “It’s going to be real,” he said of food shortages. “The price of these sanctions is not just imposed upon Russia; it’s imposed upon an awful lot of countries as well, including European countries and our country as well. Both Russia and Ukraine have been the breadbasket of Europe in terms of wheat, for example—just to give you one example.”

        “We’re gonna see a lot of empty shelves and a lot more higher prices,” Boyd Jr. said. ”

        If you read just the LYING corporate media, they say our food supply is just fine, not to worry.

        Back in the real world, shelfs are EMPTY of many food products not just infant formula, cat food, frozen meals, beef, poultry, maze, wheat & products that use beef, poultry, maze & wheat.

        When I last went to Freddies, they had the entire frozen food isles blocked off, when they weren’t blocked off all I could find in the frozen meal ile was CHICKEN CHICKEN CHICKEN & MORE CHICKEN! NO beef, no pork, just CHICKEN, vegitarian or vegan!
        I’m having to COOK again!
        The problem with that is that ALL of the recipies are for FOUR OR MORE!!!

        I’m just ONE person & I cannot eat a meal for FOUR OR MORE!!!!

        Some excess can be frozen but much cannot.

        I’m glad I have a LOT of RAMEN!
        Yeah the rich believe they can just ride this out & take power when the “dust” settles, man are they in for a HUGE DISAPOINTMENT!
        Instead of ruling again, they will find a wooden shaft up their bum & our their lying jaws as their slowly being turned over a fire, “long pig” on the barbie tonight!

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  16. sealintheselkirks says:

    Unfortunately Sheila, Ramen has absolutely no nutritional value unless you add veggies and/or protein of some kind. Noodles and chemical flavoring? You can starve to death trying to live on nothing but ramen!

    95% of the ‘inflationary increase’ in the prices the last few months have gone right into the profit pockets of the corporations. Oops.

    Ukraine/Russia/US are in the top five grain suppliers to the world. And I’m assuming you know what is going on with the weather in the Midwest right now when farmers are supposed to be planting, 100MPH winds blasting through multiple states in huge fronts, baseball-sized hailstorms, drenching downpours (also at 100mph!), tornadoes freaking everywhere…and don’t forget the one that totaled Mayfield KY in December!

    Kind of hard to be a farmer when your fields are drowned or blowing away, and your barn just was flattened by a twister, and your $400,000 tractor landed in the next county I’d imagine. Can’t plant in mud and both you and I know that for a fact!

    And there’s a HURRICANE that has formed in the Gulf of Mexico today. It’s on the satellite radar map I just watched! Definitely eye and rotation, oh my. Whether it survives nobody knows but there’s a possibility that it will veer out into the Atlantic, hit the colder water, and very right into North Carolina.

    Thursday the food bank threw a case of canned diced carrots in the back of my old 4runner to hand out to the couple of families I drop boxes off to. When I pulled it out I noticed the box was stamped in large block letters:


    We don’t even grow our own carrots anymore? Holy shit, that ain’t good!

    Yep, I know about the 90mph dust storm that turned day into black night. The vids were impressive. I have pictures from years ago of that happening in Phoenix but that’s a desert and kind of expected to happen now and then, ya know?

    One of the US weather people I pop into is RyanHallY’all for current sat maps/radar etc etc. He’s a geek, and very much a showman in that Southern Good Ol Boy mode, but he is pretty dang good with what he sees coming.

    I cook and eat a lot of leftovers since most recipes are not made for one. I add different items and sift in other spices to change the flavors… Doing that tonight as a matter of fact. Re-heating in the oven at the moment.

    As for digging a hole, on this 3440 foot elevation property on the side of a ridgeline I dig two feet down and run into glacial till. Septic systems are a bitch to put in, and mine has five inches of the concrete top that isn’t even in the ground after 50 years of the earth settling around it. To have a new one put in would cost just about what my dad paid for his house in San Diego in 1970…or what I paid for my Toyota pickup in 1994. $20 grand.

    Time for leftovers!


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  17. sealintheselkirks says:

    Writer Kim Stanley Robinson said, it’s“easier to destroy the world than to change capitalism even one little bit.”

    Came out of this article from Friday:

    Climate Hegemony: Now is the Time of Monsters

    Yep, it most certainly be the time of monsters.


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  18. Kevin Hester says:

    The latest lies from Damian Carrington at The Guardian;

    “The researchers calculated that 40% of developed fossil fuels must stay in the ground to have a 50-50 chance of global temperature rise stopping at 1.5C. Photograph: Eremeychuk Leonid/Alamy
    Damian Carrington Environment editor
    Tue 17 May 2022 07.00 BST
    Nearly half of existing fossil fuel production sites need to be shut down early if global heating is to be limited to 1.5C, the internationally agreed goal for avoiding climate catastrophe, according to a new scientific study.”

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    • Sheila chambers says:

      Because we are so DEPENDENT for our very existence upon OIL, I see no way we will shut down extracting all the OIL we are able to extract.
      In my minds eye, I can see & hear the roar of protests that would erupt if governments cut our access to OIL, lights would go out, food shelves would empty, fuel stations would quickly run dry, no natural gas for heat & cooking, no oil for everything else we depend upon, the masses would be out in the streets DEMANDING that we return to extraction fossil resources.

      Farmers & truckers would block all roads leading to government offices & politicians would not dare show their face, they would need to go about in armored cars with armed escorts, it would be HELL for everyone that depends upon OIL & that would be virtually EVERYONE on this planet.
      Like it or not, the OIL, COAL & NATURAL GAS will continue to be extracted until we can’t, then we all fall down.

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    • sealintheselkirks says:

      Ask people which they would rather have, a gold bar or the shaved-off top of the gold bar? Looks the same when looking down from above!

      These goddamned FaceBlech posts are deliberate or just a ‘little’ mistake…yeah, right. Like this cut from Counterpunch’s ‘Roaming Charges’ :

      + Why we can’t have nice things…Top 10 Lobby Groups of 2021

      US Chamber of Commerce: $66.4 million
      National Association of Realtors: $44 M
      PhRMA: $30.4 M
      Business Roundtable: $29.1 M
      Blue Cross: $25.2 M
      American Hospital Associationn: $25.1 M
      Meta/Facebook: $20.1 M
      American Medical Association: $19.5 M
      Amazon: $19.3 M
      American Chemical Council: $16.6 M
      (Source: Open Secrets)

      I’m betting on the deliberately misleading…it’s a plan, baby!


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  19. Sheila chambers says:

    Yeah, it’s a “plan” alright, a plan screw us while benefiting THEM, our lying RULERS.

    This CORRUPT government is why we will never have health care for all, housing for all, jobs for all who need one, why we imprison more of our citizens than any other country in the world, why our KILLER COPS keep getting away with MURDER & why our wages are the lowest in the industrialized world.
    It will continue to get worse for us.

    Thanks to “citizens” united, big corporations are now “people” & can donate (bribe) the politicians all they want.
    That’s also why I will NOT support or “vote” for those corporate, warmongering, oligarch parties.

    There is no point in “voting” for a politician, they LIE, usually.
    We do NOT have a “democracy” no real democracy would have an electoral “collage” that can override our “votes” (Trump verses Hillery) or a “supreme” court that can also override our worthless “votes” (Bush verses Gore).
    The endless propaganda is also why I dumped TV & mainstream “news”, lies, lies, lies!

    I have been noticing that ever since Trump, this site has been losing links to ice sites, now they have more blank squares than links to other ice sites. Data not shown is data not seen is data covered up! WASF!!

    On a different note, while trying take a nap, I heard something bang into the sliding glass door, they I heard more banging on that door, WTF?
    So I got up, went out to the dining room & there I saw two Band-tailed pigeons trying to push through the glass.
    One was an easy catch & I tossed it outside but the other was under a table so I had to bend way over to get hold of a wing, pull it towards me so I could catch the other wing then lift it to where I could also get a hold of it & toss it outside where it made a fast escape.

    I had left the door open enough for them to get inside to feed on the spilled seed near the door.

    Later I was outside to mattock the weeds, fertilize my potatoes & water them.Earlier I was out front cutting down berry vines & dragged in the waste bin.

    The yard WORK never ends, except in winter.

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  20. Kevin Hester says:

    “Last year’s U.N. climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland, failed to muster carbon-cutting pledges from the “BRICS” countries—Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa—which threaten a key goal of the 2015 Paris accord to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, he said.”
    The cheek of the bastard who wrote this. Pretending 1.5C was ever attainable when we had already passed it then they blame the Bric’s nations. Utter hypocrisy.

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  21. Kevin Hester says:

    Head of Responsible Investing, how pitiful.
    “”At a big bank like ours, what do people think the average loan length is?” he asked. “It is six years. What happens to the planet in year seven is actually irrelevant to our loan book. For coal, what happens in year seven is actually irrelevant.”

    “He concluded: “Let’s get back to making money out of the transition.”
    He now has his name on a pitchfork;

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    • sealintheselkirks says:

      Paywall. But the subtitle that was visible said this:

      HSBC AM head of responsible investing: ‘Who cares if Miami is six metres under water in 100 years?’

      Answer: his great grandchildren perhaps? Because it’s already happening, you stupid twit?

      Besides, I’m really thinking that it is going to be much much sooner than his 100 years guess from the way it’s looking around the planet at the moment. All the indicators of ongoing collapse are spiking just like Covid is.

      Fuck me, Antarctica and Greenland shifting as fast as the Coronavirus is mutating (at least in a geological context). One is shocking the shit out of the infectious disease experts, the other is shocking the shit out of the climate scientists, and like both only the ones not invested in the Status Quo are paying attention.

      I’ve got some serious covid articles to put up. Guess I should do that on the Covid thread today.


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    • Sheila chambers says:

      OK, now I composed this on NOTEPAD!I hate writting a long rant only to have it deleted before I was through ranting!
      This will be SHORTER!
      Your too kind Kevin, I would have had something far more painful in mind for them, just read about the tortures used during the ‘holy’ inquisition!
      One example was to tie them out in the sun over an ant hill, pour honey over them, don’t forget to get it in their nose, mouth & ‘tender bits’ & watch the fun begin!

      I hate PAYWALLS! so I could not read that artical.
      FU Business green!

      PROFIT over the living planet, how smart was that?
      It’s no wonder we are doomed!
      These MORONS just don’t care how dependent we have become upon those TEMPORARY fossil resources.

      China is digging up MORE coal, building MORE coal fired plants & their importing more coal, they have finally realized just what a sick joke “renewables” are.
      “The United Nations chief on Wednesday launched a five-point plan to jump-start broader use of renewable energies, hoping to revive world attention on climate change as the U.N.’s weather agency said greenhouse gas concentrations, ocean heat, sea-level rise, and ocean acidification reached record highs last year.”

      More STUPIDITY! Pushing to manufacture more “renewables” will simply end up PUTTING MORE GHG INTO THE ATMOSPHERE & will WORSEN GLOBAL CLIMATE DISRUPTION!


      “While people suffer from high prices at the pump, the oil and gas industry is raking in billions from a distorted market,” Guterres said. “This scandal must stop.”

      What is it that is preventing them from comprehending SUPPLY & DEMAND?
      OIL is a temporary resource so WHY should resource EXTRACTORS be expected to sell their resources CHEAPLY?
      Once it’s gone, it will be gone forever & they will be out of business.

      No matter how hard they push for the manufacture of more UNAFORDABLE, WORTHLESS “renewables”, most of us can’t afford it & no matter how hard they try, “renewables” are STILL just a resource dependent TECHNOLOGY & no technology, no matter how advanced can replace declining RESOURCES! WASF!!!

      Yes, this rant is really SHORTER than my previous rant. Composed on Notepad!


  22. Kevin Hester says:

    Now the BBC has joined the camp of the Rogues Gallery, not that they weren’t always a member.

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    • Sheila chambers says:

      Sorry, this comment could not be posted. Sorry, this comment could not be posted. Sorry, this comment could not be posted. Sorry, BUT NONE OF YOUR comments will be posted!!!!

      WHY is WordPress blocking me? I cannot post ANYTHING THERE! Will you even get this post?

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      • sealintheselkirks says:

        Well it popped up for me.


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      • Sheila chambers says:

        I’ll give it another try, perhaps they fixed that glitch? Fortunately? I had composed it on Notepad.
        How horrible to see how “your” Robins young cooked in their eggs! Perhaps momma was trying to free them but they died anyhow.
        Fewer robins here as well and for the first time ever, no swainson’s thrush! I guess it too is headed for extinction, no surprise, it depends upon INSECTS for survival as do all land birds & their young.
        A few swallows passed overhead but they can’t breed here any longer, they kept heading on north.
        How was the snow this season? did you get to do any boarding?

        It’s been years since I watched TV, don’t miss it, it’s full of crap these days, lies, dumb shows for dumb uneducated people.
        I once had woodpeckers coming to my suit cake for years but not this year, no woodpeckers. The Jays are still here & they chow down on it. I still have Cali. Quail & crows, they seem to be doing OK but all other birds are in decline or GONE.
        I’m glad I got those audible recordings & images of the birds before they were gone, we forget so easly.

        The days wizz by so quickly, I can’t keep up with the calender, good thing my solar powered watch keeps track of the days, months & years for me.

        Massacre sites, there were too many of them, too many were forgotten, their dead forgotten as well.
        How many more massacre sites have we hidden?
        You have certainly had some very strange experiences.

        Once we die, we should be allowed to become compost, to return to the earth what we took from her. Instead most of our dead are formaldehyde, painted, primped, locked away in a metal airtight box & finally buried.

        As for the person, their gone, no afterlife, just gone. The afterlife was invented by “god men”, they took advantage of our fear of death to give us fake hope in another, better life after we had died.
        No, there is no life for us after we have died, we simply cease to exist.
        There is no reason to fear a “hell” of eternal punishment for not worshiping the “right” “god”.

        Since all “god” beliefs have no evidence to support them, they will forever remain just beliefs like the easter bunny & the tooth fairy.
        For better or for worse, this is the only life we will ever have, best not to waste it on frivolous distractions like TV & corporate media “news”.

        Get out & smell the flowers while you still can, see how many birds you can still hear & see while their still alive.
        After we are gone,it’s very unlikely that this planet will ever evolve another animal like us, thank goodness!

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  23. Sheila chambers says:

    I HAD a reply for Kevin but the system deleted it so I’ll give up for now. I should have composed it on notepad first.

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  24. Kevin Hester says:

    Here’s a great article calling out Hopium

    View at


  25. Kevin Hester says:

    “What it won’t do, however, is make the Earth unlivable, or even mean that our children live in a world poorer than the one we grew up in. As many climate scientists have been telling us, the world is a better place to live in — especially for people in lower-income countries — than it has ever been, and climate change isn’t going to make it as bad as it was even in 1950.”

    “I unequivocally reject, scientifically and personally, the notion that children are somehow doomed to an unhappy life,” Kate Marvel, a climate scientist at Columbia, told Ezra Klein in his column this week about overcoming climate despair.”
    Lies courtesy of lieutenant sealintheSelkirks


  26. Kevin Hester says:

    At the 3m 30sec mark on this video Kevin Anderson says we have 8 yrs to avoid a 1.5C temperature increase !!!!!
    He can’t be mistaken, he’s lying;


    • sealintheselkirks says:

      He did say “they go home and do absolutely nothing.”

      That’s one thing that’s true!

      …”there is NO leadership within any of the progressive countries.”

      And he got that half correct; there is no leadership (but fossil fuel profits) but the second half of that statement is a lie because THERE ARE NO PROGRESSIVE COUNTRIES just assholes maneuvering for more resources to use up stolen from poorer countries and armies to arm so they can intimidate them to do this. So much for ‘progressive leadership’ eh Kev?

      Yeah, I’m at 5:57 and turning it off.


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  27. Kevin Hester says:

    Kevin Andersen believes we can still meet the 1.5C rubicon after we’ve passed it and he believes we still have a carbon budget;


  28. sealintheselkirks says:

    AHahahahahaha. I have nothing to add to this. Magical thinking indeed!


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  29. Kevin Hester says:

    Pitchforks await this lying POS


  30. Kevin Hester says:

    Listen to this tripe on “Tipping points”.
    The entire analysis is based on business ‘Tipping Points”, shylocks.


  31. Kevin Hester says:

    “Lenton and his team quantified how many people would be left outside this niche given different scenarios. With 2.7°C of warming by the end of the century, between 21 and 42 per cent of people would live in areas where the average annual temperature exceeds 29°C. Assuming a future population of 9.5 billion, that would leave as many as 4 billion people outside the niche, with the greatest number in India at 600 million, followed by 300 million people in Nigeria and 100 million in Indonesia.”

    2.7C by 2100. The kids will roast these people alive if they lay their hands on them.


    • Keep the masses calm, keep the economy humming, keep making money, keep stocking the bunker…

      Absolutely NO government agencies of any country is going to admit anything that changes the basic ‘plan’ I’m afraid. You know that, I know that, many many scientists know that, and many people that read these pages know that. There ain’t a hell of a lot to be done left except…well, you know.

      I’m watching the Colorado river dry up. The major dams that provide water and electricity to enormous numbers of people in Arizona, Nevada, SoCal…places that are essentially northern Sonora Desert zones that already hit the temp that the UK is facing that only exist because of that river. Unlike the UK they already have AC which is why they exist.

      Arizona: 7.5 million, SoCal: roughly 23 million, Nevada: 3.2 million, and the UK is 68.5 million. When the power shuts off from the Colorado about half the population of UK will be facing imminent death especially if it’s in the middle of summer. And it certainly looks like it will soon if what I see continues (which is far more likely than not wouldn’t you say?).

      What are governments going to say when a mass dying event in the Northern Hemisphere to the industrialized countries? Not a little one like what hit Europe ‘heat wave’ a few years ago but a million, two million, six million dead all at once. How will the ‘officials’ minimize that I wonder?

      The time scale seems to be narrowing considerably.

      But don’t worry, The ICC had got our back!

      The International Criminal Court Turns 20 in Turbulent Times. Should ‘Ecocide’ Be Added to its List of Crimes?

      A definition put forth describes ecocide as “wanton acts” that cause “severe” and “widespread or long-term damage” to the environment. Pope Francis and other world leaders support adoption, but such a move by member nations could take years.


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  32. Kevin Hester says:

    “The likelihood of exceeding 40°C anywhere in the UK in a given year has also been rapidly increasing, and, even with current pledges on emissions reductions, such extremes could be taking place every 15 years in the climate of 2100.”
    Could be taking place every 15 yrs? WTAF ?
    How about every year forever, fucking charlatans.
    The first Red Extreme heat warning issued in UK, Western Europe suffocating


  33. Why do my replies show up BEFORE you posts?


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  34. Kevin Hester says:

    Carbon Tracker founder Mark Campanale is trying to tell us that 1.5C is still achievable, complete and utter gobshite.
    Beware the enemy within.
    As we circle the drain of collapse we’ll flush out the enemy within.
    Because no one will confront the true severity of our predicament were wasting valuable time to prepare for the world that we are transitioning to in the cul de sac of extinction.


    • And now we’re seeing this kind of denial…which is all to make people feel good! I love it, ignore what you see in favor of what this psychologist says to do. That way you’ll be happy…like my former Kenpo student down in Chico Cali who just lost his welding job two weeks after the corporate ‘investment fund’ apartment owners tossed him into the street (they ‘declined’ to renew his lease) so they can raise the rent much higher since he lived there for 5 years and was confined by a California renter law saying they could only raise it a certain percentile every year. It’s all about profits. Maybe he should follow this ‘plan’ for tackling anxiety, eh?

      How to Stop Catastrophizing: An Expert’s Guide

      A clinical psychologist suggests a three-pronged plan for tackling anxiety and approaching each day logically and positively.


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  35. Kevin Hester says:

    “I know a lot of people working in climate science who say one thing in public but a very different thing in private. In confidence, they are all much more scared about the future we face, but they won’t admit that in public. I call this climate appeasement and I believe it only makes things worse.”


  36. Kevin Hester says:

    As we circle the drain of collapse and extinction the corporate media are forced to portray the unfolding collapse as happening long off in the future whereas the reality is we are watching it “Live and direct”.
    Narrative control at the edge of extinction, of course they will try and protect BAU as long as possible.


    • NOTHING! That’s the problem…

      As we circle the drain the USA politics continue to be full of dumb greedy fuckheads (to put it bluntly).

      As Congress Passes A ‘Climate Suicide Pact,’ The Fight To Declare A Climate Emergency Continues

      By Margaret Flowers, Clearing the FOG.

      August 1, 2022
      Featured Campaign, Podcast

      Still in triple digits, Day 11 in a row but 12 days out of the last 22 with the hottest being 112.9F. The other 10 days has been 95’F to 99’F. Humidity between 15-40%. It’s miserable, dude.



  37. Kevin Hester says:

    “Bioscientists from Durham University, UK and Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre, Germany have predicted in their latest research that bird communities will change worldwide in 2080 due to climate change, largely as result of shifting their ranges.”
    WTAF are these so called scientists smoking?


    • Kevin, my replies to you are still sometimes posting before your question. How weird is that? Is it the time difference or something?

      Tell you what, what I’m growing and smoking (and the garden is doing wonderfully this summer!) doesn’t take away from the reality of the science I’m reading. Not a single bit. Probably makes me a little calmer in fact because all we see is worse and falling quicker down the cliff towards the very jagged rocks below. It’s almost like…what’s going to get me first is sitting in the back of my mind. I have a ‘fire’ bug-out bag just like I always lived on the beach with an earthquake bag, but what we’re facing in SO many directions feels like all I can do is just throw up my hands in despair!

      Former Pres. Jimmy Carter IN HIS OWN WORDS:


      Add these freaking people’s names to the rogue gallery as it’s all connected because they ARE the enemy within our species:

      On Schedule (for) F(ascism): the Dithering Dems and the Radical Republicans

      Eyes Wide Shut
      “The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power, pure power.”
      – George Orwell, 1984

      As for the bird communities, the term for what I’m seeing and (not) hearing is probably a ‘dearth’ in both the number of different species and numbers in each species. Remember that 20+ years ago my biologist neighbor did a species count for an entire year (Spring to Spring) in their application for Forest Stewardship status on their 20 acres and they listed 72 species including nesting, feeding, stopping for a rest, or just passing by. My north property line is their south property line but I’m up above on the south side where the creek canyon cuts through the ridgeline. Slightly Higher elevation and the small year-round creek isn’t visible down in the trees so I tend to see less animal life except as a walk through or fly-over to get to water.

      But this year…after last year’s blistering heat and incredibly lack of rainfall? It’s…decimated here. There are many, too many, bird calls that I can replicate to call them in that I haven’t heard a single one of. Nor have I seen anywhere near the number of birds that for the last 18 years showed up every year. I also do not see nearly the numbers of visible flying bugs that would cloud the sun’s rays between the trees in the late afternoons though I will admit there are more noticeable in the last three weeks.

      Not even the yellow jackets are as numerous which honestly, since they are an invasive INTRODUCED species I rather like them being fewer!

      My guesstimate is an 80% reduction in the number of smaller species birds since I’ve been here. Mike around the corner of course says it’s way worse than that but he is a biologist and they’ve lived there for almost 50 years and his memory is still pretty dang sharp for being almost 80… Still cuts his own firewood and walks every day with the dog on trails on their (now) 30 acres, and gets up the ridge behind me on cooler days. Which it ain’t been much of lately!

      I trust his take on things around here.

      Another triple digit F day. I didn’t see a thermometer near the hottest time of the day but yeah it had that ‘body’ feels it and had already hit 96.9F a couple hours earlier before.

      I really like the cooling off at night. Lovely! Downright chilly to drop 50 degrees F from 5pm to 2am! House and body is still trying to de-heat from the day. No fires nearby but some smoke haze in the sky to the south was noticeable this afternoon. Can’t smell it. As it’s after midnight here I’m going to go ump in the shower and then go outside and really cool off.

      Remember to do something fun every day. At this point in our slide off the edge we really need to be able to do that. Some days I really envy these dogs for their ability to live so much in the moment. I’ve got one furry golden retriever head on my left foot at the moment. She snores, too…


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  38. Kevin Hester says:

    The sub-header is a barefaced lie; “Melting of the world’s biggest ice sheet would cause catastrophic sea level rise, but can be avoided with fast climate action”, it can’t be stopped.
    The Guardian regularly covers the climate and extinction crises but always understates the reality.


  39. Kevin Hester says:

    “Now, after humanity has added a trillion and a half tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels, the average surface temperature is 1.2 degrees C higher”
    I notice that Bill McGuire miss states how much warming we’ve already triggered.
    It’s either a careless mistake or more probably deliberate down playing of the predicament.


  40. Kevin Hester says:

    Wow, this is outrageous. HTF could he say that 2C was achievable.
    I stopped following him long ago and he’s back tracked even more since;


  41. Kevin Hester says:

    Tipping Points for Sustainability Transitions from the Potsdam Institute without a hint of urgency.

    These people are deliberately down playing the multiple tipping points we’ve passed.


    • So should this climate researcher Bjorn Lomborg be added to the list? I lost the link somehow but here’s the name of his book below.

      ‘Is climate change real or politics distortion? Over 1,000 scientists have signed a petition telling us to knock it off with the climate panic.

      We talk to climate researcher Bjorn Lomborg, author of the book False Alarm, about what the science really says and how we can support actual change, not political change that harms the poorest populations.’

      I guess the fires and droughts and rising sea levels and heat waves and melting glaciers and acidifying worldwide ocean and…you know, all the other unsightly and disturbing science information can be put aside now! Just like we’re all over Covid Pandemic, eh?

      Let me know if I should be celebrating that it’s all just alarmists and I can go buy a new monster-sized diesel truck that I can ‘blow coal’ on passing bicyclists with in appreciation of it all being an alarmist hoax!

      Selkirk Range Weather: was spritizing rain drops about 1pm and is now dripping off the wet roof and the ground is showing the change so it’s actually raining.

      Woke up to fire smoke smell and haze today, cooler now than it was at 11am when I was working in the garden (nipping off water leaf trim, almost ready to harvest five). I don’t know what the particulate level is but the sunset last night was a tiny lurid orange ball but at least smoke is not swirling through the valleys choking me out…yet.

      Had to run the 6 flowing cannabis plants into the shop under lights as 6 do NOT need to get wet as I don’t want to deal with mold problems at this late stage of being ‘Farmer Seal’ because it’s a pain in the ass since I don’t use chemicals at all. Five are at harvest stage (24 hour light dep starting tonight and chop them tomorrow night).

      The other four sativa girls can stay out as they won’t be ready until maybe late October, rain won’t hurt them. One sativa went off all on its own, guess the seed was crossed with an ‘auto (otto)’ strain like the five hybrids that are pretty much nothing but donkey dicks sticking out every which way! This tall skinny-leafed girl will be finished by…maybe 3rd week of September. All these different seeds were germinated and in the dirt at about the same time but do they ever act differently!

      About 26C with 40% humidity, thunder in the background, rumbles all coming directly up from the south but haven’t seen any flashes or bolts. It’s actually pretty dark in the house for 4pm.

      North of Mt. Shasta thousands have been Evac’d along with 3 towns. The oldest daughter & family have probably run as they live closer to Weed (10 miles north) but on the west side of I-5. Weed was completely emptied, everybody told to get the hell out. 40MPH+ winds and extremely low humidity expected tonight across those flat zones on the west, nw, and directly north of the volcano but it wouldn’t take much of a wind switch to run it down the I-5 canyon and burn Mt. Shasta down where the stepson lives. as does the ex, too. We’re all under threat…


      Liked by 1 person

  42. Kevin Hester says:

    “It looks like in the case of Sea Ice loss it’s not irreversible. So if we do start to lose ice cover seasonally, if we found a way to cool the climate the ice would come back”.
    Wishful thinking isn’t science, it’s Science Fiction.


  43. […] to solve the greenhouse effect before it goes beyond human control.”You’ll note that the rogues at the UN are still saying the same thing 33 years later!The 1989 Associated Press article warning […]


  44. All of these bastards need to be added to this list of heinous madmen that deserve to be dropped into the darkest hole in the criminal gulag of Gitmo… We can’t get rid of these MAGATS, what the HELL are we going to do?

    Die. In large numbers. The Florida GOP is hiding the HUNDREDS of dead bodies washing around according to people on the ground. Same playbook as Covid, let them die use them for photo ops. This is a bunch of what’s going on right this minute:

    Live: FL Officials Delayed Hurricane Evacuation, NJ Man Caught Desecrating His Ex-Wife’s Grave



    Liked by 1 person

  45. Kevin Hester says:

    This is a classic case of a mixture of scientific reticence and sloppy science.
    The reticence is that they attempt to cover the risk but don’t follow the “Precautionary Principal”
    Because telling the truth now is “Doomist” they tone down their conclusions.
    Here’s the sloppy science:
    ” Meanwhile, the IPCC’s highest-end greenhouse gas concentration pathway, RCP 8.5, remains close to observations and might stay that
    way if negative feedback loops, such as emissions from melting permafrost and forest die-backs, kick in sooner than expected”
    They have confused a positive feedback loop with a negative one.
    I’ll write to the journal and get it corrected.


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