Kirkpatrick Sale; The Collapse of 2020

The May 2020 episode of Nature Bats Last on the Progressive Radio Network featured a discussion with Kirkpatrick Sale about what we believe to be the unfolding collapse of industrial civilisation and his latest book on the subject titled “The Collapse of 2020”.
The episode is embedded here:

For additional reference, I quoted his article posted on December 19 2019 on Counter Punch titled Political Collapse: The Centre Cannot Hold.

Collapse of 2020 Kirkpatrick Sale
Kirkpatrick Sale has a Facebook page where people can follow his work on social media. The page is embedded here:
Kirkpatrick has kindly agreed to come back on the show towards the end of the year assuming this set of living arrangements is still hanging together and that’s a big ‘if’, considering how precarious the situation is today and we will have witnessed another Arctic Sea Ice melt season by then. More information on the cascading effects of the loss of sea ice can be accessed here; Cascading Consequences of the Loss of Arctic Sea Ice.
Feel free to subscribe to this blog and leave a question for Kirkpatrick in the comments section below. I will endeavour to address them on our subsequent interview, should fate allow it to proceed.
“The Collapse of 2020” can be purchased here

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Abrupt Climate Change, Nuclear Power and COVID 19. The Perfect Storm

The April episode of Nature Bats Last featured an interview with Paul Gunter from Beyond Nuclear. The show is embedded here:
I asked Paul about what I believe was the murder of nuclear whistle blower Karen Silkwood. Paul reiterated my contention that she was murdered by agents connected to the nuclear industry. The police were obviously colluding with the murderers by turning a ‘blind eye’ to the disappearance of her evidence folder that she had with her enroute to a meeting with a journalist from The New York Times.
The Killing of Karen Silkwood: The Story Behind the Kerr-McGee Plutonium Case

“Challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. nuclear industry has asked the Trump administration to ensure nuclear workers, suppliers, and vendors will have access to nuclear plants and personal protective equipment (PPE) during the 2020 spring and fall refueling outage seasons and beyond.”
COVID-19 Threatens Outages Scheduled at 97% of U.S. Nuclear Sites in 2020

Chernobyl: Radioactive forest near nuclear plant catches fire

Ukrainian authorities say a forest fire is causing radiation levels to spike in the area of Chernobyl, a nuclear power plant that melted down in 1986. A Fire at Chernobyl is releasing large amounts of Radiation

“Fires are common inside the “Zone of Alienation”, a circle with a 30-kilometre radius that surrounds the old nuclear plant and is fenced in barbed wire.
But the current blazes are larger than normal and are stirring up radiation as they burn grass and forests.
Winds could spread fires to remnants of the nuclear plant and authorities are trying to protect the critical infrastructure in the exclusion zone: Radiation levels rise as fires burn near Chernobyl’s former nuclear power plant

Via Harvey Wasserman: The COVID Pandemic has thrown America’s atomic reactor industry into lethal chaos, making a major disaster even more likely.  Reports from “terrified” workers at a Pennsylvania reactor indicate vital precautions needed to protect them may not even be possible.” Terrified Atomic Workers Warn That the COVID-19 Pandemic May Threaten Nuclear Reactor Disaster

Paul mentioned that the NRA were allowing plant operators to extend workers hours and to defer repairs.  Evidence for that insanity is embedded inthe following link; U.S. to Let Nuclear Plants Defer Repairs, Schedule Longer Shifts has covered the refueling issue also:

COVID-19 & Nuclear Risk: Refueling Nukes Isn’t A NASCAR Pit-stop!

Many thanks to the team at PRN.FM who still managed to record the show remotely from the studio due to the lockdown. It’s taken a long time for it to have been uploaded to the archive which reminds me how tenuous our predicament has become. Imagine being banned off the streets in total lockdown and no internet. That time is coming, sooner or later. Think about it.



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This is the End, Beautiful Friends, The End

Do you seriously fucking think we will just ‘bounce back’ from this situation we all find ourselves in?
Forget it. It’s delusional to expect we’ll recover from this ‘event’. Paradigm shifts are like tipping points in the climate system. You can only see them in the rear view mirror and most of them are irreversible.
There was a strong school of thought that we were facing the early stages of collapse before this “Black Swan” appeared. Last September we interviewed French rocket scientist and systems thinker Arthur Keller on his conclusion and wonderful You Tube presentation “Collapse, The Only Realistic Scenario”     The collapse Arthur foresaw is unfolding as we speak and dutifully ‘self-isolate’.
I’ve just entered my 6th decade on this planet. What we are witnessing is unprecedented in all human history. Never before in history have the emperors told the serfs to “stay home and we’ll pay you.”
No one. Absolutely no one is in control and no one has ever been here before. Think of the mediocrity we have ‘leading us’ as this predicament unfolds. If you think Boris and Donald are going to lead us out of this mess you have rocks in your head.
I was three years old when a magic bullet entered the back of President Kennedys head and blew his brains out in the same direction the bullet entered ! Miraculous it was, apparently. Murder Most Foul
The last vestiges of fake democracy in that country were finally extinguished with that ‘magic bullet’ and to this day the dominant culture has instilled such an extreme version of ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ in people ensuring that it is ‘normal’ to accept the impossible and you’re a conspiracy theorist to point out the bleedingly obvious deception. Go along with the charade if you wish but I won’t play that game. No one can convince me that infinite growth on a finite planet is sustainable. Our chickens have come home to roost. Lock, stock and two smoking barrels.
As I grew up, I heard my parents denouncing the Vietnam war, I’ve seen war myself in Mozambique and the occupied six counties of Ireland. I know what it smells like. I’ve seen the destruction and the psychological damage done to those communities. Remember, “No soldier returns from war uninjured”.
During my entire lifetime, imperialist capitalism has been raping and pillaging the planet, wiping out indigenous cultures every where it goes and grinding the natural world into dust. Of course it has a fucking end point. The unsustainable can’t be sustained forever. Everywhere has been raped and plundered. There are no far off undiscovered lands left to be exploited. All the low hanging fruit has been plucked, we’re circling the drain. This is what the end game looks like.
Organised, psychopathic, Armani clad gangsters have been gaming the system all my life and now they have lost control like all junkies eventually do.
Why the fuck are you all acting surprised?
Never before have I seen governments telling their people to “stay home and we’ll post you a cheque.”  All of a sudden they have magical money, like the bullet we discussed earlier, that they have just plucked from the sky and they are raining it down on the banksters in the trillions and on the ‘self-isolated’ in the thousands. Notice a recurring theme here? Money for nothing and the chicks for free.Cognitive dissonance reins supreme.

When governments all around the world are giving away money you know that they have lost total control. Becareful, you could be killed by helicopter money.
Let’s have a think about what this ‘timely’ virus has achieved.
Contemporaneous with the outbreak of the virus the global economy was on life support. The US Fed’ has been pumping trillions of brand new dollars into the system to try and keep the ponzi scheme going and it staggered along until the game changing ‘Self Isolation’ took effect. Never before has a populace been so effectively corralled. The protests in France extinguished overnight. Protests around the world wiped out completely as Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan continue to be bombed into the dark ages as the military industrial complex bank the contemporaneous profits as the weapons are used and orders placed for more. Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Russia and China all sanctioned for not kowtowing to the “Empire of Chaos”.
The independent states listed above have been moving to de-dollarize their economies. They started to trade oil in anything but the greenback. Before this ‘event’ the dollar was teetering on the brink of collapse and then out of the blue, a distraction.
The monsters murdered Muammar  Gadaffi because of his plan to create a gold backed dinah to trade oil in and his unflinching support for the African Union. The next distraction will be war against the independent states, it’s what funds Wall Street.

In his novel “The Sun Also Rises” Hemingway describes how the end comes about when you lose everything. One character asks;”How did it happen”, the other responds “Gradually and then suddenly”. Ring any fucking bells?

I’ve been closely following the progression of the virus around the planet and thanks to Albert Bartlett I am aware of the danger of the exponential function. This virus will probably eventually infect us all as the rate of infections is now exponential and governmental responses have always been too little, too late ensuring it’s spread. Remember it’s always the economy first, the inhabitants last.
Health systems worldwide are collapsing at the beginning of the catastrophe which has many months or years to run. Our complex system of ‘On demand’ supply networks depend on Business As Usual to maintain the flow of everything we take for granted being available and as you may have noticed BAU shut down recently. Already some nations are banning grain and other food exports.
I simply cannot see how Western culture can continue as millions of people start dropping dead around us and the entire human population of the planet are living, eating, drinking and working in fear. This soulless system isn’t designed to survive these dynamics. Nor are the fragile humans caught up in the maelstrom.
I’m not ‘Fearmongering,’ I’m laying out what I see before me without the manic attachment to sugar coating our predicament that this culture has incubated. Unsupported ‘positivity’ is delusion, I’m more inclined to hope for the best and plan for the worst.
To quote Joanna Macy from her essay “The Greatest Danger”;
“Because of social taboos, despair at the state of our world and fear for our future are rarely acknowledged. The suppression of despair, like that of any deep recurring response, contributes to the numbing of the psyche. Expressions of anguish or outrage are muted, deadened as if a nerve had been cut. This refusal to feel impoverishes our emotional and sensory life. Flowers are dimmer and less fragrant, our loves less ecstatic. We create diversions for ourselves as individuals and as nations, in the fights we pick, the aims we pursue, and the stuff we buy.”
Convert whatever resources you have into food asap. There is zero guarantee that this set of living arrangements will hold together much longer considering the threats we know it is under with the next ‘Black Swan’ hovering in the wings about to appear.

If this event hasn’t already tipped us over, either the next one or the one after will. They will continue to appear thick and fast.

On that note, I’ll get back to early stage runaway abrupt climate change. Remember that other, non-linear existential threat we face?

My co-host on Nature Bats Last and I have been drawing attention to the loss of the Aerosol Masking Effect from the shut downs happening around the planet. Professor McPherson sums up that aspect of the predicament below;

Good luck everyone, the predicament can only be worse than we know.

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“Post Doom” discussion featuring Michael Dowd and Kevin Hester. Navigating the Perfect Storm

Michael Dowd and I recorded this interview in September 2019 in his “Post Doom’ series. It’s just been uploaded to You Tube as part of a series with the link to the rest embedded below.
We discussed how we are trying to navigate through this fast unfolding paradigm and how we manage our grief.
Part of my grief management system is to volunteer at the Rakino Island Nursery. It’s working well for me and the bird life on Rakino Island as mentioned in the interview.

My interview is one in a series conducted by Michael Dowd with many interesting participants. The entire series can be found here;

We discussed my collaboration with Dahr Jamail and our research dive at the Poor Knights Marine Reserve for his latest book titled “The End of Ice”. I’ve added a few photo’s below taken on that dive;






Additionally we discussed my interviews with Professor Paul Ehrlich on Nature Bats Laston The Progressive Radio Network. Those interviews have been covered on this blog and are embedded here and here;
The interview with Dr Andrew Glikson from the Australian National University is embedded here; Tipping Points in the Earth Climate System. Dr Andrew Glikson returns to Nature Bats Last

Good luck everybody, the predicament can only be worse than we know.

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The Corona Virus Domino Enroute to Collapse

Before the Corona virus appeared, the economic system was teetering along like a delusional drunk on a cliff edge. Now a “Black Swan” like no recent other, has been injected into the collapse parthenon. In the video discussion below Professor Guy McPherson, Peter Miller and Kevin Hester discuss the possibility that COVID19  could be the domino to if not trigger collapse, be a catalyst to speeding up our decent into the abyss.

An audio only version of the discussion can be found here at ‘Podbean’.
Professor McPherson and I have both previously discussed how fragile the supply chain is on a good day let alone during the ‘Perfect Storm’ we are currently navigating. That video and links to the David Korowicz paper titled; “Trade Off: Financial system supply-chain cross contagion – a study in global systemic collapse” is embedded here;

In this recent article from ‘The Atlantic’ is a report titled “The Modern Supply Chain is Snapping”.     This supply chain is already ‘Snapping’ when we are in the very early stages of this pandemic.
We discussed the ‘Ponzi Scheme” that is latest Wall St Bailout; “The New York Federal Reserve Bank said it will offer $1 trillion of overnight loans a day through the end of this month to large banks. That is in addition to $1 trillion in 14-day loans it is offering every week.”Federal Reserve to lend additional $1 trillion a day to large banks.

I mentioned this article about the imminent collapse of the Swiss health system; Swiss hospitals face collapse in 10 days if virus keeps spreading

Peter referred to Professor McPherson’s latest analysis titled Edge of Extinction: Managing COVID-19 and the Aerosol Masking Effect. I have covered that issue previously at this blog; Global Dimming Keeping the Planet Habitable 

Click on the embedded links for verification of the information discussed, subscribe to the blog for the unvarnished analysis as we circle the drain. The predicament can only be worse than we know.

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“Collapse Means Collapse”

On the March episode of Nature Bats Last Kevin and Guy were joined by George Tsakraklides. We discussed George’s recent work at  , including the collapse of industrial civilization  and George’s recently published book “Disposable Earth: How and why we gave the earth an expiration date”.

The interview is embedded here:

“Whatever the reason for extinction, it always has to do with an environmental parameter that has changed, costing certain species their competitive advantage. But as extinction shocks reverberate up and down the food chain, nature always finds ingenious ways to recalibrate the system, achieving a new delicate balance each time between predator and prey. Any life form that disrespects this balance, wanting more for itself, eventually meets its match. Invasive species, super-multipliers, even most viruses, all have an achiles heel: their strength is actually their biggest weakness. The more parasitic a species is on an ecosystem, the more dependent it is on it, and the more sensitive it becomes to environmental perturbations. Behind their tough exterior, predators hide a fragile nature. They can become extinct almost as easily as their victims.” Collapse Means Collapse

I mentioned in the interview the loss of 20% of Australia’s forests that have burned already this fire season;‘Unprecedented’ globally: more than 20% of Australia’s forests burnt in bushfires.

Former guest on the show Mimi German called in and asked George for his opinion of this article written by Professor Guy McPherson titled: Extinction Foretold, Extinction Ignored
6th Mass Extinction woodcut print by Nat Morley (2019)
Photo credit: 6th Mass Extinction woodcut print by Nat Morley (2019)

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Cognitive Dissonance and Outright Lies at the Edge of Extinction

In recent weeks and months I have been amazed at the general public and most scientists ability to ignore the blatant evidence that we are in early stage, non-linear runaway warming. From individual activists, to the donation soaked and addicted corporate NGO’s, who are literally dependent on “Business as Usual” to maintain their cash flows, they ignore the elephant in the room, squandering vital time to prepare for the already unfolding collapse.
On an individual basis the decision to deny the severity of the situation is up to each persons conscience and/or courage to accept the predicament we find ourselves in but when it comes to research universities and their tenured scientists, governments and the large NGO’s it’s a ‘Dereliction of Duty’ for them not to be ‘completely frank’. That for me is abject dishonesty, especially toward the youth. I’ve previously singled out Dr Michael E Mann, the corporate media’s ‘Go To Mann’, for this dishonesty.
Below I will lay out just a few examples showing that we are in the runaway phase of this extinction event.
This fire season alone, “Australia’s wildfires have destroyed more than a fifth of the country’s forests, making the blazes “globally unprecedented” following a years-long drought linked to climate change, researchers said Monday.” Bushfires burned a fifth of Australia’s forest: Bushfires burned a fifth of Australia’s forest: study   Remember this is not an El Nino year, the next El Nino, if we have one, will be brutal and will put this event on steroids. The double feedback from these fires is that the forests were formerly carbon sinks so that has been lost and all the carbon that has ben released will accentuate the predicament.

In August last year Professor Guy McPherson and I re-interviewed Dr Andrew Glikson from the Australian National University regarding an article he wrote titled:Beyond Climate Tipping Points: Greenhouse Gas Levels Exceed the Stability Limit of the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets

The pace of global warming has been grossly underestimated. As the world keeps increasing its carbon emissions rising in 2018 to a record 33.1 billion ton COper year, the atmospheric greenhouse gas level has now exceeded 560 ppm (parts per million) CO2equivalent, namely when methane and nitric oxide are included. This level surpasses the stability threshold of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets. The term “climate change“ is thus no longer appropriate, since what is happening in the atmosphere-ocean system, accelerating over the last 70 years or so, is an abrupt calamity on a geological dimension threatening nature and civilization. Ignoring what the science says, the powers-that-be are presiding over the sixth mass extinction of species, including humanity.”
Links to the article and our interview with the exceptionally honest Dr Glikson can be found embedded below; Tipping Points in the Earth Climate System. Dr Andrew Glikson returns to Nature Bats Last

We are on the cusp of witnessing a sea ice free arctic ocean. The consequences of the albedo feedback loop and other side effects of the loss of sea ice like loss of habitat for algae, krill, sea lions, sea birds and polar bears. “Losing the remaining Arctic sea ice and its ability to reflect incoming solar energy back to space would be equivalent to adding one trillion tons of CO2 to the atmosphere, on top of the 2.4 trillion tons emitted since the Industrial Age, according to current and former researchers from Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego.”

“At current rates, this roughly equates to 25 years of global CO2 emissions.For further reference see: ”Cascading Consequences of the Loss of Arctic Sea Ice

My cohost on Nature Bats Last recently commented on this aspect of the unraveling titled: “Edge of Extinction: Scientists don’t know why !!

“To believe that our species can avoid extinction, even as non-human vertebrates and non-human mammals disappear, is classic human hubris wrapped in a warm blanket of myth-based human supremacy. The evidence indicates humans will join the annihilation of “all life on earth,” as reported in the journal literature on 13 November 2018. Even tardigrades, the go-to survivor for those who deny the impacts of abrupt climate change on life, are unlikely to survive, according to a paper in the 9 January 2020 issue of Scientific Reports. If the organisms on which we depend do not survive, if even tardigrades do not survive, then humans will not survive.” Quoted from this article published by Counterpunch titled: Extinction Foretold, Extinction Ignored.

On next weeks episode of Nature Bats Last Professor McPherson and I will be interviewing  George Tsakraklides on his recent article titled “Collapse means Collapse.”the interview can be found at the NBL archive shortly after the live broadcast on The Progressive Radio Network.
‘People believe what they want to believe. It is a striking-yet all too familiar-fact about human beings that our belief-forming processes can be so distorted by fears, desires, and prejudices that an otherwise sensible person may sincerely uphold a false claim about the world despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. When we describe someone as being “in denial,” we mean that he or she is personally threatened by some set of facts and consequently fails to assess the situation properly according to the evidence, instead arguing and interpreting evidence in light of a pre-established conclusion.’
— From the ‘cover notes’ of Adrian Bardon’s book, THE TRUTH ABOUT DENIAL

As I have written before: The New Climate Denial Position is to deny Abrupt Climate Change. 


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We’re just one ‘Black Swan Event’ away from Collapse and a Total Loss of Habitat.

If your paying any attention at all, you will know that we have already entered dangerous,  irreversible, non-linear climate change. There is a  10 to 30 year lag between when emissions are dumped into the atmosphere and when their full effects manifest. That means there is a huge amount of warming and consequences already baked in that have yet to be seen or felt, with emissions accelerating every year at a non-linear rate of increase, with the dreaded but much ignored “Feedback Loops” about to take centre stage.
Lets debate what that means for us and our loved ones, irrespective of which ever species of earthling your loved one’s are.
My role and that of my co-host on Nature Bats Last on The Progressive Radio Network is to connect the dots on the great unraveling we are witnessing.

As we all watch the Corona Virus spreading like wild fire around China and daily the planet, we are forced to confront the reality that our complex societies are extremely vulnerable to the whims of the next so called “Black Swan Event” that could tip industrial civilisation over completely or into the worst economic depression of modern times. This could literally happen over night. Imagine what stressors the global Insurance Industry is already under?

Let’s factor in the Aerosol Masking Effect;
Either a ‘Great Depression’ or partial-collapse of industrial civilisation will reduce the aerosol masking effect which will  trigger (not maybe or could), the crossing of yet another, irreversible climate tipping point.
Had the worlds international, commercial airliner fleet been grounded at the outset of this pandemic we could well have been tipped into the abyss due to the loss of the aerosol masking effect or ‘Global Dimming’.
Bare that in mind when the next threat looms or this virus mutates.

“As pointed out by the lead author of the paper in Science on 22 January 2019: “Global efforts to improve air quality by developing cleaner fuels and burning less coal could end up harming our planet by reducing the number of aerosols in the atmosphere, and by doing so, diminishing aerosols’ cooling ability to offset global warming.” The cooling effect is “nearly twice what scientists previously thought,” and this 2019 paper cites the conclusion by Levy et al. (2013) indicating as little as 35% reduction in industrial activity drives a 1 C global-average rise in temperature.”

According to an overview published by European Strategy and Policy Analysis System in April 2019: “An increase of 1.5 degrees is the maximum the planet can tolerate; should temperatures increase further … we will face even more droughts, floods, extreme heat and poverty … and at worst, the extinction of humankind altogether.” Using 1750 as a baseline we are already past 1.5C; How much warmer is it now?

All of the above quoted peer reviewed data can be found in this article recently published on Counter Punch titled “Extinction Foretold, Extinction Ignored”.

Now to address the economic consequences of this unfolding pandemic;
“Factories all over China have been shut down, global supply chains have been hit by an unprecedented shock, the Baltic Dry Index is absolutely collapsing, the tourism industry is being absolutely devastated, and companies all over the globe are warning that sales will be lower than anticipated this quarter.  This coronavirus outbreak is already taking a very serious toll on the global economy, and experts are warning that we could still be in the very early chapters of this crisis.  If this outbreak ultimately evolves into a horrifying worldwide pandemic that kills millions of people, what will the global economy look like a few months from now?”This Coronavirus Outbreak Is Really Starting To Take A Very Serious Toll On The Global Economy.

I’d like to draw your attention to a series of You Tube presentations and analysis done on the Corona Virus by Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity. Chris has dedicated a lot of time and analysis to the outbreak. Below is one of a series;

The central point of this blog post is that we are now a day to day, week to week, month to month proposition. This virus may or may not be the one that takes down industrial civilisation or the biosphere but we can be sure that there are flocks of ‘Black Swans’ lurking in our already murky future.
Professor McPherson and I have been branded ‘Alarmists’ by the corporate media and their sycophantic, well paid, corporate scientists whose tenure, status, personal renumeration and research grants all involve kowtowing to the dominant culture. It’s impossible to get funding for a 10 year research project if we don’t have 10 years.

Fundamental to my analysis is following “The Precautionary Principle”.
“The precautionary principle enables decision-makers to adopt precautionary measures when scientific evidence about an environmental or human health hazard is uncertain and the stakes are high.” The precautionary principle: Definitions, applications and governance

I didn’t learn about the ‘Precautionary Principle’ at university. I learned it on 16 ocean passages on small yachts and back packing through 50  countries over 4 decades. I’ve lived in two war zones. The fact that I’m still alive reflects my adherence to the precautionary principle. Blue water ocean sailing teaches the sailor to have respect for what mother nature can throw at you. You hope for the best but plan for the worst.
All of the corporate / state proposals to dealt with our predicament are nothing more than platitudes.
There is No Plan and there is No Planet B.

The cold harsh reality is that the climate change ‘can’ has been continually kicked down the road and off the cliff. Let’s talk below about reality not fantasy. Time is short, let’s cut the crap and cut to the chase.


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Professor Paul Ehrlich returns to Nature Bats Last

The February episode of Nature Bats Last featuring Professor Paul Ehrlich is embedded here:

The Strona and Bradshaw paper we discussed is titled ; Co-extinctions annihilate planetary life during extreme environmental change

Further information on the risks face by the Insurance Industry is embedded here;The Insurance Industry, soon to be the first pillar of Capitalism to succumb to Abrupt Climate Change

The paper on the “Aerosol Masking Effect” I sent professor Ehrlich is titled Cleaning Up Air Pollution May Strengthen Global Warming. Professor McPherson’s work on the subject can be found here; The Aerosol Masking Effect: A Brief Overview

“The Department for Environment and Water estimates that 75 per cent of South Australia’s endangered glossy black-cockatoo population, found solely on Kangaroo Island, lived within the 210,000 hectares burned.”
“An estimated 370 are believed to live on the island and congregate in seven main flocks.” Kangaroo Island’s glossy black cockatoo population feared decimated by fires

Paul attributed his croaky voice to his recent visit to Australia and the appalling air quality.
“Sydneysiders experienced 81 days of hazardous, very poor or poor air quality last year, more than the combined total for the previous 10 years”. If you can’t see non-linearity then you won’t understand how quickly the biosphere is unraveling.
‘New situation’: record 81 days of bad air quality in Sydney

One of the many things being exposed in our daily, worsening predicament is the pathology of the arsonists behind the incineration of the biosphere.
All of the fires in Australia have been lit by corporate arsonists who have put profits before a habitable planet.They didn’t light the fires with a match or a blowtorch they fired them up with the capitalist infinite growth paradigm.
It’s people like Rupert Murdoch who controlled the public narrative for decades and ensured that whatever window of opportunity we had many years ago to head off armageddon was slammed shut in our faces.
Murdoch could well go down, in our soon to end history, as being complicit in the greatest mass murderer of all time, surpassing the cumulative slaughters of all previous despots. Some of those despots killed millions of people. Murdoch and his ilk have signed the death warrant on seven and three quarter billion sapiens and millions of other species whilst at the same time blaming people who threw a burning cigarette from their car windows for the fires.The Murdoch press even lied about the fires being a result of arson not climate change.
“The Australian” the Murdoch-owned newspaper falsely stated 183 arsonists had been arrested since the start of the bushfire season. The figure went viral after being picked up by conservative news outlets and shared on Twitter by Donald Trump Jr., Sean Hannity, and other popular far-right figures. In actuality, only 24 people have been charged with deliberately lighting bushfires. Australia’s Bushfires Are the Worst Ever. So Is the Disinformation Campaign

The Murdoch press falsely stated 183 arsonists had been arrested since the start of the bushfire season. The figure went viral after being picked up by conservative news outlets and shared on Twitter by Donald Trump Jr., Sean Hannity, and other popular far-right figures. In actuality, only 24 people have been charged with deliberately lighting bushfires.

“It’s lies and it’s bullshit. The obfuscation, the deliberate and willful misleading of the Australian public, the climate denialism, all of these features of the current government are putting Australian lives, the economy, and Australia’s future at risk,”
The cognitive dissonance surrounding our predicament is a case study in itself.
All my life the “World Population Clock” has been racing upward, it’s about to race off in reverse, infinitely faster than it climbed.

“Researchers say platypus numbers may have halved or more since Europeans arrived in Australia, predicting local extinctions may have occurred across 40 per cent of the species’ range due to dam building, land clearing and other disruptions, according to a study published in the scientific journal Biological Conservation. ” ‘Brink of extinction’: Steep drop in platypus numbers as drought bites

Leaked report lays bare environmental devastation of Victorian fires:“It says more than 40 per cent of the Victorian habitats of the sooty owl, diamond python, long-footed potoroo, long-nosed bandicoot and brush-tailed rock-wallaby have already been wiped out. An estimated 25 per cent of the sooty owl population has been killed.”

Least anyone think that Aotearoa NZ is being spared :
“Northland farmers are being told to leave out shallow dishes of water for thirsty kiwi as the region sizzles in a hot, dry summer.” Thirsty kiwi dying of dehydration while struggling through hot, dry summer in Northland. 

Professor Ehrlich posted this article on his Twitter feed on 24th of January 2020;
“The loss of biodiversity that has occurred over the course of our species’ time on Earth is staggering. This loss is now truly planetary in scale and caused by human actions, albeit the severity of which is unequally distributed across the globe”.
The state of global biodiversity — it’s worse than you probably think Lesser-known endangered species in Bhutan may be facing extinction.

Even after centuries of effort, some 86 percent of Earth‘s species have yet to be fully described, according to new study that predicts our planet is home to 8.7 million species. 86 Percent of Earth’s Species Still Unknown?
What ever happened to that old scientific rigour of the“Precautionary Principle”?

“A shattering collapse of civilisation is a “near certainty” in the next few decades due to humanity’s continuing destruction of the natural world that sustains all life on Earth, according to biologist Prof Paul Ehrlich. Paul Ehrlich: ‘Collapse of civilisation is a near certainty within decades’

“Though Australia is in the midst of a massive drought, when the rain inevitably returns—as it already has in some regions—this organic matter will rush into rivers and flow into coastal lakes, estuaries, and seagrass and seaweed beds.” Australia’s Marine Animals Are the Fires’ Unseen Victims

Fires burning in Australia have created “Firenados” that have registered temperatures of 2000 F or 1090 C !!! Check out the “Firenado” in this link  Stunning video shows ‘firenado’ burn across Australia


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A Tsunami of Climate Change Refugees heading to Aotearoa New Zealand

As Australia continues to burn millions of potential Climate Chance refugees cast their gaze across the Tasman Sea. The logical conclusion of people threatened with what could already be a never ending fire season is to seek refuge. One of the first places they will choose is Aotearoa New Zealand, for cultural, geographical and logistical reasons, not to mention it’s slightly lower latitudes and the mitigating, cooling effects of the island chain being surrounded by oceans that help reduce the apparent warming.
Dangerous’ weather conditions in southeast Australia prompt more evacuations.
“Fires in Australia have incinerated 15 million acres, claimed at least 25 human lives and killed upwards of a billion animals.”  One and a quarter billion infact.
Australia is quickly becoming uninhabitable with millions of acres burnt and effectively sterilised of any life.“Firenados” have been burning at incredible temperatures of 2000F or 1090 C.

“Climate-heating emissions from Australia’s devastating bushfires are now nearly on a par with those caused by fires in the Amazon rainforest last year, scientists have calculated.”

“Australia’s bushfires, from September to Jan. 6, emitted 370 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, according to the European Union’s ECMWF Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS).” Carbon emissions from Australian blazes near Amazon fire levels

“The wildfires raging along Australia’s eastern coast have already pumped around 400 million metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, further fueling the climate change that’s already intensifying the nation’s fires.”
Very soon it will be impossible to obtain fire insurance in Australia. No insurance…. no mortgage. The aware will sell up early and ‘scarper’ as they say in Oz.
Every single one of the millions of trees that have immolated have released their stored carbon back into atmosphere in a vicious feedback loop. One of the reasons the trees have burnt is Australia is in the grip of the worst drought in 800 years
The sky rivers these forests formerly generated are gone and will not be returning. The worst drought in 800 years is about to get a lot worse. Mega droughts engulf countries written by Robert Hunziker a former guest on Nature Bats Last.

Until recently the majority of refugees moving to Aotearoa have been the wealthy, millionaires and billionaires who have constructed bug out bunkers. Very shortly that trickle will become a torrent and then a tsunami as the wealthy rats abandon their sinking, burning ship.
“Naturally” the poor and indigenous will be left to burn.
“Billionaire hedge-fund honcho Julian Robertson owns a lodge overlooking Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown, the South Island’s luxury resort destination. Fidelity National Financial Inc. Chairman Bill Foley has a homestead in the Wairarapa region, north of Wellington, and Titanic director James Cameron bought a mansion nearby at Lake Pounui.”
“The Investor Plus Visa, which requires a minimum investment of NZD$10 million ($6.7 million) over three years, attracted 17 U.S. applicants in fiscal 2017, after President Donald Trump’s election. Previously, it averaged six applicants a year.” The Super Rich of Silicon Valley Have a Doomsday Escape Plan

What measures have the government in Aotearoa taken to deal with these refugees? What has been done to guarantee our Pacific Island neighbours a habitable place to live?Nothing has been done because the regime in Wellington fits the definition of being “Abrupt Climate Change Deniers” and for final proof of the cognitive dissonance, ignorance and outright lies from James Shaw NZ Green Party of Aotearoa co-leader look at this level of ignorance he just posted on Twitter:
Shaw saying that he can ‘solve’ climate change exposes his intellectual bankruptcy and delusion. The cognitive dissonance surrounding the Seventh Great Extinction  is a case study in itself.
I’m editing this post on the 21/01/2020 due to this development from the UN:
“It is unlawful for governments to return people to countries where their lives might be threatened by the climate crisis, a landmark ruling by the United Nations human rights committee has found.

The judgment – which is the first of its kind – represents a legal “tipping point” and a moment that “opens the doorway” to future protection claims for people whose lives and well being have been threatened due to global heating, experts say.  Climate refugees can’t be returned home, says landmark UN human rights ruling

So what’s your position on these refugees? Leave your comments below.

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Kevin Hester

Kevin Hester is currently living on Rakino Island, a small island in the Hauraki Gulf near Auckland, New Zealand, monitoring the unravelling of the biosphere and volunteering at the Rakino Island Nursery is currently developing a proposal to create a marine reserve near by. The Island has no grid tied electricity or reticulated water.  I catch my own water from the roof and generate my electricity from the ample solar radiation on the island.

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